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2012 = 2000 Yet Again?

It was about 4 years ago when I first got to hear about the Mayan Calendar, and their prediction, that the world was going to end at the year of 2012 – from that point onwards the world of 2012 slowly got revealed to me, as the enormous mind-fuck it in-fact was. Points such as the Galactic Star Federation, Earth’s vibration change into the 5th dimensions, the visitation of aliens got revealed to me  – all these things being foretold to take place, or arrive at the year of 2012.

What immediately struck me as I started investigating this phenomenon of 2012 was it’s similarity to other types of dooms-day predications – and especially one came to mind – 2000 – and the millennium bug.

I think I was 12 years old when the year of 1999 turned to 2000 – and obviously back then – I’d been consistently washed with information and worries about what would happen when those numbers changed – would the world cease to exist? Would all the computer systems of the world die, because they couldn’t handle the complexity of three zeros? Would earth fall out of its orbit, and crash with Jupiter? All kinds of really non-sense information – and as young, and gullible that I was, I actually believed something would happen, change, or differ when those numbers changed – though obviously – it didn’t.

So – when I heard about 2012 – I related this back to the hysteria of 2000, and the unfulfilled predictions of that time – and I must admit – I did feel a little excited, and almost nervous that something would in-fact happen at the year of 2012 – because apparently this was the “end of time” – though – thanks to Desteni, and the reptilian interviews – my head became sufficiently clear for me to come to the following realization about 2012.

2012 is a year – and a year is a number constructed and created by the human mind – only humans count years – neither earth, nor animals or plants count years – they live on without categorizing breaths into days, weeks, months, and years – thus, what does this indicate?

It indicates that 2012 and the entire hysteria thereof is a creation of the mind – a fantasy – a idea – a belief – not a actual physical event – the simple reason being that – Earth doesn’t care what date the humans think it is – it continues to float around space whether we agree that it’s the year of 203493 or 2304 – and our minds, as our knowledge, as our memories, as our ability to think has no influence upon the manifestation of Earth what so ever – 2012 is as such – together with the all the rest of our knowledge that isn’t practically lived – useless and only a mental projected picture – NOT REAL.

Our belief in such a thing as 2012 twelve indicates how deluded we are and to what extent we’ve separated ourselves from this physical reality – because it’s obvious and available for all to see – that the events that take place on Earth, aren’t created in one singular moment – such as our idea and belief of how the event of 2012 will play out; poof! And suddenly the world is gone!

No Earth, and all physically manifested things move according to the equality equation of 1+1=2 – all events are created through a process of accumulation – a process of actions being taken again, and again, and again – thus – no event happen suddenly and without any previous physically manifested indication of the event – Earth and the physical is time-based, is breath-based – things aren’t simply created – but we have to in-fact move ourselves physically – here – breathing – in order to create something – and none of that has been done in terms of the idea of what will happen in 2012 – there has only been a idea emerging in our minds that something special and fascinating will come to past based upon interpretations of the past, and hear-say – as such it’s deductable and easily seen that – nothing will happen in 2012 what so ever.

However, what will happen is that Earth and the civilization of man will continue to deteriorate, and sink into a greater demise and despair – as this is what we are accumulating – this is what we are living and creating – destruction.

Thus – let’s work with what is here – which is ourselves – and let’s change what it is that we’re accumulating – from destruction – to what’s best for all – and as such we physically and practically build a new world that is able to sustain all – then we won’t need any aliens to come and save us, and we won’t need to ascend into the 5th dimensions – as we’re in-fact taken care of and fulfilled living and expressing ourselves on this earth.

Let’s not have our mental projections take the upper hand – come with me and develop some common sense – and let’s change this reality for the better.

Investigate Equal Money – and check out the FAQ to get some understanding as to what it’s all about.

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Spiritual Food and Real Food

One way in which the complete and utter mess of this world has been hidden, and disregarded is through spirituality; because within spirituality all that people are interested in is – “to feel good” – “to filled with positive energy” – “to follow the highest excitement” – and much more that I won’t go into.

The point is that – in spirituality – the physical and actual state of this world is disregarded through placing all the focus on feelings and mental matters, and as such the believer in spirituality is able to hide from what is actually going on, and remain in a bubble of individuality, as the search for ever more positive feelings, and ultimately ascension.

And this search and separation from reality is supported by conmen – people that are able to make money from the desire of others to reach a orgasmic state of ascension – these people sell “spiritual food” – books, stones, audio-tapes, movies – all kinds of SHIT to have the spiritually involved raise his vibrations and become more spiritual.

Now – I say that spiritual food – as products sold to be consumed by spiritual people – is SHIT because it’s in-fact not food; it’s in-fact not worth anything at all – it’s in-fact made up stories containing beautiful and unsubstantial words, pooped out in a industrial mass production – and the most telling truth as to why “spiritual food” is in-fact shit is the following = you can’t eat spiritual food.

People that starve are not able to eat their feelings, or their high vibrations – they are not able to eat ascensions, or the fifth dimensions – they are not able to eat fluffy and beautiful words – starving people need actual real food to live – food that comes from the earth, that has been grown and nurtured during time, and that it has taken effort to create – physical effort and movement; such food can’t be created through feelings – or vibrations – thoughts – beliefs or knowledge – there must be actual physical self-movement.

Thus – spirituality and the industry of mass consumption that it has spawned is a complete and utter lie – it’s self-deception – spiritual believers use it to run away from this world, and conmen use their desire to run away to make tons of money – and the truth is that all of it is nothing but useless – USED LESS – as it can’t in-fact be used to create anything of substance – it’s a mental picture, a idea, and not anything of this physical and actual reality.

Real food is the food we eat – it’s breakfast, lunch and dinner – it’s the food that we cook and that someone has put time into growing – it’s food that comes from the earth; this is the food that makes our life possible and without we’d be dead – thus – see through the lie of spirituality and come back to reality and instead of spiritual food – appreciate and be grateful for the food that is here, that nourish your body, as actual, real and substantial food – from the earth.


The Return to Innocence with Desteni “I” Process

As most children do, I came to grow up both fearing and resenting my parents. Living with my parents was during the first 22 years of my life a complete misery filled with emotional turmoil, thoughts of spitefulness, anger, arguments and dramas. I think that I’ve gone through this more than most others, as I ‘really’ went to an extreme with my rebellious actions, in my attempt to ‘break-free’ from the control apparently ‘forced’ upon me.

Never did I during these 22 years stop, to take a breath and look within, asking myself: what if I might be the one that is creating all of this? What if it’s not my parents fault that I feel like I feel, that I think like I think, that I speak like I speak, that I act like I act – what if it’s all my fault? What if… I am actually able to enjoy myself one and equal in the presence of my parents? I was oblivious to these questions as drove my rampage towards the adult world further and further.

I came to a point in my life where I had basically destroyed my relationship to my parents completely. Even in my own eye’s that was stilled foggy with blame and the fear to admit self-responsibility I saw that I had gone to far within my application of – non-living – wherein I had accepted and allowed me to change, to experience myself differently when I was around my parents in comparison to when I was with myself; creating within such a separation – lot’s of bullshit in my world and in myself.

Thus – I started the process of self-forgiveness and I promised to myself that I was not going to live out certain patterns, which I had seen within myself, ever again. I was going to stand up and take self-responsibility.

So, the journey begun, and this is a journey that has lasted me for soon three years – wherein I’ve fallen and stood up, fallen and stood up – completely certain in my initial decision that I am not going to remain as what I’ve accepted and allowed myself to become – I will change.

So, here I am today to report upon my progress. I am glad to announce that I am able to enjoy myself in the presence of my parents. I am able to talk with my parents without reacting and without becoming angry. I am able to look into my parent’s eyes and see who they are – not my projected blame as to what they have apparently done me wrong.

All in all – I have returned – in many ways – to the condition in which I first came to meet my parents = innocent. I came as a baby here, completely blank and fascinated with this world, I enjoyed my parents and I shared myself unconditionally with them as with everyone else – then I manifested a mind-system of suppression as myself and those days where over. Now, I am yet again returning to this position within me of innocence, that was never lost, it was simply, for a moment, hidden in and as the blame I had accepted and allowed as myself. Though, here I am, taking self-responsibility, cleaning and washing away the impurity I have accepted and allowed myself to become – too realize that – the simple enjoyment of being in the presence of my parents, or lying in my bed, or watching a movie, or walking outside in the sun that I experienced as a child; wherein I was fulfilled and nothing more was needed or required = isn’t gone, it’s still here.

This would not have been possible without desteni “I” process, without desteni. I am a changed human being and I have – in many ways, yet there are still many left – returned to innocence and I am eternally grateful that I’ve given myself this opportunity and for all the support I have gotten from the desteni “I” process crew.

I suggest to each one that can see and understand what I write to join the desteni “I” process as it’s not something you want to miss. It’s also a cool way to become financially stable – though – when you get the taste of the fulfillment one and equal as who you really are – finances won’t be your biggest pleasure – you will be that yourself!

So, join desteni “I” process guys and girls – thanks!

I Am the Example That Desteni “I” Process Works!

When I started process about 3 years ago I was a wreck of fear. I seldomly spoke a word that was unconditional and not tainted with anxiety and worry. I thought about money all the time, how much money did I have? How little money did I have? Always in a constant and continuous worry and fear. Did I have enough friends? Do I have enough sexual experience? I mean, basically all the bullshit you can think off – that existed in my head and shaped the experience of me!

So, quiet fucked up. But then I found desteni and my process of purification began. Slowly I started to bring myself back to the physical and as fear or anxiety arose I breathed through it. Each time fear of money came, each time fear of the future came – I applied self-forgiveness. Or I mean, not each time – this application has actually grown with me as I’ve expanded in my process. But anyway, I’ve been quite consistent with my application of self-forgiveness and then the practical application of breathing through the shit and not re-creating it again.

And look! Look where I am at today! I mean, you can’t see it or experience it as I do, but I mean if you could – I just say wow. The experience of me, the character of me, the words that I speak, how I take decisions, how I consider implications of my participation in my world; in comparison to the old me, I am now a life rocket scientist. Meaning, my application of living is now at the level of a rocket scientist, if (apparent) intelligence was to be compared with the ability to live, and before I was a 3-year-old worm. LOL! That’s how much I’ve ‘grown’ since I began this process. Not that a rocket scientist necessarily knows anything about living, it was just an example to show my growth – from a worm to a rocket scientist.

And I mean, the experience of myself compared to before is simply astonishing. I remember that Bernard told me once on the farm, “It feels like you are dead inside”. I also experienced myself that way before. I slept 12 hours each day. I mean, I don’t feel dead anymore and I don’t sleep 12 hours each day. I don’t dread to get up in the morning anymore, I can see something new at my horizon, something that I’ve never experienced before except as a very young child. Life!

This would never have been possible without the assistance of Desteni or the courses that Desteni “I” process offer. I mean, I am the example that what Desteni say is the truth. I am the example that self-forgiveness, self-honesty and common sense are indeed the key to heaven on earth. And unfortunately I can’t invite you inside of me to see and experience the change – I would if I could!

Though, I can invite you to walk the same process that I’ve walked and as such have the opportunity to give yourself the gift that I’ve given to me. Then you don’t require looking inside of me, because you will look inside of yourself and there will be this silence and comfortableness within you, in which you simply feel at home. That is life – real satisfaction with no fear or desire and this is possible for each and everyone to experience. Our system of money, greed and fear is not the only way to live – there is another way! It’s a way to experience heaven on earth – which is you in full application of yourself as self-trust.

So, don’t wait – don’t hesitate – join desteni “I” process and discover that the meaning of life is here – as yourself – as breath – as the physical.