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Day 419: The Opinionated Democracy

There is a interesting phenomenon that makes human progress arduous, difficult, and sometimes, almost impossible. Even though we have democracy and are theoretically able to vote on solutions that would best support everyone – we are not able to get there. One of the big road blocks is the opinionated self.

The opinionated self, which nearly all of us possess, is the desire we hold to be special, to have the answer, to be the leader, to control the outcome, to be famous and to be in the center of attention. To reach this status of godhood we create opinions – our own opinions. And then we strive to market our opinion and argue against others that hold a different opinion – and because everyone tends to hold their own opinion – there is a lot of arguing going on. This makes cooperation very difficult. In-fact, it seems as if the only part of society where we are somewhat average at cooperating is when it comes to monetary survival. When are given a salary, and threatened to be fired unless we comply with company guidelines, we are barely, and for a moment, able to let go of our opinionated self’s and focus on bringing through the message/direction of a entity larger than our own individual self.

However, when we are not threatened to be fired, and when our survival does not depend on it, cooperation, agreement, communal support and understanding, is difficult to find. This becomes clear when you take a visit to Youtube. For example – I follow many organizations that have a message that – if implemented in society – would definitely have some supportive outflows. However – in the comment-section – what is prevalent is the arguing about different opinions and vantage points. The arguments back and forth – about who is right and who is wrong – takes precedence before discussing – how to implement the solution or how to find common ground to make things better.

This is one of the primary reasons why it is so hard for us to find solutions and make things better – we simply have not learned how to agree, how to find common ground, how to establish our common principles, and how to work for the greater good. Instead of establishing and working with common principles – we become stuck in a mind-state of trying to win with our own personal opinions. It is fascinating to see the behavior unfolding – because everyone seems to think that they hold the answer, the key – which causes them to be blind to what they are actually doing – which is spreading seeds of division.

Contrary to common belief – democracy has because of our inability to stand together – disempowered rather than empowered us. And it is unfortunate – because if we could learn how to collaborate and care for one another – democracy holds the key to creating heaven on earth. Though – because we are divided – we are weak. Individually – our impact is limited – collectively – we change the character of the world.

Day 418: Observations on Politics

Last week I visited a political festival that is arranged each year. It was very, very intense, and it showcased the problems with how democracy works currently. In essence, the reason why we are not able to change problems fast and effectively is because we are divided. For example, I visited a lecture that concerned basic income. There were two lecturers, and both had their own individual idea about how basic income should be implemented. And thus – the entire discussion came to be about the conflict between the perspectives, instead of looking at how to actually implement the idea in reality.

It seems like the problem is that we all want to have our own opinion, our own version, our own voice to matter, to be important, recognized, esteemed and followed – and because of that – we fight everyone else. It is fascinating and unfortunate – because the end result tends to be that absolutely nothing but talking and arguing happens. We argue about what way to go, how to go there, when to go there, what to do when we get there, instead of deciding together and then simply going there. I am not in any way surprised that no alternative solution to economics, diplomacy, school, or society in general has been implemented as of yet – we are simply no there – first – we have to learn how to work together.

This is also why corporations tends to overwhelm and defeat non-profit start-ups. The corporation is a dictatorship and has a clear guideline – which is profit. The non-profit has no clear hierarchy and mission – and furthermore tends to compete with other non-profits about presenting the ‘best’ solution to a problem. The result is usually that the non-profit organization lose movement and die out – while the corporation marches on. It is no wonder that things are the way they are today – how can we except anything different when we ourselves has not changed?

If we want to be able to bring through new ideas, alternative solutions, alternative ways of living, we have to learn to work together – and agree on common approaches. It is not possible to move forward if all of us want it our own way. It is not possible to do it ‘our way’ and expect any great results. Impactful movements have in common that many people have agreed on one direction and followed that. It is similar to water. One drop of water has no force – a flood of it however can tear down damns. And maybe this is why so far – great societal projects have been more keen to appear in dictatorial regimes rather than democracies – because in such regimes there is no space for division. And I am not in any way suggesting dictatorship as sound means of statecraft – what I want to show is that because we accept and allow so much division between ourselves – and because we tend to mostly think about ourselves – we have not yet been able to harness the power of democracy effectively.

Consider the fact that democracy is based on the starting point that majority rules. Though – without a majority – it is not possible to achieve a breakthrough. And that is where we are at currently – learning that together  we stand and divided we fall. Individually, we are easily controlled by minorities – yet together – we are able to change the basic foundations of society. And what are we all able to stand with? We want what is BEST for ourselves and everyone else – because what is best for everyone – is by implication best for us. Politics should not be about left or right, it should be about finding out what is best and doing that together. Right now politics is about competing viewpoints and opinions – and then everyone tries to convince one another that their opinion is the best one – instead of simply investigating what is the best option and doing that.

Another thing that makes democracy difficult is that it is without values or principles. The basic foundation of democracy is that everyone is allowed to have their own opinion and voice their ideas – even if their opinions and ideas are destructive. And unfortunately – people tend to use democracy to further their own agendas instead of looking at the best of the collective.

Thus – my take on this is that democracy, politics, and structural system implementations will not be able to reach its full potential until us humans develop ourselves to be able to stand by a higher purpose – where giving stability and support to everyone takes precedence over one’s own life goals. We need to grow as people before our external reality is able to grow.

Day 395: Politics and News

To keep up with what is happening in the world I have begun reading the news regularly. At the moment – the big news in Sweden is that we have difficulties creating a government. The political parties cannot come together – they are too far apart in their political views – and instead squabble, argue and debate. I find this interesting in many respects.

One point that fascinates me is the very notion of democracy and different political views. The popular consensus in Sweden is that democracy, freedom of thought and pluralism are good things that allow us to have a functional society. My one question is – how are we even able to have different opinions about how to make decisions for our country? If everyone wanted what is best for everyone – which in my world is the natural position to take – would we even have different political parties? Would there be a need for such a thing if we came together to create what is best for everyone?

No – and that is why political parties is an externalization of our separation from what is best for all. It is a reflection of our inner division where we have defined ourselves as an individual, separate from the whole, apparently entitled to our own opinions. And oh my god, there are so many opinions. The newspaper is literally invaded with opinions. Each of us wants our opinion to be the best opinion – and get attention for our opinion. We become tied to and define ourselves according to our opinions – and then look for a political party that aligns with our opinions. However – what if we did not have opinions? And instead – we had a will to understand, forgive and formulate the best possible ways to live for everyone? Democracy would not be needed in such a world.

We have accepted a dwarfish way of life and our parties reflect this back to us. No party offers any particularly new or revolutionary ways to deal with the real problems that exists in this world. It is just the same old shit over and over again. Monetary growth, more jobs and less expenses – individual survival trumping the will to make life good for all of us. It is as if we are so settled into the current way of life that we believe it is the only way of life. However – it would be pretty easy to change a lot of bad things in society – if we would come together and make an effort. Unfortunately we are divided, split into opinions, groups, subgroups, cultures and subcultures – all of us with our own individual life, individual desires, wants and needs, and goals we want to reach – and all of this serves to keep us dwarfed.

This is why I easily become bored and frustrated when I read about politics. It is just – for a lack of a better word – meaningless. There is no substance it – no understanding – no drive to make the BEST out of life – there is only that weak and diluted voice of survival – opinions about things without any purpose. And a recurring aspect in newspapers is the investigation of problems – there are so many problems discussed – and once and a while – there might be a solution. And when a solution is discussed – usually it will be criticized in some form of debate article or chronicle. Newspapers function the same way as our minds – a lot of words, reactions, games, experiences, tons of movement – however no substance. It feels as if there is a lot going on – but on a deeper level – most articles are empty and the majority of news is only put out there in the search of selling more newspapers.

However – looking beyond all the negative aspects with newspapers – what I appreciate about them is that I am able to follow along in movements of the world and learn more about society and the country that I live in. And to end of with a solution – if we overlook the gossipy, propagandist, fear-mongering aspects of news and politics – and look at the structures – the information that in there somewhere – usually there are some cool things to learn.



Day 27: Democracy

In this post democracy will be discussed – as the problem with democracy, and the solutions that are available – and the rewards that will come by implementing the solution.

Firstly – let’s look at – what is democracy?

hands”Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. Democracy allows eligible citizens to participate equally—either directly or through elected representatives—in the proposal, development, and creation of laws. It encompasses social, economic and cultural conditions that enable the free and equal practice of political self-determination.

The term originates from the Greek δημοκρατία (dēmokratía) “rule of the people”,which was coined from δῆμος (dêmos) “people” and κράτος (kratos) “power” or “rule” in the 5th century BCE to denote the political systems then existing in Greek city-states, notably Athens; the term is an antonym to ἀριστοκρατία (aristocratie) “rule of an elite”. While theoretically these definitions are in opposition, in practice the distinction has been blurred historically, The political system of Classical Athens, for example, granted democratic citizenship to an elite class of free men and excluded slaves and women from political participation. In virtually all democratic governments throughout ancient and modern history, democratic citizenship consisted of an elite class until full enfranchisement was won for all adult citizens in most modern democracies through the suffrage movements of the 19th and 20th centuries. The English word dates to the 16th century, from the older Middle French and Middle Latin equivalents.

Democracy contrasts with forms of government where power is either held by one person, as in a monarchy, or where power is held by a small number of individuals, as in an oligarchy. Nevertheless, these oppositions, inherited from Greek philosophy, are now ambiguous because contemporary governments have mixed democratic, oligarchic, and monarchic elements. Karl Popper defined democracy in contrast to dictatorship or tyranny, thus focusing on opportunities for the people to control their leaders and to oust them without the need for a revolution.”

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democracy


Democracy is currently an ideal, and a idea – a belief that somehow people can come together in this world and by their free will, and by their own consent make an informed decision and choose how they want society to function – obviously – this is ONLY an idea, and consequently and illusion – because that is a characteristic of an idea – it’s not a real, manifested, and practical living. The question is – how come this idea is not practically lived?

The first point that must be realized is that human beings have no free will – the other point that must be realized is that – some people have understood that we as humans do not have free will, and have within this spent lot’s of time, and effort to map out exactly how to manipulate the will of human beings to have it to be the will they want it to be – this is currently called social engineering – and also goes by the name of commercial – marketing – propaganda – or cognitive disinformation – it’s the process of repeating information in a way that entice the malleable minds of people to accept the information repeated as being real – and how the world functions – while that is not the case at all.

So – let’s go through these two points in more detail – to look at exactly how it is the human beings have no free will, and how the let’s call it – automated will – of people is then manipulated, and coerced into a very limited, and dumbed down understanding of this world, and reality.

How is it that people have no free will?

The reason that human beings have no free will is because we haven’t designed who we are – and we haven’t ever investigated what it means to live – what we’ve done as a race is to take the easy way out – which is to copy all the knowledge of our parents, and assume that everything they told us, showed us, and lived as themselves is correct, and the way reality functions – and then decided to make that knowledge our primary guide for living in this world; obviously making our small adjustments to this knowledge, personalizing it a bit so we don’t just take everything word by word! Because – hey – we can’t be that much of a copy-cat – we must be, and feel a little bit special in our views, and ideas of this world; but in essence – and looking at the basic principles of how we understand our world, and reality to function – we have simply copied everything that our parents have told us.

Thus – we have no free will – because we’ve never cared to create a free will – because having a free will implies that we’ve actually investigated everything, and within that freed ourselves from any form of limitation as knowledge – cross-referenced everything – and in-fact stood able to see everything that is here for what it is – not trying to place our accumulated knowledge as a thin linen over the world to have it be in the color that we’d desire it to be in – that would be free will – a will being FREE of any form of restriction – able to consider everything with no fear – with no desire – with no opinion – with no little voice in the head telling us who, and how we should be – obviously this is not how we exist – our will is tainted, and chained to millions of small reactions, experiences, thoughts, backchats, assumptions, ideas, definitions – all knowledge that we’ve accumulated and downloaded from our parents – just as our parents have downloaded from their parents – and so on into infinity.

As such – this is why we do not have free will – and as such we are unable to in-fact implement actual, and real democracy – which implies that EACH citizen stand as a voice of reason – in giving a vote, and sharing a perspective as to how society is to be constructed and built – because it’s not even our will that we’re communicating, and sharing – it’s the will of past accumulated knowledge.

So – this is our first problem – we’ve become automatons unable to function by our own will, directive, and critical thinking – now – let’s look at the second point as to why democracy is currently not able to exist in this world – which is the point of elitism, and people that have been completely subdued, and hijacked by greed – and have within that decided to go to any lengths to control the automated minds of others to align with their own wishes of more power, authority = money; what I am talking about here is the tendency of such people to use propaganda – as disinformation – to control the minds of others to be as they’d like others minds to be.

This is not a new problem – it’s been existing FOREVER – I mean – all of society is based upon disinformation – as people presenting themselves to be one thing in order to be given respect, and be considered as more important than others – we can go back to the ancient Egypt to see this very same pattern playing out – back then the manipulation techniques was less refined but still very effective – back then the ruling class convinced the other people (slaves) that apparently the ruling class had been selected by gods to live a completely awesome life with lot’s of money, and sex – and that all others sadly had to be slaves – and this was completely accepted by everyone while clearly – it’s a fucking lie!

Today – the disinformation techniques have been more refined – today it’s not openly admitted that anyone is a slave – instead people are led to believe that they are free to create their own life’s, and that apparently there is no ruling class – because we live in modern society that values equality, and justice – really? Who say’s that? Oh – right – the television, and some documents signed by the president – hmm – yet looking around this apparently equal society I’m able to see homeless people – people without food – people without sanitation – I’m able to see the majority of people scurrying about trying to earn money to survive – in complete fear, and totally indebted – spending most of their wake lives trying not to piss of their boss – so that they can make ends meet when the month comes to an end – and within all of this mess – some people tend to live without a worry in the world – having EVERYTHING and more than they could ever need – in the form of money, and material possessions beyond what any normal person could earn in several lifetimes – yet still – with all of this around us – as proof that we still live in a feudal society – we tend to believe that we are free, and treated with justice in a society that care’s for it’s people – no – it’s not true – we the people have become automatons and we’re currently being fooled by other automatons that have been pre-programmed to be the apparent elite of this world.

Thus – this is our second major problem – there are people that seek control, and power – and these people will spew out enormous amounts of false information in this world – and make people believe that they make decisions that are informed, and by their free will – while really they are just being cleverly manipulated to do precisely with the slave-lords want their slaves to do – to work, and produce more material possessions, and services for their masters.

That is really what has become of democracy today – it’s the lie that is told to the average person in this world – that apparently he’s free to choose – while really – he’s being manipulated – and democracy is a part of that lie as a veil that is lowered before the eyes of each human being in this world – to believe that they are living the life they’ve chosen – while they’re in-fact living a life that has been decided for them already by other people.

This is why democracy is currently not possible in our world.


Though – in having said this – I do not want to bash on the initial idea of democracy – and the principle that democracy as a ideal is founded upon – because it’s a COOL principle – it’s a COOL idea – democracy implies EQUALITY it implies EQUAL CONSIDERATION – it implies LISTENING – it implies HEARING – and it implies no more slavery because everyone is here to make a decision by equal means – where the majority rule. That is how a society should function.

To be able to manifest this principle, and way of living into practical – physical reality – we require to first, and foremost – take back the control of our own minds – that is of essence. We must understand that currently we’ve become automatons that function by assumption, and broken knowledge that was handed down to us by those who went before us – and within this we require to stand up – and push ourselves to develop, and create actual – and real free will.

Within doing this – developing real free will – the second problem – of elitists trying to manipulate the will of the people with false information – will cease to exist – as such manipulation requires that people are dependent, and mentally inferior in order to function – a human that has developed integrity, and clear critical thinking skills can’t be swayed be the manipulation tactics of propaganda and social engineering – because a human being that has develop the skill to be stable, and directive – will not have any dysfunctional knowledge in the form of emotions, feelings, or thoughts running wild within – and as such there is no switch to through manipulation trigger within a self-developed human-being – that human being has taken back to control of his switch so to speak – and is now standing and using his switch in order to make informed decisions – that result in what is best for all.

As such – to conclude – the solution to being able to implement REAL democracy – is to free our own minds from the bullshit that we’ve allowed to fester within – and become our way of living – we must purify ourselves, and not anymore allow ourselves to make decisions within fear, or desire – but to instead make sure that we stand principled, and directive – and that we don’t allow propaganda to influence who we are.


The reward for developing ourselves in to free individuals that are able to stand self-independent – and clear – and evaluate critically everything that is thrown at us – is LIFE – and real democracy will become the road to life – as a world that is best for all – were everyone is considered – and everyone is cared for – were everyone is heard, and everyone is given to opportunity to voice themselves, and were no one will be forgotten.

The reward is that we’ll be able to develop a society were fear is but a distant memory – a story told around the campfire to children that have no concept of fear – because they’ve lived, and grown up in such a supportive, caring, and compassionate environment – that they’ve never ever experienced themselves in danger, or threatened in anyway – they’ve had EVERYTHING they ever wanted to have – and it’s been given to them unconditionally – because that is the principle by which society functions – GIVE AS YOU’D LIKE TO RECEIVE.


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2012 Total War

Yesterday I saw a fascinating documentary called “War” – which is a seven part series by Gwynne Dyer about the mentality, and evolution of war, a evolution that has now lead us into the final stage of war – which is ultimate war – total war – nuclear war – and also the destruction of ourselves.

One of the most interesting parts of the documentary was part wherein the psychology of the creation of a soldier was explained, as well as the psychology of the professional soldier (the officer) was given perspective to. And what I found so interesting was that, none of the people that were brought into this trade – either through conscription or as an officer – liked the actuality of war. In-fact – the veterans that were interviewed answered to the question, if they would like to experience war again – no! – All of them.

It was also interesting to see that it’s common knowledge in the military-schools that the human has an innate resistance towards killing other humans, and as such the majority of the soldier-education is directed towards changing this mentality of the human, and make the soldier able to kill other humans. In-fact some interesting research has been done on this topic, where the shoot-to-kill ratio of soldiers in battle has been documented. It’s been shown that only about 20 % of all soldiers fire their guns during battle, and that most rather die than to actually shoot against another human being – fascinating.

In essence the military education as to the training of soldier consists out of boosting the confidence of the young man, to make him think that he’s able to do anything he sets his mind to, as well as create a attitude within the conscript that it’s okay, and justified to kill. And as can be seen by turning in the pages of history, this training has been effective, as young men with a initial resistance towards killing other young men, has been able to push through their resistance – and pull the trigger.

I further found it fascinating how stark the contrast and the incongruence is between the morals of society, and the profession of the soldier – and the general accepted view-point of war. Because, the soldier has the right to kill – he’s even rewarded to kill – and in war-time it’s seen as completely justified to sacrifice civilians life’s as means to an end – yet, this way of living is in complete contradiction to the morals we preach in peace-time – wherein killing is bad, and wrong – and you’ll get in prison if you kill!

I simply find it fascinating that we expect a society with no crime, when we live the example of crime through accepting and allowing war as a normal and justified means of dealing with conflicts, and disagreements. Obviously we can’t have a society free from violence, when we accept violence within ourselves – as been said – there is no middle road – we either stand as what is best for all, or we don’t – there is no way to sugar-coat abuse because in reality – we know precisely what we’re doing.

Thus – we indoctrinate our conscripts and officers with the idea that it’s justified to kill in a war-situation – and that they do this killing “for their country” and for “the good of the nation” – and that this killing is necessary. On-top of this we have the audacity to sugar-coat the act of killing in positive feelings of honor, pride, courage, and heroism – completely hiding from ourselves the real brutal, and savage nature of war – which is in-fact evil manifest.

Killing another human-being is a unacceptable act no matter when, and where it’s done – no matter what type of scenery we attempt to place the killing in, what type of lie we attempt to conjure in order to feel within ourselves that “yeah, it was necessary” – WE KNOW that KILLING is UNACCEPTABLE – and the proof lies in our innate resistance to kill another human-being.

The very fact that war exists proofs exactly how devolved and delusional we as human beings have become – and precisely how stupid we in-fact have become. Why have created such a horrific act in this world, and why have created all of these lies of glory and a “meaningful death” in order to cover up the absolute stupidity of our creation? Why have we never asked ourselves, but really, why can’t we come to a common ground, a solution that is best for all – instead of having to kill each-other? Maybe because – we have been programmed to not see beyond our own limitations?

In regards to the evolution of war – we are as I said in the beginning now at the final stage – we now have the capability to eradicate the entirety of earth several times over – and this begs to question, why the hell have we instead of developing a effective way of feeding, giving proper care to all people on this earth, instead developed weapons that can destroy earth several times over? The argument that we don’t have enough money, or that there isn’t enough resources isn’t valid what so ever – because there have apparently been enough resources to develop more, and more military products.

There is really something gravely wrong with human – the human is sick – mentally sick – and it’s proven by how we prioritize and value things in this world, and by how we make decisions; there is no common sense – no compassion – and no friendliness in this world – instead there is war, chaos – and a will to destroy another, and the entirety of this world.

The only way to change this rapidly escalating self-destruction of mankind into NON-DESTRUCTION is to first – CHANGE SELF – because we as the nature of who we are is the origin-point of what is here today – as what we’ve accepted and allowed this world to become. And then – as we change ourselves – to at the same time promote and show that there is another way – and that we do not have to make earth HELL – because we can change our decision making process, we can change our values and priorities – and we can change ourselves.

Soldiers aren’t needed in a world where people have learned to handle conflicts within COMMON SENSE – and through agreement come up with a SOLUTION that is best for all – that is the SENSE we must assist and support ourselves to live as, and show to others, that this is the only way we change the outcome of humanity, which is currently set on self-destruction.

To really understand what war is – I suggest you check out the following interviews:


2012 Democracy Is The Key To Freedom

The way to change this world rests in politics and as has been proven by activists through out the centuries – no change will ever come through refusing to partake in the political scene while only focusing upon “resisting” the “badness” of the government.

Through voting we elect officials and as such invest them with the power to make decisions for the entirety of society – these decisions then become the physically manifested reality of our day-to-day lives. The reason as to why our lives are fucked up is not due to democracy and politics itself, but due to us as the public being uneducated and brainwashed voters and as such voting for the wrong people.

Nobody other than us as the public has created the system as it currently function and we have done so through voting. The men in power that make decisions to go to war, to exploit other countries natural resources, to wreak havoc on the lives of those already marginalized, are as much our decisions as theirs – because we voted them into power.

Activists avoids politics and focuses upon creating change through demonstrations, acts of violence and resistance, and building plans for alternate realities, but what they do in essence is that they blame the decision making process in society as democracy and politicians for the problems in the world, and then they themselves avoid and refuse to take part of the process of democracy and politics – isn’t that alarmingly schizophrenic? First disagreeing with what is here and then refusing to themselves take the power in their hands to do something about it, but instead merely resisting and demonstrating against the system of actual power and authority – is our activists bribed by corporations to spread the lie that democracy is useless?

Politics and democracy is not as difficult as it looks. In order to get into power you need to have the majority of the votes – one vote over 50 % of all votes – and once this is achieved you are in a position to legally and with the support of police and government employees to change everything in society – from how food and wages are distributed – to what corporations should be allowed, and who should own these corporations – when you get the power through democratic election not even the rules and limitations of money stand in the way as the rules of money are based upon laws that the publically elected have created and as such new laws can be created.

The best thing about democracy is that the minority – the 50 % minus one vote – can’t change the course of direction that the majority decide upon and as such those that are currently rich and wealthy – which is about 1 % of the worlds population – will have no ability to hinder a new world raising forth from a democratic process of election. Thus – if we decide it to be poverty needs to be no more, because we have the majority and are as such able to change the direction of the world.

The reason why we’ve not had change in the world even though democracy has been introduced is because we’ve not utilized it effectively, we’ve become brainwashed to make decisions in self-interest and for the benefit of our individual lives – instead of taking decisions that are in the benefit of the whole. But still the election process remains the same and we only need but to change our starting point when we elect a new government – from wanting to satisfy our own individual worlds, to instead wanting to satisfy the world in it’s entirety – then we’ll have a new world come forth that is best for all – heaven on earth.

Investigate democracy and realize that activism is but a teenage-rebellion behavior that won’t ever muster to any change – we need to come together and vote for a democratic party that will in-fact bring through a world that is best for all.