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Is Prison The Key To A Better Society?

Real Crime

Crime happens in this world mostly because of money. The reason being that most criminals have no better way to get their money than through crime. They are not wanted and needed in the world system and because of that they don’t have access to any money – thus if they want anything they are required to steal it.

We are in-fact responsible for crime – as we are responsible for this system in which only a few has been given the right to have luxuries and basic necessities. All deserve to have the same amount of resources, and access to resources. Crime is but an outflow of a system that doesn’t effectively distribute resources to everyone. Greed is the reason as to why crime exists. In greed people collect, save, accumulate without considering anyone else – creating a situation in which people has no choice but to turn to crime in order to support themselves.

In our world we have laws that protect the greedy from those that are without their basic necessities. The real thieves are those with vast resources, cars, several homes and servants – those criminals are protected by the laws.

The so-called criminals that only attempt to scramble together the resources they need in order to live a comfortable life are the victims of greed. The rich, the elite, those are the criminals and they protect themselves and their crimes through laws – saying that greed is in fact acceptable. Greed is not acceptable – greed is the reason that crime exist. Crime is the attempt to survive in a world where everything has been taken as a personal property and where all the money has gone to only a few people. If all would have equal money, crime wouldn’t anymore exist. Crime exists only as a attempt to survive – if survival would be given to all unconditionally – crime would seize to exist.

Thus stop the real criminals – stop the greed elites that take all the money and protect themselves through laws – because that is the real crime. All deserve to have a comfortable life – from birth to death. Equal money for all.