Day 326 – Desteni meeting in Europe

Reading this blog – the realization that I had is that eve though it feels tough/hard/arduous to walk the process of self-creation – even though it feels like I am not really getting anywhere in the daily struggles of life – IT IS NOT TRUE – when I am actively walking process through writing/self-forgiveness/self-commitment statements/self-corrective application – I will eventually see change – it is simply a matter of sticking to my guns and walking until it is done. And the same is true about the world system – even though it feels like it will always remain the same – and there is no end in sight – this is not true – if I stick to my guns and push myself to walk and bring a solution into existence – this is what will eventually come about – PERSEVERANCE.

Thanks for a great blog!

The Unification Of Man

IMG_1833Some weeks ago I was in Brussels, where I met with a lot of people, who are, just like me, walking the process of Self-honesty and 7 years Journey to Life blogs. Most, if not all of these people are also walking the awesome online courses of Desteni I Process.

We were more than two dozens and many other Europeans still could not come, but it was already extraordinary to see and even hug so many people, who are behind these blogs I read and to just enjoy being with them, together.

Well, I knew some of them from previous meetups, but most of them I only knew from what they are sharing online through their blogs and vlogs, articles and videos on their social network profiles – just like me.

By the nature of these writings and videos, which is of self-realization, self-honesty, self-correction and self-forgiveness, the deeper understanding…

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