Day 434: Money Does Not Measure Value

I read an article in the newspaper today about a research study that had found that children that are deemed “kind” as young earn higher wages when they are older. And then there was a general discussion  on how to support your child to become more kind so that they could be able to earn more money when they become adults.

To me such a perspective on children is fucked up. What happens is that the entirety of the child and a supportive quality becomes measured against one aspect – money – aka survival. Seeing kids in that light has such a depressing vibe and unfortunately the vantage point of “money first” has really come to define most parts of society. It is seldom that principles are discussed in politics without being related to money and costs. And when it comes to education and choosing a profession, what is seen as the most important thing is earning potential. Though is that all we are supposed to be and do in this life? Earn money to survive and buy things and then eventually die? What about giving to society and other people? Those values have been lost – and that is something we have to change.

And, I do see that the new generation that is coming of age has a new way of looking at things. Environment has become important to youngsters and principled living is on the rise. And that is what I think we all need to incorporate into our lives to become more fulfilled. We do miss living a life that has impact and that is part of something greater. We will never be able to buy ourselves peace and fulfillment – there will always be a feeling of emptiness within us as long as we do not make the whole a part of us and vice versa. And that which is humanities greatest weakness, our urge to be individuals and that we cannot work together towards common goals, when changed, that is going to be our greatest asset and road to salvation. If we would work together and put principles first and money second – there are few things we would not be able to do.

Conscription is a way in which countries have been able to harness the strength of unity that is available when people work together. Unfortunately, we have used that power to make war. Though, the way I see it, conscription could be used to support equality, connection and growth in a community. Imagine all youngsters for one year in their early adulthood being sent to work in some vital aspect of society, such as farming, creating infrastructure, or constructing housing. Not only would it support connection between people, it would also give young people an practical education for free that they could use later on in life.

The point I want to make is that it is not healthy to measure life according to money – it is not healthy to measure society according to money and you cannot measure the vitality of a country using money. What matters is relationships between people and how we care for one another. I would like my daughter to grow up and live in a country where I knew that whatever happened to me, she would be wholly taken care of. A country where money would not matter, because what mattered was to give everyone the best life possibly. What a society and country that would be. Imagine the amount of fear that we could remove. Because is not the root of all fear that we are going to be hurled out the window and unto the streets the moment we are not able to fight back and defend our position?

At least I know what I am going to do personally. I am not going to evaluate my child based on money. And I will help her to develop supportive qualities – not for money – but because she will be able to live a much more fulfilling life.

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