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Day 414: Public Speaking and Creativity

During last week I was away on a 3-day course. It was very intense, with scheduled activities from nine in the morning till ten o’clock at night. One of the lectures was about rhetoric and how to speak with a crowd to arouse interest and curiosity – and that was something I passionately enjoyed. I remembered how amused I was by the creative and expressive arts, such as theater, music and painting. Those expressions are part of my nature and activities I have to give myself space and time to indulge in – if I want to experience the full pallet of colors that is me. It was interesting, that I did not really notice how my own passion and enjoyment was coming through – until after the course, when I came back to work and one of the secretaries pointed it out to me.

What I enjoy about public speaking is that there is a nerve to it, there is a performance. The thing about performances is that you have to be fully present, and you have to dare yourself to step out of your comfort zone. It is not possible to hold back, because everything depends on you. If you do not open your mouth, move your body, or do whatever you have set out to do, there will be no performance – there will be no act. I also appreciate the freedom of expression that is available in public speaking. You are bound only be the limits that you have created. One and the same topic can be approached in a thousand different ways, and it can be delivered in as many ways as there are people on the planet. Our voice can be soft, stern, sleek, whispering, or, silent. Our body language can be engaged, held back, impressive or intense. There are so many ways to frame ourselves.

However I do see, realize and understand that I am not able to practice public speaking everyday and everywhere I go – though – I still want to experience and bring creativity, inspiration and enjoyment into my life. Thus – I see that I must apply and live these words everywhere – however in particular – when it comes to speaking and interacting with people. I tend to hold myself back and fall into self-created limitations when I interact with others. And it is these limitations that I want to break through – that is what pleasures me – when I move through fears and anxieties and allow myself to express creatively.

And it does not necessarily have to be speaking with people. Creativity can be applied and lived everywhere. It can be applied in for example, driving a different route to work, adding new and different spices when cooking, reading a new kind of book, about a topic that feels as distant as Pluto. I would say that the main component of creativity is to be open and excited about trying new things, seeing how it fares, and enjoying the process – and not accept and allow fear of failure, or fear of losing control to stifle. The process of creativity is a walk into the unknown – it is about venturing into undiscovered spaces – and maybe that is why so many have difficulty bringing in creativity into their lives? They fear the unknown, the uncontrollable, the opaque – however – that is the charm. Do we really want to live a life that is in all its facets calculated, exact, without surprises, without uncharted avenues, without any sense of adventure or opportunity for change and expansion?

And that is why I will strive to bring more creativity into my life at large and explore the various ways in which I can realize this word in my daily living. And even though I have a desktop job, and most of my day is spent sitting in an office, I am convinced that there is much still to be explored. Being creative is not something that can be made dependent on the environment – creativity in itself comes from within and is something we have to nurture and actively bring through into our life’s.

I will in the coming week explore this word – and report on my progress.

Day 359: Work and Career, a Matter of Passion or Money?

Work, it should be fun, or should it only be a way to make money?

If we look back in history, the notions of loving work and following your passion (in relation to career) and finding your life purpose are modern inventions, concepts that have become marketed extensively with the raise of spiritualism. The spiritual teachings, which most of them are centered on attaining experiential freedom/joy/bliss, have for a long time been stipulating how important it is for us to follow our desires, especially when it comes to making an income for ourselves. However, there is a big problem in this way of viewing the world. Work, career, and physical labor, are physical conditions, physical experiences, for which you require certain physical prerequisites to complete and be a part of, such as for example being endowed with a particular body type, or having access to certain tools, or having a certain nimbleness to your mind. Different type of jobs and careers have different requirements, though, this is not considered or looked at when the spiritual approach is utilized.

The spiritual outlook hones into how we FEEL about a certain work or career, and it does not take into consideration the PHYSICAL. This creates many problems, one of them being the mindset of ‘not knowing what to do with one’s life’ that is becoming increasingly common in young people. It is not rare for the modern youth to wait until they are 30 or 35 before they decide on a direction for themselves when it comes to money and survival. If we look back a 100 years ago, that was very unusual. Obviously, back then, we did not have as much personal freedom, or as many opportunities and choices as we do now, and that must play a part in why many young people today experience it more difficult to make a decision for themselves on what they are to do with their life. AND, what exists today, that did not exist a hundred years ago, is the idea that we are supposed to pick a career based on how we feel.

Back in the days it was normal to take on the craft of your father. Probably not because the youths found it particularly enjoyable, but because it was practical and ensured their survival. Deciding on your future was a lot more SIMPLE, because there was no abstract and vaguely defined concepts, such as ‘following your passion’ in the way of making a solid, grounded and practical decision.

Hence, if we look at career and work, and making a decision with regards to these points, what is of PRIMARY importance is that the decision is PRACTICAL. Why? Because we live in a practical world. We do not exist in a spiritual world and thus it does not make sense to base decisions that will be experienced in a physical world on spiritual ideas and concepts. Doing that would be similar to trying to answer your exam in physics using religious discourse. Hence, PRACTICALITY, that must be the overarching principle that our decision is based upon, because if it is not practical, then it will not work or it will work poorly – simple as that.

And in the context of career and work, what would constitute a practical decision? One important aspect is COMPATIBILITY = We must be able to physically handle and direct the responsibilities involved with the profession we decide upon. A tailor must be able measure, know basic math, follow schematics and preferably have well developed ability of using the mind to look at geometrical structures, shapes and forms, and look at what steps must be taken to achieve such shapes in the physical. Further, it would not hurt if the tailor also have a stylistic sense and artistic talent, so that he or she can see what colors, fabrics and shapes fits to a particular persons bodily design. If those prerequisites does not exist in the person that strives to become a tailor, that person will with certainty face notable inner conflicts in developing those skills, or fail in the profession of tailoring. Hence, for a person that do not possess such skills – it is NOT practical to decide to become a tailor.

Another important aspect is MONEY. It cannot be debated that we live in a world where life is at the behest of money. Our survival, and access to creature comforts such as clothes, shelter and food, they are all dependent on MONEY. Hence, it is PRACTICAL that our career is a way in which we are able to make MONEY – and depending on our preferences with money – more or less money – however we must be able to sustain ourselves. If it is not possible to earn money on the career we want to pick – it is NOT practical. I have seen many that pursue the profession of their dreams and sacrifice access to comfortable living conditions in order to do it. Though that is not practical, it is not what is best, because in order to live effectively and support ourselves and our bodies, we must have access to comfortable and dignified living conditions.

It is first when the career we are looking deciding upon have passed this test of practicality that we can look at if we LIKE or ENJOY the profession in question. And yes, this is obviously not preferable, but in a world where our survival is linked to access to money, where we must make sacrifices to live effectively, it is the way in which we must look at work. Many times, the aspect of enjoying a profession is a plus on the side, something that might be there, or it might not – if it is – then cool – though if it is not – it is not alone of such weight that we should change the direction of our career.

Looking at money and career from this PRACTICAL perspective makes things SO MUCH easier. Because then we do not glorify career and work, we do not believe or see it as a way of living and expressing our passions, our pure and unconditional joy – it is instead a way to survive – and that is it. We stop trying to chase an idea, get back to reality, and make our decisions according to what is here – hence – no inner conflict – because we stand EQUAL and ONE with what is HERE as this physical reality as how it currently functions and operates.

Lastly, I want to point out that, even though our decision when it comes to career and money must be primarily based on what is practical – it does not mean that we are not able to expand and develop ourselves within our profession. And further, it does not mean that must make work about survival – as we are able to stick with our ideas as to what we want to do and create – and slowly incorporate it into our career and move ourselves into a direction where we see we are able to express an ENJOYMENT in our work – without compromising the PRACTICALITY of our lives. It is all about WHO WE ARE within what we do – and if we want to – we can expand, push and move ourselves, regardless of our position in this world.

Learn more about this way of living:

Banning Alcohol To Create A World Of Excellence

In this blog I will discuss alcohol – and how the current usage, and application of alcohol in this world leads to massive problems – and massive suffering. I will then discuss what are the solutions available in order to correct this problem – and lastly what will be the reward – both on an individual, and on a global level – when we correct the problems that have resulted from the usage of alcohol.


Social problems that originates from alcohol consumption – the source is Alcohol and its social consequences – the forgotten dimension, by Harald Klingemann, World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe 2001:

a) Rapes: “A large proportion of unwanted sexual advances are mediated by alcohol.”

b) Domestic violence: “Alcohol and domestic violence are linked to spouse/partner and family structures. The size of the problem is often underestimated. Legal and cultural limits bar access to the private or domestic sphere, even if the physical and psychological wellbeing of women is at stake, and victims are reluctant to report this covert violence. Alcohol plays a major role here.”

“The partners of alcohol abusers also pay a heavy price. They are at serious risk of violence, since marital violence is clearly more common with problem drinking.”

c) Child abuse: “Children are the most severely affected, since they can do little to protect themselves from the direct or indirect consequences of parental drinking. Some have already been severely and permanently scarred, even before they are exposed to parental behavior. At least one child in 3000 in western countries (Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States) is born with fetal alcohol syndrome, and there is a tenfold higher incidence of disorders related to direct exposure to alcohol during gestation. Parental drinking can thus seriously harm a child’s development, although its modes of action have only been partially elucidated. In particular, abuse, neglect, isolation and insecurity or inconsistent parental behavior and demands are much more common in the families of alcohol abusers than in others.”

d) Employment: “Although alcohol consumption does not contribute to any large proportion of the total production losses from work absenteeism, it is well established that alcohol dependent people and heavy drinkers have more sick-leave days than other employees and thus cost their employers considerable amounts”

“There is empirical evidence illustrating the damage which alcohol consumption inflicts on working relations and career opportunities. Numerous workplace problems, including sexual and other forms of harassment, are linked with use of alcohol and other drugs. There is empirical evidence illustrating the damage which alcohol consumption inflicts on working relations and career opportunities. Numerous workplace problems, including sexual and other forms of harassment, are linked with use of alcohol and other drugs.”

e) Violence, accidents, and suicides: “Many of those involved in accidents, self-inflicted injury or violence had been drinking – more often, it seems, as victims of violence (some 40–65% of whom had been drinking) than of various types of accident (some 20–30%).

Also, some 20–50% of people who commit suicide or attempted suicide were intoxicated at the time or known to be heavy drinkers. Particularly with regard to violence involving two or more parties, in 40–80% of cases the offender had been drinking.”

f) Public order: “It is clear, however, from a large body of research evidence that the threats which alcohol presents to public order and safety are actual, not merely socially or culturally perceived, constructed or defined.”

g) Crime: “Without question, alcohol plays a major role in crime, especially in crimes of violence. In international comparisons, the category of assaults and homicides is that with the highest level of alcohol involvement, ranging between 35% (Canada) and 85% (Sweden).”

Medical problems that originates from alcohol consumption – the source is Centers for disease control and prevention:

a) Pregnancy: “Miscarriage and stillbirth among pregnant women, and a combination of physical and mental birth defects among children that last throughout life.”

b) Poisoning: “Alcohol poisoning, a medical emergency that results from high blood alcohol levels that suppress the central nervous system and can cause loss of consciousness, low blood pressure and body temperature, coma, respiratory depression, or death”

c) Cancer: “Cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, liver, colon, and breast.20 In general, the risk of cancer increases with increasing amounts of alcohol.”

d) Liver diseases: Including – Alcoholic hepatitis. And cirrhosis, which is among the 15 leading causes of all deaths in the United States.And among persons with Hepatitis C virus, worsening of liver function and interference with medications used to treat this condition. As well asother gastrointestinal problems, including pancreatitis and gastritis.


What is obvious is that the consumption of alcohol entails many unpleasant side-effects that result in nothing but massive and unnecessary suffering. As such – the solution as to how to stop this unslaught, and attack on the human physical body – and on society as a whole – that the consumption of alcohol constitutes – is to in-fact BAN alcohol and make it illegal.

Though – what must be realized is that it won’t help to only make alcohol illegal – because making something illegal is only to put a band-aid on a open wound; it will stop the bleeding for a while but not make the wound heal. As such – in order to completely remove alcohol from the experience and life of humanity the origin point that lies as the foundation of alcohol consumption must be recognized and corrected – and the origin point is – the inability of man to consider, care, and love himself enough to not use substances of self-abuse in order to create a particular experience of high – as such the consumption of alcohol is in-fact the result of a physchological illness which has been developed through generations – as thinking that it’s apparentely okay to place yourself in a delinquent and harmful state of being – as being drunk – because it’s fun – not at all considering the outflows, and consequences of such a decisions – which as has been shown above is massive problems and suffering.

Thus – humanity must re-educated as to the effects of alcohol – and learn to take responsibility as to what substances that are allowed within and as the human physical body – and within the Equal Money Capitalism System – this re-education will be facilitated and supported – as there will be enough money to train effective teachers and to give each human being the necessary time, and support to re-learn – and to bring relevant information, and support to those prone to being addicted to alcohol – to as such stop any negative consequences from manifesting due to the consumption of alcohol.

Some might here say that this is not possible – due to the economic role that alcohol plays in the world – giving employment to many people – being the bread and butter for restaurants, pubs, and various other businesses. Yet – here must be considered that within the Equal Money Capitalism System – there will be employment for everyone – and employment will not anymore be supressed by the lack of money – because there will be sufficient with money to support LIFE – as what is best for all – thus there will be employment for everyone – and opportunity to earn money – and at the same time support LIFE – instead of abusing life through selling, and premoting substances of abuse – such as alcohol.


Individual perspective

Within removing alcohol from the life experience of the human being – something will emerge as a realization within the human – that “shit! I can’t have fun without alcohol!” and also that – “shit, I have created such a BIG part of my life around this single point of drinking this one substance – look at what I’ve missed in life!”

Thus – within removing alcohol human beings will in-fact learn to party, and enjoy themselves – without the cruch of a abusive substance – as such real, and actual enjoyment will emerge – going to parties might now be about enjoying a full night of dancing – or a entire night of listening to a new artist – wherein the expression of each being won’t be clouded by the veil of alcohol – and as such each one can fully appreciate the dancing – the movement of the human physical body to the sounds of music – or simply enjoying a real conversation with someone wherein both beings remain authentic within their expression – because none of them are supressed, and drunk in the buzz of alcohol.

Global perspective

We will also have the rewards of MANY problems disappearing completely from society: there will be – less sickness – more longetivety and health – and more funcational family relationships will emerge as a direct consequence of the end of consumption of alcohol. No more will there be a risk to die on the roads due to drunken drivers – and our doctors, and policemen will be able to give their attention to assist and support preventing, and stopping other problems existing within society – because now their time won’t be eaten up by drunk people either harming themselves, or others in various ways.

As a whole – we will have a more intelligent, healthy, and effective world emerging – because now time is spent upon living – moving – and expressing self – instead of being drunk – which is a most unproductive and in-fact destructive way of utilizing and spending the time you have on this earth.

2012 And How I Came To Fall In Love With Desteni

I had just finished the gymnasium and I was searching for something, I wanted there to be something in life more exciting than money – something meaningful – something that I could dedicate my life towards, and find true enjoyment doing; so far I hadn’t found anything that I could completely immerse myself in, I hadn’t found anything that fulfilled me – so I felt empty.

It was in this state of emptiness that I decided to travel the world too see if I could find what I was looking for outside the borders of my birth-country – I went to Asia – I found nothing – what was I looking for? What was it that was missing in my life? How come that nothing of what I did felt valuable, substantial, of any worth? How come I felt empty at all times? What was it that was missing?

I tried following my dream – to become an artist – I thought that maybe me becoming an artist would fulfill me? I managed to find a gig, I managed to play in-front of a crowd – I managed to get a couple of people to tell me that I was good at singing, and good at playing guitar – yet still – what is it that is missing? Why can’t I be satisfied with myself? Why does it feel as if there always something left be done, no matter how much do?

I wanted an answer – I wanted to be able to enjoy myself – I remembered my childhood clearly – I knew that when I was young I had experienced myself differently – I had been able to enjoy myself, and find the most simple things to be so utterly fascinating, and exciting – playing football with my friends – bathing in the lake – having a pet lizard, feeding it and looking at how it ate small worms – building villages out of sand, and then playing with the small sand houses – I remembered this time well, and I knew that as I had grown older – this ability of mine that I had possessed as a child, to be able to immerse myself in the movement of the moment, had gone missing.

Something had to be done – an answer had to be found – a solution had to be created – I couldn’t continue to live and experience myself as I did – I wanted to return to my childhood experience of myself – but how? Where was the answer? And why was I the only one that felt as I did? Didn’t anyone else feel that, as they came to grow and become older, they slowly but surely ran stale, like water once running freely and abundantly in a lake, but year by year slowly and almost unnoticeably drying out, until one day no more water remains – that was how I felt – like a fountain of water that didn’t anymore have access to it’s water supply – there was something missing.

I found spirituality – I found meditation – I found the belief in ascension – this made somewhat sense I thought and I tried to empty my mind, too breath and somehow change the experience of myself, and find some type of peace, or comfortableness – this didn’t work – I wanted it to work – I deceived myself into believing that it worked, but in essence I remained the same – still this same restlessness – this same unease – this experience of wanting to go somewhere, yet no matter how many times I got there – there was still another there to go to.

Then I found Desteni – due to my experience of myself, as having realized that I was empty, that there was something missing in my life, and that there was something fundamentally flawed and wrong with how I experienced, expressed, lived myself – I knew that that this was in-fact the answer I had been looking for – I was ready to hear – more than ready to hear – I understood that I had somehow, without me realizing, or seeing it died during my years of coming to age, and I knew that Desteni offered and shared the practical way of bringing myself back to life – self-forgiveness – self-corrective application – self-honesty – common sense and breath.

I was looking for my youth – for the ability a child owns of being able to enjoy themselves without any addiction needed to be fulfilled – no love – no sex – no weed – no alcohol – no dreams – no money – no success – no power – no ascension – simply living self-enjoyment here – no more and no less – this was what Desteni showed me – how this can be done – how the expression of living as the innocence of a child can be re-created and re-stored – this was what I had been looking for all along.

None of my friends understood or saw what Desteni presented – the reason – they were all to satisfied with holding on to their perceived experienced of satisfaction, created through the usage of various drugs – whether it be sex – whether it be alcohol – whether it be drugs – they simply didn’t want to face that inner experience of emptiness and pointlessness that I came to see and experience within me – this experience that I had for quite some time been suppressing with the usage of drugs and additives; but no more – I wanted to exist without additives – without a constant need of placing myself into an experience of fabricated bliss – that really was only me not being aware of myself anymore – but existing completely secluded from reality and how I in-fact felt.

Desteni presents the most important message ever shared with mankind – Desteni presents the way back to innocence – the way back to self-expression – the way back to self-trust – the way back to self-enjoyment – the way back to ourselves – we’ve all been children – we all know how it is to laugh because we so much enjoy expressing ourselves in the most simple and rudimentary ways – Desteni offers all that apply the tools presented the way back to the ability to laugh – too enjoy moments seemingly boring and uneventful – Desteni offers substance to fill the experience of emptiness we all carry inside ourselves – filling ourselves with ourselves – making ourselves to become substantial, practical, and physical beings.

Thus – I am the example that our childhood can’t be lost – it can only be forgotten – though it’s our responsibility to bring ourselves back to life – to end the existence of ourselves as lost in a mind – lost in thinking – lost in feeling – lost in perceiving – lost in believing – and first and foremost – lost in FEAR – though all of these mental delusions can be deleted – and what can be placed in it’s stead is actual self-experience, and actual self-expression – this is something that mustn’t be missed out on – though it’s up each and everyone – we all have free choice – we either birth ourselves yet again, or we remain stagnant until we finally run dry and die.

Life is waiting for you to take it upon yourself to bring yourself back from the dead – what are you waiting for?

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The Return to Innocence with Desteni “I” Process

As most children do, I came to grow up both fearing and resenting my parents. Living with my parents was during the first 22 years of my life a complete misery filled with emotional turmoil, thoughts of spitefulness, anger, arguments and dramas. I think that I’ve gone through this more than most others, as I ‘really’ went to an extreme with my rebellious actions, in my attempt to ‘break-free’ from the control apparently ‘forced’ upon me.

Never did I during these 22 years stop, to take a breath and look within, asking myself: what if I might be the one that is creating all of this? What if it’s not my parents fault that I feel like I feel, that I think like I think, that I speak like I speak, that I act like I act – what if it’s all my fault? What if… I am actually able to enjoy myself one and equal in the presence of my parents? I was oblivious to these questions as drove my rampage towards the adult world further and further.

I came to a point in my life where I had basically destroyed my relationship to my parents completely. Even in my own eye’s that was stilled foggy with blame and the fear to admit self-responsibility I saw that I had gone to far within my application of – non-living – wherein I had accepted and allowed me to change, to experience myself differently when I was around my parents in comparison to when I was with myself; creating within such a separation – lot’s of bullshit in my world and in myself.

Thus – I started the process of self-forgiveness and I promised to myself that I was not going to live out certain patterns, which I had seen within myself, ever again. I was going to stand up and take self-responsibility.

So, the journey begun, and this is a journey that has lasted me for soon three years – wherein I’ve fallen and stood up, fallen and stood up – completely certain in my initial decision that I am not going to remain as what I’ve accepted and allowed myself to become – I will change.

So, here I am today to report upon my progress. I am glad to announce that I am able to enjoy myself in the presence of my parents. I am able to talk with my parents without reacting and without becoming angry. I am able to look into my parent’s eyes and see who they are – not my projected blame as to what they have apparently done me wrong.

All in all – I have returned – in many ways – to the condition in which I first came to meet my parents = innocent. I came as a baby here, completely blank and fascinated with this world, I enjoyed my parents and I shared myself unconditionally with them as with everyone else – then I manifested a mind-system of suppression as myself and those days where over. Now, I am yet again returning to this position within me of innocence, that was never lost, it was simply, for a moment, hidden in and as the blame I had accepted and allowed as myself. Though, here I am, taking self-responsibility, cleaning and washing away the impurity I have accepted and allowed myself to become – too realize that – the simple enjoyment of being in the presence of my parents, or lying in my bed, or watching a movie, or walking outside in the sun that I experienced as a child; wherein I was fulfilled and nothing more was needed or required = isn’t gone, it’s still here.

This would not have been possible without desteni “I” process, without desteni. I am a changed human being and I have – in many ways, yet there are still many left – returned to innocence and I am eternally grateful that I’ve given myself this opportunity and for all the support I have gotten from the desteni “I” process crew.

I suggest to each one that can see and understand what I write to join the desteni “I” process as it’s not something you want to miss. It’s also a cool way to become financially stable – though – when you get the taste of the fulfillment one and equal as who you really are – finances won’t be your biggest pleasure – you will be that yourself!

So, join desteni “I” process guys and girls – thanks!