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Day 435: Changing The Small Yet Significant Points

When I look at what change, revolution, momentum and creation means to me, I see that I have given these words extensive, BIG definitions. For change to be important, it has to be BIG, unless it is a massive movement in the right direction, it means nothing – apparently. I have realized that this way of thinking has many times caused me to glance over what is HERE, taking the opportunities in my life for granted, and not effectively using the opportunities in my life to CHANGE.

The fascinating thing is that change many times is impossible in the big, that is, unless the small has been changed first. Because the big is constituted by the small. Our money system for example is constituted by many, many small/individual human beings, all with their own lives, and all contributing in some way or another to our current way of handling money. Thus, to try and change the big, which in this case would be the money system, and expect it to work, without as well having changed the small, the individual human beings relationship to money, that is not possible. And in my personal life, the same reasoning can be applied. If I want to really contribute to a life that is best on a big, global scale, then I must first walk it in the small. Can I even hope to make a difference in the big, which without a doubt will pose more of a challenge, if I have not even changed the small for myself? No – not possible.

This week I have pushed myself to become aware of the small points in my life and experience of myself that I want to change. It is things like changing how I wake up in the morning, how I walk to work, how I dress for work, how I am with my daughter when changing her diapers, how I am with myself. It is things like how I engage and participate at work, at home, and with friends and family. Do I really move myself, engage and flow as much as I could do, or is there an unexplored potential to be found?

When change is brought back to the small, it is easier to see what points there are that needs direction. If I look at only the big, out there, change becomes cumbersome, uncertain, because, what to change? Where to focus? Where to go? It is so big, where should I direct my attention? While, when I bring my attention back to the small, it is clear what must be changed – because it is right here in front of me – it is easy to see what I can do for myself that would make my life and that are part of my life a whole lot better. And then, what is missed when the focus gets placed on changing the big, is how, when I become and feel better, this will influence the people that I am in contact with in my life.

The small, the apparently insignificant, the points that are taken for granted, that is where change happens – and that is where I have a direct access to self-change. It is in the small moments where I am able to build and work towards creating the big moments, and hence, it is important to remember, that anything big, is made up out small parts.

The solution for myself is the following: When I notice that I am judging my environment/where or with whom I am with – because I feel as if it does not offer the opportunity for change that I want – I take a breath and I bring myself back here – and I commit myself to focus on creating and building/moving change in the small and the apparently insignificant – I commit myself to be attentive to all parts in my life – to be attentive and look at the small that I want to change – to recognize these parts and to push myself to change them – and thus – accumulate a change in the big through committing to and changing in the small.

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Day 373: Big Decisions

Will things change when my environment change, or will my environment change when I change? And is it even possibly to change my environment long term if I have not changed who I am?

When it comes to making big decisions about my life, my modus operandi has followed a somewhat similar pattern each time: First step in this pattern would be dissatisfaction with my current situation, Second step would be establishing the new ideal situation in my mind, Third step would be to desire/want/dream of this new ideal, and the Fourth step would be to realize it in the physical. Then there is actually a fifth step to the pattern, and that is where I become disappointed and dissatisfied with my new environment, and so that will be a fuel to yet again ignite and restart the pattern.

Obviously, there is a problem with this way of creating, because instead of basing decisions on a stable, practical consideration, looking at and establishing what would be best for me, the decision is made haphazardly, based on irrational feelings and emotions. And they are irrational because these energies are mostly based/formed/defined arbitrarily, and most often, it is not about the decision per say, it is about something else, a deeper issue.

An example of my own life would be how I have had a tendency to want to move, change environments, jobs, friends, change whatever, when I feel that I have gotten to know all dimensions, and there is no more ‘excitement’ or ‘exploration’ to be experienced. When my relationship with the point started to become more routine, that is when I would draw back, and move on. This obviously shows me one character flaw of mine, that I have had a tendency to wait for my environment to stimulate me, wait for relationships to create something in me, instead me moving myself to give, share and be open and intimate with others. Thus, instead of me asking myself what I am able to give, or pushing myself to, instead of expecting to receive, deepen my relationship, be creative and see what I am able to bring to open up new doors.

Thus, what I have seen is that, when there are reactions towards my environment, the solution is not to change environment, the solution is to look within and change self. Because, regardless of how many times I change my environment, if I do not deal with the underlying, origin issues, things will never change, I will always go back into the pattern, and yet again have to make a decision that is not entirely clear, and stable.

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Day 297: Wanting The Big Means Missing The Small

I have seen that in wanting the big, I tend to miss the small – and what is interesting here is that the big things might seem significant, yet when looking closely, the big is actually constituted by the small.

So, where does this apply? For myself I have seen this in particular when it comes to creating and walking towards a change in this world, and also when it comes to creating and building my own life. Before my inner eye I see the great changes, the complete revelation – and through only seeing that as being important and significant – it leads to me not seeing, or valuing the daily, small moments of change that I either apply, or that there are opportunities for me to apply. Hence the consequence of aiming big, of seeing only the big, is that this can create a sense, and experience of stuckness, and depression, because seemingly nothing moves.

Thus, I see that it is important to not forget, that change happens in the small, that a big change consists of several small changes, that a significant progress consists of several significant mini-progresses – and hence – change is created through those small daily movements.

In this, it is also easy to see how fame, success, and greatness can easily cloud my vision, when I start to focus on what others have done, and I compare myself, and think that I can only be someone significant if I am capable of mustering the same. Though, in this I do not accept and allow myself to see, yet again, that what is significant cannot be defined in terms of size, and using the amount of attention that is centered upon that event. Instead, what is significant can only be seen in each moment.

And this brings me into the next point, how looking at life with the expectation that it should contain these clearly defined and marked occurrences, these big happenings that makes my life move forward, that it hinders me from seeing what is right in front of me. Fact is, that the more I am looking for something specific, already with a picture in mind, an idea of where I am to go, the easier it is for me to miss what is right in front of me. Thus, when I am HERE – OPEN and HUMBLE to the current happenings in my life and reality – that is when I am the most able to responding to my life – finding opportunities, spots, openings, and those small moments of significant change.

What is the solution?

One solution that I see is self-trust – allowing myself to trust myself and that I do not need to utilize control – as zooming into but only one possible future – only one possible direction – instead I can move myself with and as breath – in each moment – and trust myself that when I move and create in the small – this will ripple and eventually create the big – and hence I will create my life organically – through moving myself in every moment.


Day 60: Bernard and My Journey To Life

About 6 years ago I was sitting by a computer in Thailand. I was working as a volunteer at a school, helping the English teacher to make her student’s pronunciations of the English language more effective. I was bored with my life, and I felt genuinely lost. I was scurrying about trying to find “my purpose” and this was the reason as to why I was at this Thai-school.

I’d searched both high, and low for my so called “purpose” and I believed I’d found it in drugs, and playing music – and apparently that was what life was all about. During that time I’d begun to investigate Taoism and more specifically the writings of Lao Tzu which I found to be extremely clear, and mind-blowing in their simplicity and clear-cut common sense.

This particular day as I was sitting behind the computer I was investigating videos about Taoism on YouTube – I had just found a quite fascinating video that displayed how milk was mixed with coffee, and the interesting patterns that is formed when you take your spoon and then mix the two substances; it’s like a white brown tornado that slowly but surely turns into the color of brown. As I was done with the video I looked on the right of the webpage to see if there where any cool “related videos” – and yes there was one that seemed to be interesting. The thumbnail of the video showed a little girl, or boy (I wasn’t really sure) that was looking straight into the camera with only a white wall as backdrop. The title was something like “Lao Tzu and breath” – I don’t remember exactly. Anyway – this brought up some curiosity within me and I clicked on the link.

bernardpoolmanLittle did I know that this one click was to change my life forever, and that this one click would send me into a existential orbit crash course with a man called Bernard, which is the person that this blog will be dedicated too. Not the person per say – because the thing with Bernard is that he wasn’t really a person – not a person with a particular personality, with memories, with ideas, with opinions, with ideals – he was none of that – he was simply Bernard; and it’s fascinating because even though I knew Bernard for a long time – I can’t really in anyway define who or what Bernard was as a person – and that is simply because Bernard was something much more than a person – he was a standing ovation to a principle that have always been present in existence, yet it’s been scuffed away to exist in the deepest crevices of our minds so we would never have to face this truth; that we as individuals can’t ever be more than this truth – this principle – which is the principle of oneness and equality as life – implying that we as individuals can never be more than the group – and unless we live in alignment with the group and consider others as ourselves – we are lies – we do not in-fact exist.

Thus – to continue – I clicked the link and the video began. A girl showed up, she looked into the camera, took a deep breath in, and sighed and within that her body became relaxed. Then she suddenly took a big breath in, raised her upper-body, opened her eyes, and said: “Hi, this is Lao Tzu!” – now immediately as I saw this I was completely captivated – I knew that this was something completely unique, something that I’d never witnessed before – the authenticity, the genuineness was absolute – it was unquestionable – and even though my mind went: “this can’t be real! It’s fake!” – in the depth of my being I knew that I’d found something that would change my life forever – in a way I’d found what I’d been searching – my so-called purpose.

This was how I first came into contact with Desteni – and I learned that the girl’s name was Sunette, and that she was in-fact a portal – which meant that beings from the afterlife, or as it’s also called, the interdimensional existence, could come through her body and speak effortlessly.

During the next years I would immerse myself completely into the Desteni material, read everything, watch all interviews, and follow the activity on the forum diligently – I knew that this was my calling – this was what I’d been looking for in my life. In my process of immersion in the material I became aware of another figure besides the portal that roused my interest – and this person wrote articles, and also commented on the forum – and he had the mysterious pseudonym “Eagle” – as I read his articles, and his comments I realized that this person was not your ordinary human-being – this was someone that had such a depth of understanding of how things in-fact worked that it could in a way be sensed simply through reading his writings.

I mean – to read something that this person wrote was like reading truth – meaning that I could somehow touch, and feel the authority, the substance, the complete certainty of the words – it felt like the words were eternal, timeless, that they had never been written by someone but had always been here and that they were simply a part of what was here – and that arguing with these words was simply stupidity because it wasn’t a opinion, it wasn’t a idea – it was simply REAL – it was a taste of REALITY as that which is a FACT and that can’t be debated – just as you can’t debate the physical laws of this reality – I mean you can but that won’t mean that the physical laws become less real.

This mysterious person called “Eagle” would in time be revealed as being Bernard. Through my continued participation in the Desteni group I got to learn that Bernard lived on a farm in South Africa together with a bunch of other people – and all of these were actively involved in the forum that Desteni was managing.

After a year of participating with Desteni I asked if I could come and visit the farm. This was at that point a option for those that participated in the so-called “inner-circle” of the Desteni-group; which is not implying any form of pyramid-scheme, or cultish initiation process – it was simply that those that did their writings, and participated frequently in on the forum – was allowed to go and live on the farm; and I will add here – that this invitation included FREE accommodation, and FREE food – isn’t that something? I mean – where in the world will you be allowed to go completely free of charge after only knowing somebody for about a year? Huh? This should be a wake up call for those that believe that Desteni and the group of people involved with Desteni are in anyway out to “get your money” – I mean – that is just laughable – I know that you do not get people’s money through giving them free food, and free accommodation – that is simply common sense, isn’t it?

To my great pleasure my wish was granted, and I booked my flight, and excitedly prepared myself for my travel to the other side of the globe. Remember – I live in Sweden – so I was travelling to the other side of the world to live with people that I’d never before met in the flesh – and there was absolutely NO FEAR in me that I was going to be deceived, or tricked, or abducted, or something – why? Because – through only this one year that I’d participated with Desteni – I’d been a witness to the absolute integrity of this man called Bernard – and the absolute consistency of this man called Bernard – and the absolute dedication to the formation of a better world of this man Bernard – I’d seen with my own eyes that this was a man – a group of people – that was sincere.

This should also be a point of concern for those that have allowed themselves to become brainwashed in believing that Bernard was somehow evil, that Bernard apparently “captured” and “manipulated” young woman to use as his sex-slaves – really – it’s pathetic to believe in such absolute LIES without EVER having met Bernard. It really shows a lack of character, and an inability to handle the most basic life-skills of being able to question, and cross-reference information that an anonymous person throws at your face. Those that believe Desteni is a scheme, and that Bernard was the leader, understand: you’re brainwashed – and you don’t have a clue because you’ve never investigated – I on the other and – I am direct witness of this man Bernard – I’ve walked with him for over 5 years – I’ve talked with him, seen him play with dogs, and help people from all around the world regardless of their problems; and within this I will also add that – I am the living proof that Bernard was a being of unquestionable honor, and integrity – because I am in a way a product of Bernard’s assistance and support – which he’s given to me through out the years through sharing explicitly direct, and confronting truths about me to myself – and for that I will be forever grateful.

Thus – really – those that in anyway slander Bernard – understand that you’re really the EVIL of this world – the very problem that have caused our world to become a prison of innumerable atrocities – because you dare to abuse life, dare to question that which is best for all – and dare to slander that which is truly magnificent – that is the opposite of LIVE which is EVIL.

So – I think it was towards the end of 2009 that I arrived in South Africa, and arrived at the farm. Realize that during this visit I’d placed myself in a mental condition that was severely unstable, and in-effective – due to having misused, and misunderstood the message of Desteni for some time – I mean; it was a consequence of my basic design of “wanting to be more” that made me misinterpret what Desteni shared. Though – even in my state of in-effective mental functioning I was embraced at the farm with open arms. I mean – I should clarify here that what I mean with in-effective mental condition was that I’d through self-judgment internalized myself into a state of extreme self-doubt, and inferiority – where I in essence couldn’t anymore speak and have a normal conversation – lol – so I mean I’d created lot’s of shit than actually transcending shit. Regardless – when I came to the farm I was cared for and given a bed to sleep in, given massage to let go of my extensive anxiety, and supported to accustom myself to the new environment. This proves that Desteni is not about helping only those that “fit in” – no – Desteni is about helping EVERYONE regardless of their state of being – all deserve to have a fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Let’s continue – I vividly remember the first time I was introduced to Bernard because it was such a contrast to what I’d imagined it would be. See – I’d imagined that Bernard would be this all powerful, superior, intelligent being – that would simply swoop me off my feet and make me go to some enlightenment-plane in existence – the reality on the other hand was completely different.

I got off the car, and I was guided into the main-house – and there – surrounded by tons of people was Bernard – and he sat relaxed in a office chair by his computer. As I came in I went to him – I shook his hand – and he said something like “this must be Viktor?” – lol – at that point I was very anxious, and nervous – but what stuck with me was how normal Bernard was. He was a NORMAL human-being – he wasn’t more than anyone – he used words like fuck, shit, stupid, boring – he walked, he ate, he slept, and was completely physically like other human beings – and this is what stuck with me; the realization that living a principle doesn’t make me more than anyone else – it simply implies that I am living by a principle.

Though obviously – Bernard was not like any normal human-being – because even though he talked, moved, and interacted in a way that can be considered normal – through his words, through his interactions there was always shining through a unmovable strength, authority, and assertiveness – Bernard wasn’t someone you fuck around with to say the least – Bernard stood by what is best for all and this was evident in each and every single aspect of Bernard’s life.

When he spoke to me about my acceptances – and showed me how I’d compromised life to satisfy my own self-interest – I knew that the words coming out from this man’s mouth are not debatable – they are so substantial, so completely genuine that they would cut through my shit and get to me at the very depths of my being; and to this day I can still vividly recall verbatim various things Bernard have said to me – and I have these statements come up within me when I see that I participate within a point in my life that I know is not best for all; then it’s there – these words that stand eternal, and timeless – because they are not spoken by a man – they are spoken by that which is real – LIFE – as that which we all have in common, as the principle that can’t be removed, or destroyed – it can be denied but in the end – at death – not even denial can save us from reality – which is that LIFE comes with RESPONSIBILITIES and that if we don’t honor these – we are in-fact abusers and must pay a price.

I stayed at the farm for 6 months and during this time I got to see, and experience the life, and the principles that Bernard lived by in practical, living, physical application. And during this time – I must say – Bernard did in a way save me from my own worst enemy – my inner me – because up to this point in my life I’d actively destroyed myself, and placed myself in a position of total mental compromise, and totally giving up on all my opportunities, and chances to make my life work in the system – I was in the real sense of the word a looser. But – Bernard would not take that – he would not have it that way – and over my stay he repeatedly showed me my deception – he yelled at me, he spoke softly with me, he joked with me, he listened to me, he was there for me, he fucked around with me to make me see my delusions of grandeur, he pushed my buttons, he laughed with me, he considered me – he was the greatest support and assistance that I’ve ever had in my life and he showed me that there is another way to live – I can live by principles – I can live by words of my own design that are best for all; I can create myself to become a real trustworthy human-being that has no agenda – but one: to create a world that is best for all in every way possible.

I particularly have one vivid memory of Bernard, and that is when I’d just arrived at the farm – Bernard was taking me for a tour around the farm and showing me various important locations. Now – during this short tour what came up within me was a sense of warmth – because what I was seeing was that this man took his time to show me my accommodations, not because he wanted to feel good, not to make money – but because of a actual care, and consideration. And in a way I was at that staged shocked, because I’d never experienced, or seen such a point of care in my life – and I mean this care was towards somewhat of a stranger because I’d not know Bernard for that long; yet still – he walked with me through the farm and showed me all the points – and only through that small point I was able to practically, physically get a real understanding of what it means to do unto another as you’d like to be done unto you – I mean – because this was a real actual example of how to walk that point and not only a spiritual feeling – that “I feel compassionate with you, but you I won’t really ever help you”. It was the real thing.

Now Bernard has passed away, and he’s not anymore here to show by example what we all can become if we will ourselves, and dedicate ourselves to let go of our self-interest, and actually live our words – it’s indeed a loss of unprecedented proportions but his death is not the end – because Bernard was not only a man of flesh and blood – he was a living a example – and this means that Bernard was not unique but had created himself to stand, and live as self-perfection – not through luck, or the grace of god – but through systematic action, and daily movement – Bernard had in-fact created himself to be what he was through his own willing and by using simple tools that are available for everyone. Thus – Bernard is not dead – Bernard is a point that exists within each and everyone of us and it’s the potential of what we can become in this lifetime if we dare to walk through, and let go of our self-interest and in-fact stand by a principle that is more than only our own life – but a principle that considers ALL LIFE regardless of form or shape.

Thus – we as humanity have a responsibility to re-birth Bernard as ourselves – within the understanding that Bernard represented an outcome, and a outflow of a specific tangible process that can be walked by each and everyone – that Bernard was not special but a product of his own design – and that we all hold the tools necessary to build ourselves to be a product equal in integrity, and authority – and this is what we’re walking in the Desteni group, and through the seven year journey to life – we’re in-fact stating that Bernard can’t be dead unless we accept and allow Bernard to be dead – because we hold to key’s – we hold the understanding of how to practically in physical reality create the product of accumulated time that Bernard represented – it’s not magic; it’s the science of accumulated effort = 1 + 1 = 2.

I will be forever grateful that Bernard came into my life and shock me out of my sleepwalking existence – and showed me what it really means to live, and give life your all – and obviously I will not accept and allow the gifts Bernard have given to me to become but a memory, but a nostalgic feeling of “how much I liked Bernard” – no – I will take these gifts and integrate them as my very flesh, and I commit myself to through a process birth myself as life from the physical and stand as the second coming of Bernard – I mean –Bernard is not exclusive to Bernard – he’s the life we can all become if we dare to walk no matter what – and until it’s done. Obviously I will not settle for less than getting this done – and within this I am grateful to walk this process with the other Destonians – I thank you all! You are a great support – and it’s clear that Bernard’s death will certainly not be the end of anything – because Desteni will continue – because LIFE can’t be destroyed as it’s not about the person – it’s about the principle.

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Day 39: Let Capitalism Become Really “BIG” (Basic Income Guarantee)

This blog will be dedicated to investigating the widely known economic ideology of capitalism – an ideology that has both been cheered, and slandered for several decades. I will look at what the problem is with capitalism, what possible solutions there are, and what rewards there will be for taking these solutions into practical action.

But first – what is capitalism?

Wikipedia gives capitalism the following definition:

Capitalism is an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital assets and goods. In a capitalist economy, investors are free to buy, sell, produce, and distribute goods and services with at most limited government control, at prices determined primarily by a competition for profit in a free market. Central elements of capitalism include capital accumulation, competitive markets, and a price system.

Thus – capitalist is an idea based upon the notion that the capital should be able to decide for itself where it is to be placed – based upon the premise that when capital is allowed to move freely – it will naturally re-locate to places where it is in greatest demand as this will produce the biggest amount of profit and thus produce the biggest amount of benefit for the people.


The absolutely biggest problem with capitalism is that competition does not work as an effective motivator for human beings to create benefit for society – though this is the general idea. It’s thought that competition between businesses, and companies will bring forth the most effective products, and the most ingenious inventions – the reality of the matter though is a completely different story.

The competition that is the basis of capitalism doesn’t occur in a supportive, and effective manner – because it’s not the skill of business, or the quality of their products that are competing – no – it’s each business ability to make profit and earn money that is pitted against each other. Fascinatingly enough being able to make lot’s of money is not at all related to whether you’re in-fact supplying an effective product or service – it’s instead based upon one’s effectiveness to manipulate the human mind to a state of decision to buy – and the most successful businesses have developed extremely intricate way’s of ensure that they gain control over the human being’s buying button.

Consider for example the company coca-cola – obviously the beverage the coca cola makes isn’t effective for the human body at all. It’s simply massive amounts of salt, and sugar mixed together which is in-fact directly harmful to the body – yet still the coca-cola company is one of the most successful businesses in this world – I wonder why?

Branded-BabyThe reason why is simple – coca-cola have branded themselves effectively, and they’ve created their beverage to be addictive – which in other words means that they’ve manipulated human beings to experience a need to buy the coke without there in-fact being such a need – creating this experience of a need through effective advertising utilizing sex, positive imagery, and other type of stimuli that support the human’s desire to buy; as such – coca cola is the perfect example of how the competition for profit doesn’t produce more effective products, or more effective companies – but instead criminals that will do whatever it takes to win, and defeat the competition and earn that extra buck.

There are lots of similar examples – companies producing products that on a closer look are completely worthless yet designed in such a way as to manipulate the human being into buying them as such allowing the company to make a killing.

It’s fascinating that capitalism by many are considered, and revered as an effective ideology for the creation of new concepts, inventions, and products – but really – all capitalism have served to create have been more, and more effective ways to make profits – which have not included any regard for the development of more effective products – instead cheaper products, cheaper labor power, cheaper manufacturing, and more effective advertising – all to make sure that the product that is sold has been created in such a way that it brings the ultimate amount of profit to the company.

For society capitalism have been directly harmful – because there has been so many products, and so many business ventures that by design have been malicious – that still have been sold, and promoted in society and been able to establish themselves – even though the cost of this have been many human lives. I mean – consider the fact that medical companies have knowingly sold hazardous “medicine” – obviously this hasn’t been because they wanted to produce the most effective medicine – it’s been because they wanted to make profit and to attain this purpose it didn’t matter that a few would have to sacrifice their lives.

So – this is the greatest, and most obnoxious flaw with capitalism – it’s complete dedication to the destructive competition of whom will get the most money.


What is the solution?

Well – competition for money is the problem, and this problem is largely based upon the fact that we really do have to earn money in today’s world else we will not be able to survive. This serves to drive the competition, and concurrence for money – which in turn force companies to become even more focused on their profit as attaining more, and more money – at the cost of the public good. Thus – through establishing a basic income grant – an unconditional and sufficient income for each human being to live an effective and fulfilling life – much of the drive for money that lies at the root of entrepreneurship today, will be gone – and as such we will be able to see companies taking form that do not have the ultimate purpose of making more money, but instead have the purpose creating of products, and giving services that are effective, worthwhile – and desirable, and practical to own.

I mean – the if one take the essence of the idea of capitalism – which is that capital is to naturally move to the point where it services the greatest benefit for the whole – because the best product will naturally be in demand the most, and thus be the most lucrative point to invest one’s money into – it can be concluded that this idea could be used in order to bring through benefit for the people – and generate value for the public good – what must be removed from capitalism is the point of psychological manipulation that today is used in order to manufacture demand. I mean – demand shouldn’t be allowed to be manufactured through manipulative advertisement but instead the product, or service in itself – as what it in-fact represents should be the only advertisement allowed. If capitalism is directed in such a way – it will mean that only the best products, and the best services – as those products and services that are in the highest demand – will receive most capital, as the most investments – and thus this product will be able to be even more effectively fine-tuned to be a product that is truly worthwhile.


The rewards of changing capitalism – to not anymore allow the manufacturing of consent, as the manufacturing of public opinion – through manipulative ads the utilize sex, jealousy, comparison, and desire in order to generate sales – will be that the products that we as a humanity really need, and that are really useful – will be in every home.

Another point that must also change – is that the profit a company makes must not be based upon abusing labor to lower prices – the competition can’t be allowed to take place on such a shallow level as who makes the cheapest product – instead the best product regardless of it’s price should be the product that get’s attention and that is delivered to humanity as a whole. The problem here is that most of humanity do not have sufficient with money to invest in the best products because they are forced into poverty due to place of birth – such as what economic ability the family have, or the country that the child is born into. This will be corrected through implementing, and giving to all a basic income guarantee – this will allow all the ability to consume the goods that is best and not anymore will there be the need to look for the cheapest, and least valuable goods.

The reward here is that wage-slavery will end – because now labor will be given the value it deserves as products are priced correctly according to the amount of effort, and time that went into actually creating, and developing the product – this will mean more money in society – and as such more consumption – allowing even more capital to flow in the world system and be assigned to the corporations and companies that do produce the most effective products, and give the most effective services. Over-all we’ll due to this end up with a society that is highly advanced with products, and services that are durable, well thought through, and effective – which assists and supports humanity as a whole to reach, and align themselves with and as their ultimate potential of being the best that they can be.

Within this it’s fascinating to see that – even though capitalism have been so harshly criticized through-out the years as the evil spawn that is directly responsible for the state within which the earth, and humanity as a whole finds itself in today – capitalism could be changed to be a supportive ideology, as a natural way of public voting through purchasing-power, wherein the best products, and the most effective companies get’s the most votes, as money – and are as such supported to prosper, and grow. A outflow of this will be that for those people that truly have a product that they see is effective and that they want to give to humanity – and at the same time earn money – they will be able to do so and their product will get the money it deserves; and not anymore will ineffective products be allowed on the market, and remain there only because of immoral psychological manipulation. Within this the economy as a whole will become more substantial, and actually produce substantial value that is of benefit for all life on earth.

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CapitalismWikipedia: Capitalism is an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital assets and goods.

CEO Get’s Pension 2000 Times Bigger Than Avarage Monthly Salary

A CEO in one of the major government owned companies in Sweden have been given 8 million dollars in pension.

8 million dollars – that’s not a small sum of money. The sum is 2000 times larger than what the average monthly salary is for a Swedish citizen. If you have an average salary you must work 166 years before you are able to reach the same amount of money. Though – if you consider the apartment rent, the food, the bus fee, train fee, petroleum – you would probably have to wait for 2000 years before you are able to entitle yourself the same amount of money as this CEO got in one day.

Is it strange that we have poverty, starvation and class segregation when there is such an extreme amount of overpay to certain individuals in society. Such an amount of money as is given to this CEO is simply ludicrous. He won’t be able to use it all up in his own lifetime. It’s blatant greed.

What is greed? Greed is when you take more than what you need. This CEO takes more than what he needs, and in comparison to those who really need in the world, such as the people in the poverty stricken regions of earth, this CEO really is a monster miser. While some people daydream about a regular and consistent stream of food into their belly, this CEO has more money than he will be able to spend, and access to more food than he will ever need.

Why doesn’t anyone see the misery that an unequal distribution of money brings? Or, maybe we do see it. But we don’t do anything about it, we don’t become pissed of about it, because it’s suppose to be this way, and at least we still have a salary that can support us with food. But let me tell you something: people are not supposed to starve and people are not supposed to own more than what they need. What is supposed to happen is that each man get’s to have as much as he requires in order to experience a comfortable life. It’s obvious common sense that no man on earth should go without food only because another man apparently owns the food – even though he can’t eat it, or use it.

Inequality is the worst crime that can be committed. Greed is the worst crime the can be committed. I don’t blame this CEO for taking a pension a size that he will never come to spend in his lifetime. I blame myself for having accepted and allowed this system, which I am apart of, to give room to such blatant, disrespectful and disgusting greed. I have accepted and allowed this world to unfold as it has unfolded, as are everyone else. A CEO can’t retrieve a pension 2000 times the average monthly salary if we do not allow it.

When are we going to realize and see that a better world is possible? A world where we have banned all greed – banned all inequality – banned all obvious abuse of what earth unconditionally provides. Yes – what is here as the resources of this earth is not for man to claim, it’s for man to use in balance with his need. Not to stuff, and stuff, and stuff until he have managed to seize control over each and every spot of nourishing resource on this planet, and in the process killed several millions of people. This is NOT what is meant to happen, and meant to be! This world could be a paradise – if we share, and take only that, which we require. And support others to have that which they need. So all our needs are fulfilled, and greed can forever disappear.

Where there is greed – there is an unfulfilled need. It’s not necessary for it to be this way. Research equal money and find out how we are able to give everyone on this planet: man, plant, and animal. That which they need!