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Day 478: The Social Dilemma

I am in the process of watching the documentary “The Social Dilemma” and it has opened up some interesting points.

The documentary covers social media and how social media companies have become extremely successful due to being able to market products specifically because they have access to enormous amounts of data that shows what stimulates the users. And when you know what stimulates people, you will be able to market effectively and specifically and target the people most likely to act on your advertisement.

This has always been the case with marketing – it utilizes our weakness to stimulate us into action. With social media this manipulation has become more extreme and to the point of causing far reaching polarization in society, because with social media, everyone is able to create their own version of the truth, and they are also able to cable out their truth into the eter.

The deeper problem is the same as always, greed, the search for profit and the lack of integrity in business ventures. Capitalists do not have integrity, they only care about the profit, and thus social media is designed to get the most out of their users, sending them all kinds of information to make one thing certain: that you spend the most amount of time on the media possible. Thus, what could and can still be a great tool for people to connect, share themselves and their lives, learn more about other cultures, has now become a tool for making money, without no consideration given to the consequences that this might create in the lives of those who use social media.

The way I see it, this must unfortunately play out – people must learn to direct themselves and learn about their weaknesses so that they are able to stop being controlled by their stimulus points. Things are just going to get crazier, and crazier until we get to the point where people start to understand that, if I just follow whatever is presented to me without considering, without doing the maths, then I am going to be mislead – because everything in this world is designed to mislead. The very essence of capitalism is deception and misleading – where a desire is manufactured to create revenue. All of us survived 200 years ago. Yet how many of the products we have today existed back then? Not many – yet still – most of the products that are around today are marketed as needs – when the fact is that they are desires – created to draw money from you into the pockets of someone else.

We have to change the way we function. If we do, business will follow suite. All business are in the end dependent upon humans, both as workers and as consumers to function – and if we decide to stop our participation – that business is going to fall. As such, capitalism is also but a reflection of how we exist on the inside – we are at the moment without principles just tagging along with whatever stimulating package of information that is served to us. When we learn to direct these stimuluses and instead move ourselves to create what is supportive and good for us and everyone else – then we are going to see lasting changes appear in society and the world as a whole.

Day 445: Stand Still and Time for Reflection

Lately part of my life has been circling around the Corona virus and in particular the effects it has had on society and on myself on a personal level. For me this virus shows us people just how vulnerable and connected with the rest of the world we are. We cannot pretend that we are all powerful creatures and that we can do whatever we want believing there will not be any consequences. It is clear that earth is changing, nature is changing, there are now clear effects that flows from our actions and inactions.

The virus pandemic is in part caused due to our destructive behavior towards nature, where we constantly grab more land to be inserted into our economy, leaving none for the wild animals and plants that are needed in this world to keep stability and equilibrium. It is specific that the virus jumped from a wild animal to a human. It was a way for the virus to survive when its own natural habitat became threatened. And now, it has all the habitat it needs, as it has free access and roam to the entire human population.

We really need to stop this notion that things just happen, that virus infections just starts to spread. Everything is specific and this virus tells us that we need to have a look at ourselves. As human beings we have a role as custodians to fulfill on this earth, we could step into the responsibility and commitment to take care of earth and the animal kingdom, yet, we simply have not been able to consider anything else but our own survival and expansion. Thus, that is what we will experience, that will be our consequence. Now we get to experience how it is when a virus, set on its own survival, will duplicate and spread itself, and kill, in order to remain alive. How does that feel? That is what nature and the animal kingdom has to go through every day because of our desire to expand and have more, and more.

Our system has stopped for a moment, markets have crashed, and people look at it as an enormous tragedy. However, is it really that? Have we actually lost something of value? This entire system is not good for anybody. It does not serve life, it does not serve what is best, and there has never been any real passion and drive to create a better world for everyone. Thus, as I see it, we have lost nothing of value. In-fact, this virus has inspired people to become self-sacrificing and benevolent. Politicians are rushing to take economic actions that will save the ecosystem of their countries. People are trying their best to support one another to make it through the crisis and nature is replenishing herself because the meat grind of capitalism has finally halted. Those are good things. Finally some changes are being forced unto humanity.

If we want a stable world for our children, we need to change ourselves, and we need to change our system. Pandemics like the Corona virus will continue to spread and become increasingly hostile unless we do something. The solution is that we take responsibility and step into our creative potential – and decide to make this world BEST FOR ALL instead of just a pleasurable place for a few lucky individuals that happen to have all the money. We need equal money for all, we need a basic income, we need economic changes that put an end to this holocaust, where people and nature becomes the prey of greed.

Day 431: Jumping Off The Stress-Train

I have been working with anxiety/fear/projections last week. I have realized that the key to stopping anxiety/fear/projections is to stop the train of thought and bring it back here. The emotions need thoughts to become fired up – they need some image or vision of something going to shit – and by not going there – the emotions remain small and easy to direct.

The solution is simple – the application can be tough – because it is easy to go into that train of thought and the justification is usually that it is somehow needed for me to protect/prepare myself. However – that is the illusion – that feeling of need – because there is really no need to think of anything – it does not make things better or worse. Thinking about things just perpetuates a state of feeling. For example – if I have a test I need to prepare for – thinking about the test will perpetuate a state of stress/tension and it will not increase my chances of passing the exam. The only thing that will increase my chances of that is actually sitting down and studying. And that action is not itself associated with anxiety/tension – it is simply what it is – sitting down and studying.

The same goes with the test – it is what it is – me sitting down doing a test. Though when we think about it – that is when the demons start coming out of the woodwork. Suddenly the test seems to be too big, and there seems to be a grave shortage of time. What to do, what to do? The stress starts seeping into every cell of the body and corrupts every moment with a foggy state of being half alive and half zombie. That is no way to live – that is survival – and why even be here if it is only to survive? We are meant to be and do more than that. Life is about exploration, experience, expansion and movement – it is about finding out what we are all about and the difference we can make. And to get into that zone of expression – we must drop the thinking – it is only holding us back.

I have understood that in order to stop feeding the stress-demon – I must be consistent in my STOP-application. The train of thoughts leading me down into the rabbit hole will move again and again – and each of them will try to lure me away on a small trip to stress-land. Each train will have its own unique attraction – something that creates that desire to jump on and find out where it is going. When that desire arise, that is the moment to step in, take a breath, and hold the reigns. Because if I go into that desire, I will start feeding the monster – and soon enough – I will yet again be engulfed in an experience and not able to live and experience each waking moment with the presence and clarity that it deserves.

The interesting thing about stress is that we believe we need it. We have created this idea that we need competition, we need to fight for our survival, struggle, or exist in austerity and lack in order to get going – and hence – we created capitalism in our image and likeness. Capitalism which is the very essence of the struggle to survive and the glorification of the winner at the peril of the loser. And we believe that we get some many fantastic things out of capitalism; advances in technology, creature comforts, more and better food – though what is growing inside of everyone is the tension/anxiety/fear – the understanding that in a capitalistic world no one really matters.

We do not need stress or fear to create awesome things. We do not need these demons to push us forward – we can do that by ourselves. All we need is our common sense – and our body will take care of the movement. Thus – I will continue to embrace and live a life-oriented living where I focus on the creation and enjoyment of living instead of living with fear/stress.

Day 408: Give and You Will Receive

I am oftentimes surprised seeing how much motivation, drive, ambition and devotion money can conjure. The moment we have an opportunity to make money, we become different. And it is also fascinating to see the way priority shifts the instance money is involved. Then we do not think twice about putting in the hours, the effort and the work. This is why capitalism appears to work and why we have concluded that it is enough and sufficient to build a society on the basis of greed. However, there is one massive problem with capitalism – it effectively shuts down any attempt at creating what is best for ALL life – because that is not economical. The very foundation of capitalism is that only one is able to win. It is about grabbing resources and transforming these into money – regardless of the consequences. In capitalism, consequences does not matter, only money measures level of success.

And thus, when information is shared, that people lack food, housing, proper sanitation, and medical care, this seldom arouses any interest in the majority of people. And that is because there is no money to be made. It is problematic that money has become our prime motivator. It is such a limited motivator. We value our effort, our progress, our successes and failures in money, however building a functional society is about much more than earning more money. For example, investing a lot of energy, effort and money in supporting the poor, and the least empowered members of society, that will initially be seen as a waste of money – however on a humanitarian level, and also, seen in a greater perspective, such an investment will bring about harmony, balance and a greater level of support between people. Somehow though, this seems to elude us, and instead we measure success with money and with very, very short time frames.

The people that support capitalism and that wants to further its domination are the same people that have managed to acquire a level of wealth and power. These also tend to be the same people that want to use more police, security and harder punishments to quell crime, and use threats and excommunications to solve homelessness, drug abuse and other socioeconomic disorders. These people also tend to become utterly surprised and dismayed when they themselves or their world comes into contact with the brute chaos caused by economic disparity – and blame the people causing this rift in their life. However – what is missed is that the world – society – is one unit. If only one individual is winning, that is going to cause a loss elsewhere in the system – and that loss is going to impact the effectiveness of the system as a whole. Hence – what we miss is the ability to look at the wholeness of the system – and see the cause and effect of our actions or inaction. And one of the most understated causes of suffering in this world is socioeconomic dis-empowerment.

The lack of money and the imbalance of money that is created by capitalism is the source of many, many problems, that could be avoided, if we would employ a more benevolent way of sharing our monies. In my own country of origin, we have successfully for many years managed to balance much of the income inequalities and invest in projects meant the strengthen the poor. It created a empowered middle class and a enormous leap in terms of the welfare of the greater population. I would say that to some extent we managed to create a sense of safety for the average human being – a sense that he or she would be taken care of if the worst would happen. Those days might be gone, however, the vision, and the documentation of what was created, that still exists, and that is able to be reproduced.

Investments in the poor looks like is misunderstood as a waste of money for the rich, however, it is an investment in society as a whole – and when society does great – we do great as individuals – that is the truth that must be accepted for us to be able to advance. If we would live in a world with empowered, educated, strong and self-willed people, with integrity, we would have a different world. For that to come to pass, we must rethink the way we distribute our incomes. Everyone must be allowed to come aboard the ship.


Day 39: Let Capitalism Become Really “BIG” (Basic Income Guarantee)

This blog will be dedicated to investigating the widely known economic ideology of capitalism – an ideology that has both been cheered, and slandered for several decades. I will look at what the problem is with capitalism, what possible solutions there are, and what rewards there will be for taking these solutions into practical action.

But first – what is capitalism?

Wikipedia gives capitalism the following definition:

Capitalism is an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital assets and goods. In a capitalist economy, investors are free to buy, sell, produce, and distribute goods and services with at most limited government control, at prices determined primarily by a competition for profit in a free market. Central elements of capitalism include capital accumulation, competitive markets, and a price system.

Thus – capitalist is an idea based upon the notion that the capital should be able to decide for itself where it is to be placed – based upon the premise that when capital is allowed to move freely – it will naturally re-locate to places where it is in greatest demand as this will produce the biggest amount of profit and thus produce the biggest amount of benefit for the people.


The absolutely biggest problem with capitalism is that competition does not work as an effective motivator for human beings to create benefit for society – though this is the general idea. It’s thought that competition between businesses, and companies will bring forth the most effective products, and the most ingenious inventions – the reality of the matter though is a completely different story.

The competition that is the basis of capitalism doesn’t occur in a supportive, and effective manner – because it’s not the skill of business, or the quality of their products that are competing – no – it’s each business ability to make profit and earn money that is pitted against each other. Fascinatingly enough being able to make lot’s of money is not at all related to whether you’re in-fact supplying an effective product or service – it’s instead based upon one’s effectiveness to manipulate the human mind to a state of decision to buy – and the most successful businesses have developed extremely intricate way’s of ensure that they gain control over the human being’s buying button.

Consider for example the company coca-cola – obviously the beverage the coca cola makes isn’t effective for the human body at all. It’s simply massive amounts of salt, and sugar mixed together which is in-fact directly harmful to the body – yet still the coca-cola company is one of the most successful businesses in this world – I wonder why?

Branded-BabyThe reason why is simple – coca-cola have branded themselves effectively, and they’ve created their beverage to be addictive – which in other words means that they’ve manipulated human beings to experience a need to buy the coke without there in-fact being such a need – creating this experience of a need through effective advertising utilizing sex, positive imagery, and other type of stimuli that support the human’s desire to buy; as such – coca cola is the perfect example of how the competition for profit doesn’t produce more effective products, or more effective companies – but instead criminals that will do whatever it takes to win, and defeat the competition and earn that extra buck.

There are lots of similar examples – companies producing products that on a closer look are completely worthless yet designed in such a way as to manipulate the human being into buying them as such allowing the company to make a killing.

It’s fascinating that capitalism by many are considered, and revered as an effective ideology for the creation of new concepts, inventions, and products – but really – all capitalism have served to create have been more, and more effective ways to make profits – which have not included any regard for the development of more effective products – instead cheaper products, cheaper labor power, cheaper manufacturing, and more effective advertising – all to make sure that the product that is sold has been created in such a way that it brings the ultimate amount of profit to the company.

For society capitalism have been directly harmful – because there has been so many products, and so many business ventures that by design have been malicious – that still have been sold, and promoted in society and been able to establish themselves – even though the cost of this have been many human lives. I mean – consider the fact that medical companies have knowingly sold hazardous “medicine” – obviously this hasn’t been because they wanted to produce the most effective medicine – it’s been because they wanted to make profit and to attain this purpose it didn’t matter that a few would have to sacrifice their lives.

So – this is the greatest, and most obnoxious flaw with capitalism – it’s complete dedication to the destructive competition of whom will get the most money.


What is the solution?

Well – competition for money is the problem, and this problem is largely based upon the fact that we really do have to earn money in today’s world else we will not be able to survive. This serves to drive the competition, and concurrence for money – which in turn force companies to become even more focused on their profit as attaining more, and more money – at the cost of the public good. Thus – through establishing a basic income grant – an unconditional and sufficient income for each human being to live an effective and fulfilling life – much of the drive for money that lies at the root of entrepreneurship today, will be gone – and as such we will be able to see companies taking form that do not have the ultimate purpose of making more money, but instead have the purpose creating of products, and giving services that are effective, worthwhile – and desirable, and practical to own.

I mean – the if one take the essence of the idea of capitalism – which is that capital is to naturally move to the point where it services the greatest benefit for the whole – because the best product will naturally be in demand the most, and thus be the most lucrative point to invest one’s money into – it can be concluded that this idea could be used in order to bring through benefit for the people – and generate value for the public good – what must be removed from capitalism is the point of psychological manipulation that today is used in order to manufacture demand. I mean – demand shouldn’t be allowed to be manufactured through manipulative advertisement but instead the product, or service in itself – as what it in-fact represents should be the only advertisement allowed. If capitalism is directed in such a way – it will mean that only the best products, and the best services – as those products and services that are in the highest demand – will receive most capital, as the most investments – and thus this product will be able to be even more effectively fine-tuned to be a product that is truly worthwhile.


The rewards of changing capitalism – to not anymore allow the manufacturing of consent, as the manufacturing of public opinion – through manipulative ads the utilize sex, jealousy, comparison, and desire in order to generate sales – will be that the products that we as a humanity really need, and that are really useful – will be in every home.

Another point that must also change – is that the profit a company makes must not be based upon abusing labor to lower prices – the competition can’t be allowed to take place on such a shallow level as who makes the cheapest product – instead the best product regardless of it’s price should be the product that get’s attention and that is delivered to humanity as a whole. The problem here is that most of humanity do not have sufficient with money to invest in the best products because they are forced into poverty due to place of birth – such as what economic ability the family have, or the country that the child is born into. This will be corrected through implementing, and giving to all a basic income guarantee – this will allow all the ability to consume the goods that is best and not anymore will there be the need to look for the cheapest, and least valuable goods.

The reward here is that wage-slavery will end – because now labor will be given the value it deserves as products are priced correctly according to the amount of effort, and time that went into actually creating, and developing the product – this will mean more money in society – and as such more consumption – allowing even more capital to flow in the world system and be assigned to the corporations and companies that do produce the most effective products, and give the most effective services. Over-all we’ll due to this end up with a society that is highly advanced with products, and services that are durable, well thought through, and effective – which assists and supports humanity as a whole to reach, and align themselves with and as their ultimate potential of being the best that they can be.

Within this it’s fascinating to see that – even though capitalism have been so harshly criticized through-out the years as the evil spawn that is directly responsible for the state within which the earth, and humanity as a whole finds itself in today – capitalism could be changed to be a supportive ideology, as a natural way of public voting through purchasing-power, wherein the best products, and the most effective companies get’s the most votes, as money – and are as such supported to prosper, and grow. A outflow of this will be that for those people that truly have a product that they see is effective and that they want to give to humanity – and at the same time earn money – they will be able to do so and their product will get the money it deserves; and not anymore will ineffective products be allowed on the market, and remain there only because of immoral psychological manipulation. Within this the economy as a whole will become more substantial, and actually produce substantial value that is of benefit for all life on earth.

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CapitalismWikipedia: Capitalism is an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital assets and goods.

Day 28: Communism – Problem/Solution/Reward

Today I’m going to have a look at communism – to see what the problem is with communism, what are the solutions, and what are the rewards for living such solutions.

What is then communism? Here is a definition taken from Wikipedia:

(from Latin communis – common, universal) is a revolutionary socialist movement to create a classless, moneyless and stateless social order structured upon common ownership of the means of production, as well as a social, political and economic ideology that aims at the establishment of this social order. This movement, in its Marxist–Leninist interpretations, significantly influenced the history of the 20th century, which saw intense rivalry between the “socialist world” (socialist states ruled by communist parties) and the “Western world” (countries with capitalist economies).


The main point with communism is to give property to everyone – so that there is no more private property but only common property – which is a very cool idea because it implies the end of poverty, the end of abuse – and in a sense equality between all men – because everyone have what everyone else have – thus the whole is considered – the collective – and the individual is a part of the whole and doesn’t live at the expense of the whole

in-theory-communism-works_-_redThe issue with communism is thus not the ideology behind it – the problem with communism is it’s lack of understanding, and insight into the function of human nature. We’ve already through the wake of history seen several countries decide to base their political system on communism – though – in none of these countries have emerged any form of equality – instead the systems have developed into hierarchical systems based upon violence, coercion, fear, and greed – where no more have people received power through the money that they accumulate but instead by which position they’re able to acquire in the governmental system.

A cool movie that reveals how this hierarchical system functioned in East Germany before the fall of the Berlin wall is the lives of others.

What this movie shows is how people that have acquired strong positions in the communistic party abuse their power for their own self-interest, and gain – they use the mechanisms of the system – such as prison, police, military, etc. in order to make sure that their life is the best life – and within this the communistic ideology and it’s principles are no-where to be seen – people merely call themselves communist but in no way actually live the principles, and thoughts that communism as the ideology is based upon.

The problem with communism is that it’s based upon the assumption that the system is able to change without humans changing – this is a rudimentary misunderstanding – because our current system is the sum total of all human beings in this world – thus – our world will not be better than the how we as humanity as a whole live – and as such it’s impossible to implement communism and believe that it will work as it’s supposed to work without first re-educating – and showing all human beings what it means, and how it’s done – to live the principles of communism in day-to-day living.

This is why – in order to change our current system into a system that is best for all – we require re-education on a massive scale – and what we need to learn is not fancy knowledge of science, and philosophy – we need to learn how to care for each other, and how to consider one another – that is the basic knowledge that should’ve been taught and expected of everyone to live – yet that has been completely missed in our world – and the consequence is that what-ever ideology we’ve tried to manifest, and no matter how much we’ve tried to change our external reality – it’s all remained the same – a hierarchical system of abuse, and misuse of power – where it’s always been a few that gotten into a position of control over the many – and that have then abused this position completely for their own benefits.


In order to change this we first require to start with ourselves – and what we need to ask ourselves is – where is it that I am not considering others? Where is it that I am not living communism – meaning – giving to another as I’d like to receive – and treating another as I’d like to be treated? Where is it within me, and my world that I live as a cold-hearted dictator – abusing others for my own pleasure? Where is it that I let my self-interest make decisions for me – instead me making a decision within common sense?

As such – what we first must do is deconstruct the origin-point of the failure of this world-system to produce any form of comfort, and safety for humanity as a whole – which is ourselves – and we must within brutal self-honesty reveal how we’re within our thoughts, within our actions, within our presence – creating this world to exist as it does – repeating our failures, and mistakes – day by day – without standing up and stating that – enough is enough – I will myself to change – and become a better me.

Thus – one could say that – what is missed in communism is the SELF; in communism – focus is given to the commune – on that which is shared – on that which is our external reality – but not focus is given to self – and what goes on in secret – in self’s thoughts – in the backchat of the mind – in the fantasies that come up – and the thoughts that are hidden deep down in the crevices of self – that nobody but self knows about – that is what we require to deal with – and as such – to successfully implement communism – we require to combine communism with self-education, self-introspection – and self-change – because only in changing our starting point living – from ME, ME, ME – to WE – will we be able to start considering the commune – the society – and the people that are around us – and this self-change must be done by each individual themselves – by their directive will – by their decision – and it can’t be forced – and as such – communism as an idea can’t be forced unto this world, and this reality and be expected to function perfectly as we thought it to function in our minds – because we must consider what, and how we are as human-beings – and take it from there.

The solution is thus to – first walk self-change – and change the me to the we – and then begin to walk, and implement external change – one and equal – self change within and accordingly the external reality change without; as above so below – as within so without – one can’t exist without the other.


The reward for changing self – and creating a world where there is no more hierarchy – where there is no more people that abuse power – and that seek to be more than others – is that we’ll finally be able to live in peace, and have a stable reality. We will not anymore have genocides, and crazy dictators becoming possessed with greed, and paranoia – deciding to execute half of the inhabitants in the country which they rule; we will have a world without fear – where we can plan our futures, and then live according to our plans – because there will be real stability.

We will be able to count on our countrymen to consider us and treat us with respect, and care – and as such we won’t anymore be afraid of us becoming stabbed in the back – and betrayed – and not anymore will competition exist between people – and not anymore will someone be seen as more important than another – and be considered a leader while the others becomes considered as a slaves – we’ll in-fact ALL be equal – when we live that respect within ourselves – and manifest that respect towards life in our actions – in our words – and become it so completely that there is no more self-interest – only the WE – because we understand that we are not separate from the whole – and that there is really no ME – because no man is an island – we’re all interconnected – and all dependent upon each other to live fulfilling and enjoyable life’s.

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The Justice of Money


The law is often portrayed in the symbolism of a woman that is holding a scale in one hand, a sword in the other, and her eyes is covered with a cloth – this symbol is commonly referred to as Lady Justice. The meaning of this symbol – that by the way represents the legal system – is that justice is blind – which would then imply that the law does not place any sort of value unto the person that uses the law to make themselves heard – this person can be of any cultural heritage, rich or poor – this would not matter because apparently the law treats everyone the same.

This idea sounds cool – because I mean – if everyone could use the law in order to make themselves heard – and the law would treat everyone equally – this would mean that people that do not really have any financial muscle could stand up and challenge organizations, corporations, rich people, or governments – when these people find themselves in a weak spot wherein they are abused and not considered as an equally valuable part of society.

But is this how it works? Does the Law treat everyone Equally?

Obviously – the answer is NO – and as such the symbolism of lady Justice is a complete and utter lie – because the law is not about equality – it’s about financial muscle – and it’s about the game of money wherein money is king – and money will buy you the result that you desire.

Consider the following – you’re a poor farmer – and you’ve bought a shit-load of seeds from a big supplier (a big corporation with lot’s of money) – as you plant these you notice that – fuck! – these seeds doesn’t seem to grow at all!

Naturally you as a farmer that is dependent upon your seeds growing up to become vegetables – become quite upset as you see what is unfolding (or rather not unfolding) before your eyes and you accordingly decide to – “sue those fuckers!” – now here the question comes into play – would you as this farmer actually be able to win such a law-suit – and what would be required for you to win a law-suit?

Well – obviously – because you as the farmer are a farmer – and have accordingly spent the majority of your life farming – consequentially you know and care – “nothing about the got-damn laws, and lawyers!” – which in turn means that you must invest in a Lawyer that knows the law – that knows how the justice-system functions – in order for you to have any form of success in a legal process – and this obviously costs – a shit-load of money.

Already at this stage you as a farmer is at a rather precarious position in relation to the corporation – because as you take a big loan to be able to afford a lawyer – the corporation use it’s money that have been specifically put aside to covering the costs of eventual legal processes – in order to hire 15 lawyers – obviously lawyers that are the absolutely best and that are able to persuade even the most resistant and stern judge that a murder should be more seen and defined like a quite upsetting insult.

So – what can be clearly seen in this example is that – the justice-system is NOT equal – the justice-system does not in-fact promote JUSTICE – it promotes what money dictates that it should promote.

In the case of you as the farmer – as you now see this massive array of lawyers amass on your opponents side – suddenly – the chances of your success might feel more distant – and maybe you will at this point begin to think about the consequences of an eventual loss wherein in the court would judge in your disfavor – because this would mean that you would have pay for ALL THOSE superbly expensive lawyers that you’re opponent as the corporation have decided to hire.

So – here we can really question whether there really is any form of chance for you as this farmer to actually be able to win a lawsuit against a big corporation?

And also within this – we should ask ourselves the question – is this how we want our legal system to function? Do we want justice in this world to be measured and defined by the amount of money that you’re able to amass?

Obviously – this is not what we want to have – not any SANE human-being want justice and morality to be in the hands of money – as that is simply psychopathic – because justice and morality are and should be expressions of honoring life – as what is best for all – in actually looking at what is FAIR – what is CORRECT – and what is BEST – and then from there making a decision – which is NOT possible in our current and money-based legal-system – because money isn’t FAIR – money is simply money and those that have it are not fair but simply want to have more of it at any cost.


What is then the solution? How are we able to give everyone a voice to be heard – so that the farmer is able to grow his crops – and he’s able to do his thing – and make money and take care of his family?

Obviously – we require to change how money is allocated in this world – and we have to make sure that no one person or organization has money to control basic necessities – and human rights – because food, water, and a home – that is HUMAN RIGHTS and should be given to everyone – unconditionally.

As such – the solution doesn’t lie in re-creating our justice-system – but the solution lie in re-creating our money system – in making sure that money is given to all equally – and that when disputes arise between human-beings in terms of how to share the resources that are here on earth – that this is sorted out through a democratic process – that is ruled not by considerations of money – but by considerations of what is BEST FOR ALL.


What would the reward be? Well – no more would anyone have to fear that their very life and existence would be uprooted and turned around – and within this that they wouldn’t have any form of chance or capability to change the turn of events – and instead each one would feel, and experience themselves safe – in knowing that – there is really JUSTICE – FAIRNESS and MORALITY in this world – and that I will not be able to become a victim to a money-driven legal system – and used as a dirty old rag – and thrown away after all my money has been sucked out of me – I would really and in-fact be protected – and I would know that regardless of what happens to me – I will be cared for and treated as an equal.

What Is a Corporation And Why Is It So Murderous?

I’ve recently started a new class at my university and it’s about corporate law, and so far I’ve found this extremely fascinating – and the reason for this is because the very origin, and essence as to the psychopathic corporations that act without mercy, and consideration – for one purpose only – PROFIT – is regulated and formed in the corporate law. It’s in-fact in the corporate law where it’s stipulated that the MAIN PURPOSE of the corporation is to generate profit for it’s shareholders. So, in this blog-post I am going to walk you through the very basics of corporate law – to as such show that the idea, and belief that the corporation is somehow to blame for the problems of our world – and the “evil CEO” – is in-fact false – because the problem doesn’t lie within the corporation, or the CEO – these are merely mental idea of agreement that have been designed and imprinted with symbolism of greed, which can be seen in the corporate law.

Firstly – I will explain exactly what a corporation is and how it functions. Now – in order to understand how the corporation came to be what it is today it’s of benefit to look back into history – and see why the corporation was first born. As such – the birthplace of the corporation was in the wake of the industrial revolution, as it was realized that a massive infrastructure of railways would really benefit the productivity of the newly created industries. But as you can imagine railways are no cheap thing – and obviously at that time there was no single man that wanted to stand the risk of such a massive investment. Accordingly came the idea of the “joint venture” – meaning that – several investors decided to join together with their treasures to as such pave the way for the railways. Yet, there was still one problem – what if the railways didn’t bring any returns? Would then these courageous investors be completely ransacked by bankers, and other debtors claiming back their money? That could obviously not happen – and as such the corporation was formed – and it was designed as a “legal entity” – and would as such be responsible for all the debts and the shareholders of this legal entity – would as such not have to be personally responsible if their business venture would completely go of rails. The “investors” would as such not have to loose their home, wife, and mule only because their business went to shit – they would be spared and the legal entity (the corporation) would instead take the hits; which wasn’t as serious to the legal entity because it wasn’t a flesh and blood being and didn’t require a home, a wife, or a mule.

Thus – the first railways where built and they were a great success – and much money made – and within all of this the corporation had been created. And it differed in two major ways in comparison to other business forms that had existed in the past – it didn’t consist of a real person as it was a legal entity, and it’s owners didn’t have to worry about financial failure – because the corporation would be responsible for any debts, and fiscal disasters.

So – to explain the organization of a corporation – it functions as follows – the owners of a corporation are it’s “share-holders” – it’s these person that put most of the cash into the corporation that make it “come alive” – when they buy their shares in the corpus (it’s almost like Frankenstein receiving electricity). These owners though do not personally direct the corporation – because that is what the board of directors does, though they answers under the shareholders. The board of directors though do not control the daily movement and direction of the corporation, because that is what the CEO do – and the CEO answers under the board of directors, that in turn answer under the shareholders. So, here we can see a fascinating thing – that the ownership of the corporation is split from the control of the property – because the shareholders own the corporation yet it’s not them that in-fact move, and control the corporation.

And this is the very essence of the problem as to why the corporation has become such a all consuming monster in our world – that rebukes any notion of morality in order to further it’s profits. Because what have the shareholders instructed their corporation – with it’s built-in brain as the board of directors, and the arms, and legs as the CEO? Well – they’ve told this corpus to MAKE PROFIT! GET ME SOME RETURNS ON MY STOCK! And what will the CEO, and board of directors do? Well – they want to keep their jobs, and preferably become even more lucrative on the job-market – so they will MAKE MONEY – and lots of it! Regardless of the consequences, because hey – they are only doing their job!

As such – we have the roles in a corporation set up as such that the owners of the corporation doesn’t really know, or care about what the corporation do, as long as it gives them returns on their stock – because the corporation will have to take all the shit if something goes wrong.

So – the very reason as to why CEO’s and board of directors, and corporations – are in essence complete psychopathic maniacs in terms of the decisions that they make – are because this is what they are instructed to do by their shareholders. And who’s the shareholders? Well – that’s you and me – the normal persons – the people that have their pensions stored away in some type of economical format – maybe some type of a stock in a profitable company? And as such – the terror of corporations if brought unto the world by you and me – without us really understanding how our decision to buy stock that we want to make money from – in-fact influence and create the world we know in which corporations acts without mercy and regard for life.

We have created the corporation – and it’s regulated in our law that the main purpose of the corporation is to profit; how can we then in anyway blame the corporations for destroying our world? I mean – we have created them! The corporation is but a dead carcass – a corpus – that we’ve fueled with our money and sent on a rampage in this world to make even more money. As such – no one can stop the corporations – because the corporations are driven by our laws, and are created through political decisions – and funded by the normal guy that saves his pension in some type of a stuck; as such no activism in the world will stop this beast as the corporation – because the corporation is us in-fact.

Thus – see, realize and understand that the corporation isn’t bad – it’s only received a dysfunctional instruction – instead of writing in the law that the corporations main purpose is to make profit – we could instead write that the main purpose of the corporation is to serve all life on the planet – what a different world we would have then! As CEO’s and boards of directors would suddenly shift their attention – form trying to emulate profit – to instead emulating life – and a supportive environment for all.

See – the corporations are only a consequence of our own nature – and can as such only change when we change the instructions of ourselves, and accordingly how we instruct the extensions of ourselves – as in this case – the corporation.

A better world is possible – check out Equal Money and See how – and stay tuned for more fascinating insights into the secretive and mostly unknown world of Law.

Banning Alcohol To Create A World Of Excellence

In this blog I will discuss alcohol – and how the current usage, and application of alcohol in this world leads to massive problems – and massive suffering. I will then discuss what are the solutions available in order to correct this problem – and lastly what will be the reward – both on an individual, and on a global level – when we correct the problems that have resulted from the usage of alcohol.


Social problems that originates from alcohol consumption – the source is Alcohol and its social consequences – the forgotten dimension, by Harald Klingemann, World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe 2001:

a) Rapes: “A large proportion of unwanted sexual advances are mediated by alcohol.”

b) Domestic violence: “Alcohol and domestic violence are linked to spouse/partner and family structures. The size of the problem is often underestimated. Legal and cultural limits bar access to the private or domestic sphere, even if the physical and psychological wellbeing of women is at stake, and victims are reluctant to report this covert violence. Alcohol plays a major role here.”

“The partners of alcohol abusers also pay a heavy price. They are at serious risk of violence, since marital violence is clearly more common with problem drinking.”

c) Child abuse: “Children are the most severely affected, since they can do little to protect themselves from the direct or indirect consequences of parental drinking. Some have already been severely and permanently scarred, even before they are exposed to parental behavior. At least one child in 3000 in western countries (Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States) is born with fetal alcohol syndrome, and there is a tenfold higher incidence of disorders related to direct exposure to alcohol during gestation. Parental drinking can thus seriously harm a child’s development, although its modes of action have only been partially elucidated. In particular, abuse, neglect, isolation and insecurity or inconsistent parental behavior and demands are much more common in the families of alcohol abusers than in others.”

d) Employment: “Although alcohol consumption does not contribute to any large proportion of the total production losses from work absenteeism, it is well established that alcohol dependent people and heavy drinkers have more sick-leave days than other employees and thus cost their employers considerable amounts”

“There is empirical evidence illustrating the damage which alcohol consumption inflicts on working relations and career opportunities. Numerous workplace problems, including sexual and other forms of harassment, are linked with use of alcohol and other drugs. There is empirical evidence illustrating the damage which alcohol consumption inflicts on working relations and career opportunities. Numerous workplace problems, including sexual and other forms of harassment, are linked with use of alcohol and other drugs.”

e) Violence, accidents, and suicides: “Many of those involved in accidents, self-inflicted injury or violence had been drinking – more often, it seems, as victims of violence (some 40–65% of whom had been drinking) than of various types of accident (some 20–30%).

Also, some 20–50% of people who commit suicide or attempted suicide were intoxicated at the time or known to be heavy drinkers. Particularly with regard to violence involving two or more parties, in 40–80% of cases the offender had been drinking.”

f) Public order: “It is clear, however, from a large body of research evidence that the threats which alcohol presents to public order and safety are actual, not merely socially or culturally perceived, constructed or defined.”

g) Crime: “Without question, alcohol plays a major role in crime, especially in crimes of violence. In international comparisons, the category of assaults and homicides is that with the highest level of alcohol involvement, ranging between 35% (Canada) and 85% (Sweden).”

Medical problems that originates from alcohol consumption – the source is Centers for disease control and prevention:

a) Pregnancy: “Miscarriage and stillbirth among pregnant women, and a combination of physical and mental birth defects among children that last throughout life.”

b) Poisoning: “Alcohol poisoning, a medical emergency that results from high blood alcohol levels that suppress the central nervous system and can cause loss of consciousness, low blood pressure and body temperature, coma, respiratory depression, or death”

c) Cancer: “Cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, liver, colon, and breast.20 In general, the risk of cancer increases with increasing amounts of alcohol.”

d) Liver diseases: Including – Alcoholic hepatitis. And cirrhosis, which is among the 15 leading causes of all deaths in the United States.And among persons with Hepatitis C virus, worsening of liver function and interference with medications used to treat this condition. As well asother gastrointestinal problems, including pancreatitis and gastritis.


What is obvious is that the consumption of alcohol entails many unpleasant side-effects that result in nothing but massive and unnecessary suffering. As such – the solution as to how to stop this unslaught, and attack on the human physical body – and on society as a whole – that the consumption of alcohol constitutes – is to in-fact BAN alcohol and make it illegal.

Though – what must be realized is that it won’t help to only make alcohol illegal – because making something illegal is only to put a band-aid on a open wound; it will stop the bleeding for a while but not make the wound heal. As such – in order to completely remove alcohol from the experience and life of humanity the origin point that lies as the foundation of alcohol consumption must be recognized and corrected – and the origin point is – the inability of man to consider, care, and love himself enough to not use substances of self-abuse in order to create a particular experience of high – as such the consumption of alcohol is in-fact the result of a physchological illness which has been developed through generations – as thinking that it’s apparentely okay to place yourself in a delinquent and harmful state of being – as being drunk – because it’s fun – not at all considering the outflows, and consequences of such a decisions – which as has been shown above is massive problems and suffering.

Thus – humanity must re-educated as to the effects of alcohol – and learn to take responsibility as to what substances that are allowed within and as the human physical body – and within the Equal Money Capitalism System – this re-education will be facilitated and supported – as there will be enough money to train effective teachers and to give each human being the necessary time, and support to re-learn – and to bring relevant information, and support to those prone to being addicted to alcohol – to as such stop any negative consequences from manifesting due to the consumption of alcohol.

Some might here say that this is not possible – due to the economic role that alcohol plays in the world – giving employment to many people – being the bread and butter for restaurants, pubs, and various other businesses. Yet – here must be considered that within the Equal Money Capitalism System – there will be employment for everyone – and employment will not anymore be supressed by the lack of money – because there will be sufficient with money to support LIFE – as what is best for all – thus there will be employment for everyone – and opportunity to earn money – and at the same time support LIFE – instead of abusing life through selling, and premoting substances of abuse – such as alcohol.


Individual perspective

Within removing alcohol from the life experience of the human being – something will emerge as a realization within the human – that “shit! I can’t have fun without alcohol!” and also that – “shit, I have created such a BIG part of my life around this single point of drinking this one substance – look at what I’ve missed in life!”

Thus – within removing alcohol human beings will in-fact learn to party, and enjoy themselves – without the cruch of a abusive substance – as such real, and actual enjoyment will emerge – going to parties might now be about enjoying a full night of dancing – or a entire night of listening to a new artist – wherein the expression of each being won’t be clouded by the veil of alcohol – and as such each one can fully appreciate the dancing – the movement of the human physical body to the sounds of music – or simply enjoying a real conversation with someone wherein both beings remain authentic within their expression – because none of them are supressed, and drunk in the buzz of alcohol.

Global perspective

We will also have the rewards of MANY problems disappearing completely from society: there will be – less sickness – more longetivety and health – and more funcational family relationships will emerge as a direct consequence of the end of consumption of alcohol. No more will there be a risk to die on the roads due to drunken drivers – and our doctors, and policemen will be able to give their attention to assist and support preventing, and stopping other problems existing within society – because now their time won’t be eaten up by drunk people either harming themselves, or others in various ways.

As a whole – we will have a more intelligent, healthy, and effective world emerging – because now time is spent upon living – moving – and expressing self – instead of being drunk – which is a most unproductive and in-fact destructive way of utilizing and spending the time you have on this earth.

The Best Quality Products In An Equal Money System

In our capitalistic money system, when you go out to buy yourself a long needed product, it’s not very likely that you’ll in-fact get a good product. With most certainty, unless you do some effective research, you’ll end up with a crap product that will fall apart within only a couple of years.

That is the nature of our current system ­– if you don’t have the know-how – you’re likely to get fucked; because in each and every crevice, alleyway, shop, and megastore – awaits the money grubbing beasts that will create, and produce the most outrageous shit – only for the money; in-fact – if you happen to actually buy a product that fulfills your need effectively – it’s actually luck (impossible?) rather than certainty.

Though, we shouldn’t blame these money grubbing beasts, neither should we see ourselves as apart from them – if we take a self-honest look at ourselves, we can see that we’re also completely and utterly possessed by the desire to gain, and the fear to loose – money. Thus, this system – in which industry workers, technicians, engineers, company leaders, and scientists deliberately produce shit, as planned obsolescence – is a collective, yet individual creation – as we’ve all collectively and individually participated in creating it.

And see – the money grubbing beasts are in-fact not evil, monstrous, or bad – they simply live in order to survive – and a effective way which they’ve found to survive is creating products with a planned expiry date – which has the benefit of creating more cash – as consumers must buy new products more frequently – and as such this ensures the survival of the beasts.

And in this system – you must be immoral to survive – you must be immoral to get by – you must sell your soul to the bank – and prostitute yourself to your employer – that is how you earn money in this reality – through deception, betrayal and manipulation; look at all commercial – it’s manipulation – look at coca cola bottles – they are deliberately modeled to mimic the shape of a woman – to have male customers buy more of them, as they unconsciously become aroused watching the bottles. It’s all deception!

So – when you go out to but this much needed product, that you’ve looked forward to purchasing – you enter a world of deception – where nice pictures and stories will be told about all the possible products that are at your disposal to buy – all of them with certainty are lies. The hamburger you buy in McDonalds – never looks as the hamburger you see in the commercials – the perfect and glimmering hair you see on the shampoo commercials – which supposedly is the creation of the shampoo shown – never ever, even remotely, gives your hair that same look – why? Because we live in a world of deception – where deception has even become accepted and acknowledged as a normal way to live, as nearly all human beings know that commercial is in-fact fake, though see it as “a part of life”.

Thus – in today’s reality, the product you take with home, after your days visit at the megastore – is with 99% certainty, completely crap – and it will not function properly, and after a short amount of time it will fall apart. This is the nature of capitalism – wherein real (e)quality isn’t valued – which has the consequence that the resources of the earth are over-used, and consummated to the brink of non-existence – all because we want to make as much money as possible.

Though, money is – as we will be forced to realize – not the actual resource of this world – the real resources of this world are those we’re busy disregarding through our delusional trust in and addiction too money.

So – let’s leave the gloom and doom of our current capitalistic system right there – because now we’re going to look at the SOLUTION – yes – there is in-fact a solution.

In applying this solution – the over all use in the world of natural resources would decrease with as much as 90% – the reason being the resources wouldn’t anymore be wasted upon creating multitudes of products, with a deliberately compromised quality, and a planned expiry date – instead real products, made with care, consideration and regard would be created. Products of actual quality, made with real love – by a worker who’s intention it is to in-fact support his neighbor to make his life more fulfilled – not created due to fear, survival and greed – but created from the starting point of giving to another as one would like to receive.

The solution is called – An Equal Money System – which is a system where all will be supported to live a fulfilled and respectable life – wherein you’d be able to go out and get yourself a product – and there wouldn’t be any uncertainty as to choosing brand, size, attributes or quality– as there would only be one design of the product – the one that is the best – the product that is in the image and likeness of perfection – the product that will be there with you till death do you part – that is the product you would see in the shelf’s, and that you would then take with you home; because in an Equal Money System – profit wouldn’t anymore be a motive, as all would have enough to survive – survival wouldn’t anymore be a motive, as all would have enough to survive – instead self-perfection would be the motivation for all to live – and all the products made would reflect this intent and movement of willing, and pushing oneself to be the best that one can possibly be.

As such – in an equal money system there would be no more shit products – only products that are the best – the finest – an expression of the utmost excellence, care, dedication, and commitment – a work of art in-fact.

Don’t wait for this piece of art anymore – become a part of the solution today!