Day 449: Taking My Surroundings For Granted

I talked with a neighbor not so long ago. He shared some of his history to the place where we are living. He said that he felt so privileged to be able to wake up each day and interact with this environment. As I listened to him I could see what he was saying and also that I have been taking my house, my environment, the basics of each day, for granted in may ways. Thus, my neighbor inspired me to look into this tendency of mine, to take things for granted.

I have realized that my tendency is to take the basic things in life for granted. Such as the environment where I live. I live far out on the country-side – our house is surrounded by fields and trees, and not so far away is a fresh water lake. It is marvelous and it has been very supportive for me to live here. It has assisted and supported me to slow down, to ground myself, to become more stable. And, it has offered me many opportunities to expand on my interest in nature and in handcrafting. However, even though it is pretty amazing, I still take it for granted from time to time.

The primary reason that I have found as to why I take it for granted is because I become too involved in the thoughts in my mind, the useless, daily conversations taking place inside of my head, that lead nowhere. Instead of smelling the fresh air, and allowing my eyes to seep in the colors, and my ears, the sound, of this rural environment, I start to think about shit, that is of no relevance. An example would be, how I start to think about my job; am I doing it good enough? Or that I start to think about my future; am I at the right place in life? Should I be doing something different? Am I doing enough? Am I missing something?

There is really SO MUCH shit that we can spend our time thinking about. And it is quite fascinating that we do not see how insignificant and pointless these processes of thinking are. Where do they lead? Seldom anywhere, because just after we have started up one line of thinking, a new oe will appear, taking us into a different direction. There is really no coherence, consistency or common sense in how the thoughts in the mind move – it is a constant chatter – that have no practical value when it comes to living and participating in reality.

Thus, I want to push myself to not accept and allow this mind chatter, to not accept and allow this mind chatter to get in the way of me enjoying and participating in the beautiful place where I live. Because it is not possible to make the most of where I am at, if my attention is elsewhere, if I am instead in my mind, trying to figure out the next step, or the ‘right’ step. Fact is that, in my life at the moment, everything is set up for me to be able to slow down, and start enjoying/living/being part of this world. Thus, it is fascinating to see how small things become enlarged in the mind, how perspective is lost, and that what matters, and what is important becomes forgotten or diminished.

And then, what can be asked, is where I do the same in relation to other responsibilities/aspects/parts of my life? Where do I accept and allow irrelevant issues to cloud my clarity, my direction, my experience and living/taking part of my life fully. Small shit takes too much time, too much energy, too much life – it takes us too much away from life HERE – and it is HERE where our attention should be. Life is HERE – and it will not emerge suddenly, one day, when we have been able to find solutions to all of that clutter. Life is HERE and it will emerge when we make the decision, and decide to walk the process to make it happen.


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4 thoughts on “Day 449: Taking My Surroundings For Granted

  1. An Alpha Males Journey To Life

    cool Blog Viktor! I see you as a great example as far as the decision and dedication to walking process. within this context there are a few points I would challenge/question:

    that everything is set up for you to slow down – I see validity to this point for sure, but this does not mean one is still not subject to points that will cause stress/fears. for instance, being subject to the job economy. the mind may lead us stray as far as how it interprets our reality, but there may be an underlying anxiety/fear of the future that is valid from the perspective that being successful in the job economy is by no means a solution as far as personal and financial freedom (or any human being)

    the perception of the environment as beautiful etc. – nature is hell, human beings on earth are in big trouble right now – yes there is a serenity to our raw, wild environment, but beauty does not yet exist in our reality.

    we don’t know what we don’t know, so although our beingness may have a sense of uneasiness, the mind has no answers and so will start to project BS solutions only within what the mind knows – the beauty and comfort of our environment and things ‘working for us’ (or us working for things as so in the job economy…) can have an effect where we are dissuaded from really earnestly searching for solutions and seeing what else we can find and work with. just as one tiny example, I notice that this post was written on wordpress rather than a platform like steemit where you can actually build practical value and momentum in the system as monetized value to support yourself and others in this process. we are going to need “a lot” of money to change this reality and the economy is a CASINO. incomes are LIMITED in the job economy and employees are always slaves to the system within which they operate – that is not to dissuade from being practical in using what is here as jobs, but simply to add that there may be more that one is not considering within that point of something working for them in life.

    we must become the leaders and not be followers until leaders are no longer required. we must become the wealthy and powerful until we have equalized all wealth and all power. we must investigate ALL things and keep that which is good, like a TREASURE hunter – when we try to REASON the path to TREASURE in a fake economy/world it becomes TREASON to life.

    the meek shall inherit the earth, but to inherit we must be open to receive, and that is when ‘things are working for us’ becomes our own worst enemy and we become full of shit.

    anyways that is my 2 cents (two sense). enjoy


    1. viktorpersson1 Post author

      Hi Adrian and thanks for the feedback.

      In this blog I was addressing beauty from a perspective that exist in this world, at least as how I have defined the word beautiful for myself. And my focus was primarily on assisting and supporting myself to walk through the veils of the mind that can sometimes cloud my ability to be with what is HERE and appreciate the beauty that do exist in this world. Not that I am in disagreement with you in terms of the fact that the functionality of the nature at the moment is very problematic and that aiming for a comfortable life is usually not what is best for all to do. Though what I am saying/showing in my writings does not exclude seeing what is here for what it is and neither does it exclude pushing oneself to contribute and share in such a way that will assist and support myself and others to expand and move forward.

      Thus, I would suggest that you bring these points that you have mentioned in your reply back to yourself – because from what I see – it is more about you than what it is about me. It might have been that there was something you saw in my writings that triggered you. And I am not saying that your perspectives are not valid – what I am saying is that they are not relevant in relation to the blog I have written here.

      See you around!


      1. An Alpha Males Journey To Life

        Viktor what I am basically saying is that there may be underlying reasons with regards to the way you have defined reality which are spurring these thoughts which do not allow you to be here that may need to be more closely examined – and of course that applies to me as well which is why I am sharing this perspective. If my perspective has any validity, as you said, then I would suggest to not dismiss it as ‘not relevant’.


      2. viktorpersson1 Post author

        I am not dismissing it – I agree with most of what you are sharing and do find your insights relevant. What I meant with “not relevant” was that the perspective/sharing was not on point in relation to the particular topic I was opening up in the blog.


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