Day 564: Distrust

I have together with my daughter been looking at children’s movies depicting the life of children in the early nineteen-hundreds. More specifically, I have looked at stories written by Astrid Lindgren. I find it fascinating to compare the condition of society and people back then to how it is now.

In the old days you still had a lot of fucked up shit going on. There was evil, there were unscrupulous people, however there was also something else going on. There was a bond of trust between people that was a lot stronger compared to today. The relationships between neighbors and citizens, they were closer, more authentic, and real. People knew each other better. And as a result, it was not uncommon for children in the age of 4-7 to wander into town by themselves to run an errand for their parents. That is something that would be highly unlikely in todays reality.

In the old days you had a cohesion between people, and although this was many times a manufactured cohesion, because there was a stricter control to make sure people abided by the same religious and cultural beliefs and state policys, this still served to bring everyone closer together. You can compare this with today, where everyone has their opinion, their view and their idea about reality. We are not able to agree on the most basic things.

Another thing I noticed about people in the past is that they were many times more settled and content in their position in the world. And here I do understand, that this is not necessarily a good thing, as this acceptance of social status was used in order to control people and supply slaves for those in the elite echelons of society. However, apart from that, the positive about this contentedness that people experienced and expressed, was that there was less between people, and hence, stress levels connected to survival were not as high as today. The editor of a newspaper was content to write his newspaper and supply it to his hometown. He did not strive to take market shares from a newspaper that supplied newspapers to a neighboring town. The vendor was content with his small grocery shop, and he did not intend to expand or achieve a greater market share by acquiring a bigger shop.

Today, it is accepted as normal that businesses wage war with one another, and that the only reasonable way of directing a business is to make sure that its profits increase year after year. What is not considered is that in order for someone to make more profit, someone else must make less. And hence, we see a situation were there is basically only a few retailers left, and all the small entrepreneurs have been bought up or foreclosed. And this is not so only with businesses. It is common and encouraged for people to strive for more money, more power, more influence, more fame, more, more, and to not be satisfied and content with their current position. We have become so completely stuck in high stakes competition, were we want our personal character to achieve glory in the world, that we are not anymore able to cooperate, we are no longer able to agree, and our relationships have lost meaning and purpose, and we are also not able to LIVE and appreciate/be fulfilled by our life HERE.

In the old days, it was common for people to experience fulfillment in the small and simple pleasures of life, such as morning dew, sunlight and a breeze of air touching the skin, a comforting fire on a cold night, or the walk in a deep forest on a summers day. The problem with striving is that, we are always striding, always on our way to somewhere, to do something, and thus, we are never really HERE, never really ALIVE, never really EXPERIENCING our physical reality, our physical body, and our connection to life and expression here in the physical.

What is the solution?

The first and most important thing to be sorted out is ourselves. We need to make sure that we are not part of the problem. We need to bring ourselves back to our common ground, the physical, the earth, that which unites and bonds everything. We are all here in the physical, we all require sustenance, shelter, human connection, health care and education. That is our common reality. What goes on in the mind, as opinions, ideas, thinking, feeling and emotion, that is our illusory reality – and when we participate in this illusory reality we create further divides and gaps in the world.

And even though the past generations did not show us the way, they were in some respects closer to earth, and hence, closer to each other, than we are. Unfortunately, this trust between people has been abused deliberately for a very long time, and we are now in the age of distrust, the age were the gullible trusting human being is becoming replaced with a paranoid, anxious, neurotic human being, that is on a constant watch of betrayal. Yes, this is our creation. This is the mind of deception and lies that is becoming our physical reality. We are now in the age where no information is trusted, and all information is subjective and up for debate. No one is able to control the narrative anymore, because no one is trustworthy enough to do so.

The narrative must become the physical, must become LIFE, and acting/living in unison/equality/harmony with the physical reality, and acting in a principle of doing what is best for all. This is the only way to restore trust on earth, it is the only way to restore relationships, we must show, consistently, to ourselves and to each other that we are worthy of trust, that we are worthy of LIFE. As long as we fail to do so, the situation on earth will continue to deteriorate and the relationships between human beings will diminish until we reach a point were nobody means anything to anybody, the only thing that matters is our opinion everyone else and experience of ourselves – an existence in complete isolation from anything and everything else – an existence in the MIND.

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