Day 319: Rejuvenation

Translating desires

Whenever I start having strong desires and urges to purchase products that I usually would have no interest in, I know, from experience, that a new word/expression is opening up within me and that the point is currently is channeled into the mind, and requires direction. This week, what has come up within me is a strong desire to buy a green house. The desire is somewhat practical, because it would assist and support me to expand in my hobby of growing plants, if I had a green house. However, on the other side, it is not practical, because at the moment, there are other things that require my attention, AND, there is not at the moment sufficient funds to invest in a green house.

Hence, here I am dealing with a desire that is not practical, and it exists within me, because during my week, I have lived/experienced a word on a physical level, that I have not directed effectively. If I look at this desire to have a green house, I see that symbolically, the desire represents words such as rejuvenation, fulfillment, peace, and nurture. Having a green house would in my minds eye allow me to live/experience those words in my life. Through the courses I have walked, among others Desteni I Process, I have learned that this is not true. Changing my external environment, by for example buying a green house, is not the key to living words – because the real key exists within myself – as myself – in the decision to live and apply words physically.

In this blog I am thus going to take a deeper look at the word rejuvenation – and see how I can practically live this word in my life.

Redefining Rejuvenate

How I have lived the word thus far

I have lived and looked at rejuvenation as a word that takes place when I feel calm. An example of rejuvenation to me would be to take a bath, go for a walk, play some guitar, drink a cup of coffee, or cook some food. It is a moment that I take for myself where I cut myself loose from the pressures, responsibilities and commitments that I otherwise feel burdened with, and allow myself to simply be. I have considered myself to be quite good at rejuvenating myself. What I have started to see and understand recently is that the word rejuvenation can also be lived in other ways. I have for example felt rejuvenated through doing physical labor, taking care of plants, looking after animals, reading books, washing the cars (interestingly enough), and other more physically demanding activities. Hence, the word rejuvenation does not necessarily need to be connected to having a moment of relaxation.

Definition of the word

Dictionary definition

  • make (someone or something) look or feel better, younger, or more vital: a bid to rejuvenate the town centre | (as adj.rejuvenating) : the rejuvenating effects of therapeutic clay.
    • (often as adj.rejuvenated) restore (a river or stream) to a condition characteristic of a younger landscape. a rejuvenated stream.


  • rejuvenate (v.) 1807, irregular formation from re- “again” + Latin juvenis “young” (see young (adj.)) + -ate (2). Related: Rejuvenated; rejuvenating.

Sounding the word









Creative writing

Rejuvenate sounds like re-juvenile-age or restore-young-age – it is to go back in time – to erase difficult/arduous/tough parts of life through a moment of restoration. It is fascinating that must such difficult, arduous and tough parts are mental creations. This holds true for us living in the Western hemisphere. Seldom we face actual issues with our survival, and what tend to tear us down is our own, inner, mental participation. We participate in fear, stress, anxiety, we THINK, and miss the moments of rejuvenation that arise here throughout our days.

Rejuvenation, the restore youth, that is something which happens when we stop thinking and embrace what we do HERE – when we ground ourselves and move within awareness of our breath – one breath at a time. Rejuvenation comes about when we STOP thinking, when STOP existing in our mental realities. Consider the point of sleep. One nights sleep can be deeply rejuvenating, and when we sleep, we for a moment let go of that inner chatter and murmur that is our mind. The same goes with physical labor, which also can be refreshing and reinvigorating, and when you work physically, you cannot think, you cannot mull around, you must be HERE with your body, focused, present, and aware, else you might hurt yourself.


Restore to a younger, more vital and healthy condition

How to practically live the word

Rejuvenation can be lived in every breath, through not participating in the mind, through NOT thinking, NOT reacting, NOT accepting and allowing the physical moments HERE to become fuel to the mind.

To support myself to live rejuvenation, I can participate within projects/directions/movements/activities that I enjoy a lot and that I see brings me back to PHYSICAL reality. For me, such activities include for example physical labor, music, writing, cooking, cleaning the cars and taking care of things around the place where I live. For me, relaxing is not necessarily the best way to rejuvenate, for me, it works better when I am active, moving and doing things.

And in terms of my desire to get a green house, I see that I can live rejuvenation specifically through doing more gardening, which I really enjoy. I do not need a green house to get to know, support, be intimate with and understand the earth, plants, insect life, and the other parts related to gardening. Instead of projecting myself into the future, wanting something that is not here – I must work with what I got here – and as such – I can push myself to do gardening to rejuvenate myself – regardless if that is done in a green house or not.



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