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The markets are failing!

The markets are failing and everything is going down! Panic! Run in circles! This is basically the message that is being sent out into the world by the media, as the big markets come tumbling down. It’s fascinating though, nobody knows why the markets is coming tumbling down, and nobody knows how to stop it from tumbling down; and naturally everyone goes into an experience of anxiety and fear, as our survival seems to be threatened, because the markets are falling down.

Isn’t it strange? That we have this unpredictable god in our world called “the markets” that rule, and decide who’s going to be rich, and who’s going to be poor, who’s going to die, and who’s going to live in abundance – without anyone having control over it? Or, do we have control of it?

The experts, as they take on the task of explaining to the public why the markets are failing, usually speaks about debt, and that the major economies of the world are sinking in their public debt. Yet, are they really? I mean, what is debt but a promise to pay? But what if we simply relinquish that promise to pay, and forgive all debt? Wouldn’t the situation then simply stop? Why isn’t anyone looking at the situation from a starting point of self-responsibility, wherein we realize that the system that we currently face, the markets that are currently being volatile, is all our own creation, it’s our own mess; and as such we’re able to clear it up.

I mean, simply forgive and remove the debt, then print up an equal share of money to everyone, enough to last them from birth to death, and watch what happens; suddenly we’ll have equality amongst men, and labor would become something done for the enjoyment, and common sense of it, instead of doing it for money; because everyone will have enough money – no more competition – no more struggle – but instead we can focus upon this practical, physical reality, and make sure we create the necessities needed for everyone to survive.

Though at the moment such a proposition looks very far-fetched, as man seems to be persistent to hold on to this system of inequality and chaos. It’s crazy that we choose to have this current money system in place; it doesn’t support anything but negativity; competition, jealousy, inequality, manipulation, deception, fear – what is the reason that we’re still in this system? Are we stupid or something?

So, as the markets fall, and people start to experience that rush of anxiety, as they know that their savings is disappearing, and that their protection against such horrors as starvation, poverty, and a shitty life experience, is becoming weaker. We created this glorious system called capitalism – where apparently everyone one is able to win; yet half of the world is living in poverty, so apparently everyone isn’t able to win.

How long are we going to torment ourselves? What is the point of tormenting ourselves like this? How can anyone willingly support a system that breeds so much suffering and pain in the world – it’s like we’ve all become completely insane, lost in our minds, not knowing anymore how we got here, who created this money system and why; thinking that this is the way that it must always be.

Is the problem maybe that everyone wants to win? Everyone is hoping to be able to be the one that wins, and is able to scrape all the crumbs of the table, and eat the entire cookie as well. How much must we suffer before we realize that this dream of wanting to win isn’t real, because we will never win as along as only a few can crown themselves victorious, while the rest becomes the eternal losers; because that kind of inequality breeds violence, spitefulness, criminality, hate, and anger, and still the winners are not safe, comfortable, with a enjoyable life, as the must now build walls around their houses, to protect themselves from the losers.

What kind of a world is it really that we’re living in when we must build walls around our houses? And what is that wall supposed to keep out? Yes – those that have lost, those that didn’t manage to fulfill their dream of being the winner, and so we perpetuate and compound a system of competition that breeds violence; and have people become afraid of each-other, nervous, wary, and tense – as we’re all attempting to get to that win, and protect ourselves from the loss.

Is there another way to live? Do you enjoy life currently? Do you enjoy fear? Do you enjoy loosing? Do you know that you’re currently a slave to the amount of money that you have?

Would you like to have free choice? For real? Actually being able to decide how you want to live your life, not being limited by the numbers in your bank account; would you like that?

Interesting questions huh? We’ve really limited ourselves in our understanding as to what can actually be created in this reality, limited ourselves to this system of capitalism, of lack, of scarcity and competition; while this is not the only way to live – there are other way’s to live.

Would you like to live as a millionaire? Would you like to be able to trust your neighbor? Would you like to have free medical care, free education, free food, free housing, free water, free electricity, freed from doom?

This is all possible; we can make it to be so. We created what is here currently, and as such we can create heaven on earth, as what is best for all, as equal money. Yes – EQUAL MONEY is the solution we’ve been waiting for, it’s the breath of life for all human beings, so all can live a life of dignity.

Thus ­– check out EQUAL MONEY, as we needn’t to exist and live as we currently do. We can have fun instead!

Today’s Breaking News: Copper Thievery is on the Rise!

This last year the amount of theft regarding copper has skyrocketed. So far the Swedish railway system, as well as the Swedish church is taken the most strain; the reason being that there is lot’s of copper used in order to ground electrical equipment along the Swedish railways. The Swedish churches are attractive targets due to their copper plate roofs.

Could be added here as well that the reason why people steal copper is because it’s a valuable metal; it gives you money – obviously.

Anyway, in order to deal with this problem the police have suggested promulgation of laws that enforces a tougher control on the scrap merchants that buy the copper from the thieves.

And yet again the point as to why these crimes occur is completely missed, and instead of a solution that would finally end theft of any kind, new measures of control is suggested.

Because, why will laws never sort out crime?

It’s due to the simple fact that crime exist, not as a freak of nature incident that happens due to their not being tough enough punishments, or controls, but due to the fact that people can’t effectively sustain themselves, and survive without being criminals.

The very fact that we have even one single robbery and theft indicates that there is a issue in society, and that some of the citizens are being marginalized; because who in their right state of mind would spend their time ‘working’ as a thief, considering all the risks that comes along with such a ‘profession’? Consider what it takes for someone to reach the decision of becoming a criminal – it’s obviously a decision done in lack of better options.

And let’s look at the dichotomy of society: those who are poor and take from the rich are considered thief’s, and are as such punished and put behind bars. Those that are rich and withhold essential resources, as well as place poor people into wage slavery are considered legal, and are as such supported to further their dominion.

Where is the equality?

Where is the consideration?

Where is the care?

When are we going to see and understand that no crime is committed without their being a reason for it; a crime, as theft or burglary is an outflow – not a separate incident but a consequence of the polarity between have and have not’s – rich and poor.

And this type of events will escalate as money becomes even more scarce, and job opportunities are lost – because man’s fear of survival is stronger than his fear of authority; and as such no punishment will be able to hold back people from doing what they must do in order to get food into their stomachs – I know because I would’ve acted in the same way. Because I hold no respect for justice and legality that only serves those that already have more than what they need; such a system isn’t in-fact real justice – it’s instead bullying; and I won’t stand one and equal to bullying.

Thus – in order to solve these type of events once and for all, we need to establish a system wherein no one is marginalized, wherein instead all are treated equal; that is real justice – and laws supporting such a system of equality I would respect, and live according to with no doubt what so ever.

The system where equality will be honored before profit is called the Equal Money System; check it out.


Rioting In London Is Terrorism – Not Real Change

In the northern parts of London, during the last couple of days, severe rioting has taken place. Pissed of people has taken to their arms and used them as weapons towards policemen; they’ve burned down houses, busses and cars; thrown Molotov cocktails, and stones; in essence acted as pre-historic barbarians.

How come we as the human race has come to perceive violence as the way to change?

Obviously, I am aware as the reason for the riots; people are pissed off, they are unemployed, stressed out, and they live in a world of capitalists that only care about profit – not human beings; but that doesn’t justify violence. And how on earth can violence ever produce something of value, worth and actual, mutual and beneficial change?

If you take to violence, all that you’ll do is that you will harm another human being. You won’t show how to live and apply yourself in the principle of common sense, as what is best for all – you won’t actually contribute anything to the human race; but death and destruction.

It’s a statement of ignorance, to think and believe that revolution, as revolting, through violence and destruction, is in anyway synonym with change, peace and abundance – those things that we all want, and that we know we’re lacking in our current monetary system; then why do we go out on the streets and create the exact opposite from change, peace and abundance? Why do we attempt to enforce a change through scaring other people, blaming other people, throwing a tantrum of anger – instead ourselves standing up as the change, leading the rest of humanity to a more abundant future?

I guess there is no real good answer to my questions, and they aren’t even relevant anyway. What can be seen is that bullies go out on the streets and destroy people’s lives, harm and abuse – and there is no inkling of a movement as to a real change.

Those people that apparently stand up towards authority, and make themselves heard, through violence; they are nothing but terrorists. Anyone that utilize force, coercion, and deliberately harms others is a terrorist, and does not in-fact stand for a solution, but only supports continued dismay and suffering.

We need real leaders. People that are able to stand up for everyone and take responsibility, not blaming, not destroying, but in-fact being a voice for that which is best for all. That is the only type of living the will stop the cycle of abuse.

We stand up as the example, as the practical example of living what is best for all, until others see and notice us and change as well. We live forgiveness, we live support, we give as we would like to receive and become a force that can’t be stopped; as we aren’t fighting towards anyone, but standing for and as the benefit of everyone.

That is how real change will come to pass. Not through violence. Violence and war must instead be banned forevermore.

In order to further your understanding of the principle of giving as you would to receive, investigate the money system based upon this principle: the equal money system. This is how all will be given a life of worth and dignity.

New Greece Bailout-Package Voted Through

Yesterday the Greece bailout package got voted through in opposite to the want of the thousands upon thousands of demonstrators, that for the last seventy days have barricaded themselves upon the constitutional square in front of the parliament building in Athens. Obviously, the outflow of such decision will give even more fuel to the fire, as the rage the fuels the demonstrators to fight tear-gas, throw rocks at the police and destroy property.

But what is the fascinating thing to be realized, as parliament votes through a bill, even though the calamity, as the violent opposition towards such a decision increase by the day; violence is useless! Really – to go out on the streets and demand justice through violence doesn’t work, as the origin of the problem, as to why Greece and its inhabitants find themselves in this dire position still isn’t considered.  And violence will not educate people – it will not help people to understand how we’ve come to this position where we find ourselves today, where the young simply do not see any other point to life but to go out and fight against the officials.

It’s not that Greece politicians are especially bad people or that the world is unfair towards Greece – or that Greece people do not work hard enough. It’s not that politics is a sneaky business filled with conspiracies – wherein we, as the people must apparently fight the politicians in order to take back our rights. No – what must be understood is that everyone is responsible for this situation – EU is not to blame, USA is not to blame and Greece is not to blame – where all individually to blame – or rather – to be held accountable. Because it’s none other than ourselves that have participated in and accepted and allowed this current money system to become the law of life, as how the world must function. And it’s this very money system, as it’s very core principle, as debt, that is makes out the origin to the problem that Greece face.

That is why violence won’t amount to anything, as it’s simply a fit of rage, as blame, as a tantrum thrown against the apparent bad guys – the politicians. While at the same time, these demonstrators hold no understanding what so ever as to how our situation have come to be, and as such know of no solution – and aren’t in-fact interested in any solution – but to blame and show their discontent with those apparently responsible. See – no one shows any discontent when our current money system is working for him or her and they are able to have money – but when money disappears – suddenly it’s all rage; while not understanding that our current money system is built upon the principle of have and have not’s – somebody must loose for another to win – somebody must become a slave for another to become a master; it’s really so obvious. That is why there has always been ‘a Greece’, as a poor country with inhabitants that live in poverty; because someone must loose their money for another to gain money – and apparently money is this intrinsic resource upon which the fate of the world must be decided; or is it?

Is debt real? Must there be have not’s for there to be haves? Is there the possibility to actually remove ‘the Greece’ situation, as massive debt and poverty, forevermore, as a experience for people in this world?

Obviously there is! See – we created the idea of debt. We created our current money system within and as the principle that all must not have and you can’t be given anything unconditionally as there is apparently lack in this world – you must first earn money to get anything. But who decided this? And why? We did! We decided this individually in and as our day-to-day lives, wherein we wanted something for that which we gave, we wanted something back, and we became possessed with greed, need and desire – instead of giving to another as you would like yourself to receive.

So, this is why politicians are not to blame, politicians are not be held accountable – you are to hold yourself accountable! Look in your own life where you acted solely from the starting point of wanting to acquire money, as the intent of that action, holds the answer to the riddle as to – why the people of Greece must suffer in order to pay back debt. As debt is the very statement of man, that ‘I want something from you for me to do something for you’ – that has led us to the path of ruin.

This is why violence is not the solution – as it’s not aimed to sort out the very cause, reason and origin that is debt, as reluctance to live in a way that is best for all, the group, as the collective, as existence. That is why the solution to our problems is a political and democratic one – achieved through peaceful means – wherein we through understanding of what we’ve done and how we came here – correct ourselves. The solution is an equal money system – as system wherein the principle of ‘give to another as you would to receive’ is re-established, as no one anymore is given the possibility to live the good life upon another’s misery and suffering; no more slavery!

For an equal money system to become reality, people must agree to give to each other that which they would like to receive. They must agree to give up their position and their stature, their money, their wealth and realize that as long we accept and allow there to be have not’s – there will also be suffering in this world – there will be violence – and there will be fear between people.

Thus – stop throwing stones. Realize that this problem goes deeper than Greece debt and it’s bailout plan – no teargas or property destruction will ever sort out this problem. Instead – man must actually change – become and live as benevolence and learn to love his neighbor as himself; this is the only solution!

Stop being a retarded monkey and come back to reality – and if you’re already here – then investigate equal money for all.

Why Alcohol Makes You A Pre-Historic Zombie Moron

Yesterday Sweden erupted in a drug-frenzied ecstasy as it was time celebrate the holiday, known in Swedish as ‘Midsommarafton’. Translated to English it would be called midsummers eve. It’s a traditional party day that all Swedish people since small children have been exposed to. According to tradition you are at this day to become extremely drunk, dance around a pole in the ground that is dressed in leaves and hopefully get achieve sexual intercourse with someone of the opposite sex – then you’ve had a great midsummers eve!

Obviously, when people get drunk – people become stupid and demon-possessed. So, this morning as I look in the newspaper, there is a large column of various horrific events that has taken place during the night. Let me share some of them with you: one man decided about 11 pm yesterday night, with all certainty extremely drunk, to head out on a metal roof about 15 above ground. He then proceeded to slip, fall down, hit the ground and almost die; he’s still alive though.

Let’s continue. The police comments that all of their drunkard jail-cells, yes we actually have jail-cells specifically reserved for drunks, was filled to the brim. The officer in charge explains the situation, as to the drunkards, with one very fitting sentence: people become fucking stupid when they drink!

A man got beat up with a baseball bat in a town called Säffle. One young man and one young women got attacked and beaten – they where brought to the hospital with serious injuries. One 21-year-old man drove of the road and died, probably he was drunk. A motorcycle driver drove straight into a tree and was brought to the hospital unconscious, also with much certainty drunk.

A man and a woman got burnt to death as their holiday house went up in flames. Alive candles and being drunk is not a suggested combination, though is just my theory as to why the house got burnt down – they went to bed without putting out the candles. It’s easy to forget things when you’re drunk! And finally, in the northwestern part of Skåne two dead men where found and they are believed by the police to have been murdered.

So, what a great night! Right! Alcohol makes life fun! Right? Really people. Look at what the fuck we are doing. We are killing ourselves through consuming drugs, becoming like possessed monkeys, or actually it’s degrading to call drunk human beings monkeys, to the monkeys that is, let’s instead call them possessed zombies. Because when you get drunk and you start to scream, shout and completely forget that your actions has consequences and that you exist in a reality that is real – you’re a drunk zombie. The definition of a zombie in this case would be, someone without a brain that still holds the ability to walk around and do things.

We forbid criminal actions like murder and theft but we allow alcohol, what the fuck? Isn’t all of this shit happening in only one night proof enough that alcohol should be banned? And the companies providing alcohol should be charged with murder! I mean, why do we accept, allow and actually encourage people to detriment themselves to the stage of pre-historic zombie idiots with the sole intentions in mind of sex and physical fist fights – why?!?!?! Maybe we are fucking stupid? Or, maybe some other zombies want to make profit out of alcohol and thus promote and sell it with no regard as to the consequences this shit has for people.

And how fucking trustworthy is our school and our politicians when they do not educate people as to the consequences of alcohol and no single effort is made to forever ban alcohol from this world. I mean, if I go voting, how the fuck can I trust the politicians that I vote for if they drink? They are simply uneducated pre-historic zombie morons, I won’t vote for anyone like that; neither will I vote someone that doesn’t hold to legislate against the complete stop of all alcohol consumption. Because if you allow alcohol, through not doing anything about it, then tacitly you’re as much responsible as the zombies that produce and sell it to make profit.

But there is a solution. Research the equal money system. There are people that actually care about the well being of you and your family. In a couple of years the Equal Life Party will be born – be ready then as it will be politics like you’ve never seen it before. Politics with actual real principles as to what is best for all as it’s foundation. Gotdamn, finally some integrity will be breathed into the walls of the parliament.

Equal Money is the solution. Equal Life Party is the conveyor. Do your homework! And stop the alcohol!

Facts taken from: C, Bergfeldt, Nivette Dawod. “Fylla, brott och olyckor”. Aftonbladet. 2011-06-25. <;


Teacher Brutally Murdered

In an article in Aftonbladet, a Swedish newspaper, it’s today to be read about a brutal murder, committed by three youngsters in their twentieths, with the victim being a man in his fifties, working as a teacher.

It was late at night and the three youngsters where at a bar consuming alcohol. Suddenly one of them said that he was angry at his teacher, upon which he decided to visit him, with the rest of the youngsters following. They arrived at the man’s apartment; he opened, received a kick in his stomach and fell to the floor. The youngsters continued to abuse the man, recording the event with a cell-phone, ending up with stabbing him 26 times with a kitchen knife, finally saying: good, good, now he’s dead.

So, an extremely brutal and violent attack — wherein alcohol was one factor the reason as to why this happened. This kind of events will become more usual and happen more and more – man is now about to face himself as backchat and if you do not take responsibility for yourself as thoughts, feelings and emotions; watch out, your going to hurt yourself and others, as happened here.

Thus – we need to ask ourselves some serious questions. Why does our youth become murderers? Why is alcohol allowed in society? Is it because, we don’t care about our youth? Because all we care about is achieving money and making profit? And is alcohol allowed because it’s a good income generator? Generating money but destroying life.

The answer is – yes – obviously. Our children grow up to become psychopaths because society never supported them to be anything else but money-generators. Life, as the enjoyment of exploring and expressing self here was destroyed with fear, and the fear of survival programmed into the pure and innocent newcomers to this world.

There are no bad children and there isn’t any bad youths – there is only a fucked up education process, that removes all life, meaning and morality from the experience of these small people. Then they grow up to become adults, without a regard or consideration for equality, as a life that is best for all – and now we pay the consequence. Murder and atrocities is the consequence for not considering life but only money and profit.

So, in order to stop this atrocity, in order to re-educate yourself and become pure in heart once again, standing up as morality, meaning and life even though nobody else cares – investigate Desteni and ‘Desteni I Process’. Learn how to stop yourself before it’s to late – we do not need to murder each-other and suffer in order to realize that we must change.


When you are dead, you’re fucking dead says Steve Hawkins

Heaven is a fairy tale dreamt up by people that fear the dark. So said Steven Hawkins in an interview published this week and I agree whole-heartedly with him. To believe in an afterlife is nothing more but the fruitless attempt of escaping certainty – our friend the worms – death.

Let’s ask ourselves the question, why does people gravitate towards the fantasy of heaven with such ease? What is it that is so attractive about the idea of heaven?

Well, first of, in heaven you don’t need to worry about money. In heaven you have everything taken care for you and everything is simply perfect. There is a god holding your hand wherever you go and there is a Jesus kissing you good night when you go to bed – heaven is clearly an orgasmic place of positive feelings where you feel so loved, so loved.

But, what is that we are actually doing when we create such an imagination in our minds, as this orgasmic palace of positive feelings where all our fears will finally go away? Firstly, we are abdicating responsibility for earth and what is currently here. It isn’t very strange that people experience huge amounts of fear and anxiety here on earth, as we have a money system that is based upon competition, survival and the principle of ‘the winner takes it all’. As such death is always present here on earth and you are never able to let go, because at every turn you must make sure that you have sufficient with money to survive.

Though, does this problem in anyway solve if we believe in heaven and in a hereafter, where supposedly, the struggle will finally stop and I will be able to find peace and rest. No! It doesn’t!

This is one of the major practical issues of the belief in heaven. It doesn’t serve to establish a new world, it only serves to dull people down in hope and even more fear – instead of acting and doing something that will have an impact and make a difference. We live out our life’s, hoping that somewhere in the future, I will reach a land of sugar coated rainbows, and father god hugging me each day – though we never do anything about the reality that is in front of our eyes! And we never do anything to change the experience of ourselves in our day-to-day life!

Thus – the belief in a heaven puts us in zombie mode. “I will just fight till I die, just hold on, just hold on to the belief, hold on to the dream, just get through this and then all your dreams will become true” – People! Can’t we see how absurd this type of living application is? We are here on earth, with a shitty system that doesn’t support life, we have two hands and a mouth to speak with, we are able to change ourselves and the world around us to become heaven on earth – yet – we hope for a heaven that in-fact doesn’t exist. How delusional is that?

It’s only when we are alive that we have the opportunity to bring heaven to earth, when you are dead, as Steven Hawkins said, you are fucking dead. So, stop your delusions of heaven, get back to earth, use your hands and your mouth and start living by a principle that will accumulate heaven on earth.

And also, as a last question to the believers that might be reading this article – if you’ve managed to not go haywire and exit the article yet: if you were able to go to heaven but you left all people on earth behind to continue their suffering, would you do it? And if you would do it – could you live with yourself?

Let’s bring heaven to earth for everyone, because when you’re dead, you’re dead – but when you’re alive, you’re alive, and it’s when you’re alive that you have use for a heaven. So, build heaven with me using your mouth and your two hands!

Why USA isn’t helping the People of Bahrain

During the last months Bahrain has been the scenery in which yet another uprising has formed to overthrow an authoritarian government – as has been the case in Tunisia, Egypt as well as Libya.

So, an interesting thing to notice is the shallow support given by USA to the people of Bahrain. USA that is supposed to be a country of the free that travels the world in order to throw over bad dictators, and implement democracy for everyone – what has happened to USA in this scenario?

Well, it turns out the USA’s fifth naval base is located in Bahrain, and it so happens that this military compound is a key strategic point for control over the Persian gulf. And control over the Persian Gulf means to have control over a hell-of-a-lot of oil – which naturally is a prime objective for any self-interested and ego-driven nation such as USA. Though, I shouldn’t be too hard on USA – every single country on this earth is driven by the principle of greed and self-interest; and that is why we have a fucked up world, where you are more likely to suffer than to actually enjoy yourself.

What I want to show with this is two things – firstly: whatever USA states as a reason for any military intervention, as goes with any other country for that matter, in a country – they do it for money! Don’t believe them that they are benevolent and care about democracy and freedom of the individual – they don’t give a fuck! Nobody gives a fuck and this is why we live in a world, as fucked up as this one.

The second thing I want to say is that – there is another way to live! There is a possibility for humans to enjoy life, enjoy each other, and live without fear and greed! This is called EQUAL MONEY!

Investigate EQUAL MONEY and learn of the future.

Greece Bailout – A ship Doomed to Sink

The Greece bailout has failed, as is proven by the fact that there is now another bailout, or a so-called “upgrade” being discussed. A bailout, or “upgrade” is another word for, we are fucked, we need more money else this entire system is going to collapse, and we will be trapped in the rubble! Thus – print that fucking money, fill the holes, the ship is sinking – though nobody can swim and there is no life-rafts – thus do whatever you can! Save yourself!

Though, we are not looking at the cause. We are but fighting the symptoms. That Greece economy is yet again collapsing, and yet again leaves a gaping hole in the metaphorical boat that is our economy – is not coincidence and it’s not something that can be avoided within our current economy. Our economy is built in a polarity, it’s built around the concepts of have and have not’s – it’s constructed around the foundation of debt, as slavery and as such there will be no money capable of plugging this gaping rift in the hull of the boat. We are fucked – as long as we accept and allow our current system to be the guideline and rule by which we live.

What will stop the boat from leaking is to simply realize that – the boat is fucking stupid. We can swim instead. And then we teach each and everyone to swim, so that all can swim around in the ocean equally, and have fun, and play with each-other, and explore the ocean without the constant monster of debt, as the shark waiting in the water, being there as a possible future for the people. This is a metaphorical explanation of EQUAL MONEY.

See – in a EQUAL MONEY system all people would have an equal amount of money. There would be no debt, and money would be given unconditionally from birth to death – as such – no holes to fill – no sharks to avoid – all are able to swim and have fun. And we might even discover some cool island, where we can make a fire and tell stories to each other – who knows!

But right now that isn’t possible – because we are completely engulfed within the task of producing money, to fill the holes, to push away the monster of debt – please! It mustn’t be this way – we can have fun instead!

Investigate EQUAL MONEY!

I don’t fucking Care that Bin Laden is Dead!

Bin Laden is dead – such is screamed in all the television channels, it’s written on all the front pages of the magazines. It’s history being made – Bin Laden is dead! Bin Laden is dead! Be entertained slave! Be entertained slave! Be brainwashed by stupid and irrelevant stuff! Become my slave! Oh, shit – the truth happened to get past the ever-repeating statement that ‘Bin Laden’ dead – quick Stan! Repair the lie-machine!

Because people of earth – this is what it is. It’s up in your face manipulation. All the news-stations of the world report this one incident in order to keep your busy in your mind – in fear – entertained and kept in the belief that there is such a thing as a real and normal human experience in this world; wherein if you are a normal human being – to know that Bin Laden is dead is apparently of importance and relevance.

My god! Who the fuck cares if Bin Laden dies? 30’000 fucking thousand people die each day of starvation due to our delinquent money system – why the fuck do not anyone write about that? I mean, are we morons? Are we so stupid that we can’t see how completely irrelevant it is that Bin Laden has died. I mean, what the fuck – we are fucking facing perils all over the earth, as people are abused and harmed each and every single day because of our participation in the ‘oh-so-great’ system of capitalism. I mean, I becoming fucking pissed of at this shit.

Magazines should report about real things – but that is not done – instead they report about bullshit. Thus – stop reading the shit. I only read the shit to have stupid shit that I can write about – there is no real value in the news at all mostly. It’s only manipulation in order to keep you secluded and entertained in a bubble between your ears wherein you create your world as thoughts.

So, I’ve concluded that Bin Laden’s death is irrelevant. Now I will give you some real news instead. Heaven on earth is coming. We are bringing it here through making ourselves one and equal as god – as a self-responsible and self-empowered human being. The ‘we’ I refer to is those walking with the desteni “I” process. Thus – check it out and please join us – and throw your newspaper in the dump, or laugh a little bit at the stupidity of it.