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2012: Equality and Oneness

The markets are failing!

The markets are failing and everything is going down! Panic! Run in circles! This is basically the message that is being sent out into the world by the media, as the big markets come tumbling down. It’s fascinating though, nobody knows why the markets is coming tumbling down, and nobody knows how to stop it from tumbling down; and naturally everyone goes into an experience of anxiety and fear, as our survival seems to be threatened, because the markets are falling down.

Isn’t it strange? That we have this unpredictable god in our world called “the markets” that rule, and decide who’s going to be rich, and who’s going to be poor, who’s going to die, and who’s going to live in abundance – without anyone having control over it? Or, do we have control of it?

The experts, as they take on the task of explaining to the public why the markets are failing, usually speaks about debt, and that the major economies of the world are sinking in their public debt. Yet, are they really? I mean, what is debt but a promise to pay? But what if we simply relinquish that promise to pay, and forgive all debt? Wouldn’t the situation then simply stop? Why isn’t anyone looking at the situation from a starting point of self-responsibility, wherein we realize that the system that we currently face, the markets that are currently being volatile, is all our own creation, it’s our own mess; and as such we’re able to clear it up.

I mean, simply forgive and remove the debt, then print up an equal share of money to everyone, enough to last them from birth to death, and watch what happens; suddenly we’ll have equality amongst men, and labor would become something done for the enjoyment, and common sense of it, instead of doing it for money; because everyone will have enough money – no more competition – no more struggle – but instead we can focus upon this practical, physical reality, and make sure we create the necessities needed for everyone to survive.

Though at the moment such a proposition looks very far-fetched, as man seems to be persistent to hold on to this system of inequality and chaos. It’s crazy that we choose to have this current money system in place; it doesn’t support anything but negativity; competition, jealousy, inequality, manipulation, deception, fear – what is the reason that we’re still in this system? Are we stupid or something?

So, as the markets fall, and people start to experience that rush of anxiety, as they know that their savings is disappearing, and that their protection against such horrors as starvation, poverty, and a shitty life experience, is becoming weaker. We created this glorious system called capitalism – where apparently everyone one is able to win; yet half of the world is living in poverty, so apparently everyone isn’t able to win.

How long are we going to torment ourselves? What is the point of tormenting ourselves like this? How can anyone willingly support a system that breeds so much suffering and pain in the world – it’s like we’ve all become completely insane, lost in our minds, not knowing anymore how we got here, who created this money system and why; thinking that this is the way that it must always be.

Is the problem maybe that everyone wants to win? Everyone is hoping to be able to be the one that wins, and is able to scrape all the crumbs of the table, and eat the entire cookie as well. How much must we suffer before we realize that this dream of wanting to win isn’t real, because we will never win as along as only a few can crown themselves victorious, while the rest becomes the eternal losers; because that kind of inequality breeds violence, spitefulness, criminality, hate, and anger, and still the winners are not safe, comfortable, with a enjoyable life, as the must now build walls around their houses, to protect themselves from the losers.

What kind of a world is it really that we’re living in when we must build walls around our houses? And what is that wall supposed to keep out? Yes – those that have lost, those that didn’t manage to fulfill their dream of being the winner, and so we perpetuate and compound a system of competition that breeds violence; and have people become afraid of each-other, nervous, wary, and tense – as we’re all attempting to get to that win, and protect ourselves from the loss.

Is there another way to live? Do you enjoy life currently? Do you enjoy fear? Do you enjoy loosing? Do you know that you’re currently a slave to the amount of money that you have?

Would you like to have free choice? For real? Actually being able to decide how you want to live your life, not being limited by the numbers in your bank account; would you like that?

Interesting questions huh? We’ve really limited ourselves in our understanding as to what can actually be created in this reality, limited ourselves to this system of capitalism, of lack, of scarcity and competition; while this is not the only way to live – there are other way’s to live.

Would you like to live as a millionaire? Would you like to be able to trust your neighbor? Would you like to have free medical care, free education, free food, free housing, free water, free electricity, freed from doom?

This is all possible; we can make it to be so. We created what is here currently, and as such we can create heaven on earth, as what is best for all, as equal money. Yes – EQUAL MONEY is the solution we’ve been waiting for, it’s the breath of life for all human beings, so all can live a life of dignity.

Thus ­– check out EQUAL MONEY, as we needn’t to exist and live as we currently do. We can have fun instead!

Today’s Breaking News: Copper Thievery is on the Rise!

This last year the amount of theft regarding copper has skyrocketed. So far the Swedish railway system, as well as the Swedish church is taken the most strain; the reason being that there is lot’s of copper used in order to ground electrical equipment along the Swedish railways. The Swedish churches are attractive targets due to their copper plate roofs.

Could be added here as well that the reason why people steal copper is because it’s a valuable metal; it gives you money – obviously.

Anyway, in order to deal with this problem the police have suggested promulgation of laws that enforces a tougher control on the scrap merchants that buy the copper from the thieves.

And yet again the point as to why these crimes occur is completely missed, and instead of a solution that would finally end theft of any kind, new measures of control is suggested.

Because, why will laws never sort out crime?

It’s due to the simple fact that crime exist, not as a freak of nature incident that happens due to their not being tough enough punishments, or controls, but due to the fact that people can’t effectively sustain themselves, and survive without being criminals.

The very fact that we have even one single robbery and theft indicates that there is a issue in society, and that some of the citizens are being marginalized; because who in their right state of mind would spend their time ‘working’ as a thief, considering all the risks that comes along with such a ‘profession’? Consider what it takes for someone to reach the decision of becoming a criminal – it’s obviously a decision done in lack of better options.

And let’s look at the dichotomy of society: those who are poor and take from the rich are considered thief’s, and are as such punished and put behind bars. Those that are rich and withhold essential resources, as well as place poor people into wage slavery are considered legal, and are as such supported to further their dominion.

Where is the equality?

Where is the consideration?

Where is the care?

When are we going to see and understand that no crime is committed without their being a reason for it; a crime, as theft or burglary is an outflow – not a separate incident but a consequence of the polarity between have and have not’s – rich and poor.

And this type of events will escalate as money becomes even more scarce, and job opportunities are lost – because man’s fear of survival is stronger than his fear of authority; and as such no punishment will be able to hold back people from doing what they must do in order to get food into their stomachs – I know because I would’ve acted in the same way. Because I hold no respect for justice and legality that only serves those that already have more than what they need; such a system isn’t in-fact real justice – it’s instead bullying; and I won’t stand one and equal to bullying.

Thus – in order to solve these type of events once and for all, we need to establish a system wherein no one is marginalized, wherein instead all are treated equal; that is real justice – and laws supporting such a system of equality I would respect, and live according to with no doubt what so ever.

The system where equality will be honored before profit is called the Equal Money System; check it out.

Sources: http://www.dn.se/nyheter/sverige/metallstolder-okar-med-rekordpriser

Where does your money come from? Do you know?

Where does your money come from? Do you know?

Why is it that there is never enough money? Do you know?

Why is it that debt exists? Do you know?

Why is it that people are unemployed? Do you know?

Who controls our money supply? Why can’t the government make money in order to create new jobs?

Why is money scarce, and always created at interest?

These are EXTREMELY important points to take into consideration when one looks at the current world system, as our current money system, figuring out why things are as they currently are.

See – banks at interest create all of our money, as such all humans are indebted and always in a continuous struggle to pay back this interest. But see – it’s impossible to pay back, because all money that is earned in society is also from the banks, and as such also created at an interest. Due to this fact there will always, undeniably, unquestionably, be poor people in this world – it’s simply a consequence of our system. There is in-fact no ‘real money’ in the world, but only money as debt and as such no possibility for all humans to effectively take care of themselves in this world – and have sufficient with money to survive.

This is how the quantity of money is controlled in the world, through debt. Money is not made to be in abundance and available for everyone, but instead people are forced to compete and fight over the small remnants of cash that flows around in our system.

The same happens with money that is given value through the gold standard. As gold is a limited and scarce resource, through making the value of money dependent upon gold, it allows people to save their money, and have more money than others, with no ability for those with no money, to create their own money, as they don’t have any gold to back their money up with.

So, both defining the value of money in relation to gold, and placing money into circulation in society at an interest has the same effect – someone get’s monopoly upon money, the power to control the quantity of money, and as such the power over another human-beings life; as we can all agree that money is essential for any human beings survival on this earth.

Thus, when the supply of money is controlled, and those that hold the control of the money, decide to make the money supply scarce, it will have massive repercussions for those with no money, as they hold no ability anymore to support themselves, as they have no money and no ability to accumulate or create any either.

So in essence, the right to life is being controlled by those that have the power of the money supply, as the quantity of money in society.

What would then happen if debt was abolished and instead the government free of debt suddenly distributed money, and as such deployed skills and work-force to the parts of society that needed such support?

Firstly, people’s savings would become useless, and people’s accumulated wealth would become useless, as now money could be issued to all people, in abundance, in exchange for labor or work. And there wouldn’t be any scarcity of money, as the government would create all the money they needed in order to create and establish the labor that must be done for society to function effectively. No longer would society be dependent upon rich people to willingly give up their money, or banks to lend money at an interest to be paid back, instead the government would be able to issue the amount required for all people to be given a healthy and sound life.

And what about inflation then? I mean, inflation only exists when there is too much money, and to little products to be bought, this wouldn’t happen if the Government issued money for labor, as then the necessary products would be made for money to uphold it’s value and worth.

And there would be an abundance of money to be issued, just as much money as products people are willing to create. Then there wouldn’t be any inflation as the amount of money would always be equal to what is here.

But I mean, even such a theory about inflation and stagflation is stupid and unnecessary to take into consideration, when it’s realized that we’re in-fact in control of the money supply – we’re in control of the worth of money, we’re in control of the quantity of money. And we’re in control of the production of necessities in society – there is no ‘market forces’ to take into consideration – because what we decide to create will become the reality that we live in. Thus – if we decide to produce food enough for all people on earth, we’ll also find in our shops, enough food for all people on earth. And if people don’t have enough money to buy that food, then we simply issue and print the necessary money for people to buy that food.

And if the farmers then feel they’re loosing money, hell then we print some more money to them – and we state and define the value of that money, so they feel like they are getting something out of their labor. I mean, it’s all up to us how we value and define our money, and through effectively directing and sharing money in society, between all people, moving it within the context of what is best for all – we could easily create heaven on earth. And right now, all we get as value from our money is not being indebted, clearing our way to the end of the month – and that’s it. We don’t get any substantial support or reassurance what so ever, as we currently but strive from on a day-to-day basis, but to survive = a very limited existence.

So why not define money as something abundant? As something that is made for everyone? As something that supports a life of dignity for everyone? I mean – we are in-fact the Masters of Money and it’s only when we accept and allow ourselves to realize this that change will be able to take place.

Thus – research what the fuck is going on in this world in terms of money; realize that poverty is artificially created, as well as the scarcity of money. Realize that we are the creators of what is here – and that the value of money is no natural law – it’s a man created value and as such it can be changed.

The solution is called equal money, as a system where the value of money is life, meaning – we give money the value to support and assist life. Simply, yet unimaginable in our current system – thus investigate equal money.

And also watch this documentary called ‘The Secret of Oz’ – as it well explain how our money supply currently is manipulated to give the illusion of scarcity in this world.

Money Rules In Politics

Lately I’ve been researching the legislating process in USA – this after having seen the documentary called ‘The World According to Monsanto’, as Monsanto has proved to be a company that has managed to pull through bills and laws to support their products, even when it hasn’t been certain that their products is no threat to the health of the public. Specifically this has been so with the GMO plants invented and patented by Monsanto – there has been research showing clear signs that the plants might be harmful to the ecology of nature as well as man; yet without any consideration towards this research, legislation was passed that allowed such products free reign in USA.

In the documentary that I’ve mentioned, this point of the ineffective and detrimental legislation, as well as it’s non-scientific but instead politically biased foundation, wherein no actual research was taken into consideration when the law was passed and implemented, is covered in great length. It’s an awesome documentary – I suggest you watch it.(Robin 2008)

Anyway, I started to research the legislation process in USA and found some interesting facts as to how politicians, as the people having the power to implement legislation, get elected. To be voted into the ‘house’ in congress costs about $1.4 million dollars and to get into the senate costs about $9 million dollars – this money is used to run a successful election-campaign. Now, to fund one’s campaign the politicians need to have donations and obviously – whom do you think make the donations? Yes – it’s of course the corporations, as those that want to get a foot into the nations heart so to speak, as the place where governing takes place. And in this way the loyalty of the politicians are bought to the highest bidding, as the politicians require being ‘nice’ towards their donors and make sure that they vote ‘aye’ on laws that support their donors business, else the next years campaign-budget will, with all certainty, lack some of that much needed money.(Krumholz 2011)

So, huge amount of money is required to be voted into the house and senate – not to talk about the presidential post in which sums ranging from $400-700 million dollars are needed. And all of this money comes from a biased collective of corporations, whose sole intent is profit and nothing else, this would make one wonder – but doesn’t all our legislation, at least USA’s, then simply support these corporations to make more money? Because, obviously – if you as a politician decide to go your own way and vote for policies that is supportive for the general public, but detrimental to the corporations, you won’t get re-elected, as you won’t have any money, as donations, to support your campaign with.(Krumholz 2008)

The American political system is the perfect proof as to how politics has become nothing but a cash cow, a public debate wherein the officials have been bribed and bought by the corporations to vote and speak – not according to principle as what is best for all – but only according to the shareholders wish to enrich their stock-portfolios – fascinating shit!

What is even more fascinating is the practice of ‘revolving doors’ that take place in the political arena of USA. What ‘revolving door’s’ imply is that politicians many times wander from a high and influential position in the private sector, to a high and influential position in the public sector and then sometimes back again – going back forward between those who make the laws and those who benefit or loose due to the laws; clearly this doesn’t set the foundation to have our political decisions be unbiased, objective and in the interest of all, as the politicians will have their allegiance elsewhere, namely to the fat paycheck the a corporation will award a loyal employee with.

What fascinates me further is the practice of lobbying, as an entire multi-million industry, solely focused upon the practice of influencing the decision making of politicians. Corporations buy lobbyists to speak on their behalf; many times these lobbyists are retired politicians or retired highly influential public officials; basically individuals that have a massive social network, with the ability to influence people high up in the food-chain – as such the corporations receive another way making sure that their sole intent of profit maximization is supported through the necessary laws, instead of laws being enforced and implemented to support the well-being of earth and all of mankind. Fascinating shit!

This information is openly available and proves that our, or at least USA’s, political decision making is almost if not entirely based upon the premise of supporting corporations to make more money; there is no morality, no principle and no integrity to be found, only money is of value. Obviously such a twisted political foundation, as that which our society is based upon, as the laws enforced, forms a culture in which only profit and money receives support – and life, human-beings, plants and animals becomes forgotten.(Krumholz 2011)

Such a practice, as described above, is naturally completely and utterly unacceptable, as money must not be the decision maker and ruler of life – principle must be! And not any principle, but the principle of what is best for all. Though to implement and found our decision making upon such a principle is near to impossible in our current money system, as each human-being is driven by the competition and survival which our current system is based upon, as debt, as have and have not’s. Everyone, as well as politicians, is in-fact existing in complete petrifaction and as such run around with no consideration as to principle, only attempting to gather enough cash, so that they can take care of themselves and their family; corporations is but the expression of people coming together, helping each-other to survive through combining their resources, as share-holders.

Thus – we need a system wherein people can let go of their fears, their constant search to assure themselves survival – and instead be given survival. Then we’ll all be able to sit down – calmly and reasonably – and discuss our political dispensation within the consideration of what is best for all – not what’s best for our wallets, as our wallets will already be sufficiently filled for us to live a comfortable and effective life.

So, the key to a new world, as politics driven by morality instead of money is EQUAL MONEY. I suggest – do your research and find out the simplicity of the answer, as to creating heaven on earth.


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How Taxi Drivers are Murdered by Money

I’ve some time ago decided to make a salary as a taxi-driver. This led me to study for the tests that all taxi-drivers must pass in order to receive their taxi-drivers license.

Now, I managed to pass my tests – yay! But this is not why I am writing this article. What I instead want to expose is some of the known behaviors of man in relation to driving-accidents, which revealed to me as I studied for the tests. It’s about traffic-accidents in relation to the unavoidable need of all humans to sleep.

See – in my study-books I could read the following: “Tiredness might be the cause in more than 40% of all cases of accidents with a deadly outcome on the highway. In other types of accidents the ratio is lower, but as a sole reason for accidents, tiredness is still much prevalent.”

Further you can read: “Sleepiness in many professions causes the possibility for a accident to double. With professional-drivers and similar groups of people the possibility that a accident might happen rise up to 15 to 20 times.”

I mean, check these numbers out, especially the last one’s. That the possibility of an accident rises 15 to 20 times for professional-drivers, directly in relation to tiredness, is nothing to joke around about. And if you have ever worked the night-shift, you know that around 3-5, all that you want to do is sleep, and that it takes a effort of will to remain awake – that is not good news if you travel at 90 m/ph on a highway; because if you fall asleep, you and others might be in the danger zone of dying, or possibly become paralyzed for the rest your of life’s.

Still, knowing these numbers, we send out our taxi-drivers in the middle of the night, when we are well aware that the human physical body is designed to sleep in the nighttime. Why are we doing this? Why are our politicians allowing this? I mean, in Sweden our politicians have placed a goal that no one should be paralyzed or killed in the traffic – no one – and it’s called the zero-vision. How the fuck can you possibly fulfill that vision when you send out people in the traffic, driving several tons of steel, not being fully awake? I mean, it’s a proven scientific fact that if you are asleep and drive a car, you won’t drive your car very well – actually you’ll drive your car like shit – so bad in-fact that you’ll with all likelihood kill yourself and others.

Then why aren’t we stopping our taxi-drivers and other professional drivers from committing suicide on our roads? Well, my friend, I’ll tell you why, we live in a fucked up money system! See – we force people to do the most stupid things – such as sacrificing their life – to have them make money – because if anyone finds himself or herself without money in this world – man – they are simply fucked!

So, are we murderers? Are our politician’s murderers?  Yes – by implication they are – we are all murderers because we’ve accepted and allowed this system to continue. We sacrifice people in all kinds of stupid ways only to make sure that we get that juicy green gold at the end of the day – not questioning – not challenging – whether we actually need to have this current money system and whether we actually need to live the way we live!

No one, no matter what his crime, should be forced to go out and drive a car in the middle of the night when there are scientifically proven facts that this will increase his or hers likelihood of being involved in an accident – that is simply unacceptable! Everyone deserves to live a life wherein they are safe from physical harm – wherein they are never in anyway forced to compromise their physical wellbeing in order to survive.

For this to become a reality we need a new system, as our current system do not accept and allow such laws to be implemented, as our current system is completely dependent upon money. So, research equal money, as this is the solution – wherein all people will be treated with respect and care – and as such we will finally be able to implement the zero-vision for real – wherein no human being will be harmed, die or be paralyzed in the traffic – or anywhere else for that matter!

Investigate – equal money for all!

Facts taken from: Svenska Taxiförarförbundet, Taxiförarlegitimation – en självstudiekurs, 2010:1


Why do parents fear the future of their children?

Why do parents fear the future of their children and what can be done to make the parents the foundation of a world that is best for all?

If I were a parent, looking at my child as he came of age, making he ready to explore the ‘grown up world’ – my main fear would be that of my child not being able to support himself financially in this world. I would also fear that my child were to emotionally break down or be dealt with some really tough cards in life – such as drug addictions, jail sentences, abusive relationships, or some life-altering accident. I would in essence fear that my child somehow, someway would fuck up and turn his life into hell.

Now, these fears are fascinating to look at from the perspective of the parent being the teacher and the programmer of the child. Because if a parent would have any of the above-described fears in relation to his child’s future, then this would mean the parent doesn’t trust the training given to the child. The parent knows that the child hasn’t been effectively prepared to take on and stand self-independent and self-directive in the world – but that there is a high risk that his/hers life will turn out a fuck-up. Many, many children, no, all children grow up to be adults that live fucked up lives – following their desires, likes, preferences, dislikes, fears and anxieties – walking a path of ensuring their own survival, which is a dangerous path that it’s easy to fall off.

Is then the reason as to why parents fear the future of their children? Let’s ask ourselves the following question to see if that is the case. If a parent knew that his child was effective, stable, unwavering in his application of living – would the parent then fear for the child’s future? I know that I wouldn’t, if I was a parent, because I would be certain that my child could deal with any situation arriving to be faced, take effective decisions based upon mathematics instead of a reactive and stimulated one’s, based upon fear or desire. My child would in-fact live in reality and be able to deal with reality. What would there be for me to fear?

Obviously I would probably still fear that my child was to have some kind of accident or unexpected sickness – as this would mean my child wouldn’t be able to support itself with money. So, all fears wouldn’t be removed through knowing that my child was an effective life participant. To remove these types of fear we would need to implement a system based upon equality with equal support and assistance given to everyone. Then survival would be re-assured no matter what and the parent would finally be able to let go of his worry as to his child’s future.

So, what can be done to have the parent develop and realize his ability to be an effective teacher and guide for his child? The answer is very simple. The parent must first become a teacher and guide for himself and remove the self-defeating patterns that hold the potential of destroying a cool life. These are the patterns that, if they are not removed, will be transferred to the child and as such be apart of his education.

Parents must thus become strong, self-independent, self-reliant, benevolent and humble human-beings, living not from the starting point of energy as thoughts, feelings and emotions – but instead from the starting point of mathematics, accumulating what is best for all in every breath, and as such showing their child a practical example of living perfection. Living perfection you won’t ever get into situations or experiences that doesn’t support you or those in your world – because you are not self-deluded anymore, but instead a physical being, taking decisions without blinds covering your eyes, an effective human being.

Thus – if you are a parent, or a child – it doesn’t matter – join Desteni I Process and start your journey towards perfection, wherein fear will disappear, as you will stand self-directive in your life, within the principle of what is best for all. This how we create and place a foundation in this world that will have the outflow of heaven on earth – join us!