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Today’s Breaking News: Copper Thievery is on the Rise!

This last year the amount of theft regarding copper has skyrocketed. So far the Swedish railway system, as well as the Swedish church is taken the most strain; the reason being that there is lot’s of copper used in order to ground electrical equipment along the Swedish railways. The Swedish churches are attractive targets due to their copper plate roofs.

Could be added here as well that the reason why people steal copper is because it’s a valuable metal; it gives you money – obviously.

Anyway, in order to deal with this problem the police have suggested promulgation of laws that enforces a tougher control on the scrap merchants that buy the copper from the thieves.

And yet again the point as to why these crimes occur is completely missed, and instead of a solution that would finally end theft of any kind, new measures of control is suggested.

Because, why will laws never sort out crime?

It’s due to the simple fact that crime exist, not as a freak of nature incident that happens due to their not being tough enough punishments, or controls, but due to the fact that people can’t effectively sustain themselves, and survive without being criminals.

The very fact that we have even one single robbery and theft indicates that there is a issue in society, and that some of the citizens are being marginalized; because who in their right state of mind would spend their time ‘working’ as a thief, considering all the risks that comes along with such a ‘profession’? Consider what it takes for someone to reach the decision of becoming a criminal – it’s obviously a decision done in lack of better options.

And let’s look at the dichotomy of society: those who are poor and take from the rich are considered thief’s, and are as such punished and put behind bars. Those that are rich and withhold essential resources, as well as place poor people into wage slavery are considered legal, and are as such supported to further their dominion.

Where is the equality?

Where is the consideration?

Where is the care?

When are we going to see and understand that no crime is committed without their being a reason for it; a crime, as theft or burglary is an outflow – not a separate incident but a consequence of the polarity between have and have not’s – rich and poor.

And this type of events will escalate as money becomes even more scarce, and job opportunities are lost – because man’s fear of survival is stronger than his fear of authority; and as such no punishment will be able to hold back people from doing what they must do in order to get food into their stomachs – I know because I would’ve acted in the same way. Because I hold no respect for justice and legality that only serves those that already have more than what they need; such a system isn’t in-fact real justice – it’s instead bullying; and I won’t stand one and equal to bullying.

Thus – in order to solve these type of events once and for all, we need to establish a system wherein no one is marginalized, wherein instead all are treated equal; that is real justice – and laws supporting such a system of equality I would respect, and live according to with no doubt what so ever.

The system where equality will be honored before profit is called the Equal Money System; check it out.

Sources: http://www.dn.se/nyheter/sverige/metallstolder-okar-med-rekordpriser

Pregnant Woman Fired From Her Job

A newspaper reports the following:

A women got pregnant while working at a movie studio – her boss then attempted to remove her from being a full time worker to part time worker = she refused. Her boss then, according to the newspaper, attempted to freeze the women out from the social community of the workplace.

The woman was then fired – the reason given by the boss – she was embezzling the company’s money; while the woman say she was fired due to her pregnancy, because her pregnancy would cost the film studio money. The woman has now proceeded to sue the company – as it’s by law forbidden in Sweden to fire someone only due to their pregnancy.

So – what is the origin within this situation? What does this entire drama stem from? Can you see it? Lying in the backdrop of each action, word and thought acted out be the woman as well as the boss. Oh yes, MONEY!

Let’s look at the situation of the employer:

The employer as an entrepreneur is under constant pressure to earn money. If he doesn’t earn enough money he will not be able to support himself with the necessary commodities needed for survival. When as such, a woman becomes pregnant, that is to have a right to take long leave from the company yet still be paid – this means loss of money for the entrepreneur.

Thus – he acts out his fear, he attempts to save the money he is loosing, as his ability to support himself in this world through the measures explained above. He’s doing it in order to survive. Can you blame him? Is it his fault? Or, is it our collective fault as a humanity, due to having accepted and allowed ourselves to be subject to a money system that is ruthless and brutal in it’s nature – forcing you into submission and survival.

Would you have done the same as him? What would you have done when you had no money? How long would you go to protect your money? Can we – with the play-out as presented above actually say that children, and life is supported in this world? I mean – here is an obvious, literal example as to how that which is not a source for profit becomes disregarded and rejected – in this case – a pregnant mother. The moment you are not able to fulfill your role in the matrix as a effective source, and battery for the creation of money – you are disregarded. Such is the fucked-up reality we face people.

Let’s then look at the woman’s position:

The woman is about to have a child – she is about to enter a period in her life in which she will be very vulnerable, and she will need much assistance from those around her – in order to have childbirth be effective and supportive.

As she announces her childbirth all support, as money is withdrawn from her world. She is fired from her job, as she no longer represents a battery and source for money. Nobody cares of her, nobody cares of the baby she is carrying – in our current money system – the actual birthing of a new being in this world is valued less than money. As such – the women will probably become afraid, stressed out, nervous – not having access to money, and so her childbirth and her first moments with her child will be contaminated with fear of the future – will she have enough money?

Not only the first moment of the child’s experience with his mother – but his entire life-experience with the mother will be in the context of survival, fear and pressure – as the mother won’t have sufficient comfort, stability, and calm to interact effectively with her child – she will all the time be worried about money.

Look at the enormous role that money plays:

Our relationship with money shapes our life, it shapes our relationships, it shapes our food, our experience of ourselves, our experience with others – it shapes our childhood – where our parents wealthy and calm? Did they spend time with us, or where they all the time working?

How many parents loose it? Snaps, screams and lash out on their children due to the pressure the carry of bringing money into their world?

People – let’s look at the situation here:

We have an abusive system – we have a system that doesn’t support parents, or children, or moviemakers. It doesn’t support creativity, it doesn’t support enjoyment, it doesn’t support sincerity, it doesn’t support caring, it doesn’t support assistance, and it doesn’t support anything –BUT – fear, fear and fear. The hunt for survival is what the human race has become, and has always been. The fear and pressure always existent on top of our shoulders to bring the necessary money into creation each day – so we will be able to survive.


This is not a worthy way to live, and this is not a necessary way to live. There is another world that is possible. There is a world that is heaven for all possible. We do not need to live in constant fear, pressure, anxiety and competition – there is a world of mutual joy and care possible! All we need to do is – realize that such a world is possible!

Research equal money:

So – open your eyes to a new world. A world where people are not fired from their jobs when they become pregnant – where employers are not living in fear of having their company loose money – where no-one is being forced into scarcity, but all are given in abundance.

A world of abundance is possible!




Children Undergrund

A few days ago I watched a documentary called Children Underground. It was about homeless children living in a subway station in Bukarest. I have only two words for the complete atrocity called life that these children experienced – fucked up!

These children where so hungry most of the time that they sniffed themselves high on glue or industrial color, because when they where high they didn’t feel hungry anymore. And it was less expensive to become high than to buy food. What the fuck! How the fuck can we allow such an atrocity to exist in this world? I mean, one of the most fascinating parts was that the people using the subway station each day, seeing the homeless children sniffing themselves high on glue did absolutely nothing. It was seen as a completely normal thing that children are to grow up in literal hell, sniffing glue rather than eating food.

I don’t blame these people, I mean; I would probably have done the same thing. The reason being that if you don’t have an excessive amount of money in this world you are not capable of taking care of other people. You will have the ignore the complete misery some people find themselves in, as you are and have to be focused upon earning enough money for yourself to survive. A complete fuck up.

At the end of the movie the Turkish government got the brilliant idea to let police throw out all the homeless children from the subway. Some were taken care of as they where seen “suitable for rehabilitation” – others where simply sent away. And where are you then supposed to live if you are thrown out from the subway as a child, with no money and no parents? That’s right, you will live like shit – outside in the fucking cold. Does anyone give a fuck? No – because each and everyone single human being is completely lost in his own race of survival, his own nagging fear of not having enough money when the bills arrive at the end of the month.

So, some children where beaten badly by older children when the “relocation” happened. Nobody really cared. Some children got to go home again with their abusive parents, nobody cared. I mean, what the fuck is wrong with this world? When will we start to care? Do we have to get to the same position in our lives as these children in order to understand what misery entails?

Another completely atrocious point in this film was how the adult shopkeepers in the subway where treating the homeless children. When the homeless children got high on glue, and were completely helpless. Some of the shopkeepers would go and beat and kick the children. What the fuck? They would beat them quite intensely and savagely and then walk away as if nothing had happened. What the fuck? I mean, my disgust for the human race in such moments knows no boundaries, and it’s in those moments that I praise mother earth for sending a fucking tsunami the height of several men to ravage the lands of the human. I mean, we don’t deserve to be alive when we treat each other like that.

So – it’s a great documentary to watch. Children Underground. Shows perfectly well the atrocity we call life and fuck up of capitalism and human nature.

Profit or Equality

When you see someone sitting on the street begging. Don’t you have the thought within. Why? Or at least. Saying within yourself. I don’t want to be in that position?

How come that in our so-called enlightened society we have people scrambling for used cans in garbage bins? How come that exist? And why does our politicians not do anything about it? Why is that it is accepted as something normal and okay that some people don’t have anything at all?

In school the world as it looks is given to us through information. We are teached about how the world functions. As if it something normal. As if there should be war, as if there should be unfortunate and fortunate people. Why has nobody ever considered that it could be changed?

I speak with my mother, I speak with my father, I speak with people and prepose a equal money system. I hear it will never work. That people would only abuse such a system. Become lazy and not do anything at all. My question to all of you that have this point of view is. Do you really consider our current system to be working?

Does a system that work have war? Does a system that work have starvation? Does a system that work have corruption? Does a system that work have people scrambling for used cans in garbage bins?

Our politicians re-form, our politicians talk. They change small things in hope to make life better. But they fail to see that our entire system is fucked up. It’s based upon competition. It’s based upon highs and lows. It needs somebody to be in the bottom. It needs workers. It’s consumption society. Where we consume. We must consume to make our system go around. Without consumption there is no profit. And without profit there is no money. And without money our system crash. We have trapped ourselfs in this cycle. Through debt. Debt being in all money. All the time you must pay back, and earn more to be able to make your life go around.

This leads to people going around looking for used up cans in garbage bins. This leads to starvation. Because someone must pay the prize. Someone must be the worker. Someone must make profit for the lucky few.

And in all this our schools teaches us to accept status quo. To accept that nothing can be done and that this is how the world should work and will work forever.

Have nobody considered that life might actually be enjoyable? That life could be a adventure where you explore your potential in self-expression? What is your potential? Is picking up cans a enjoyable and worthy thing to do? Would people maybe do something that could actually benefit everyone if they where not forced to create profit. If they where not forced to all the time fight against debt.

Our system is severely limited. Equal money will stop this. And give all a chance to explore the potential they have. What is it that you enjoy to do? With equal money you will be given the oppurtunity to do what it is that you enjoy to do. And then you might actually experience excitement as you wake up in the morning. Excitement towards exploring yourself in your craft. Freedom or slavery. Profit or equality. It’s up to us.