Day 540: Our Imagined Differences

Are we so different from one another?

Someone is a republican, someone is a democrat, someone is a socialist, someone is communist, someone believes in conspiracy’s, someone believes in main stream media, someone is a christian, someone is a satanist – everything – labels – placed on top of that which is real. The physical.

Remove your mind. What is left? The physical. You cannot debate with the physical. In the physical we all have the same basic needs. In the physical there is no room for opinions, there is no room for right or wrong, there is no room for better or worse, in the physical, we are all the same. Except, that some have money, and some do not. Money, the great divider, that which takes and gives. When you have it, you are given everything, and the freedom to create your own personalized idea of reality. When you do not have it, you are removed from everything, and your life becomes a struggle to survive.

Those with money are consumed with their money driven pursuits. Those without money are consumed with survival.

We believe that we are different. We believe that we cannot get along. That is because we are not HERE. In the physical, you see, we are all the same. We are from the same source, of the same material, of the same content. We have the same basic needs, desires and needs. We are literally copies of one another. And still, somehow, we cannot get along. Why? What is going on? Have we been duped by our own minds to believe that everything around is a separate entity and something we must fight and defeat?

Why are we not able to get along? Why are we not able to treat another as ourselves? Why are we not able to give as we would like to receive when we are all the same? We are literally from the same pile of dirt, and still, we fight. There is a virus in all of us, the personalized self, the opinionated self, the knowledge we have of ourselves and another that keeps us from connecting with our real, physical, simplistic nature – that which is the same in all of us. And we protect this knowledge believing that it gives us something, while really, it is the smokescreen that prevents us from seeing reality, the physical, the simplicity of life and self.

When is enough enough? When will we kill this opinionated self that resides inside our head so that we can access physical life, physical togetherness, physical equality and oneness?

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