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Let it Fall Where it will Fall — Implications of Unconditional Love

So, I will in this blog dissect a youtube comment from a spiritual person and I will through this show how the ‘live and let go’ attitude of the light and love gang, is in-fact detrimental and harmful to earth and it’s inhabitants. The belief in ‘letting another being find his own way’ or ‘whatever makes your boat float’ as ‘unconditional love’ is actually not love at all, as I will reveal.

See – if you simply accept and allow people to do whatever the fuck they want to do – we end up in a world that is as the one we live in today. A world filled with abuse, bullying, deception and suffering.

So, let’s take a look at the comment now.

“[…] I help people everyday through talking to them and allowing them to come to their own conclusions – a true teacher allows their students to learn in their own time with only just a little guidance from those older and wiser than them. […]”

Aright, let’s begin.

Firstly, the author of this comment says that he allows his students to come to their own conclusions. Sounds so nice right? Like a real nice dude that let’s you think, behave, and exist in whatever way pleases you. But, let’s look at the implications of such a statement. If a student comes to the conclusion that he would like to rape women, murder them and bury them in a forest – is this then okay? The spiritualists would like to have you think that it’s okay, because apparently you must love everyone, respect their beliefs, because apparently everyone will find their own path to the truth – my god, such fucking bullshit.

I mean, look at where this bullshit belief and lived out behavior of unconditional love has taken us. We’ve accepted and allowed the world to be infested with parasites called capitalists, criminals called politicians, murderers called businessmen, terrorists called kings and queens, slave masters called teachers and judges – and in this process we’ve rendered the world completely useless as a supportive and habitable home.

And why has it become like this you might ask? Because we’ve given room for evil to exist, in our apparently benevolent stand wherein we’ve said ‘let if fall where it will fall’, we’ve become perpetrators to the extinction of life from the face of the planet earth. In our apathy, in our cowardice, evil has become the one principle by which people live and exist, as is seen by the fact that starvation, slavery, poverty, child-abuse, violence in the homes, alcohol, drugs, disease and death are common events in our world. Where did the real benevolence go? And what is real benevolence? Could we somehow have avoided reaching this point at which we find ourselves today, wherein each day is a struggle and fight for survival, because each and everyone has been taught and instructed since childhood to compete and raise themselves towards the top at the cost of others?

Obviously this could have been avoided. If we would have lived the realization that what I accept and allow another to live out, will eventually come and bite me in the ass, as neither him nor I is separate or apart from reality, instead we share it collectively. Thus – what I accept and allow the collective to live and exist as will also influence and have an effect upon my life and experience of myself.

So, if I accept and allow people to come to their own conclusions, mind-fucking myself to believe that I am apparently doing something good for them, while clearly seeing that their conclusion doesn’t support themselves or anyone else, I am in-fact creating hell, as I accept and allow evil to reign instead of common sense.

Thus, spiritualists and unconditional lovers – hear me. Let go of this bullshit called unconditional love, we need to stop being passive, apathetic, so gotdamn nice and respectable towards each other and instead show that there is a line that shall not be crossed – and that is the line of doing towards another what you would not have liked to be done unto you – which is abuse and bullying.

To learn more about the principle of what is best for all and how to live and apply this principle in a actual and practical way – check out desteni I process.

Until next time!