Day 351: Perspective

In moving through the daily motions, most times, when fear arise, it does feel justified, convincing and normal. We become stressed and go into fear in relation to something in our work environment, or we become stressed and fearful about what to do in our future – fears we trust and decide to act according to. However, seen from a perspective, these fears, anxieties, they become nothing but ridiculous.

What do I mean when I say perspective? What I am looking at is the small shit, compared to the entirety of our lives, the entirety of this earth, the massive problems that we are facing as humanity, that are far, far greater than my own personal issues. When looked at from that vantage point, my own personal problems seems small and almost microscopic – and it also puts the finger on what is of REAL importance in this life. It is not important that we create the perfect life for ourselves, it is not important that we realize and fulfill our dreams, it is not important that we manage to live the life we hoped as young – what is important however – is that we place our attention and focus on the larger, practical and concrete issues we are facing – and doing our part in finding and applying a solution.

The trap is that exists is to become dulled into a feeling of being comfortably numb with our life and what is here in this world, some of our desires and wants become satiated, and then we become docile and easily controlled – and then we live to retain the life that allows us to experience these feelings of safety, security, ease, and comfort – and continuously running away from what we fear. This way life is limited, WE become limited, as we loose touch with what is important, and life becomes about satisfying our own, small, isolated, personal bubbles of self-comfort.

With perspective, seeing things from a greater distance, it is not as easy to become lost in the comfortable life, and mentally trapped in the daily motions of survival – because with a perspective – we are able to see that there is more. And seeing/experiencing/taking part in that more, it is not about traveling, or selling all your belongs, quitting your job, and go to live off grid. Opening yourself and your life up to something more is about self-creation, understanding that this life is not meant to be wasted on the pendulum motions of the mind, participating in ups and downs, and meaningless thoughts about this and that. Living with purpose, drive, and passion, it is about WHO YOU ARE – it is about what you do and how you participate within yourself in relation to your life.

Thus, life lived with perspective, is to in each moment when a thought pops up, or an emotion or feeling arise, to remind oneself that there is MORE, that physical living – breathing – remaining within the simplicity of physical movement.

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