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What Is a Corporation And Why Is It So Murderous?

I’ve recently started a new class at my university and it’s about corporate law, and so far I’ve found this extremely fascinating – and the reason for this is because the very origin, and essence as to the psychopathic corporations that act without mercy, and consideration – for one purpose only – PROFIT – is regulated and formed in the corporate law. It’s in-fact in the corporate law where it’s stipulated that the MAIN PURPOSE of the corporation is to generate profit for it’s shareholders. So, in this blog-post I am going to walk you through the very basics of corporate law – to as such show that the idea, and belief that the corporation is somehow to blame for the problems of our world – and the “evil CEO” – is in-fact false – because the problem doesn’t lie within the corporation, or the CEO – these are merely mental idea of agreement that have been designed and imprinted with symbolism of greed, which can be seen in the corporate law.

Firstly – I will explain exactly what a corporation is and how it functions. Now – in order to understand how the corporation came to be what it is today it’s of benefit to look back into history – and see why the corporation was first born. As such – the birthplace of the corporation was in the wake of the industrial revolution, as it was realized that a massive infrastructure of railways would really benefit the productivity of the newly created industries. But as you can imagine railways are no cheap thing – and obviously at that time there was no single man that wanted to stand the risk of such a massive investment. Accordingly came the idea of the “joint venture” – meaning that – several investors decided to join together with their treasures to as such pave the way for the railways. Yet, there was still one problem – what if the railways didn’t bring any returns? Would then these courageous investors be completely ransacked by bankers, and other debtors claiming back their money? That could obviously not happen – and as such the corporation was formed – and it was designed as a “legal entity” – and would as such be responsible for all the debts and the shareholders of this legal entity – would as such not have to be personally responsible if their business venture would completely go of rails. The “investors” would as such not have to loose their home, wife, and mule only because their business went to shit – they would be spared and the legal entity (the corporation) would instead take the hits; which wasn’t as serious to the legal entity because it wasn’t a flesh and blood being and didn’t require a home, a wife, or a mule.

Thus – the first railways where built and they were a great success – and much money made – and within all of this the corporation had been created. And it differed in two major ways in comparison to other business forms that had existed in the past – it didn’t consist of a real person as it was a legal entity, and it’s owners didn’t have to worry about financial failure – because the corporation would be responsible for any debts, and fiscal disasters.

So – to explain the organization of a corporation – it functions as follows – the owners of a corporation are it’s “share-holders” – it’s these person that put most of the cash into the corporation that make it “come alive” – when they buy their shares in the corpus (it’s almost like Frankenstein receiving electricity). These owners though do not personally direct the corporation – because that is what the board of directors does, though they answers under the shareholders. The board of directors though do not control the daily movement and direction of the corporation, because that is what the CEO do – and the CEO answers under the board of directors, that in turn answer under the shareholders. So, here we can see a fascinating thing – that the ownership of the corporation is split from the control of the property – because the shareholders own the corporation yet it’s not them that in-fact move, and control the corporation.

And this is the very essence of the problem as to why the corporation has become such a all consuming monster in our world – that rebukes any notion of morality in order to further it’s profits. Because what have the shareholders instructed their corporation – with it’s built-in brain as the board of directors, and the arms, and legs as the CEO? Well – they’ve told this corpus to MAKE PROFIT! GET ME SOME RETURNS ON MY STOCK! And what will the CEO, and board of directors do? Well – they want to keep their jobs, and preferably become even more lucrative on the job-market – so they will MAKE MONEY – and lots of it! Regardless of the consequences, because hey – they are only doing their job!

As such – we have the roles in a corporation set up as such that the owners of the corporation doesn’t really know, or care about what the corporation do, as long as it gives them returns on their stock – because the corporation will have to take all the shit if something goes wrong.

So – the very reason as to why CEO’s and board of directors, and corporations – are in essence complete psychopathic maniacs in terms of the decisions that they make – are because this is what they are instructed to do by their shareholders. And who’s the shareholders? Well – that’s you and me – the normal persons – the people that have their pensions stored away in some type of economical format – maybe some type of a stock in a profitable company? And as such – the terror of corporations if brought unto the world by you and me – without us really understanding how our decision to buy stock that we want to make money from – in-fact influence and create the world we know in which corporations acts without mercy and regard for life.

We have created the corporation – and it’s regulated in our law that the main purpose of the corporation is to profit; how can we then in anyway blame the corporations for destroying our world? I mean – we have created them! The corporation is but a dead carcass – a corpus – that we’ve fueled with our money and sent on a rampage in this world to make even more money. As such – no one can stop the corporations – because the corporations are driven by our laws, and are created through political decisions – and funded by the normal guy that saves his pension in some type of a stuck; as such no activism in the world will stop this beast as the corporation – because the corporation is us in-fact.

Thus – see, realize and understand that the corporation isn’t bad – it’s only received a dysfunctional instruction – instead of writing in the law that the corporations main purpose is to make profit – we could instead write that the main purpose of the corporation is to serve all life on the planet – what a different world we would have then! As CEO’s and boards of directors would suddenly shift their attention – form trying to emulate profit – to instead emulating life – and a supportive environment for all.

See – the corporations are only a consequence of our own nature – and can as such only change when we change the instructions of ourselves, and accordingly how we instruct the extensions of ourselves – as in this case – the corporation.

A better world is possible – check out Equal Money and See how – and stay tuned for more fascinating insights into the secretive and mostly unknown world of Law.

2012 Total War

Yesterday I saw a fascinating documentary called “War” – which is a seven part series by Gwynne Dyer about the mentality, and evolution of war, a evolution that has now lead us into the final stage of war – which is ultimate war – total war – nuclear war – and also the destruction of ourselves.

One of the most interesting parts of the documentary was part wherein the psychology of the creation of a soldier was explained, as well as the psychology of the professional soldier (the officer) was given perspective to. And what I found so interesting was that, none of the people that were brought into this trade – either through conscription or as an officer – liked the actuality of war. In-fact – the veterans that were interviewed answered to the question, if they would like to experience war again – no! – All of them.

It was also interesting to see that it’s common knowledge in the military-schools that the human has an innate resistance towards killing other humans, and as such the majority of the soldier-education is directed towards changing this mentality of the human, and make the soldier able to kill other humans. In-fact some interesting research has been done on this topic, where the shoot-to-kill ratio of soldiers in battle has been documented. It’s been shown that only about 20 % of all soldiers fire their guns during battle, and that most rather die than to actually shoot against another human being – fascinating.

In essence the military education as to the training of soldier consists out of boosting the confidence of the young man, to make him think that he’s able to do anything he sets his mind to, as well as create a attitude within the conscript that it’s okay, and justified to kill. And as can be seen by turning in the pages of history, this training has been effective, as young men with a initial resistance towards killing other young men, has been able to push through their resistance – and pull the trigger.

I further found it fascinating how stark the contrast and the incongruence is between the morals of society, and the profession of the soldier – and the general accepted view-point of war. Because, the soldier has the right to kill – he’s even rewarded to kill – and in war-time it’s seen as completely justified to sacrifice civilians life’s as means to an end – yet, this way of living is in complete contradiction to the morals we preach in peace-time – wherein killing is bad, and wrong – and you’ll get in prison if you kill!

I simply find it fascinating that we expect a society with no crime, when we live the example of crime through accepting and allowing war as a normal and justified means of dealing with conflicts, and disagreements. Obviously we can’t have a society free from violence, when we accept violence within ourselves – as been said – there is no middle road – we either stand as what is best for all, or we don’t – there is no way to sugar-coat abuse because in reality – we know precisely what we’re doing.

Thus – we indoctrinate our conscripts and officers with the idea that it’s justified to kill in a war-situation – and that they do this killing “for their country” and for “the good of the nation” – and that this killing is necessary. On-top of this we have the audacity to sugar-coat the act of killing in positive feelings of honor, pride, courage, and heroism – completely hiding from ourselves the real brutal, and savage nature of war – which is in-fact evil manifest.

Killing another human-being is a unacceptable act no matter when, and where it’s done – no matter what type of scenery we attempt to place the killing in, what type of lie we attempt to conjure in order to feel within ourselves that “yeah, it was necessary” – WE KNOW that KILLING is UNACCEPTABLE – and the proof lies in our innate resistance to kill another human-being.

The very fact that war exists proofs exactly how devolved and delusional we as human beings have become – and precisely how stupid we in-fact have become. Why have created such a horrific act in this world, and why have created all of these lies of glory and a “meaningful death” in order to cover up the absolute stupidity of our creation? Why have we never asked ourselves, but really, why can’t we come to a common ground, a solution that is best for all – instead of having to kill each-other? Maybe because – we have been programmed to not see beyond our own limitations?

In regards to the evolution of war – we are as I said in the beginning now at the final stage – we now have the capability to eradicate the entirety of earth several times over – and this begs to question, why the hell have we instead of developing a effective way of feeding, giving proper care to all people on this earth, instead developed weapons that can destroy earth several times over? The argument that we don’t have enough money, or that there isn’t enough resources isn’t valid what so ever – because there have apparently been enough resources to develop more, and more military products.

There is really something gravely wrong with human – the human is sick – mentally sick – and it’s proven by how we prioritize and value things in this world, and by how we make decisions; there is no common sense – no compassion – and no friendliness in this world – instead there is war, chaos – and a will to destroy another, and the entirety of this world.

The only way to change this rapidly escalating self-destruction of mankind into NON-DESTRUCTION is to first – CHANGE SELF – because we as the nature of who we are is the origin-point of what is here today – as what we’ve accepted and allowed this world to become. And then – as we change ourselves – to at the same time promote and show that there is another way – and that we do not have to make earth HELL – because we can change our decision making process, we can change our values and priorities – and we can change ourselves.

Soldiers aren’t needed in a world where people have learned to handle conflicts within COMMON SENSE – and through agreement come up with a SOLUTION that is best for all – that is the SENSE we must assist and support ourselves to live as, and show to others, that this is the only way we change the outcome of humanity, which is currently set on self-destruction.

To really understand what war is – I suggest you check out the following interviews:


2012 Family Law and the Nature of Marriage Revealed

I’m at the moment studying family law, and more specifically marriage law, and within this I’ve found some interesting and revealing points about marriage, as what the nature of marriage actually exists as.

Now the most revealing point as to what marriage in-fact is, because it’s not at all about love as you’ll come to see, is found within the structure of the marriage law. It consists of about 20 chapters, each containing some 10 paragraphs, and of these 20 chapters almost half of them is about the topic of how money is to be divided between the partners when they break up, and how the partners should support each-other with money, if for example one of them has been at home with the kids a lot, and as such by the time of the break up, do not have a education, or a stable income. Most of the law is as such regulating the point of how money should be divided, and shared between the partners – both in marriage, and as well when the marriage is broken up. This is revealing, because it shows that the actual point as to why people go into a marriage is not because they love each other, or care for each other, but because of the financial security it provides.

It’s also fascinating to see that lot’s of the regulations that exists in and around this topic of money is about how one of the partners is able to protect their personal wealth from being given to the other partner if the marriage would end.

What does then show?

It shows that even though it’s in this world promoted that marriage is about love, and care for each-other – it’s in essence a mechanism of survival – wherein two beings come together to as such have a financial stability. The marriage law reveals the true nature of why, and how we form relationships, and why continue to be in these relationships, and what is in-fact controlling our decisions in terms of who we select as our partner, and how we behave when we break up with our partner – it’s all about the fear of survival, which is expressed as the fear of loosing money, and the desire to have more money.

Desteni has pointed this out several times, that the physical relationships we form in our world, are almost never about anything else than our survival, and that the curvy women will seek out the males that has the most money, as such compromising themselves in order to survive; ending up with a male that they might not even enjoy to be with, only because of the point of assuring a consistent and continuous influx of money.

There is as such no real love in this world, there is only fear, and the attempt by people to escape this fear, as this gruesome and brutal reality through forming relationships, through marrying and promising each-other to financially support each other to the day that they die. That isn’t a cool starting point from which to form a actual, supportive and beneficial relationships – it’s instead a starting point from which will flow compromise, seclusion and isolation – as we give up ourselves to our fears, and live out our life’s in complete prettification of what would happen if we’d one day be without money.

Those that profess love, light and happiness – and the movies that presents the dream of the perfect marriage, are in-fact the representation of how we within ourselves lie to ourselves, as we think that what we do, and who we decide to be with – we’re doing from the starting point of love – and that we within all of this are happy; when in-fact and in actuality we making our decisions from a starting point of fear of survival and nothing else.

Within forming these marriages, we might for a while be able to escape our fears, and for a moment attain financial stability, and we as such feel safe and secure – yet the cause, and origin of our fear isn’t ever dealt with or directed, but left as it is – and this cause and origin of our fears is found in how our current money system functions.

Our current money system is a brutal monster, that allows for no one to live for what they actually love – as what we for example find immensely pleasurable doing, or being with a person that we find expand our application of ourselves, and make us more effective in daily living; no in order to exist in this reality, all decisions that are made must be made from within and as the consideration of money, no one can as such live “for themselves” as in exploring who they actually are, and how they in-fact experience themselves, as all this must be given up in order to survive.

We’ve created a system that only supports the fear of survival, as the result of not having enough money in this current system will have the consequence of death – without money you’re nothing – no food – no home – no security – no nothing – how can we then even expect that there is supposed to be any real love in this world? There can’t be.

To form marriages is but a escape, a small and isolated, secluded group-experience within this world, wherein we for a moment feel that we can relax – at the cost of giving all of ourselves up, as who we actually are – but it’s no solution. It’s not a solution because the children born in the marriage will face the same problem that the parents faced as they came of age, and realized that without finding a partner in this world, they would be far more vulnerable to the ruthlessness of our current money system, and as such the children will eventually come to follow in the footsteps of their parents, as in compromising themselves for money, in order to survive.

This entire world is the outflow of each of us individually compromising ourselves in order to survive, wherein we suppress ourselves, our individual self-expression, and we abandon our integrity, and our principles, just so that we can feel safe and survive. And because no one is willing to stand up, and face their fears, and to walk into the system alone, and bring forth a solution that would finally remove the very origin of our fears, as our fear of not having enough money to survive – the world remains at is it has remained during generations before us.

Though, we can’t let this go on any longer – human beings can’t continue to suppress, hide, and devalue themselves through accepting and allowing fear to be their god. Within accepting and allowing fear to be our god we give up upon so much, we in-fact give up upon everything, because we give up upon ourselves.

Let’s stop for a second to imagine how this world would be if money wouldn’t anymore be a issue, ask yourself the question what you would do if money wouldn’t anymore be the key to your survival, because you survival would be unconditionally given to you, and not only your survival, but all that which you need and require to really live, and become the best that you can be; would you still be living the same life? Would you still be in the same marriage? Would you still work at the same job?

See how much we are in-fact slaves – yet the slavery from past times is now only made to be more hidden, more deceptive, wherein the illusions of love, freedom, and happiness are chanted again, and again, and again, only to seclude ourselves from the obvious truth – that we’re in-fact slaves!

The proof that you’re a slave rests with your money, that is your chain, but it’s also the key – because when we change the nature of money, from always lacking, to there always being plentiful of it, for everyone in equal amounts, then suddenly we’ve made our chain into a supportive foundation upon which we’re able to stand, and explore this reality, and ourselves in this reality, living the question of who we’d like to be, and how we’d like to experience ourselves in this life, without any fear lurking in the back of our minds.

See – without money you’re nothing – and with money you’re able to fulfill all your dreams – as such realize the simplicity of the solution as implementing a new money system in this world, as a equal money system – wherein you would be given all the money you require, to buy for yourself all that which you need and require to live a perfect life. This would change everything, exactly everything – and suddenly we’d have no more marriages being formed from the starting point of fear of survival, but we’d instead have agreements being formed as a self-willed decision by two individuals to walk with and support each other in this life, to become the best that they’re able to be.

The marriage law reveals the nature of this reality, as fear of survival, which has the outflow of us compromising ourselves into relationships built upon fear – yet the marriage law also shows us the solution to our problems – it’s all about money – all about giving all that which they require in order to live effectively.

So – let’s not become trapped in our fears, and seek to continue the legacy of our parents, as in seeking out a partner in order to survive and escape from our fear – but let’s see to it that we manifest a world, and a reality that is best for all – where all have all that they require and need, so that we never again place ourselves in a position where we make a decision out of fear of survival, as the fear of not having enough money.

Sex in Relationships

Sex also plays a part in who we experience ourselves attracted to, and decide to create a relationship with – you can learn more on that topic through listening to this:

2012 Cancer Is Good For The Economy

I find the dichotomy of our current money system so utterly fascinating in all it’s delusional glory and gore – it’s really so that I am baffled and stunned each time that something new is revealed to me as to the complete ludicrousness of the functionality of money in our current system. I’m in-fact realizing that I exist in a madness asylum, where everyone around me is totally mad, and the primary point of their madness exist within them believing themselves to be sane – walking around, speaking, and directing themselves through financial terms and ideas of “growth”, “profit”, “GDP”, “free market” – believing themselves to be living with and through intellectual, and sane moral standards – not seeing the obvious fact – that they are destroying everything around them.

The latest find, and proof in my research as to the ludicrousness of our current economic system is – the cancer business. This story takes it’s beginning with a certain man – Stanislaw Burzynski. He was born in the year of 1943 in Poland and graduated with an M.D degree with distinction – and in 1968 he received his doctorate. In the year of 1973 he was admitted to practice medicine in the United States, and in 1984 he started his own research institute – wherein he started to produce, and develop a treatment for cancer, which he called antineoplastons.

Now – what is then so special about this Burzynski, and how come this is the proof of the ludicrousness, and self-destructiveness of our current money system? The secret lies in Burzynskis invention – the so-called antineoplastons.

What is then antineoplastons? Well – it’s a medicine that Burzynski has developed, specifically for the purpose of treating cancer, which unlike traditional cancer treatment – such as chemotherapy and radiation treatment – doesn’t leave the patient with any severe adverse effect. There is no loss of hair, no depression of the immune system, there is no fatigue, no tendency to bleed easily, no nausea or vomiting.

So, we’ve thus far clarified that Burzynskis medicine is superior to its conventional counterparts in terms of adverse effects – but what about the healing effect it has on cancer?

Amazingly enough, Burzynskis medicine has proven to cure, up until that point –believed to be – incurable brain-cancer deceases – even the most aggressive, feared and lethal tumors have successfully been removed with antineoplastons – in clinical, and documented trials – and on top of that – with success rates that amaze even the most initiated, and rugged scholars in the field; seemingly this is a break-through in cancer research that would have a great effect in the world and life’s of many, many cancer-stricken humans – a revolution really.

I mean, think of it, almost everyone know someone that has died of, or at least been a victim to cancer. My grandmother died from cancer, and I remember that she went through all these treatments and operations; she lost her hair, and one of her breasts was removed through an operation, because it was infected with cancer. To treat my grandmother with antineoplastons would’ve helped to avoid much suffering, and maybe she would’ve even been alive today.

Thus, isn’t it fascinating that this amazing discovery, that most of us can see how it would’ve been able to effect and make a difference in our personal lives, is still a secret? Did you know of antineoplastons before you read this article? My guess is that you didn’t know of these antineoplastons, because just until recently I also had no idea of the existence of this revolutionary medicine – it’s strange huh? One would think that this medicine, that answers the prayers of so many, that fulfills the objective of so many cancer-fundraising organizations, would be launched out on the markets as fast as possible – I mean – isn’t there a demand for this medicine? What about this theory of supply and demand? How come this medicine is a secret?

And herein I will reveal how this particular man – Stanislow Burzinski – and his revolutionary medicine – stands as the proof of how our current system of money is dysfunctional, and in a lack of a better word – fucked up!

Since Burzinski discovered his antineoplastons, and made it known to the world, or at least the medicinal community, that he’d achieved what was thought to be impossible, he’s been in “legal trouble” – about four times he’s be summoned to court – this due to a relentless onslaught from the FDA – the Food and Drug Administration (United States government organ) – claiming that Burzynski fail the requirements of various laws and regulations.

The Texas Medical Board have harassed Burzynski for several years through various state-administrative means, and ended up with bringing Burzynski to the Texas Supreme court – wherein Burzynski won; much thanks to the convincing, and emotional testimonials from his former patients – that undoubtedly have had positive effects from the use of his medicine.

So, why is it that Stanislow Burzynski is fought in legal battles, fought by the medicinal community, fought by the Texas Medical Board, and fought by FDA; there are no good intentions what-so-ever behind the attacks on Burzynski – what’s in-fact happening is that Burzynski is attacked because of greed.

Yes – in essence it’s all about the money – Dr. Ralph Moss, which is a veterinary author on the subject, shares the following:

”[Conventional cancer treatment is] big money. You have to understand that cancer is 1/9th of the overall health budget in the United States. The last figures I have seen from the American Cancer Society of money spent on cancer indirectly or directly at 107 Billion dollars. … Cancer: we are talking about well over a million [new] cases a year, not counting skin cancer which probably equals that.

… About 630,000 people die every year of cancer in the US, and it really is an epidemic disease. We have got a tremendous industry. Every one of those people who is getting cancer and dying of it is going to be treated, and these treatments are extremely expensive. Chemo is tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars. A bone marrow transplantation which is basically another way of giving chemotherapy or radiation can run to about 150,000 dollars per person, and is almost never effective. It kills about 25%.. [Why carry on doing it?]” Dr. Ralph Moss on Chemotherapy, Laetrile, Coley’s Toxins, Burzynski, & Cancer Politics, Laura Lee radio show, 1994

See – it’s easy to understand why the medicinal community – such as big pharmaceutical companies – would resist the findings of Burzynski – he’s found the very treatment that makes them all jobless; but it’s more difficult to understand why the FDA would fight, and attempt to discredit the practices of Burzynski – I mean isn’t the FDA a “public” organization, and as such should work for the public, and not for profit incentives?

Well – the answer is obvious – the FDA is corrupted – it’s paid money from the pharmaceutical companies in order to have their drugs be accepted, and let out on the United States market; thus what we have here is a massive monopoly of money, that one man – Stanislow Burzynski – with his innovative medicine is at the risk of breaking down – and this is the sole reason as to why the antineoplastons are fought, challenged, and resisted at every corner – even though the present a far more effective treatment than currently available.

And herein we come to the revelation as to why our current money system is a dichotomy – and how the story of Burzynski stands as proof as to the lunacy of capitalism  – see – the medicinal industry promote themselves as helping people – while in-fact – what they do, and what they are interested in is to make lot’s of money. They resist new drugs, potentially more effective than anything before, because such a drug would seriously injure their position on the market; thus the fight a medicine that would be able to cure people from cancer. As such the pharmaceutical companies intention and real agenda is in actuality in completely reversed from how they present themselves to the world – while they attempt to appear benevolent and caring – all they do is done for money, which is real evil.

This is the consequence of capitalism, the is the consequence of competition – people become possessed with survival, and start making decisions from the isolated, and ignorant position within themselves of greed – they don’t care about the patients, they don’t care about the medicines – they care about money! And because we’ve in capitalism have something that is called a “free-market” – which in essence means that those not tough enough to face the competition – and win – are fucked over; and people will do anything, and everything to remain financially strong, and competitive – even if this means that a few hundred thousand cancer patients must die.

And this is the proof that our current system of money is insane, and ludicrous – how can we willingly participate in a system, in which people are deliberately killed for money? And how can we have the audacity to call our human endeavor, as us discovering more and more effective ways to produce and consume, and us as such ending up in the industrialized revolution, an evolution? Is killing each other for money evolution? Is poising our waters evolution? Is killing in the name of greed evolution? We’ve surely miss-placed the true meaning of evolution if we believe that this is the case.

The fact of the matter is the Burzynski has patented his medicine, which makes it difficult for others to re-produce it – the fact of the matter is the Burzynski isn’t helped in anyway by his fellow government, or other medicinal corporations to further develop his medicine – and all of this is done for the sake of MONEY; and who will end up suffering for this stupidity? We all are!

We’ve become brainwashed to exist as greedy robots – we’ve become brainwashed to believe that capitalism is working, and that it’s a acceptable system – we’ve become brainwashed to believe that competition is cool, and actually assists with the development of mankind – we’ve been brainwashed to believe that money is more important than life – all in all our current status of being can be summed up in – we’ve been fucking brainwashed!

Thus – I suggest a new system – because if we don’t change, we’re in for some big shit – and the fact that our cancer treatment will be completely ineffective is but one of our problems – we face a complete, and total meltdown of our current system – simply due to the reason that we’ve based our living upon greed – a way of living that can’t be sustained.

The answer is an Equal Money System – wherein we can finally lay aside our cumbersome struggle to win at all costs, to survive at all costs, and instead do something that is of benefit to ourselves, as well as everyone else. It’s time for us to create a world that is in-fact – cool – and enjoyable to live in.

The story of Burzynski proves that our current money system brings forth nothing but pure evil – let’s make this stop – a new world is possible.

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Cancer Cure Documentary – Dr. Burzynski Antineoplaston Therapy


2012 Greece is the Proof that a Debt is a Fuck-Up

About two years ago the European union and IMF gave Greece a 45 € billion bailout loan, and some 110 € billion followed shortly after. After this a series of other attempts, such as writing of debt, and further bailouts have followed – not just in Greece but in other euro zone countries as well – in order to stall the country’s national debt; and obviously these loans have not been given freely. Greece has been forced to accept harsh austerity measures in order to receive financial support.

Looking at these numbers and abstract financial terms, it’s difficult to see how it influence the actuality of the daily practical living for an average Greece citizen – yet it’s within looking past the numbers, and instead at the reality of things, that one truly come to grips with the stupidity, and ruthlessness of a debt-based money system; a system which is the very reason as to the bailouts, and austerity measures to begin with.

As an example, many Greece mothers that have been shut out from the public health system, due to unemployment, are now unable to give birth at public hospitals, because of the required fee, which is 900 €. That amount of money constitutes about three month’s rent for a normal, average Greece citizen – money that most do not have

As for pensioners – this is quoted by Nikita Kanakis, president of the NGO Doctors of the World: “Lots more people are being shut out of the national health system because they are unemployed and uninsured and they can’t pay, or because their income has been slashed—as in the case of pensioners—and they don’t have enough money for medication,”

Further – there is a rise of children, born in such conditions that their family can’t even afford to give them the most basic medical needs at the beginning of their life, which includes vaccines. A soon to become mother said the following as to the developments in her country: “I now realize that finding the money to cover the cost of giving birth was the easy part. The question is how are we going to survive after that? I wonder what kind of protection my child will have after it’s born.”

What can also be seen is a rise of children being left by their parents due to poverty. Before the austerity cuts and the recession, the main cause for children being separated from their parents was drug and alcohol related addiction. A priest that works at a support centre for poor people in Athens shares that “requests of this kind were not unknown before the crisis – but that he’s never until now come across children being simply abandoned”.

Parents have no choice but to leave their children, as there is simply not enough food (or is there only a lack of money?) – a woman, Maria, that has given her child away shares the following:  “Every night I cry alone at home, but what can I do? It hurt my heart, but I didn’t have a choice,”

She spent her days looking for work, sometimes well into the evening and that often meant leaving her eight-year-old child alone for hours at a time. The two of them lived on food handouts from the church. Maria lost 25kg.

In the end she decided to put her child into foster care with a charity called SOS Children’s Villages.

What I’ve shared above are real situations, with real people, that experience real suffering – due to a fake, imaginary, and made up money system – with the fictional idea of debt as it’s directive principle – debt is not real – starvation is real – children being left by their parents is real – a child without it’s most basic medical needs attended to is real – but debt is made up.

Debt exist in the mind’s of men and women, it exists as a memory and a promise to pay, it exists as a fear that without being able to control the actions of another through indebting them – one will not be able to survive – debt exists as greed, and desire to have power, to feel superior, to have slaves, and to be more than another – it’s not a actual and real practical object that can be touched – experienced – and seen by all – it’s fake!

The situation that has developed in Greece exposes the ruthless nature of a debt-based money system – there is no humanity – there is no compassion – there is but debt that must be repaid – believing that the only way to structure a effective community is through debt, slavery, fear, control and threats; while there obviously are other ways!

The situation that has developed in Greece also exposes the uselessness of economists, politicians, and the over-all administrative establishment of our current system – they are all completely brainwashed, and subdued into looking at numbers, looking at rules, looking at what is wrong, and what is right – instead of doing what must be done, which is to end this debt-based money system once and for all!

For to long this madness has been allowed to go on – debt has been accepted and allowed as the very basis of interaction between human beings – without considering that a debt-based system always entails a winner and a looser – a master and a slave – a fulfilled and a starving – these conditions and consequences are implied within the very nature of a debt-based system – through demanding interest on loans, constantly creating a under-supply of real substantial money – all money is in-fact debt – raising those in control of the money supply to the skies, while the rest become food for the maggots.

Thus – what we see developing today in Greece is only the beginning – humanity has indebted itself to such an extent that today – only a very few people in-fact are free from debt – the rest are slaves, forced to work, forced to produce, forced create – even though the creations that spring from this enforcement, as fear of survival, are as useless as the debt-system itself; who needs more clothes, who needs a Ipad 3, who needs the latest hair-style? This is all just useless shit, which one desire to buy only due to the extensive brainwashing in the form of commercials that is lurking in each corner of the world!

Consumerism has failed – capitalism has failed – debt has failed – private banking has failed – economy as we know has failed and the proof is everywhere, and Greece is but one tiny example of the suffering that has been born from this debt-based money system – I haven’t even mentioned the animals – the third world countries – the plants – the oceans – fuck! This world is entirely fucked; due to this debt-based money system and its time that we wake up and see this, before it’s too late!

What is happening now in Greece bear similar signs as what happened in Germany during 1933, as the beginning of what was to the become the second world war, as the rise of Nazism; that was caused by the severe austerity measures imposed upon Germany, by the winning parties of world war one, which in turn made the people angry and open for anything – even if this would mean war!

Thus – when people become desperate, and their very survival is threatened, violence and war is never far away – as is proved by the riots in Greece – and is this the world we want to create? Is this the world we want to give to our children? I say – no! Its absolutely not – and as such I refuse to accept and allow our current money system as it exists today, I will not stand idly by and but watch this unnecessary abuse of life, yet I will neither take to violence and revolution – I together with the Desteni group propose a new money system – a system wherein everything is given to everyone, so that all needs are met – a system wherein children can grow up with their families, and the fear of survival become a thing of the past – I suggest that we create an Equal Money System.

And this system must be created through lawful means – democratically as one man one vote – we must in-fact agree with each-other, and educate each-other to understand how and why we must change our current debt-system – and implement a new system that is for the benefit of everyone – and not just a few.

Thus – let the re-education begin – and it always starts with self; a new world begins with self-change, and not through blame – let’s live by example and not by wanting others to change before we do; and as such we move until this is done – and survival, debt, fear and fake economics have become a thing of the past.



Why is Law so Complicated?

Why is law so complicated? Why is law so hard to understand? Why is law so vast, so enormous, so extreme, and why do we as individuals have no direct say in what type of laws are legislated?

These are questions I’ve asked myself studying law at university. It’s a vast subject, enormous – so big that it’s impossible for one man to know all the laws that exists. Not even a lifetime spent reading laws would enable one to have a complete view of the judicial system. And that is quite fucked up, considering that laws are what make up our day to day interactions, laws are what make all things in society do as they do, or run as they run, from the big and the small – and most of us have no clue as to what regulations lie behind it all.

Isn’t that fucked up? That we as individuals are robbed of our ability to be self-independent,  to take informed and effective decisions – where we know what legal implications our actions have, what rights we have, and what obligations we have. If you don’t know the law system and the police arrests you – do you know that torture is forbidden? Do you know upon what legal grounds the policeman acts when he arrests you? Most of us don’t and we’ve never been supported or assisted to learn these things either, even though they are so crucially important, as laws define our societal structure and our day-to-day living.

Can we actually say that we are living in a democracy if not all people are given the same education, the same knowledge of the rules that govern our lives? No we can’t, because such a differentiation in skill and knowledge in-between people opens up the possibility for abuse and for manipulation.

An example would be a friend that I have as to a situation that he experienced. He was having a job of some kind and apparently he had the right to receive an extra payment of 5000 dollars, so his lawyer friend told him. So, he went to his job and asked to receive the money. He was denied and told that he didn’t have a right to have the money.

He then went back to his lawyer friend and told him what had happened. The lawyer said, ask to speak with the boss if they don’t give you the money. So, he went back to his job, asked again and was denied again – yet this time he said he wanted to speak with the boss. Upon uttering the words he was written a check of 5000 dollars.

I mean, what would this guy have done without his lawyer friend? How could he possibly have known about his rights? See, our system is so complex, vast, intricately designed that you don’t know your rights. You have no clue when a state official do something illegal, when your boss does something illegal, when you have the right to appeal and not – even though these things are very important to know! That is unacceptable – that there is such a gap between people, where the poor and uneducated becomes victims at the behest of those who know the rules of the game.

In an equal money system everyone would know the law. Everyone would know their rights and their obligations. There would be few laws, they would be clearly and understandably written – not accepting and allowing anyone to go unknowingly of the laws that dictate his or hers day-to-day living. And everyone would be able to point at these laws, without a lawyer, without the permission of anyone and state – look! These laws do not support what is best for all – I want it to be removed! And then it would also be removed.

That is real democracy. When everyone is equal in skill, understanding and have the same access to the information that governs one’s daily life. This is only possible in an equal money system. Where class, and higher education would not anymore differentiate people, as all would have access to the same opportunities and hold the same rights.

Why is wall street a casino?

The answer to this question doesn’t need to have more research than looking at the economic section of a daily newspaper, or switching on the television to look at the news cast; because what is proven time over time as one look at these reports is that the economy makes absolutely NO SENSE what-so-ever. Nobody is able to tell whether the economy will increase, or decrease – and when it decrease everyone end up surprised – and people jump out of their rooftop offices, as they lost all that they owned; the economy simply doesn’t make any sense.

And this is also proven by the fact that there are so many companies that go into the market, maybe they make great earnings, to the next month bankrupt – the economy is such a unstable, and unpredictable environment that any other term but casino can’t accurately enough describe the sheer luck required to get anywhere in this world – in terms of ‘winning on the stock market’.

What’s fascinating is that many still believe that there is skill to becoming rich – that it’s something you struggle towards, and fight towards, and then one day you suddenly ‘make it’ – thinking that everyone has the ability to ‘win’; while in-fact there are very, very few people that ever transcend their birth given socio-economic class. Most stay where they we’re born – as workers, or academics, most of us simply take on the track of our parents. And if your ‘lucky’ enough to be born rich – then this will be your future life.

As such – the stock market, the economy and capitalism isn’t a place wherein your dreams will be fulfilled – and you’ll be able to have your ‘freedom’ – it’s in-fact the opposite; it’s the prison where you’ll be a wage-slave till the end of your days, wishing, hoping and desiring that you’d one day be able to get out of your misery – but that they will never arrive.

And then you would through your life attempting to scrounge sufficient of money to give you a ‘comfortable’ old age – or enough money to pay for your hospital bills, or at least your apartment bills. We all, or the big majority of us, exist within such living conditions of moving from month to month – and still: even though we exist in this experience and lived application of a wage-slave, we persist holding unto the dream of richness, the hope that it’ll someday be our turn to win!

Though this will in-fact never happen – you won’t ever truly win until all win. And when all when, as all are given equal access to what is here, that’s when heaven on earth will become a reality – and you’ll in-fact be able to have all that which you ‘truly’ desire – as that feeling of safety, and comfort all strife for; everyone will know that they are safe, and without any risk to be harmed – and all the material possession that we desire – that we use to support our physical bodies, and realities with – they will become available to all. Everyone will win!

So – delete any thought that resides within saying that only 1 is able to win – and that the world must be a casino of winners and losers – such a belief is self-limitation and not in-fact real.

Is the world a better place ten years after twin tower?

Should it be? Ten years ago the ‘war on terror’ started – and America, with the rest of the western world following it’s tail, set out to ‘destroy’ terror – and make earth, the world ‘a safer place’.

Have they succeeded? Have the world become a safer place and has terrorism actually seized to exist? Have violence seized to exist? Have bombs and weapons seized to exist? No! Everything is just as it was ten years ago as the ‘war on terror’ was introduced.

Why did it fail?

Well – maybe because the actual terror of this world was never understood, seen, or acknowledged – because are really ‘terrorists’ the real terror of this world? Or is the real terror of this world hidden in plain sight right in front of our noses?

Is terror 30’000 children dying daily from malnutrition?

Is terror weapons being manufactured and sold for profit?

Is terror medical companies pushing drugs for the sake of money – disregarding any consequence their ‘medicine’ might have?

Is terror politicians becoming bribed, going corrupt, stealing people’s assets?

Is terror Christian fanatics vehemently defending their belief in god, the after-life, and that ‘all they have to do is to praise god’ – while the world is suffering?

9/11 – can that even be termed terror? It’s such a small situation; such a minute momentary experience of suffering if one compares it to the entirety of this world. And have the reason ever been understood as to why 9/11 in-fact did occur? Was it because, maybe, in the Americans delusions of grandeur, ravaging the world for resources, they actually stepped on some feet’s?

Ten years after 9/11 – the world is just the same as it’s always been – weapons are being produced and manufactured, soldiers are being trained, presidents are lying, the populous are only concerned with booze and sex – and there is no movement, or inclination towards a world that is better for all; mankind is stuck in self-interest and fear.

Real terror in it’s very essence is in-fact a human being possessed with delusions of grandeur as self-interest, and the fear of survival; such a human being will go to any extent to defend what’s apparently his while disregarding the rest of existence.

Equal Money is the solution wherein this terror of self-interest and the fear of survival will forever more be stopped – it’s a practical and applicable solution – not a dream!



Communism is the Law of Attraction

Communism is based upon the same principle as the law of attraction. Now – let’s look at how this is so.

Firstly – what is the principle that the law of attraction is based upon? It’s based upon the principle of lack. Consider how it is that you create through using the law of attraction: you create through stating that you’re lacking something. An example would be the following: I lack money, as such I will through thinking and imagination, through envisioning me with money, a long with building up that nice feeling of ownership, create money in my world – using the emotion and experience within you as lack, as not having any money, to create a polarity feeling of have, as having money.

As such you have defined yourself as a have not within yourself as well as created the polarity of have – as how you would think and experience yourself if you had money. And as such you’re creating from a starting point of lack, as I currently do not have – and I must have – in order to be satisfied with myself and my life.

Before we look at how communism is based upon the same principle as the law of attraction I will shortly explain the idea of communism.

Communist theory claims there are two distinct classes in society: the workers and the employers. Further it claims that all suffering in society comes from the employers using the workers labor to earn money, reaping more rewards than what the workers do, as such creating lack and stealing resources from the worker. The solution that is proposed is that the workers revolt and overthrow the employers and ‘take back’ the rewards of their labor.

Now let’s look at how communism operates by the same principle as the law of attraction. As a communist worker you’d state: I don’t have enough power and influence in society, and I lack the rewards of my labor, I am as such a have not. And you then define yourself as lacking.

On the other hand, you think, those who have the power, influence and reap the rewards of my labor in society is ‘the employers’ as the have’s. And as such you create a polarity within yourself wherein you define yourself as the negative polarity, as lacking, and the employers as the positive polarity as those that have.

And then you proceed to apparently create your abundance through taking from those that have what you apparently do not have, and what you’re apparently unable to create and manifest for yourself. But, because you’re creating from a starting point of lack, as the polarity opposite of abundance, you’ll manifest this into the world – as now the employers will instead be those that lack, and you’ll be the one that holds the ownership.

The solution is to create without polarity, without a self-definition of oneself as either a have or have not – but instead create here as breath without a purpose of ‘building wealth’ aka ‘removing lack’ – because such a starting point implies that lack in-fact exists. Lack only exists when you accept and allow yourself to define yourself as lack and then create from the starting point of lack.

Equal Money is based upon the principle that there needn’t to be any revolution; we don’t need to take another’s assets in order to supply everyone with sufficient of resources to live a cool life – because there is in-fact enough for everyone. And instead of creating from a starting point of ‘I lack’ and consequently ‘I must have’ – we create from the starting point of common sense, as considering what expression or manifestation I could create that would support me, as well as the rest of life.

Whatever that may be ­– I’ll then simply create it – without having to confront and revolt towards another in order to do so. And as such we create our own wealth instead of whining, comparing, and defining ourselves according to definitions of have and have not’s – instead living what is best for all, being our own source of creation.

Creating something from nothing.