Day 428: Rest and Recreation

It is important to not forget to do creative and enjoyable things. When you become an adult, and you start working, and start doing adult things, it is easy that life becomes heavy, serious and burdened. Everything starts circling around responsibilities and what has to be done – and that can take a toll. Thus – I have found that I need to have an creative outlet – a part of my life must be without rules, boundaries and responsibilities – and for me – that part is such as expressions as music, gardening and painting.

There is an indication that I use to see when I need to prioritize R&R – and that is a feeling of listlessness and apathy. The experience that instead of doing something with myself and my time when I am done with my responsibilities, I rather just want to sit and take a break from sensory experiences. When that happens to me – I know I need to go into my creative space more and spend time doing some quality expression.

What happens if we do not give ourselves time for creativity and activities that we genuinely enjoy? Well – in my experience my ability to concentrate, focus and give myself in other areas of life we decrease. I will become less effective at work, less able to share myself with the people close to me, less present and less functional over-all. Thus it is important to remember that when we do stuff we enjoy – for seemingly no reason – these are essential moments that we need in order to handle and be the best that we can be in the other parts of our lives. And it is important to no compare ourselves with anyone else. There are people that can keep going without rest or leisure time. They can work for hours upon hours and they can deny themselves vacations and time for recreation – and it does not seem to bother them. However – everyone is different – and we must learn to listen to our own needs. For me – I need to have time for my hobbies every week – else this sense of exhaustion will start to emerge.

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