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Day 423: Changing our Patterns, Changing our Future

Some days ago I was hanging out with my daughter, she is close to two and a half years old at the moment. I could see the kind of person she is developing into – and it made me proud. I really enjoy seeing her expand – and I realized one thing: that this growth is not an accident – it is the result of my partner and I spending time and sharing the best of ourselves with her. Two and a half years might sound like a short time, though for a child, there is an amazing development. From being a piece of flesh, my daughter can now speak, do basic reasoning, create and maintain relationships, and share her likes and dislikes. In that moment I could see the result of our efforts – and it yet again brought forth the understanding within me that change/movement/creation comes through in the small moments accumulated over time.

It is easy to forget the power of accumulation and instead start to believe/think that there is more power in taking great strides. Small actions, when executed, feels easier, less impactful, and without as much meaning as putting in long hours of work into something. However, when that small action is done over and over again, consistently, over a period of time, it will start to have great and lasting impact. That is the secret of creating anything in this world – consistent – persistent – principled action. And this phenomenon is always part of reality. Each morning everything begins anew. Each day we have an opportunity to reinforce some form of pattern – and it is the quality of these patterns that will determine the result, the quality of our life. If we have a lousy quality on our patterns – then the result will be lousy. If our patterns are effective – we will have great results.

Walking the process of self-forgiveness is to learn to redesign our patterns into supportive and expansive structures that help us move forward. An easy example of how this works is the following. Let us say you have a pattern of going into fear of survival when you buy things, causing you to compromise yourself in terms of the goods and services you purchase. A redesign of such a pattern would be that you create a pattern of trusting yourself with money to buy what you require to be the best you can be. Such a pattern in relation to money will make you self-empowered with money.

All our life consists of these patterns – and they come through in child rearing. What most parents tend to do is to share/live patterns that are ineffective. An example of such a pattern is becoming angry when the child displays some form of destructive behavior instead of explaining what was wrong with the behavior, why it was wrong, and supporting the child to create a more effective way of relating to the world. And because we have dysfunctional patterns, our children gets a dysfunctional education, and they start breaking down in various ways. And this can all be avoided – when we walk our process – and change our dysfunctional patterns into patterns that supports equality, life and what is best for all.

My partner and I have walked this process of self-forgiveness – we still have a long way to go – however already – I can see the effects of our own personal changes in our daughter – and it is awesome. I wish I could have grown up the way my daughter grows up. She has two parents that want the best for her – and that have understood how unwanted patterns are created and how they can be directed. Everyone should know about this – especially those of us that are or that aspire to become parents.

We are all programmable and we live in a programmable world. This is the key to self-creation and supporting a child to create themselves. Everything can be directed with consistent and persistent action.

Day 374: Irrational Priorities

For a while I have pushed myself to take on and develop carpentry as a hobby for myself. In this process I have come up with and walked several creative projects in and around my house, which I have found enjoyable, fascinating and challenging. However, in taking on this hobby, I also became aware of another pattern – that of irrational prioritization and placing an unmotivated amount of value on projects/things/tasks – that in turn creates stress, anxiety and worry.

Irrational prioritization is when something, that when observed in a wider context, is of no real impact, is seen as REALLY important. This happened to me with my carpentry hobby. I would come home from work and be tired, cook food, and then to my great dismay find that I had only a small amount of time left to devote myself to my hobby. Other times I would find that I had no time at all. Because of this I started to feel stress and resentment – stress because I had no time to do what I wanted to do/felt was important for me to accomplish – and resentment – because I felt that my work was stealing all of my valuable time that I could have devoted to my hobby.

However, I realized that I could not continue this way of relating to my hobby – and I saw that there was a misalignment with regards to how I prioritized my time. I looked at the point and saw the following: My hobby, it must be something that I do for and as myself, something where I develop and expand myself, my skills, my application, and where I do so as a moment of enjoyment. Carpentry as such is not something that requires me to complete projects, and there is no need to feel stress when I do not have enough time to apply myself within the hobby during a couple of days.

What is of REAL priority and REAL necessity in my life is in-fact such things as MONEY, FOOD, WATER, CLOTHES, TRANSPORTATION, HOUSING, HYGIENE – if those things are not in place there will be consequences – and thus they are a real of REAL importance – REAL priority. If those points are not aligned effectively, and I do not have enough time to get to them, there is a real problem – however – when I do not have enough time to get to my hobby – that is not a problem – it is not an issue – it is simply me not having the time to commit to my hobby.

Thus – what I have come to see is that a lot of my stress have been based on irrational assessments as to how important certain things are in my life. When I have defined and established the real priority/importance of a task/activity – it has been a lot easier to structure my life and move myself without stress. If I have had to little time to get to all the things I have wanted to accomplish, it has been easy to let go of the points that are of no real consequence – and then continue with my day.

Learn more about this way of living:

Day 310: Reinventing The Wheel

Ever heard of the expression ‘There is no need to reinvent the wheel!’. For those that have not, this expression implies that it is completely unnecessary to come up with ‘your own way’ of approaching and directing a specific point if a solution has already been found – thus also implying that there is no value in coming up within things yourself – the value is instead in the solution itself and the practical outflows that comes from applying that solution.

I want to write a blog about this point because it has recently opened up in relation to my job. Basically, this is what happened: I had been given a task to write a piece on a specific topic. I sat down and started to sketch out how I would approach the point, only to realize that, there were some things off with the topic. I began making my own inquiries, and sat for some hours doing research. After a while I was satisfied, and also proud over myself that I had found that answers I was looking for. In my mind I imagined myself receiving some sort of praise or recognition from my superiors.

Later during the day I approached my boss and showed him what I had been working on. To my surprise he said; ‘Oh yes, that kind of problem, we deal with it like this, you can do the same here’ – whereupon he showed me an existing template of how the problem could be directed. I experienced a sense of disappointment, because I had hoped that my efforts would be rewarded with praise and attention, and now, it seemed that all my work had been in vain. This led me to ask myself the following questions: ‘Why did I not ask for someone’s perspective before I started to dig into this work?’ – ‘How can I avoid repeating this mistake in the future?’ – ‘How come it is that I place receiving attention and praise as a priority over practically getting things done in ways already tested and trialed?’.

In looking at this point I realized that the reason as to why I wanted to reinvent the wheel was because it would make me special, unique, and more in the eyes of others – through it I would be able to differentiate myself as more than. Though, the consequence of this was that I put in several hours into something that was not required, because the wheel was already invented, I could just have asked, and then solved the task within a matter of minutes.

Hence, this stands as a fitting example as to why wanting to be special, unique, new and the first is a limitation – because in that we are not working with COMMON SENSE – but trying to realize a dream/feeling/hope. And this feeling of being special, it is not even real, because physical creation is but that – it is a physical practical creation – and who created what or when – that does not matter to physical creation. For example, does it matter to a house or those living in the house, that the carpenter who built that house came up with and applied a new idea? Most likely no. And further, being special limits us from copying and using what is good and effective in the way others live their life’s – because we do not want to be a copycat. Though, what is wrong with being a copy cat when what is copied works and is of benefit to everyone?

Instead of wanting to be special, what should be the primary focus is to be of utmost value to ourselves and others in our life – and to be that it is not required for us to be unique – however we do need effective living techniques and in the process of establish such we can learn a lot from others. Hence, the solution that I see for myself when it comes to my job is to develop communication, openness, and also, completely let go of the desire to be special, and replace it with the desire to be effective/of benefit to myself and others. To instead of striving to be recognized, strive to do the best work that I can do.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to be special instead of equal with others

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to desire to be more than others and be recognized as special – and in this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to miss out on myself – where instead of my focus and direction being to create what is best for all – to be of benefit and support to others in my life – my direction becomes about wanting and desiring recognition

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want and desire recognition – and I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to compromise myself and my physical reality in order to achieve recognition

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not practice self-recognition – in the sense that I recognize myself as being of value and a asset to others and myself – and push myself to stand as such a force in my life – where the purpose of myself and my future as such is not to become someone in the eyes of others – but instead to become a trustworthy companion that is able to walk this physical reality and give and share what is best for all

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to invent something unique and out of this world – to want to do something nobody has ever done before so that I can feel special and good about myself in what I am doing – and hence I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to let this desire take the drive within me – and want it to push and drive me through my life – in the belief that I require and need this something – to make a mark in my life – to have done something with my life.

Self-commitment statements

When and as I see myself doing something because I want to be special – something that is not really practical or necessary and where I am trying to reinvent the wheel – I stop myself – I take a breath – and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize and understand that in wanting to be special and get recognition I am compromising my effectiveness and my ability to contribute and give to others what is best – and hence I see that there is no practical value in being special – there is no practical value in being unique – and this physical reality does not care about who does what – and hence I commit myself instead practice being of value to myself and others in my world through practical living – where I push myself to take actions that make sense and have results – instead of taking actions in hope of being special.

I commit myself to practice the word simplicity – to embrace simplicity in my life – to embrace simplicity as myself – to see, realize and understand that I do not need to be special in my life – that I do not need to be someone or something to others – that all I need is equality – is to embrace and push me to stand as an equal participant – in that live value – live equality – live contribution – to push myself to be a giving participant that makes a difference through practical – basic – daily actions

Day 295: Preparation and Planning – then – Execution

Today at work, I had a moment of epiphany. Now, for some context, in my line of work; precision, detail, thoroughness, and specificity are very important. An entire body of work can in practice be ruined if some small details are missed. That is why, in order to do the work effectively, one requires the abilities and skills of patience, structure, and precision. Without those it is hard to produce quality work.

So, back to the situation at my work. I had been given a task, and I was eager to get it done. And more specifically, I was in a slight rush. In my mind was circulating things like; “better get this thing done now, as I will not have any time tomorrow” – and “I must move and be productive” – so there was a movement within me of wanting to get to the state of execution – and be over and done with this project.

Now, I did execute the task, finished it, and it unfortunately turned out there were some mistakes in my work, which were pointed out to me as it was sent back to me for editing. So, in that moment I looked within me and asked myself how it is that I am creating these moments for myself, where I miss points and err because I have not paid attention, not seemingly been able to identify the mistakes at all. This brought me to the realization that I have a tendency to want to force execution – or force the ACTION stage in the process of creation.

I could see, that in my line of work, and in many other areas of life as well, the act of creation is a two-step process. First step is the planning and preparation phase. This is the phase where the point to be created is researched, the information is gathered, and the execution is planned. Basically the following questions are asked; what is going to be created, how is it going to be created, why is it going to be created, and when is it going to be created? These questions are important to answer, because when entering the phase of execution, if there is no plan, no clear direction on where I am going, it is easy for me to loose my overview, and get lost in the experience of creating.

I could see that what happens to me, and that results in these errs that I tend to make, is that I many times skip, or rush through the phase of planning and preparation, and enter prematurely into the execution phase. And then I will move around in the execution phase, in a state of forcing myself forward, trying to reach a result, leaving a sloppy trail of small errors in my wake – which will then come back to bite me in my ass later, because I have not taken the time to prepare, to execute, and then, also to cross-reference my creation. All in all, the process of creation has been rushed, which creates the consequence of a imperfect result.

I could see from my life that when I had planned and prepared effectively before proceeding into the execution state, most of the time my creations had been satisfying. For example, my most recently bought car, I am very satisfied with this purchase. This is no coincidence, because before the purchase, I put in a lot of time into researching what car would be best for me, that would fit my needs. I took myself the time to ask the questions, what is it that I want? What is it that I require? What is important and what is not? And this resulted in me buying a car that effectively satisfies my needs and requirements.

Then I have examples from when I did not plan or prepare effectively. I recently bought a couple of expensive shoes, with a leather sole. I bought them because I did require shoes to fit with one of my suits, though, I had not investigated the brand of shoes I bought, or the characteristics of leather sole shoes. And I had not really shopped around to see if there was something better out there. After I bought the shoes, which happened impulsively, I realized that these type of shoes are very sensitive to the Scandinavian climate, and can barely be utilized as outdoor shoes. And that is not very good in my situation, because what I require are shoes that can be used both outdoors, and indoors. Hence, I bought a couple of shoes that does not fully suit my needs, and the consequence of this is that I will have to purchase another couple of shoes that do fit my requirements.

Hence, planning and preparation are very important aspects in the process of creation. Without planning and preparation, there is a much greater likelihood that the phase of action will be filled with errors, mistakes and unwanted outflows. What I will practice is thus to walk through the two steps of creation with patience, specificity, and calm – not rush the process of creation – instead walking in the tempo of breath – one breath at a time. And when I am satisfied with my preparation, then I move into action, and fulfill the process of creation.

Day 255: Are You Easily Distracted?

Are you one of those that get’s easily distracted? For example, when you have decided to do your homework, or sit down to engage in a activity that you do not look forward to that much, you seem to find so many other things that are more important, and that you would like to do, that you then end up doing instead of what you saw you had to do. In this blog I am going to walk through this mind pattern, and share solutions on how you are able to stop, and direct yourself, from being distracted, to instead being focused and concentrated.

Throughout my school years the one point that I fought and struggled with on an ongoing basis was my desire to do other things than schoolwork. I suspect that this conflict is normal for most children. When I was still in primary school, I would come home from school and have this urge to immediately go out and play with my friends – yet I knew that there was homework to be done and that I should get it done first, before I go out. Frequently I fell for the temptation, and opted for playing, instead of doing my homework, and as I grew older that way of handling my schoolwork became more rule than exception.

As I began upper secondary school, or high school, I was due to my relationship with distraction, not very good at focusing, and concentrating myself, and I invested my leisure time in playing computer games. For me school and homework was of secondary importance. The consequences of this was that I finished high school with mediocre grades, and without having developed an ability to sit down, focus, concentrate, and get things done. The reason being that I allowed myself to be distracted by what I wanted to do, desired to do, and felt like doing – hence compromising what I really had to do. And this inability to prioritize my time on a physical level impacted my ability to walk through university as well. Because even if I was more motivated when I started my first courses in higher education, I did not have the discipline, nor the focus to be able to integrate the now comparatively larger chunks of information.

Thus, what I want to share here is that accepting and allowing you to remain in a mind pattern of distraction will have consequences. Because to be effective in this lifetime, you must have focus, and you must be able to do things that you do not necessarily want to do, or feel like doing. This is for example of utmost importance in basically all types of careers. There you got to be able to complete your assignments and tasks. If you can recognize yourself as being someone that is easily distracted, understand that when you change this pattern within yourself, which it is possible to do, an entirely new world will open up. There are so many rewards and gifts to be found in the skill of being focused and concentrated. You would not believe how much we are actually capable of doing with our time, when we focus, and place our presence HERE in what we are doing.

Though before I get into the rewards, I want to share a couple of solutions that I have applied for myself, because I have managed to change, and transcend many aspects of my former tendency to distract myself. One point that I applied, to stabilize myself, and bring myself back HERE when I noticed that I was distracting myself, was to say to myself out loud: “Hey! Where are you going? You know that you should do THIS now! Come back and place your focus here!” – and this would assist and support me to in the moment, make the decision to not go towards my desires, and instead I could slow down, and return to my responsibility, or direct myself to start caring for my responsibilities.

Apart from that what has assisted me greatly is to be clear on the REWARDS and the CONSEQUENCES that follow from me accepting and allowing myself to be distracted. When I see what my actions will bring, it is so much easier to take that final and unconditional stand within me – were I state: “Till here but no further” – and as I said, there are many rewards for stopping the pattern of being distracted. Hence, it has been very beneficial for me to write down what more I can accomplish, and do with my life, and what that would mean to me, if I would be able to use my time more effectively, and really move my responsibilities into closure.

For example, when you stop the pattern of distraction, you will be able to get things done much quicker. You start something, a responsibility or commitment, then you place your focus HERE, and you push yourself to direct the point – and then you are done. Compare that to, starting a project on your computer, then stand up and leave after 20 minutes to talk in your cell phone, and then coming back only to surf a little on the web. Then you get back again, but now you’ve sort of forgotten where you were. It is far more effective to make the decision to do something, then you do it – and THEN – when you are done – you give yourself a moment to go do something that you enjoy.

And a point that is important to remember is that that the distraction pattern can only be stopped in the moment – and here many make a crucial mistake: They try to stop the distraction pattern only through speaking to themselves in their minds. The problem is that it does not help when you say inside of yourself that: “I should not be doing this” – “I have more important things to do” – “Why am I doing this? I should stop now! Come on stop now!” – Why? Because distracting yourself is a physical pattern – you live and create it with your physical body through moving yourself away from what you are required to do. Thus the solution is really so simple – to instead: PHYSICALLY move yourself towards, and DO what you see that you require doing. And here – in this physical movement you will experience some resistance – though with all change comes resistance and as such it is simply to push through and assert your change and the new direction that you have decided for yourself. You will get through it – and in that moment REAL ACTUAL CHANGE will be here – manifested in the physical

Hence, remember, when you feel that uncomfortable experience, that you should be doing something else than what you are doing, you know that knowing/experience you have in the back of your head. That slight voice whispering in your ears to “stop distracting yourself”. That is the moment to assert yourself and move yourself to change – to not accept and allow yourself to distract yourself, but to instead do what you are supposed to be doing.

Day 224: Seeing The Opportunities Here

For some months now I’ve been in the process of contemplating and looking at where I’m able to go with my career and how I can define and move it in such a way so that I can create an outcome that would not only be best for me – but best for all. This have been an interesting journey, because I’ve had many realizations as to what it really does mean to move myself within this world to create an effect and have a influence.

The most prominent realization I’ve had is that the opportunity to create a position for myself in the world system, a direction and purpose that I’m able to walk and through that have an effect, is not something that is existent OUT THERE in the future – rather – the opportunities to create value in the lives of others is a prospect that is existent HERE. I’ve found that I wanted to have this perfect point in the system, for example to work as a humanitarian lawyer, and in that promote change – and immediately – from the get go – be in a position that would allow me to voice the message of creating a better life for all of humanity – though – this is NOT how it works.

Because the things is that we exist in a system that for such a long time have only functioned within and around very primitive motives and drives – most of the organizations out there have a limited starting point; such as helping societies outcasts to achieve food and a roof over their head, or supporting impoverished children to achieve an education, or collecting funding for some new vaccine – there is almost NO group that focuses on a solution that would correct the origin problems of our society. THOUGH – the thing is that when we walk out into the system, and place ourselves in a position – we can’t expect that point to immediately be effective and aligned according to the principles we see would bring a permanent change – rather – we must CREATE that position to become that change.

So, with regards to a career and placing myself in the system, what I see is that regardless of what point I place myself within – it’s going to be up to me to change and direct that point to become a life-supporting and nourishing complement to this world – it’s not going to be that from the get go – I must build it, will it, and bring it into fruition.

And thus – it’s not about the career, the profession, or where I place myself in the world, it’s about WHO I AM within what I do – and thus I can place myself in for example, the position of the corporate lawyer – and from within that point find directions, loopholes, and potentials that I can start to build on – support and enhance to be able to bring through a more supportive and effective existence. For example, as a corporate lawyer, one could make it a purpose for oneself to assist and support new and upcoming businesses free of charge, seeing that such businesses hold potential and value that will assist and support humanity as a whole – thus changing the profession, directing the career, molding it according to WHO I AM instead of wanting the career and profession to give all the answers and already be a pre-set route where it’s all already done.

This realization has been important to me, because now I’m able to see that the stress, and doubt I’ve experienced towards making the decision of where I’m to place myself isn’t in-fact relevant – it takes my focus away from that which is important – which is ME and WHO I AM in every moment of breath. Because WHO I AM is the in-fact the foundation of everything that I do in my life – and it will determine the outcome of all points that I decide to take on and walk into. Thus – to select a path is a point of practicality and also of seeing where one have the necessary skills to be able to walk one’s career effectively – though the point of using that career and path to make a difference in this world – that is a matter of WHO I AM – a point of being CREATIVE and OPEN to possibilities and to see things from new perspectives – and not get caught up in the idea that I can only affect change through these select few and limited professions and career paths – CHANGE is something we bring into this world because WE decide to do so – not because our professions makes it possible for us to do it.

And maybe that is the true meaning of the word activist – someone that is ACTIVE in creating their life and purpose regardless of the position they find themselves within in this world.

FAQ Who Will Be The Rubbish Removers In An Equal Money System?

So, let’s take a look at a fascinating point of the Equal Money System, which will differ from how our current money system operates – and the point is: who will remove the rubbish, the shit, and who will clean our streets in an Equal Money System? In other words – who’ll do the crappy jobs when there is no money as motivation?

In our current system the rubbish removers are seen as the lowest of the low, meaning that the stature, and position given to them by the grace of their profession is regarded as worth less in comparison to others. For example, a lawyer is seen as more successful, and valuable than what a rubbish remover is.

Consequently, because the profession of the rubbish remover is regarded to be the least important and valuable profession in society – nobody wants to do it. Instead everyone wants to become lawyers, doctors, musicians, and teachers – whatever profession that gives its practitioner a boost of both money and respect in society.

Though, as can be seen, not everyone hits the jackpot, and as such not everyone becomes lawyers, musicians, doctors, presidents and CEO’s – but still they will have to make money for themselves to survive; then they embrace the position of the rubbish remover. They unwillingly become the slaves of those that are successful in society, and remove their shit, in order to survive – because if they refused to be rubbish removers, they wouldn’t have any money, and as such they would die – because when you don’t have money in this reality = you die.

Thus – what can be concluded is that in our current money system, the so-called losers take on the position of being a rubbish remover, those that can’t achieve a highly paid and sought after job, find themselves to clean up the shit from those that are able to do so.

What can be seen is that the creation of a rubbish remover originates within survival, as the human being is forced to do something in order to have money, even if he doesn’t want to do it – then he becomes a rubbish remover. It’s as such not a job people seek to do due them enjoying to be a rubbish remover, or due to them enjoying the smell of rubbish, or due to them feeling that they make a good service to the rest of society – no – in plain: they are forced to do what they dislike in order to survive = they are in-fact slaves.

So, nobody wants to become a rubbish remover, due to the fact that you’re working with other peoples shit, it’s not challenging, it’s not fun, and there are other things you’d rather do – but still some become rubbish removers, and this is due to how our current money system operates, where you are forced to become a slave, and accept whatever is thrown at you, if you don’t have any money – money is god, and if you don’t have any, you’re dead.

What will then change in an Equal Money System? Will there still be rubbish removers in an Equal Money System? Because, in an Equal Money System all have the right to the basic necessities of life, each one’s survival is granted unconditionally, as such nobody will have to force themselves out of bed each morning to take up others shit – so the others can spend their time playing lawyers, doctors, or CEO’s instead.

Fear of survival will disappear as the constant need of all to acquire money for their continued existence will evaporate, thus – very few, or none at all, will choose to become a rubbish remover, as there are other things they’d rather do with their time, than to clean up after others.

We then get a society where there is no rubbish removers anymore, because none are forced to become a slave in order to survive, and as such the lawyers, doctors, and the “successful” people of the system, will suddenly, and with quite a chock see and realize the utmost importance of the rubbish remover in their life. As suddenly rubbish won’t anymore magically disappear, but it will stock up in piles, and spread diseases, smells, and give room for rats to breed, eat, and multiply.

Consequently we’ll all be forced to take responsibility for our own shit, to realize that the problem of rubbish and shit is not to be dumped upon slaves, manipulated and created through the use of money, but that it’s a community responsibility to keep the streets, homes, and cities clean. And we have to together clean our streets, empty public trash cans, and mop our floors – or face the music, which is mankind swimming in it’s own shit.

Thus – in an Equal Money System, where wage slavery ends, the profession of the rubbish remover will also end, and instead each and everyone will have to take responsibility for their own shit, and the community will have to learn what it in-fact takes to keep a city clean, and how much time and effort that goes into removing rubbish, and taking care of the practical side-effects of living.

Because if we look at it, the rubbish remover is in-fact one of the most important professions that exists for a societies continued functionality – without rubbish removers there will be disease, there will be shit everywhere on the streets, there will be smell, you’d have to push you door open with a hard body tackle, due to all the shit that lies in it’s way – in short: the rubbish remover has been taken for granted!

In an Equal Money System we will have to take self-responsibility, and some professions, that has no practical relevance what so ever when the chase for money disappears, such as lawyers, CEO’s, and stock brokers, will cease to exist – then we can instead spend time upon the real practical issues of this reality, such as taking care of our direct environment, through removing the shit that we produce. This would mean that the need for a rubbish remover profession cease to exist, as we take responsibility for our own rubbish, and learn to take care of our world together, and by ourselves individually.

To sum up – who will be the rubbish remover in an Equal Money System? Who will do the crappy jobs? Answer: We Will! We as the group take care of our common reality, giving as we would like to receive, not anymore dependent upon money in order to have it to be clean around us.