Day 452: The Truth In Desires

I have been working a lot with grounding myself and observing what kind of thoughts that tend to bring away my awareness into dreams. And a recurring thought that have led me astray countless of times has the theme of buying something – and usually this thought is accompanied with a feeling such as desire or want. I have looked into this thought process and realized that it is never about buying something – and that the thought actually represent a part of myself that I am not living HERE in the physical but that I would like to live.

For example, I have had a desire come up to buy a cargo bike – which is one of those bikes that has a box mounted on its front. Looking at this desire I saw that it was connected to several smaller dreams/wants/imaginations and all with a similar theme. They were about me going out into and enjoying nature and enjoying the relationship with my daughter in nature. That was my real desire.

And looking at my life I realized that I have not been enjoying and exploring nature as much as I would have liked, and I have not been pushing myself to be fully immersed in the experience when I am doing it. And I have not been pushing myself to share my love for nature with my daughter. Hence – these are the two points that I want to manifest in my reality – and they have nothing to do with a cargo bike.

This is how the mind works, it will show us our deeper issues/dissatisfactions – however it will be encrypted into the language of the mind. And in this case the mind interpreted my real desires into the desire to buy a cargo bike in the belief that owning a cargo bike would then bring me closer to nature.

It is however important to remember that in the real world, creating and developing interests and relationships are not as easy and joyous as the notion of buying something. It takes effort and will to get out into nature, and to be present in nature, and similar is true in terms of sharing this with my daughter. It is an active movement where satisfaction is created by me which stands in contrast to buying something, where a sense of fulfillment is received as a short energy burst, when the particular desired product is bought.

Thus I will continue to decode my minds urges to buy things, because every time it shows me something about myself that I have not considered. And I am not saying that we should never buy things. What I am saying is that many times our urge to buy is not motivated by a true sense of need. When we do need something, or when we see that owning something will support us to expand ourselves, then of course, we should buy that thing.

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