Day 374: Some Reflections on Billions

I have recently been looking at the TV-series ‘Billions’ (see more on the Wiki-page). It is about a attorney that use all means necessary to reach his goal and a billionaire that is very much the same. A big part of the series has to do about money. Most decisions made by the characters are motivated by greed or desire for fame and reputation. What interested me was seeing how some of the characters relate to money, especially their personal economies.

All of the characters make a lot of money. An example would be the attorney and his wife. The attorney make about 200 000 dollars a year and the wife makes about 1 000 000 dollars a year. In my eyes that is a lot of money – not a salary that would leave anything else to wish for. In one episode the attorney and the wife are discussing changing their jobs and how that will influence their situation with money. Even though the wife is keen to get a new job, she says that they do not have the means to do it because she will have to accept a lower salary. Then they would not have the money to pay rent, tuition fees for their kids, etc.

This made me realize that money is always relative and that what tends to happen when we earn more money is that our expectations/desires/habits will change and soon match our new income. The same goes with our fears. They never disappear. When we earn more money, the fears will after a while alter and return in a different shape. It might not be that we fear being without food or a house. Instead the fear might be that we are not going to have the money to send our kids to the best private school, or that we will not have the money to invest our money in the best possible hedge fund.

When it comes to fear of money, the solution is not to earn more but to deal with the unconscious energies that moves deep down. If we do not deal with our unconscious mind – it does not matter what we do. We are going to recreate our patterns. They will look slightly different, however it will be the same energies, the same experiences, the same ideas.

Another realization that I have had while looking at this series is how bad we are at using our money. We are bad in the sense that, we use our money, only to further our own self-interest. Some money might go to charity, however our primary reserves will always be used on ourselves and those closest to us. We buy stuff that we do not need, we get new interests and hobbies, we travel, we spend and consume, and only a very small percentage if any is invested in solutions that will bring substantial change. How are we ever going to change anything in this world if we do not spend our money on fixing it? Is it possible to expect that things will change, without us investing any effort/energy/money? Thus, earning a lot of money is for most of us, in the big scale, meaningless, because we cannot use them effectively.

Correcting our relationship with money is an important point. Money is both the key to solving our problems on earth and the very thing that substantiates, moves and creates more issues. With money, our desires and wants can become realized. At the moment, our desires and wants are misaligned and without purpose – and that becomes what our money creates; meaningless entertainment and consumption. Imagine if our desires and wants would have been to change this world for the better and to give everyone a awesome life. What would happen? How would our lives change? What would we do with our money?




2 thoughts on “Day 374: Some Reflections on Billions

  1. rebeccakarlendalmas

    Awesome post Viktor. I have asked myself this same question many times. It is a helpful reminder to look at my choices, and to learn to live simply, which does not imply the rejection of money.

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