Day 551: Animals

I have looked at a Netflix special called Animals recently, that covers some of the largest animal groups, such as cats, dogs, marsupials, etc. Every time I check out one of these documentaries I am struck by how in tune with themselves and their environment animals are. They develop and live as part of their environment. For example, there is a breed of cats called Snow leopards that live on high altitudes in the Himalayas. Their bodies have developed in perfect sync with their environment and in that particular environment they fulfill a very specific role, being one of the few large predators existing on those altitudes.

Now compare that to human beings. We literally barge in and impose our way of life on the environment with no regard to the complex ecosystems that exist. We look at our existence in the notion of competition and survival, and through that we justify taking more than what we need. There is literally no other animal that does that. We perceive our relationship to nature as that of a fight, we need to fight and struggle to get what we want, and we have such difficulty to see our existence as part of a greater whole, as part of an expression and movement that is larger than our individual lives. And because we are so locked into our own fears, our own survival ego, our own wants, we lose touch with our environment, with the natural equilibrium that exist in nature.

Another interesting animal is the sea turtle. It is hatched from an egg that is dug down on the beach, it digs it way up to the surface, and goes down to the ocean. It throws itself into the water and starts to swim. After a while they find some seaweed floating on the top of the surface, and there they float around for several years, drifting with the currents, until they are big enough to swim safely in the open ocean. The sea turtles literally throw themselves out into the currents, an act of complete trust in themselves and in their environment, an act of fearlessness, and knowing their role in nature and their expression. Compare that to us humans, we have no idea about what we are doing here and our purpose on greater level. We have no feel for our environment and no connection to the greater whole; hence, we oftentimes have to go through turmoil and intellectual processes of thinking to be able to define a purpose and direction for ourselves, and in the majority of times, that purpose and direction will then be self-serving and based on self-interest.

We humans, compared to animals, grow up in a world of mental concepts that are disconnected from the real world around us. We are born and bred into separation from the physical and from the world around us, and instead, we connect to intellectual constructions such as money, morality, religion, etc. And so, our natural physical instigated movement is lost and suppressed by our mentality.

What would happen if we reconnected with our physical bodies and with the innate intelligence, power, and intuition that exists within and as the body. The body, compared to the mind, which we have identified with, is connected to the whole. The body desires to come back to its natural expression, however, it has become pushed down, suppressed and zombified due to our participation in the mind, in thinking, in emotions and feelings, the reality of illusion placed upon the real reality, that is here, existing in and as the physical.

Life is here in the physical, with and as the physical body. Heaven can be created in the physical. Heaven would be the manifestation of all the bodies on earth coming back to their origin, to their power of creation, realizing their oneness and equality with all that is here, realizing that when another suffer, they suffer in equal measure, and that one when individual is pushed into a life of poverty, this will diminish the whole equally. We are in-fact all connected and all dependent on one another – the mind – is the illusion that has been created to hide this fact and to make us believe that we are individual and able to live an individual life apart from the whole.

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