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Day 446: We Need A New System

There is a lot going on in the world and especially the first world countries at the moment; a definitive movement towards something new and unexplored. Governments are venturing into unexplored territories, the economic system is becoming unveiled and people are facing economic and personal crisis on a level that has thus far been spared the western countries.

The big question in all of this is whether we will utilize this chance to expand ourselves or whether we will continue the way we have. At the moment – the big thing everyone is forced to see is the frailty of the economic system. Most of us live from paycheck to paycheck with few or no savings – and thus when an economic crisis hits – there is little we can do. And it is time that we question whether things must be like this, or whether we can in-fact change for the better. Why must money be a scarce resource? Why must unemployment exist? Why must we have inequality, have and have nots? Why do some have to live in poverty while some can live with more money than they can use in a lifetime? Why do we accept and allow a world for our children that is less than awesome?

The world I grew up in was slightly more stable, at least economically, than the world my daughter is going to grow up in. Now there is absolutely no certainty, and the entire system feels like it is toppling on the edge of disaster. And people seems to understand this on a deeper level and that probably why see this sure in panic buying of food and other consumables. People do have that general feeling that things are at the precipice of something bad – and – they are. The reason being that we have a system that does not care about you – and we have people that does not care for each other and the world around them. We have inhumane world – and whomever runs out of money – will find themselves in that hell.

My estimate is that this is not going to be over fast – this is going to stay for a long time – this is the consequence we have created for ourselves by not living in balance and harmony with earth and nature. And if we are able to handle this plague, yet refuse to learn, there will be another one that will hit even more harshly. And the consequences will be deserved. How much have not abused and harmed nature for our own personal happiness? To be able to make more money, buy more things, create more experiences for ourselves? Now – nature says: It is enough – if you are going to abuse me – I will make sure to protect myself with the necessary means.

And then, eventually, our race will become extinct. No more humans left. And most likely, if we remain the same, the world will be a better place without us. However – that can all change. I do see the potential for us to be custodians, to use our intellect for good, to support each-other, support animals, support nature, to blossom and live to the fullest. It is possible – where there is a will – there is a way. Just look at how long we struggled with lowering carbon emissions. Now when the Corona virus arrived and our survival became threatened – we closed our shops and went home. We could have done that before as well. Though we did not – and that is problem – we are still too much in our own personal desires – and not yet in a position within ourselves where we say – I WILL – I WANT to create this/that future.

Day 436: Learning From Death

This week one of my close relatives died. It was expected since long so there was no immediate shock involved. However the event still brought up emotions within me, however more importantly, it instigated realizations. What became obvious to me is how much value and importance we give to moments/experiences in life that are of no consequence in the long term and how many of us live our life only partially – myself included. When we are able to survive and find basic pleasure in life – we tend to become complacent and give up on fulfilling our dreams. And here we are not even getting started on creating something of importance/value on a ‘best-for-all’-level – that is something very few people manage to do – because oftentimes there are no energies/experiences connected to such decisions. It is all about physical movement.

When I saw my relative I thought about how many people that die that have only lived their life partially. And how many that are pushed into situations of survival and that lose their spark of life. It is tough to be in this world and remain connected to yourself and your source. Everything is set up to take you on mental journeys away from your source – the earth – the physical and your physical body. And thus – instead of our life being an opportunity for us to express our own unique beingness and to explore the physical – we become subdued into comfort or fear of survival – and then all of our time and energy goes into aspects of our life that are of no importance or consequence.

Thus – for myself – I saw that I wanted to make a couple of changes. One of my current issues that I have a lot to do – all the time – which makes it difficult for me to invest time in some of my favorite activities that also strengthen me the most – which is writing, opening new relationships with people, and spending time with my hobbies. However – I do see this lack of time has a lot to do with how I approach my life and how I expect things to be. For example – to take part in one of my hobbies, carpentry, I imagine that I must have about an hour of uninterrupted time. That is seldom possible. And thus I do not use the small moments to do open up to invest myself in this hobby – because I think that it is not enough time. However – I can see that this is in-fact an excuse. And that it is possible to participate for small amounts of time – and still be able to get something out of the activity. It is not about for how long I do something – it is about WHO I am within what I do. And if I am focused, present and here in my participation – I can get as much out of fifteen minutes, as I would get out of several hours of inattentive participation. My insight is thus that if I have some time available, even though it is not much, it is definitely worth it, to start up and activate myself – and do those things that I really enjoy and that help me grow. Tomorrow never comes – and that is why it is better to do a little today – than doing everything tomorrow.

Waiting always sucks and that gets very clear when death approaches – suddenly there are no more excuses. Death is the final – if you have not done what you wanted at that point – you will never do it. Possibly that is why we fear death so much – we know that it is a point of no return – and that we have limited time to express – and silently we carry the knowing that we are not living our full potential. Because death shows us that we cannot wait for ever – if we want the prize – we have to go for it – and that means stepping out of our comfort zone. Hence – death is also supportive – it stops us from keeping on living a life in auto-mode going nowhere. What is the point with living like that? Where is it going to get us? Nowhere but back to the same place where we started.

If we had a different money system in place that removed fear of survival I foresee that many more would die in peace – knowing that they had really lived. Fear of survival, fear of not having money, holds so many of us back. There are a myriad of dreams/visions/potentials/talents that are never realized because of fear of survival. Parents tell their children to take the safe route. If your child happens to enjoy arts – then you are in bad luck – because that will not bring them any money at all – better break their hopes down as soon as possible! And that is what parents do – they teach children to be afraid, to follow their fear, and to follow their survival instincts – and after a while children forget what it means to follow their life instincts.

I want a world where children are supported to follow their desire to live and express – in that world I do not think anyone would be afraid of death. Because why fear leaving earth if you have lived fully? You are done – and ready to go. I wish everyone had that opportunity. Part of the solution is an equal money system – or a basic income guarantee – something that removes the pressures of survival so we can instead invest our time and energy into living.

Day 89: Who will you be in the face of death?

Who will you be in the face of death?

This is a very interesting question that when it is asked have some fascinating effects – because what does this question imply? It implies that the truth of our lives  is that we will one day DIE and our bodies will rot and again turn to the dust from which we once came.

stihl-deathbed-sceneWhen I ask myself this question – who will I be in the face of death? I see before me my entire life, all the words I’ve spoken, all the decisions I’ve made, and all the behaviors I’ve lived out, and within this emerge yet another question: can I stand by my own life? Will I be able to without shame and regret look at all of my life without and be genuinely proud of myself for what I’ve achieved?

Thus – when asking myself this question I open up a gateway to self-realization because what is the most powerful motivation for self-introspection, self-reflection, and what will really make me be objective and stick to the actual facts of myself and this world if it isn’t DEATH itself – because in looking at my life from a starting point of realizing that I will die it’s easy to see that in each and every moment I live and breathe I hold a responsibility not only towards myself but towards EVERYONE – and that when my time is up I will measure myself and ask myself the question: Was it all worth it? Did I contribute? What did I really do with my life after all? Did I really in-fact live?

Obviously death is the ultimate point that brings forth the actual truth of self – because when facing death it can not anymore be denied that THIS as the PHYSICAL is in-fact LIFE – and that DEATH implies one can not anymore live; thus it’s a real cold shower because suddenly we face the actuality of who we are that can be clearly seen in how we lived our day-to-day lives and it can no longer be pushed away – that we do only have this ONE lifetime and if we didn’t walk it fully – we will face the consequences of our decisions; and let me tell you – physical consequences STAY – FOREVER – and death is such a cool proof of this fact; when it’s done – it’s done.

What is it that we then think when we are about to die? There are five common statements that we as human beings tend to make as we draw our last breaths – and from those that have already gone before us and made the mistakes – we can learn A LOT. Let’s review three of these statements from a common sense perspective and in my next blog I will review the next two.

Statement 1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

This is the single most occurring statement. It’s fascinating isn’t it, that we tend to not live our lives when we have the chance to do so, and then only when we die we realize that “shit I didn’t actually live my life at all!” – how come we can’t understand this any sooner?

The big problem here is the MIND – and how we tend to compromise and sabotage ourselves through THINKING about SHIT instead of LIVING. It’s really in-fact this simple – we tend to think all through-out our lives about all kinds of meaningless things: – what kind of body we have – how we dislike when the restaurant lady puts ketchup on the spaghetti even though we explicitly said she shouldn’t – how we dislike that new yellow color on instrument board of the new car we bought; I mean – it’s fascinating!

Even more fascinating is how much we’ll begin to think when we’re about to actually do something challenging with our lives – holy shit – then the thoughts will start to go mayhem: “what if I can’t make it? – Man, I will probably fail so I’ll just stick to what I know – but it’s to hard!” – the truth is that we spend our entire lives sabotaging ourselves and destroy any opportunity we have of creating something of magnificence – and then we where about to die we realize that “oh, maybe I shouldn’t have done that with my life” – yet VERY FEW actually make the decision to stop their self-sabotage when they actually have the chance to do so – and I mean that is simply yet another form of self-sabotage.

So, what is it that we’re able to learn from the poor bastards that end up realizing the actuality of their lives only when they die? Well – it’s to understand that LIFE IS HERE – and that we only have this one life to be honest with ourselves and to make decisions that are in-fact OUR OWN and that aren’t created within some type of fear, anxiety, or fictional fantasy – but that is OUR OWN decision made through and within our own self-honest assessment of reality, of ourselves, of this world – taking everything into consideration – and then making a decision in which we honor ourselves. That is the art of making a decision with which we can be proud over as we die – because we see that in making this decision I did really slow myself down, I did look at point closely, I did take myself into consideration, I did look at outflows, and consequences, and I as such made a decision within which I am able to stand.

Statement 2. I wish I didn’t work so hard.

This is apparently a common statement for males, as they lie on their death-bed they see more clearly that life held more than only their job. This statement is also fascinating – because let’s ask ourselves why do males tend to work so vigorously and hard, to the extent where all their life is only about one single thing, and that is to work and earn money?

Let me tell – yet again we have a thing called THE MIND that comes into our heads and through thoughts convinces us of various things – for example: “Shit I go to make a career for myself in my life!” – “I can’t be lesser than my friends, I got to have as much money as them!” – “I don’t want to be a looser!” – “Fuck, I must have more money!” – so we are being driven by our fears, our desires, our energy-experiences – and never do we stop up and consider – what is it that I really want to do? What is it that I really enjoy? Who I am I really? Am I who I think I am?

We tend to run through life in this fast-paced hastiness trying to get to something else, something more, something better, something other than what we have now – and in this we miss LIFE – because where is life? It’s obvious isn’t it – that life is HERE – life is your breath – life is your enjoyment when eating particular food, taking a walk, riding your bicycle, talking with the store clerk about some type of new toothpaste both of you’ve started to use recently – I mean what I want to show is that life is HERE – and it can only ever be HERE in this moment.

Though, a major problem in our world today is that we can’t just run around and live in the moment, because if we do that we compromise our futures – thus in this world we do require money and we do require to work – we require to do what is required to get money because if we don’t – we get into a position where we have NOTHING and we’re totally compromised – but still – even in walking in this world and doing the necessary working we can live HERE – participate HERE and be a part of LIFE that is here in every moment – it’s just a decision that we require to make and then live it.

The final solution though is to change this current money system and make sure all receive a living income guarantee. Because this way we make sure that we don’t have to spend our entire lives working – but that we can instead do what we really want to do – and spend our time participating within what it is that we’d really like to participate within.

Statement 3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings

Why is it that we have such problems being direct and frank with each other? I mean, apparently this is quite a issue in human beings as it’s the third most common thing we regret as we lie on our death-bed – that we didn’t actually ever speak ourselves to another.

Let me tell you again why this is a issue in human-beings – it’s because we’re so got damn fearful of not being accepted, not being loved, not being cared for, not being considered, not being appreciated – so we walk through our entire lives in complete petrification of actually uttering a word that is of substance and instead we keep our smiles up and play the gamehoping to win – yes that is a part of the problem: We want to win! We want to have everything go smoothly and be comfortable – and have everything be in place without any conflicts and without any effort – and so we shut up and play our part – to have that easy mediocre life that we’re so afraid of loosing; fascinating!

So, what does it come down to yet again? Oh yes, that mind-thingy – the mind that throws up these fantastic thoughts as reasons why you shouldn’t take this one life and in-fact live it to the fullest: “I can’t say that, what will they think of me? – No, it will sound weird if I say this – Only stupid people would ask this, I can’t ask it, no way” – so we walk through our life in fear of what others are going to think about us and only when we’re about to die we start considering whether this is how we’d really liked to live our lives – why only then? Why not now? When you’re not about to die?

I tell you, it requires a massive portion of dedication, and commitment to change the human nature behavioral patterns that we’ve inherited and created for ourselves of which hiding, isolation and the inability to communicate is one of them – but I’ll tell you something more: it’s SO much worth it – imagine that you’re FREE to actually be yourself and speak yourself as who you really are to everyone in your world – being direct and to the point; obviously still considering the words that you utilize so that no unnecessary consequences are created – but that there within this consideration is no fear – there is simply common sense; for example – that you do not say to your boss he’s an asshole because you feel like that – but that you consider COMMON SENSE – asking yourself whether it’s practical or not, effective or not, to speak what you’re considering within yourself.

Wouldn’t that be an awesome way to live? And then when you die – you know that the life you’ve lived have been REAL and it’s been of SUBSTANCE – because you spoke, you directed, you interacted, you lived – and didn’t just follow your fears.

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Day 60: Bernard and My Journey To Life

About 6 years ago I was sitting by a computer in Thailand. I was working as a volunteer at a school, helping the English teacher to make her student’s pronunciations of the English language more effective. I was bored with my life, and I felt genuinely lost. I was scurrying about trying to find “my purpose” and this was the reason as to why I was at this Thai-school.

I’d searched both high, and low for my so called “purpose” and I believed I’d found it in drugs, and playing music – and apparently that was what life was all about. During that time I’d begun to investigate Taoism and more specifically the writings of Lao Tzu which I found to be extremely clear, and mind-blowing in their simplicity and clear-cut common sense.

This particular day as I was sitting behind the computer I was investigating videos about Taoism on YouTube – I had just found a quite fascinating video that displayed how milk was mixed with coffee, and the interesting patterns that is formed when you take your spoon and then mix the two substances; it’s like a white brown tornado that slowly but surely turns into the color of brown. As I was done with the video I looked on the right of the webpage to see if there where any cool “related videos” – and yes there was one that seemed to be interesting. The thumbnail of the video showed a little girl, or boy (I wasn’t really sure) that was looking straight into the camera with only a white wall as backdrop. The title was something like “Lao Tzu and breath” – I don’t remember exactly. Anyway – this brought up some curiosity within me and I clicked on the link.

bernardpoolmanLittle did I know that this one click was to change my life forever, and that this one click would send me into a existential orbit crash course with a man called Bernard, which is the person that this blog will be dedicated too. Not the person per say – because the thing with Bernard is that he wasn’t really a person – not a person with a particular personality, with memories, with ideas, with opinions, with ideals – he was none of that – he was simply Bernard; and it’s fascinating because even though I knew Bernard for a long time – I can’t really in anyway define who or what Bernard was as a person – and that is simply because Bernard was something much more than a person – he was a standing ovation to a principle that have always been present in existence, yet it’s been scuffed away to exist in the deepest crevices of our minds so we would never have to face this truth; that we as individuals can’t ever be more than this truth – this principle – which is the principle of oneness and equality as life – implying that we as individuals can never be more than the group – and unless we live in alignment with the group and consider others as ourselves – we are lies – we do not in-fact exist.

Thus – to continue – I clicked the link and the video began. A girl showed up, she looked into the camera, took a deep breath in, and sighed and within that her body became relaxed. Then she suddenly took a big breath in, raised her upper-body, opened her eyes, and said: “Hi, this is Lao Tzu!” – now immediately as I saw this I was completely captivated – I knew that this was something completely unique, something that I’d never witnessed before – the authenticity, the genuineness was absolute – it was unquestionable – and even though my mind went: “this can’t be real! It’s fake!” – in the depth of my being I knew that I’d found something that would change my life forever – in a way I’d found what I’d been searching – my so-called purpose.

This was how I first came into contact with Desteni – and I learned that the girl’s name was Sunette, and that she was in-fact a portal – which meant that beings from the afterlife, or as it’s also called, the interdimensional existence, could come through her body and speak effortlessly.

During the next years I would immerse myself completely into the Desteni material, read everything, watch all interviews, and follow the activity on the forum diligently – I knew that this was my calling – this was what I’d been looking for in my life. In my process of immersion in the material I became aware of another figure besides the portal that roused my interest – and this person wrote articles, and also commented on the forum – and he had the mysterious pseudonym “Eagle” – as I read his articles, and his comments I realized that this person was not your ordinary human-being – this was someone that had such a depth of understanding of how things in-fact worked that it could in a way be sensed simply through reading his writings.

I mean – to read something that this person wrote was like reading truth – meaning that I could somehow touch, and feel the authority, the substance, the complete certainty of the words – it felt like the words were eternal, timeless, that they had never been written by someone but had always been here and that they were simply a part of what was here – and that arguing with these words was simply stupidity because it wasn’t a opinion, it wasn’t a idea – it was simply REAL – it was a taste of REALITY as that which is a FACT and that can’t be debated – just as you can’t debate the physical laws of this reality – I mean you can but that won’t mean that the physical laws become less real.

This mysterious person called “Eagle” would in time be revealed as being Bernard. Through my continued participation in the Desteni group I got to learn that Bernard lived on a farm in South Africa together with a bunch of other people – and all of these were actively involved in the forum that Desteni was managing.

After a year of participating with Desteni I asked if I could come and visit the farm. This was at that point a option for those that participated in the so-called “inner-circle” of the Desteni-group; which is not implying any form of pyramid-scheme, or cultish initiation process – it was simply that those that did their writings, and participated frequently in on the forum – was allowed to go and live on the farm; and I will add here – that this invitation included FREE accommodation, and FREE food – isn’t that something? I mean – where in the world will you be allowed to go completely free of charge after only knowing somebody for about a year? Huh? This should be a wake up call for those that believe that Desteni and the group of people involved with Desteni are in anyway out to “get your money” – I mean – that is just laughable – I know that you do not get people’s money through giving them free food, and free accommodation – that is simply common sense, isn’t it?

To my great pleasure my wish was granted, and I booked my flight, and excitedly prepared myself for my travel to the other side of the globe. Remember – I live in Sweden – so I was travelling to the other side of the world to live with people that I’d never before met in the flesh – and there was absolutely NO FEAR in me that I was going to be deceived, or tricked, or abducted, or something – why? Because – through only this one year that I’d participated with Desteni – I’d been a witness to the absolute integrity of this man called Bernard – and the absolute consistency of this man called Bernard – and the absolute dedication to the formation of a better world of this man Bernard – I’d seen with my own eyes that this was a man – a group of people – that was sincere.

This should also be a point of concern for those that have allowed themselves to become brainwashed in believing that Bernard was somehow evil, that Bernard apparently “captured” and “manipulated” young woman to use as his sex-slaves – really – it’s pathetic to believe in such absolute LIES without EVER having met Bernard. It really shows a lack of character, and an inability to handle the most basic life-skills of being able to question, and cross-reference information that an anonymous person throws at your face. Those that believe Desteni is a scheme, and that Bernard was the leader, understand: you’re brainwashed – and you don’t have a clue because you’ve never investigated – I on the other and – I am direct witness of this man Bernard – I’ve walked with him for over 5 years – I’ve talked with him, seen him play with dogs, and help people from all around the world regardless of their problems; and within this I will also add that – I am the living proof that Bernard was a being of unquestionable honor, and integrity – because I am in a way a product of Bernard’s assistance and support – which he’s given to me through out the years through sharing explicitly direct, and confronting truths about me to myself – and for that I will be forever grateful.

Thus – really – those that in anyway slander Bernard – understand that you’re really the EVIL of this world – the very problem that have caused our world to become a prison of innumerable atrocities – because you dare to abuse life, dare to question that which is best for all – and dare to slander that which is truly magnificent – that is the opposite of LIVE which is EVIL.

So – I think it was towards the end of 2009 that I arrived in South Africa, and arrived at the farm. Realize that during this visit I’d placed myself in a mental condition that was severely unstable, and in-effective – due to having misused, and misunderstood the message of Desteni for some time – I mean; it was a consequence of my basic design of “wanting to be more” that made me misinterpret what Desteni shared. Though – even in my state of in-effective mental functioning I was embraced at the farm with open arms. I mean – I should clarify here that what I mean with in-effective mental condition was that I’d through self-judgment internalized myself into a state of extreme self-doubt, and inferiority – where I in essence couldn’t anymore speak and have a normal conversation – lol – so I mean I’d created lot’s of shit than actually transcending shit. Regardless – when I came to the farm I was cared for and given a bed to sleep in, given massage to let go of my extensive anxiety, and supported to accustom myself to the new environment. This proves that Desteni is not about helping only those that “fit in” – no – Desteni is about helping EVERYONE regardless of their state of being – all deserve to have a fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Let’s continue – I vividly remember the first time I was introduced to Bernard because it was such a contrast to what I’d imagined it would be. See – I’d imagined that Bernard would be this all powerful, superior, intelligent being – that would simply swoop me off my feet and make me go to some enlightenment-plane in existence – the reality on the other hand was completely different.

I got off the car, and I was guided into the main-house – and there – surrounded by tons of people was Bernard – and he sat relaxed in a office chair by his computer. As I came in I went to him – I shook his hand – and he said something like “this must be Viktor?” – lol – at that point I was very anxious, and nervous – but what stuck with me was how normal Bernard was. He was a NORMAL human-being – he wasn’t more than anyone – he used words like fuck, shit, stupid, boring – he walked, he ate, he slept, and was completely physically like other human beings – and this is what stuck with me; the realization that living a principle doesn’t make me more than anyone else – it simply implies that I am living by a principle.

Though obviously – Bernard was not like any normal human-being – because even though he talked, moved, and interacted in a way that can be considered normal – through his words, through his interactions there was always shining through a unmovable strength, authority, and assertiveness – Bernard wasn’t someone you fuck around with to say the least – Bernard stood by what is best for all and this was evident in each and every single aspect of Bernard’s life.

When he spoke to me about my acceptances – and showed me how I’d compromised life to satisfy my own self-interest – I knew that the words coming out from this man’s mouth are not debatable – they are so substantial, so completely genuine that they would cut through my shit and get to me at the very depths of my being; and to this day I can still vividly recall verbatim various things Bernard have said to me – and I have these statements come up within me when I see that I participate within a point in my life that I know is not best for all; then it’s there – these words that stand eternal, and timeless – because they are not spoken by a man – they are spoken by that which is real – LIFE – as that which we all have in common, as the principle that can’t be removed, or destroyed – it can be denied but in the end – at death – not even denial can save us from reality – which is that LIFE comes with RESPONSIBILITIES and that if we don’t honor these – we are in-fact abusers and must pay a price.

I stayed at the farm for 6 months and during this time I got to see, and experience the life, and the principles that Bernard lived by in practical, living, physical application. And during this time – I must say – Bernard did in a way save me from my own worst enemy – my inner me – because up to this point in my life I’d actively destroyed myself, and placed myself in a position of total mental compromise, and totally giving up on all my opportunities, and chances to make my life work in the system – I was in the real sense of the word a looser. But – Bernard would not take that – he would not have it that way – and over my stay he repeatedly showed me my deception – he yelled at me, he spoke softly with me, he joked with me, he listened to me, he was there for me, he fucked around with me to make me see my delusions of grandeur, he pushed my buttons, he laughed with me, he considered me – he was the greatest support and assistance that I’ve ever had in my life and he showed me that there is another way to live – I can live by principles – I can live by words of my own design that are best for all; I can create myself to become a real trustworthy human-being that has no agenda – but one: to create a world that is best for all in every way possible.

I particularly have one vivid memory of Bernard, and that is when I’d just arrived at the farm – Bernard was taking me for a tour around the farm and showing me various important locations. Now – during this short tour what came up within me was a sense of warmth – because what I was seeing was that this man took his time to show me my accommodations, not because he wanted to feel good, not to make money – but because of a actual care, and consideration. And in a way I was at that staged shocked, because I’d never experienced, or seen such a point of care in my life – and I mean this care was towards somewhat of a stranger because I’d not know Bernard for that long; yet still – he walked with me through the farm and showed me all the points – and only through that small point I was able to practically, physically get a real understanding of what it means to do unto another as you’d like to be done unto you – I mean – because this was a real actual example of how to walk that point and not only a spiritual feeling – that “I feel compassionate with you, but you I won’t really ever help you”. It was the real thing.

Now Bernard has passed away, and he’s not anymore here to show by example what we all can become if we will ourselves, and dedicate ourselves to let go of our self-interest, and actually live our words – it’s indeed a loss of unprecedented proportions but his death is not the end – because Bernard was not only a man of flesh and blood – he was a living a example – and this means that Bernard was not unique but had created himself to stand, and live as self-perfection – not through luck, or the grace of god – but through systematic action, and daily movement – Bernard had in-fact created himself to be what he was through his own willing and by using simple tools that are available for everyone. Thus – Bernard is not dead – Bernard is a point that exists within each and everyone of us and it’s the potential of what we can become in this lifetime if we dare to walk through, and let go of our self-interest and in-fact stand by a principle that is more than only our own life – but a principle that considers ALL LIFE regardless of form or shape.

Thus – we as humanity have a responsibility to re-birth Bernard as ourselves – within the understanding that Bernard represented an outcome, and a outflow of a specific tangible process that can be walked by each and everyone – that Bernard was not special but a product of his own design – and that we all hold the tools necessary to build ourselves to be a product equal in integrity, and authority – and this is what we’re walking in the Desteni group, and through the seven year journey to life – we’re in-fact stating that Bernard can’t be dead unless we accept and allow Bernard to be dead – because we hold to key’s – we hold the understanding of how to practically in physical reality create the product of accumulated time that Bernard represented – it’s not magic; it’s the science of accumulated effort = 1 + 1 = 2.

I will be forever grateful that Bernard came into my life and shock me out of my sleepwalking existence – and showed me what it really means to live, and give life your all – and obviously I will not accept and allow the gifts Bernard have given to me to become but a memory, but a nostalgic feeling of “how much I liked Bernard” – no – I will take these gifts and integrate them as my very flesh, and I commit myself to through a process birth myself as life from the physical and stand as the second coming of Bernard – I mean –Bernard is not exclusive to Bernard – he’s the life we can all become if we dare to walk no matter what – and until it’s done. Obviously I will not settle for less than getting this done – and within this I am grateful to walk this process with the other Destonians – I thank you all! You are a great support – and it’s clear that Bernard’s death will certainly not be the end of anything – because Desteni will continue – because LIFE can’t be destroyed as it’s not about the person – it’s about the principle.

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FAQ In An Equal Money System, What Happens to the Vatican and the Pope?

So, let’s take a look at the fascinating question of: “What happens to the Vatican and the pope in an Equal Money System?”

Well, let’s first look at the very origin, and reason for the existence of the Vatican, and the pope – they are creations of religious belief, more specifically, the belief in Jesus Christ, eternal salvation, heaven and father god. In all plainness, the belief in such mental creations is in-fact delusional, and would in an Equal Money System be treated as a mental illness.

It would be treated and seen as a mental illness due to the complete nonsense of such a belief, and herein I use the word “non-sense” very specifically, as the construct of religious beliefs is in-fact not based upon what you can touch, see, and experience here within and as the physical through your senses – but it’s dependent upon the participation in thoughts, emotional experiences, and religious indoctrination, as here-say. There is no substance in the construct of religious beliefs, and it holds no value to humanity at all, as it doesn’t serve to perfect, and enhance man’s ability to live and express himself.

Instead, religious belief serves to have man cover in hope, in irresponsibility, as he hopes that god will take care of everything, and that there is a heaven after this life, which then means that this earth, and all it’s inhabitants, is of no real value, or worth, as it’s the afterlife that is important – apparently. Thus, man is through religious dogmas stimulated into a position of ineffective intellectual capabilities, ineffective self-movement skills, and ineffective self-expression skills, as all attention is placed upon a mere fictional creation of the mind, instead of this physical reality, and our common socialization, and participation within it.

Thus. Religion in its current form, within which the manifestations of the Vatican and the pope adhere, would not be allowed to exist in a Equal Money System – it would instead be exposed as the crime against life that it in-fact is, as it doesn’t serve in anyway to create a reality that is best for all – and that is a crime against life.

Further, if we look at how money, and our reality of competition, is responsible for people joining religions to begin with, as people seek to find meaning, peace, and comfort in this life, looking for somewhere to belong, often ending up in a religion, it’s thus easy to see and understand that when our current money system of and as competition end, people will be less inclined to gravitate towards religious practices. The reason being that the Equal Money System would offer individuals, in reality, for real, in the physical, peace, meaning and comfort.

And if heaven is already here, and you experience yourself fulfilled, at ease, comfortable, fearless, and in full trust of yourself – then why would you ever want to create a imaginary dimension in your mind, containing some higher purpose, and some promised greater reality that is beyond this one; you would be content here, satisfied here – then obviously no need to run away into “the safety” of your mind would exist. Instead you’d like to spend all your time in this real, physical reality, as it’s in-fact offering an experience of heaven.

So, to sum things up – there are two reasons that I can see as to why the Vatican and the pope, and religion, would cease to exist in an Equal Money System. (1) We would not accept and allow anything to be taught, and lived in society that would produce a end result of a in-effective human being, and as such a consequential outflow of harmful and ignorant actions taken – religion is such a in-effective concept that doesn’t add any worth, value, or practical living skill to a human being – it’s simply a waste of time and space, and serves but to make the human being delinquent and incapable of utilizing common sense as the foundation of decision making.

(2) In an Equal Money System, heaven would be here in every breath, as such you wouldn’t have to hope for a heaven to arrive, and you wouldn’t want to escape from this current reality due to any experience of fear, discomfort, or uncertainty – as this reality would offer a paradise of support, trust, and excellence. Heaven would in-fact be on earth, and who got time for excursions into the mind, developing and creating a fictional belief of a god, when one can express and live a cool life here? Answer: nobody!

Thus, the need for, and the origin of religion would cease to exist in an Equal Money System – and instead of having in-effective, and untrustworthy living skills being taught, as religion, common sense would become the guiding principle of all.

Rioting In London Is Terrorism – Not Real Change

In the northern parts of London, during the last couple of days, severe rioting has taken place. Pissed of people has taken to their arms and used them as weapons towards policemen; they’ve burned down houses, busses and cars; thrown Molotov cocktails, and stones; in essence acted as pre-historic barbarians.

How come we as the human race has come to perceive violence as the way to change?

Obviously, I am aware as the reason for the riots; people are pissed off, they are unemployed, stressed out, and they live in a world of capitalists that only care about profit – not human beings; but that doesn’t justify violence. And how on earth can violence ever produce something of value, worth and actual, mutual and beneficial change?

If you take to violence, all that you’ll do is that you will harm another human being. You won’t show how to live and apply yourself in the principle of common sense, as what is best for all – you won’t actually contribute anything to the human race; but death and destruction.

It’s a statement of ignorance, to think and believe that revolution, as revolting, through violence and destruction, is in anyway synonym with change, peace and abundance – those things that we all want, and that we know we’re lacking in our current monetary system; then why do we go out on the streets and create the exact opposite from change, peace and abundance? Why do we attempt to enforce a change through scaring other people, blaming other people, throwing a tantrum of anger – instead ourselves standing up as the change, leading the rest of humanity to a more abundant future?

I guess there is no real good answer to my questions, and they aren’t even relevant anyway. What can be seen is that bullies go out on the streets and destroy people’s lives, harm and abuse – and there is no inkling of a movement as to a real change.

Those people that apparently stand up towards authority, and make themselves heard, through violence; they are nothing but terrorists. Anyone that utilize force, coercion, and deliberately harms others is a terrorist, and does not in-fact stand for a solution, but only supports continued dismay and suffering.

We need real leaders. People that are able to stand up for everyone and take responsibility, not blaming, not destroying, but in-fact being a voice for that which is best for all. That is the only type of living the will stop the cycle of abuse.

We stand up as the example, as the practical example of living what is best for all, until others see and notice us and change as well. We live forgiveness, we live support, we give as we would like to receive and become a force that can’t be stopped; as we aren’t fighting towards anyone, but standing for and as the benefit of everyone.

That is how real change will come to pass. Not through violence. Violence and war must instead be banned forevermore.

In order to further your understanding of the principle of giving as you would to receive, investigate the money system based upon this principle: the equal money system. This is how all will be given a life of worth and dignity.

Money Rules In Politics

Lately I’ve been researching the legislating process in USA – this after having seen the documentary called ‘The World According to Monsanto’, as Monsanto has proved to be a company that has managed to pull through bills and laws to support their products, even when it hasn’t been certain that their products is no threat to the health of the public. Specifically this has been so with the GMO plants invented and patented by Monsanto – there has been research showing clear signs that the plants might be harmful to the ecology of nature as well as man; yet without any consideration towards this research, legislation was passed that allowed such products free reign in USA.

In the documentary that I’ve mentioned, this point of the ineffective and detrimental legislation, as well as it’s non-scientific but instead politically biased foundation, wherein no actual research was taken into consideration when the law was passed and implemented, is covered in great length. It’s an awesome documentary – I suggest you watch it.(Robin 2008)

Anyway, I started to research the legislation process in USA and found some interesting facts as to how politicians, as the people having the power to implement legislation, get elected. To be voted into the ‘house’ in congress costs about $1.4 million dollars and to get into the senate costs about $9 million dollars – this money is used to run a successful election-campaign. Now, to fund one’s campaign the politicians need to have donations and obviously – whom do you think make the donations? Yes – it’s of course the corporations, as those that want to get a foot into the nations heart so to speak, as the place where governing takes place. And in this way the loyalty of the politicians are bought to the highest bidding, as the politicians require being ‘nice’ towards their donors and make sure that they vote ‘aye’ on laws that support their donors business, else the next years campaign-budget will, with all certainty, lack some of that much needed money.(Krumholz 2011)

So, huge amount of money is required to be voted into the house and senate – not to talk about the presidential post in which sums ranging from $400-700 million dollars are needed. And all of this money comes from a biased collective of corporations, whose sole intent is profit and nothing else, this would make one wonder – but doesn’t all our legislation, at least USA’s, then simply support these corporations to make more money? Because, obviously – if you as a politician decide to go your own way and vote for policies that is supportive for the general public, but detrimental to the corporations, you won’t get re-elected, as you won’t have any money, as donations, to support your campaign with.(Krumholz 2008)

The American political system is the perfect proof as to how politics has become nothing but a cash cow, a public debate wherein the officials have been bribed and bought by the corporations to vote and speak – not according to principle as what is best for all – but only according to the shareholders wish to enrich their stock-portfolios – fascinating shit!

What is even more fascinating is the practice of ‘revolving doors’ that take place in the political arena of USA. What ‘revolving door’s’ imply is that politicians many times wander from a high and influential position in the private sector, to a high and influential position in the public sector and then sometimes back again – going back forward between those who make the laws and those who benefit or loose due to the laws; clearly this doesn’t set the foundation to have our political decisions be unbiased, objective and in the interest of all, as the politicians will have their allegiance elsewhere, namely to the fat paycheck the a corporation will award a loyal employee with.

What fascinates me further is the practice of lobbying, as an entire multi-million industry, solely focused upon the practice of influencing the decision making of politicians. Corporations buy lobbyists to speak on their behalf; many times these lobbyists are retired politicians or retired highly influential public officials; basically individuals that have a massive social network, with the ability to influence people high up in the food-chain – as such the corporations receive another way making sure that their sole intent of profit maximization is supported through the necessary laws, instead of laws being enforced and implemented to support the well-being of earth and all of mankind. Fascinating shit!

This information is openly available and proves that our, or at least USA’s, political decision making is almost if not entirely based upon the premise of supporting corporations to make more money; there is no morality, no principle and no integrity to be found, only money is of value. Obviously such a twisted political foundation, as that which our society is based upon, as the laws enforced, forms a culture in which only profit and money receives support – and life, human-beings, plants and animals becomes forgotten.(Krumholz 2011)

Such a practice, as described above, is naturally completely and utterly unacceptable, as money must not be the decision maker and ruler of life – principle must be! And not any principle, but the principle of what is best for all. Though to implement and found our decision making upon such a principle is near to impossible in our current money system, as each human-being is driven by the competition and survival which our current system is based upon, as debt, as have and have not’s. Everyone, as well as politicians, is in-fact existing in complete petrifaction and as such run around with no consideration as to principle, only attempting to gather enough cash, so that they can take care of themselves and their family; corporations is but the expression of people coming together, helping each-other to survive through combining their resources, as share-holders.

Thus – we need a system wherein people can let go of their fears, their constant search to assure themselves survival – and instead be given survival. Then we’ll all be able to sit down – calmly and reasonably – and discuss our political dispensation within the consideration of what is best for all – not what’s best for our wallets, as our wallets will already be sufficiently filled for us to live a comfortable and effective life.

So, the key to a new world, as politics driven by morality instead of money is EQUAL MONEY. I suggest – do your research and find out the simplicity of the answer, as to creating heaven on earth.


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