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Day 338: Have You Become A Stuff Protector?

“A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.”

George Carlin

Stuff, things, pretty things, expensive things, nice things, old things, entertaining things, desirable things, unnecessary things, all these are part of the average lifestyle of the first world country human being, from beginning of life till the end, we are overwhelmed with stuff. We value the concept of ownership tenaciously, and most of us strive to expand our sphere of ownership in various ways – mostly through career and money – but also through experiential ownership in the form of memories, spiritual, religious or adventurous experiences, thoughts, education, and more. Objectively speaking, ownership is a not a problematic or consequential concept what-so-ever. To own is simply a verb that defines the action of having physical or mental control/possession over something. However, when ownership becomes feeling/emotional-based – and when we start to define OURSELVES – WHO WE ARE – according to our possessions, that is when this lifestyle must be put into question.

I recently read an article about a wealthy person that had been part of a long and tumultuous divorce process stretching over several years – and in the process – he had lost most of his belongings to his former spouse. What I found fascinating was how this individual, even though years had passed, was still investing time, effort and energy, in pursuing more court procedures, attempting to get back the things that he had once owned. In this person, I could clearly see the disturbingly  addictive quality that money and ownership can have, where without us being really aware of it, what we value and pay attention to slowly changes from ourselves HERE – to what we own, to our things, and what we want to have, and what we already have. What takes a back seat is LIVING – and what becomes the primary focus is MONEY and expanding our sphere of OWNERSHIP.

As I read this article, I could not help but reflecting on my own life, and how I have changed in many ways similar to this person since I was young. Because, when I was younger, from my years as a baby to my later teenage years, the focus within me was more on PHYSICAL living – and as I aged – this focus slowly started to change into money and ownership. I could see this pattern playing out even clearer as my partner and I built a house together. When the house stood finished, I started to have experiences and thoughts that were previously unknown to me. For example, a mistake that had been made in the building process, the shower was not placed correctly and as I had imagined it, that started to gnaw on me, and emotions came up of regret, judgment, fears and anxieties, all because my greatest and most valuable possession (the house I live in) was not built as perfectly as I desired, and thus, was not worth as much money as I had expected.

I took a while for me to realize what was going on, and how, instead of me using and owning my possessions as a practical part of my daily life, my possessions were internally owning and possessing me through constantly being in the back of my mind.

“He who looks after, takes care of things; forgets by and by that things were meant to serve him, and it does not strike him now when he started to serve them.”


Osho made some interesting observations about ownership. One of these is how we make ourselves a slave to our things when we relate to them using emotions or feelings, and thus make them part of WHO WE ARE – and by implication – making ourselves dependent on our things to be WHO WE ARE. For example, a master can only be a master if he has a slave, if the slave disappears, the master looses the thing he used to create his self-definition – thus causing inner conflict.

What can be learned from all of this? The way I see it, the point to understand is that possessions, things, stuff, are not part of WHO WE ARE – we were not born with them and we will not be able to take them with us when we die. The house that I built, and that I now live in, the various physical parts that constitutes the house were here before I was born, and they will continue to be here when I have died, maybe in the form of a house, maybe in some different shape – in any case – the house does not define me. Sure, I use the house, I live in it, and I can appreciate the various creature comforts it provides, but it does not define me. And that is the key to joyful living – to be IN this world – YET – not OF this world. To keep our jobs, care for our possessions, tend to our bodies, yet never forget that these things does not make us.

Children are inspirational examples that show what it means to be in this world yet not of this world. Children, they are not yet defined, limited, and confined within a certain lifestyle, position, or career – they are free to express themselves regardless of where they happen to be at the moment – and that is something we should all strive to create within ourselves – the FREEDOM to express even though we happen to live in a limited system that seldom allows us to bring that point of expression into full application.

I would like to end of with sharing one important point of consideration that I have come to realize with stuff. Many seem to believe that it is the stuff we own that ties us down, makes us materialistic, egoistic, possessive, and self-interested – that makes us forget the unconditional joy we could access as children – however – this is not the case. We must not accept and allow ourselves to blame our stuff, or believe that we through getting rid of stuff can erase and change our relationship with this reality and the stuff that populates it. Because the problem is and has always been ourselves, and our relationship with ourselves. Most stuff that we desire and want are but projections of our own inner state of lack, only there because we have not created ourselves to live according to our utmost potential – and thus – our desire to consume and acquire more things is in actuality a misdirected attempt to fulfill ourselves. It is the same process that occurs when people start to mold and shape their bodies to resemble images portrayed in media, believing that by attaining such a picture perfect body image they will feel whole and fulfilled – that is not the case – it is an illusion.

Hence, if you notice movements within yourself in relation to the things you own, it is a cool cross-reference point, because then you know that there are still points to work with. A feeling of desire towards owning more entertainment gadgets could imply that you are not yet sufficiently capable of entertaining yourself, or creating an entertaining life for yourself. The correction is thus not to sell your television, but rather to look at the underlying issue that creates the experience of desire.

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Day 295: Preparation and Planning – then – Execution

Today at work, I had a moment of epiphany. Now, for some context, in my line of work; precision, detail, thoroughness, and specificity are very important. An entire body of work can in practice be ruined if some small details are missed. That is why, in order to do the work effectively, one requires the abilities and skills of patience, structure, and precision. Without those it is hard to produce quality work.

So, back to the situation at my work. I had been given a task, and I was eager to get it done. And more specifically, I was in a slight rush. In my mind was circulating things like; “better get this thing done now, as I will not have any time tomorrow” – and “I must move and be productive” – so there was a movement within me of wanting to get to the state of execution – and be over and done with this project.

Now, I did execute the task, finished it, and it unfortunately turned out there were some mistakes in my work, which were pointed out to me as it was sent back to me for editing. So, in that moment I looked within me and asked myself how it is that I am creating these moments for myself, where I miss points and err because I have not paid attention, not seemingly been able to identify the mistakes at all. This brought me to the realization that I have a tendency to want to force execution – or force the ACTION stage in the process of creation.

I could see, that in my line of work, and in many other areas of life as well, the act of creation is a two-step process. First step is the planning and preparation phase. This is the phase where the point to be created is researched, the information is gathered, and the execution is planned. Basically the following questions are asked; what is going to be created, how is it going to be created, why is it going to be created, and when is it going to be created? These questions are important to answer, because when entering the phase of execution, if there is no plan, no clear direction on where I am going, it is easy for me to loose my overview, and get lost in the experience of creating.

I could see that what happens to me, and that results in these errs that I tend to make, is that I many times skip, or rush through the phase of planning and preparation, and enter prematurely into the execution phase. And then I will move around in the execution phase, in a state of forcing myself forward, trying to reach a result, leaving a sloppy trail of small errors in my wake – which will then come back to bite me in my ass later, because I have not taken the time to prepare, to execute, and then, also to cross-reference my creation. All in all, the process of creation has been rushed, which creates the consequence of a imperfect result.

I could see from my life that when I had planned and prepared effectively before proceeding into the execution state, most of the time my creations had been satisfying. For example, my most recently bought car, I am very satisfied with this purchase. This is no coincidence, because before the purchase, I put in a lot of time into researching what car would be best for me, that would fit my needs. I took myself the time to ask the questions, what is it that I want? What is it that I require? What is important and what is not? And this resulted in me buying a car that effectively satisfies my needs and requirements.

Then I have examples from when I did not plan or prepare effectively. I recently bought a couple of expensive shoes, with a leather sole. I bought them because I did require shoes to fit with one of my suits, though, I had not investigated the brand of shoes I bought, or the characteristics of leather sole shoes. And I had not really shopped around to see if there was something better out there. After I bought the shoes, which happened impulsively, I realized that these type of shoes are very sensitive to the Scandinavian climate, and can barely be utilized as outdoor shoes. And that is not very good in my situation, because what I require are shoes that can be used both outdoors, and indoors. Hence, I bought a couple of shoes that does not fully suit my needs, and the consequence of this is that I will have to purchase another couple of shoes that do fit my requirements.

Hence, planning and preparation are very important aspects in the process of creation. Without planning and preparation, there is a much greater likelihood that the phase of action will be filled with errors, mistakes and unwanted outflows. What I will practice is thus to walk through the two steps of creation with patience, specificity, and calm – not rush the process of creation – instead walking in the tempo of breath – one breath at a time. And when I am satisfied with my preparation, then I move into action, and fulfill the process of creation.

Day 58: Fear in Relation to Having My Own Business

Today I am going to continue with writing about fears, and anxieties in relation to creating, and moving myself within my own business.

So, what I’ve noticed is that the primary points are fear of failure, fear of the unknown, and also fear of loosing money – which is in essence fear of the unknown, because I not having any money I am going to face the great big unknown. Thus – these points I notice hold me back from really committing myself, and fully engaging myself in my decision to walk my own business.

It’s fascinating – that what I fear I will create – for example; when I fear failure I will manifest failure, and here I could do it through not committing myself fully but instead “staying in the back” – because if I commit myself fully then I will stand the risk of actually loosing something, something that I’ve cared for, and given my all to walk.

Thus – when there is fear of failure, and fear of the unknown – I can’t commit myself fully and that is why it’s important that I get these points out of the way and bring myself back here to the physical to walk physical real actuality HERE.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear committing myself, and to fear walking fully this opportunity to have, and build my own business – and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to hold back, and to fear making decisions that will bring me failure, and as such handicap myself and make myself incapable and ineffective in my world, and my daily living – because I don’t make the decisions required to be successful because I fear failure; thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not push myself to be successful through not fearing failure – through making decisions without hesitation – without inferiority – without feeling less than – but instead simply making decisions HERE within and as oneness and equality as breath here

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to perceive, and define myself as being “a little human being” and feel and experience myself as being inferior in comparison to this world – and to think that this world-system is so much more than me that I can’t possibly understand how to function, and how to move in this system – and that I will become completely devoured if I try to walk my own business

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become brainwashed to fear having my own business – in believing that having my own business equals great risk, and uncertainty – instead of seeing, realizing, and understanding that as a matter of fact – a business that one owns is in-fact more secure, and stable than a employment because in one’s own business everything is determined by one’s own self-movement – and thus if I remain consistent, effective, and stable in my movement, and direction there will not be any problem to walk a solution financially as walking my own business

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define, and see myself as not being a business person – thinking that I am not meant to have my own business and due to this I am apparently allowed to go into fear, anxiety, and inferiority in relation to having, and managing my own business – and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not bring myself back here to this physical reality – and to see, realize, and understand that nobody is born to have their own business – but that it’s simply skills that one develop through practice, and through education – and that it got nothing to do with experience, or one’s so called “nature”

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create a idea towards having my own business that it’s dangerous, and it’s uncertain – and that I should rather avoid it and only do it as the absolutely last thing when everything else fails – and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to limit myself in my living, in my life, in my direction, and in my commitment to myself to walk this life as what is best for all – and I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see, realize, and understand that the only way I’m able to do what I want in this life – and in-fact bring forth something of substance, of worth and value – is through walking, and having my own business – there is simply no other way to do this as far as this particular point goes

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to hold unto this automatic fear, and anxiety in relation to having my own business – thinking and believing that it’s too complicated for me, that it’s to big a thing, that I am not able to see all the small points, and details – and that I as such must remain within and as a state of fear, and avoidance – wherein I don’t really dive into the point because I want to keep myself at a safe distance – and so within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not breathe, and push through my fears – and realize that my fears are limiting me, and that I am in-fact creating that which I fear through fearing it; as such I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not stop all types, and points of fear within me – and instead live and walk this business opportunity as being fearless – and without any form of doubt, or inferiority

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to accept and allow myself to become possessed with worry, and fear that something is going to go wrong with my business – and that I am going to fail; and within this I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to stick with mathematics – meaning that I stick with facts and not with what I feel, experience, or think that I am seeing; as such I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not work with and as reality – to not work with and as what is real and understand that fearing something without there being in-fact facts proving that my fears are valid – are simply delusional and it’s in-fact a state of self-sabotage

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize, and understand that fear can’t exist when and as I stand by facts – and I see what is HERE – because fear is like this state of uncertainty as to what is going to happen, and how I will experience myself within that – but in allowing myself to see the facts – and remain here with the facts and the facts only – there won’t exist any such tension because I simply see what is here – and I act according to what is here as provable facts

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think, perceive, and believe that I need something more than facts, that I need something more than me to stop myself from fearing having my own business – and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize, and understand that fear is not real – it’s a delusion – it’s a experience that I am able to stop through breathing myself back here and not giving any attention to the point of fear – and as such I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to give fear value – instead of seeing, realizing, and understanding that fear is worthless – and that fear sucks the life out of me


When and as I fear committing myself to walking a business solution, because I fear, and experience anxiety that something might go wrong, that I will loose control, and that it will be too hard for me; I immediately stop myself, I take a breath, and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize, and understand how I am in this moment sabotaging myself from walking what is here as a business opportunity effectively – and that I am giving into experiences of the mind instead of remaining here with and as my human physical body – and walking what is physical – actual – here; as such I commit myself to remain and stay physical through being here – and simply walking without thinking

When and as I see myself as a little, hopeless, and helpless human being that is simply at the behest of this big bad world-system – I immediately stop myself, I take a breath, and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize, and understand that this idea is merely a point of justification, and excuse for me not to move, learn, and expand myself – because when I am inferior it’s apparently okay for me to not do anything and just remain in my comfort-zone; as such I commit myself to BREATH and to BE HERE with myself and push through my limitations – push through my inferiorities – and expand myself and in-fact get to know and be here with myself as a living force that is able to walk what is required to be walk without fear

When and as I start thinking about risks, uncertainty, and what might happen, and what might not in the future in relation to the business – and think that a employment is much more safe, and secure; I immediately stop myself, I take a breath, and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize, and understand that I am not here in this world to feel safe, or to feel secure, or to live a comfortable life – I mean – I am here to in-fact live a life of substance, meaning, that have a impact, and a effect in this world as what is best for all; as such I commit myself to do what is required to do – to walk the points that must be walked – and to not fear failure, or poverty, or any other form of negative point in this world

When and as I see that I say to myself that “I am not a business person” – in order to justify why I limit myself, and go into fear in relation to having my own business – I immediately stop myself, I take a breath, and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize, and understand that this form of behavior is in-fact a lie – because the truth is that NOBODY is born anything – all points are programmed through repetition and as such I am able to program myself to be and stand as what is required to be done; as such I commit myself to stand up within and as myself – and do what is required to be done; to walk the points necessary to be walked – and to not postpone – to not fear – and to not think but instead walk within oneness and equality HERE with my human physical body

When and as I see that I am defining having my own business as dangerous, fearful, uncertain, and not desirable because it’s apparently unstable – I immediately stop myself, I take a breath and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize, and understand that this fear is not real – because truth of the matter is that if I establish a business that is based upon my own stable consistency, and application – then this will be more stable and rewarding than a employment – simply because I will stand point and I will be the decision maker – and not somebody else above me; as such I commit myself to stop fearing having my own business and instead work with the facts – work with the actualities of having my own business

When and as I see that I fearing to really dive into the point of walking my own business, to really commit myself, and align myself with it – and close all backdoors – I immediately stop myself, I take a breath, and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize, and understand that a house divided against itself can’t stand – meaning – that when I accept and allow any form of backdoor to exist within me – this will compromise my effectiveness, and my commitment in relation to the point; as such I commit myself to unify myself through directing myself within and as common sense – seeing that common sense is the unifying principle of myself wherein there is no need for feelings, or emotions – because I simply see and then I act

When and as I go into worry, and fear that I am going to fail with the business, and that something is going to go wrong – I immediately stop myself, I take a breath, and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize, and understand that in fearing something I am creating that something – thus – the most effective point is to STOP FEAR and to simply WALK – to walk the practicalities – to commit myself to the point and then simply walk and not accept and allow any form of hesitation or “wanting to get out” to exist within me – but to walk uncompromisingly without fear of what might happen, or what might not happen; as such I commit myself to walk this point uncompromisingly and fully – and throw myself out there – and go into this without any fears, or doubts

When and as I see that I am aligning myself with fears instead of facts – that I am looking at my world from a starting point of experience, instead of seeing what is here in-fact; I immediately stop myself, I take a breath, and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize, and understand that fears are not representing reality – thus I will not be effective in directing myself in reality if I listen to and build my life around fears – as such I commit myself to bring myself back here and to walk without fear – without hesitation – and without doubt – and to do what is required to be done without any double-thinking

When and as I justify my fears, and insecurities through thinking that I am not big enough, I am not stable enough, and I am simply not yet ready to walk my own business – I immediately stop myself, I take a breath, and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize, and understand that this is me holding myself back from in-fact living, and directing myself in this life without fear – and that I am capable it’s just that I don’t want to give up on a comfortable life where I can justify my apathy through fear – and through me not being strong enough; as such I commit myself to push through and to walk my life without accepting and allowing my decisions to be dictated by and through fear – but instead dictate my decisions by and through common sense as what is best for all

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No One Would Sell You Anymore Shit In A Equal Money System

If you decide to take a stroll in our current money system, simply leaving your home, placing your one feet in front of the other one, exploring your township while enjoying a refreshing walk – you’ll with almost complete certainty experience and come face to face with one thing; though the requirement is that you walk in a city. This thing that you’ll experience and come face to face with is the following: people will try to sell you shit!

Yes – not only will you during your refreshing walk several times face the situation wherein someone is attempting to sell you something, either through advertisement as pictures, smells, sounds, shapes and forms, or direct selling – but they’ll also try to sell you shit – yes shit. And it’s this fascinating and particular point of shit being sold and auctioned in our current money system that I am going to place focus upon in these writings – because: why is it that we sell each other shit? Why is it that we invent shit products?

Though, obviously, as you buy the product, or become enticed to buy the product as the advertisement flash before your eyes, you don’t know that the product is shit – as the advertisement will make the product seem better than, more awesome, more fantastic than it in-fact is; thus you’ll believe that what you buy is actually cool – only to find it out that it breaks apart some months after the purchase – which is why you with a well rehearsed sigh conclude that the product was in-fact shit.

And even if the product lasts some years and you think that the product is actually good, it’s still less than how good and effective it could have been, if it was in-fact built to be sturdy, of good quality and supportive to man – but products aren’t built to be sturdy, of good quality and supportive to man – no they are built to expire and break – for the simple reason that such a construction creates a higher influx of money. As such you have no way of comparing the shit product you’ve bought, with an actual functional and effective product – as no such product currently exist – as all products that are created in our current money system are in-fact shit. Thus, you’re not able to see and understand what a cool product is, as you’ve never seen one of those ever – as they can’t exist, or be built in our current money system – only shit products are able to be created.

Why do I then say that all products created in our current money system are in-fact shit? It’s due to the simple reason that all products in our current money system are created with the sole intent of creating profit, as such the focus in the development and purpose of the product has not been it’s actual functionality and excellence – but instead how much money it would cost to make, and how much money it would generate back for it’s creators. Thus, no product is created with the intention of actually supporting and assisting man in living a fulfilling and effective life – and as such all products are shit; it’s simple mathematics.

But – there is obviously a solution, there is another way to live and exist, wherein survival would be removed from the life experience of man, wherein profit and greed would be removed from the life experience of man; and such a solution is a system, and this system is the Equal Money System. And in this system all would be supported with the necessities that are required for us to live and thrive, and as such products wouldn’t anymore be created from a starting point of survival – as wanting to make a profit, and calculating cost-factors in fear of spending to much time, and resources – but products would instead be created to assist and support mankind – wherein designs, and creations wouldn’t anymore be limited by the factor of money.

And the products produced wouldn’t be sold, due to the fact that all is available to everyone in an Equal Money System – as such all would be able to receive and have the best products possible, the products that truly would make life enjoyable, and fulfilling – not shit products that break when you just look at them.

Thus – in an Equal Money System we would for the first time experience and have access to in our reality, actual products of worth, relevance and value – and you’d never again have to set your eyes upon, or come face to face with the point of someone trying to sell you shit – as neither shit, nor selling would anymore exist = heaven on earth!

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The Best Quality Products In An Equal Money System

In our capitalistic money system, when you go out to buy yourself a long needed product, it’s not very likely that you’ll in-fact get a good product. With most certainty, unless you do some effective research, you’ll end up with a crap product that will fall apart within only a couple of years.

That is the nature of our current system ­– if you don’t have the know-how – you’re likely to get fucked; because in each and every crevice, alleyway, shop, and megastore – awaits the money grubbing beasts that will create, and produce the most outrageous shit – only for the money; in-fact – if you happen to actually buy a product that fulfills your need effectively – it’s actually luck (impossible?) rather than certainty.

Though, we shouldn’t blame these money grubbing beasts, neither should we see ourselves as apart from them – if we take a self-honest look at ourselves, we can see that we’re also completely and utterly possessed by the desire to gain, and the fear to loose – money. Thus, this system – in which industry workers, technicians, engineers, company leaders, and scientists deliberately produce shit, as planned obsolescence – is a collective, yet individual creation – as we’ve all collectively and individually participated in creating it.

And see – the money grubbing beasts are in-fact not evil, monstrous, or bad – they simply live in order to survive – and a effective way which they’ve found to survive is creating products with a planned expiry date – which has the benefit of creating more cash – as consumers must buy new products more frequently – and as such this ensures the survival of the beasts.

And in this system – you must be immoral to survive – you must be immoral to get by – you must sell your soul to the bank – and prostitute yourself to your employer – that is how you earn money in this reality – through deception, betrayal and manipulation; look at all commercial – it’s manipulation – look at coca cola bottles – they are deliberately modeled to mimic the shape of a woman – to have male customers buy more of them, as they unconsciously become aroused watching the bottles. It’s all deception!

So – when you go out to but this much needed product, that you’ve looked forward to purchasing – you enter a world of deception – where nice pictures and stories will be told about all the possible products that are at your disposal to buy – all of them with certainty are lies. The hamburger you buy in McDonalds – never looks as the hamburger you see in the commercials – the perfect and glimmering hair you see on the shampoo commercials – which supposedly is the creation of the shampoo shown – never ever, even remotely, gives your hair that same look – why? Because we live in a world of deception – where deception has even become accepted and acknowledged as a normal way to live, as nearly all human beings know that commercial is in-fact fake, though see it as “a part of life”.

Thus – in today’s reality, the product you take with home, after your days visit at the megastore – is with 99% certainty, completely crap – and it will not function properly, and after a short amount of time it will fall apart. This is the nature of capitalism – wherein real (e)quality isn’t valued – which has the consequence that the resources of the earth are over-used, and consummated to the brink of non-existence – all because we want to make as much money as possible.

Though, money is – as we will be forced to realize – not the actual resource of this world – the real resources of this world are those we’re busy disregarding through our delusional trust in and addiction too money.

So – let’s leave the gloom and doom of our current capitalistic system right there – because now we’re going to look at the SOLUTION – yes – there is in-fact a solution.

In applying this solution – the over all use in the world of natural resources would decrease with as much as 90% – the reason being the resources wouldn’t anymore be wasted upon creating multitudes of products, with a deliberately compromised quality, and a planned expiry date – instead real products, made with care, consideration and regard would be created. Products of actual quality, made with real love – by a worker who’s intention it is to in-fact support his neighbor to make his life more fulfilled – not created due to fear, survival and greed – but created from the starting point of giving to another as one would like to receive.

The solution is called – An Equal Money System – which is a system where all will be supported to live a fulfilled and respectable life – wherein you’d be able to go out and get yourself a product – and there wouldn’t be any uncertainty as to choosing brand, size, attributes or quality– as there would only be one design of the product – the one that is the best – the product that is in the image and likeness of perfection – the product that will be there with you till death do you part – that is the product you would see in the shelf’s, and that you would then take with you home; because in an Equal Money System – profit wouldn’t anymore be a motive, as all would have enough to survive – survival wouldn’t anymore be a motive, as all would have enough to survive – instead self-perfection would be the motivation for all to live – and all the products made would reflect this intent and movement of willing, and pushing oneself to be the best that one can possibly be.

As such – in an equal money system there would be no more shit products – only products that are the best – the finest – an expression of the utmost excellence, care, dedication, and commitment – a work of art in-fact.

Don’t wait for this piece of art anymore – become a part of the solution today!