Day 367: Practical Self-Expansion

Self-Expansion, this word is something that I used to associate with a positive experience. To me, it sounded liberating, joyful and exciting to expand. However, what I have come to see, realize and understand, when practically taking on and applying this word in my world, is that Self-Expansion is usually accompanied with resistance, conflicts and struggles. I have found that this is the case with any kind of word or expression that holds within it a process of self-creation – because when we move from the old to the new – from our pre-programmed design into a lifestyle of our own choosing – that change will challenge us.

Thus, I have found it supportive to be able to let go of any and all expectations that expansion is something that I should feel good about. When a point emerge within me life, where I see a potential for expansion, I at the same time understand that it will take effort, willpower and drive to bring that potential into practical manifestation. Expansion will not happen by itself – and one mistake that I have made – is that I have believed that only seeing the potential is sufficient and that the rest will flow from that. However, that is unfortunately not the case. Self-realization, or seeing, is only the first stage in the process of self-creation, and most times, the easiest one, what must follow is the practical implementation of that self-realization.

Practical Self-Expansion will not happen by itself. It is a directive decision where we push ourselves to move beyond our comfort zones and into the new – a directive decision where we actively look at where we are able to expand and push ourselves – and then an active process of self-creation to bring that SEEING into the physical. Self-Expansion is not conditioned to where we are at physically – because at all times we have ourselves – and because of that constant relationship – there is a potential for Self-Expansion. We must however be willing to walk through the discomforts and apply the effort necessary for us to MOVE – and that is something that only ourselves can do.

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