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Day 445: Stand Still and Time for Reflection

Lately part of my life has been circling around the Corona virus and in particular the effects it has had on society and on myself on a personal level. For me this virus shows us people just how vulnerable and connected with the rest of the world we are. We cannot pretend that we are all powerful creatures and that we can do whatever we want believing there will not be any consequences. It is clear that earth is changing, nature is changing, there are now clear effects that flows from our actions and inactions.

The virus pandemic is in part caused due to our destructive behavior towards nature, where we constantly grab more land to be inserted into our economy, leaving none for the wild animals and plants that are needed in this world to keep stability and equilibrium. It is specific that the virus jumped from a wild animal to a human. It was a way for the virus to survive when its own natural habitat became threatened. And now, it has all the habitat it needs, as it has free access and roam to the entire human population.

We really need to stop this notion that things just happen, that virus infections just starts to spread. Everything is specific and this virus tells us that we need to have a look at ourselves. As human beings we have a role as custodians to fulfill on this earth, we could step into the responsibility and commitment to take care of earth and the animal kingdom, yet, we simply have not been able to consider anything else but our own survival and expansion. Thus, that is what we will experience, that will be our consequence. Now we get to experience how it is when a virus, set on its own survival, will duplicate and spread itself, and kill, in order to remain alive. How does that feel? That is what nature and the animal kingdom has to go through every day because of our desire to expand and have more, and more.

Our system has stopped for a moment, markets have crashed, and people look at it as an enormous tragedy. However, is it really that? Have we actually lost something of value? This entire system is not good for anybody. It does not serve life, it does not serve what is best, and there has never been any real passion and drive to create a better world for everyone. Thus, as I see it, we have lost nothing of value. In-fact, this virus has inspired people to become self-sacrificing and benevolent. Politicians are rushing to take economic actions that will save the ecosystem of their countries. People are trying their best to support one another to make it through the crisis and nature is replenishing herself because the meat grind of capitalism has finally halted. Those are good things. Finally some changes are being forced unto humanity.

If we want a stable world for our children, we need to change ourselves, and we need to change our system. Pandemics like the Corona virus will continue to spread and become increasingly hostile unless we do something. The solution is that we take responsibility and step into our creative potential – and decide to make this world BEST FOR ALL instead of just a pleasurable place for a few lucky individuals that happen to have all the money. We need equal money for all, we need a basic income, we need economic changes that put an end to this holocaust, where people and nature becomes the prey of greed.

Day 370: Equal Regardless of Position

I have recently begun walking through a pattern of fear/inferiority/anxiety in relation to superiors at work. It is an interesting point to look deeper into, because it reveals many parts of how I have set up my mind to function in relation to money, status and position. I have come to realize that it is not really about my superiors at all, it is not about the work at all, the entire pattern is showing me something about myself, and how I have dis-empowered myself, and placed the power to live/express in relation to money, the system, career, into some very narrow and specific physical manifestations.

On a superficial level, the pattern tends to play out as follows: My superior will come around, I will experience anxiety and fear, and become held back and less expressive – and I will over-analyze most things my superior say and many times come to the conclusion that what he or she has said has been some form of insult or hidden critique towards me. That will add fuel to the fire so to speak and increase my experience of paranoia.

Where is this fear coming from? What I have been able to see is that I have placed a lot of value and power into my superiors – I believe that they have the power and initiative to give or withhold my access to money, my ability to create my life and my ability to survive – basically that I need them to stand beside me – and to be there for me for my life to work. I have as such projected my own power and authority to make decisions and move myself in my life unto my superiors – which is a serious limitation.

It is not only a limitation, it is also irrational. Because fact is that I do not need my superiors to like me, to stand beside me, to want me as part of their organization, for me to be effective in this world system – for me to be effective with money – for me to be effective within establishing a career for myself. Sure, if I have an effective relationship with my superior it might make things easier, however it will not determine anything, because the determining factor is ALWAYS myself.

I made it through my university education primarily because of myself, the decisions I made and followed through upon, my determination, my consistency, that was what allowed me to pass my exams and get my current job – and thus – I created my own opportunities. It was not my superiors, and the same goes with my current job – I am the one making sure that I continue to develop, expand and move within the settings of my current job – I am the one pushing myself to go further – nobody else. And thus, I see, realize and understand, that the point I must embrace is that I am responsible for my own life and there really is no other authority but myself. I am the author of my life and nobody else.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to project power, authority, control and direction unto my superior – and thus believe that I need my superiors liking in order to make something out of myself, to remain stable in my life, to remain consistent in my life and be able to create an effective relationship with money

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to project my own power and authority unto the money system, unto my superior, unto my education, unto my teachers, unto my grades and marks, and believe that it is they/them that control my future and how my life will play out – and that I thus must make sure to please and satisfy all of these various characters – thinking that if I do not do that – it will have severe repercussions – and I will not be able to do anything what-so-ever with my life

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see and recognize my own value, power and authority

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not embrace myself as value, power and authority

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to seek for someone else to give me a sense of value, and to stand as my point of power and authority – instead me taking on and standing as these points myself

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that my life and everything in it will work out when I am accepted by my superior, when things are going smoothly at my job, when I am seemingly accepted by the current system, and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand, that when I approach life from within and as that assumptive starting point – I am creating consequences for myself – because I am not actively living, directing and moving my life in the direction within which I see that it would best if it moves into – and thus I see, realize and understand that the solution is that I take charge and responsibility for all parts of my life

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear authority and feel inferior to authority and want to serve authorities so that I can save myself from a bad outcome

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear standing as an authority and to believe that I am not capable of doing that – and that I need someone else to stand that point for me – that I need someone stronger and more apt to be my authority – thinking, perceiving and believing that I am not able to do it for myself

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I am not valuable enough to stand as an authority in my life

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I am not strong enough to stand as an authority

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I am not capable enough to stand as an authority

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I do not have the right to be an authority – that I need someones permission to take up and stand in the role of being an authority in my own life

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear standing as an authority in my own life – in fear that I am going to be attacked, harmed, and excommunicated – that I am going to be forced to leave this world and life behind – because other authorities sees me as infringing on their power

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel safe and secure when I am able to have someone else be an authority in my life – because then I can have them make decisions for me – them take responsibility for me – them be the person that I blame if things do not go as I would like them to go – and hence I see, realize and understand, that this is a limitation – and not in the image and likeness of my full potential

Self-commitment statements

When and as I see myself going into fear and inferiority towards my superiors, I stop myself, take a breath and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize and understand that this fear that comes up within me it is limiting me from interacting with my superior one and equal, in a comfortable and easy-going manner – and that in turn limits me from expanding my relationships – and here I see, realize and understand, that the real problem I have is not about my superiors, it is about me and my relationship with myself, where I have come to define myself and my value according to position, stature and money, instead of me trusting myself HERE within and as my human physical body to live grounded and simple – equal with all others physical expressions – thus I commit myself to remind myself that I am the directive principle of my life with regards to career, money and work – and that these are points that I take full responsibility for and do not push over unto my superior – and I commit myself to breathe and ground myself back into my body – into my point of equality – and then practice interacting with my superior as I would with anyone else – as an equal

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Day 310: Reinventing The Wheel

Ever heard of the expression ‘There is no need to reinvent the wheel!’. For those that have not, this expression implies that it is completely unnecessary to come up with ‘your own way’ of approaching and directing a specific point if a solution has already been found – thus also implying that there is no value in coming up within things yourself – the value is instead in the solution itself and the practical outflows that comes from applying that solution.

I want to write a blog about this point because it has recently opened up in relation to my job. Basically, this is what happened: I had been given a task to write a piece on a specific topic. I sat down and started to sketch out how I would approach the point, only to realize that, there were some things off with the topic. I began making my own inquiries, and sat for some hours doing research. After a while I was satisfied, and also proud over myself that I had found that answers I was looking for. In my mind I imagined myself receiving some sort of praise or recognition from my superiors.

Later during the day I approached my boss and showed him what I had been working on. To my surprise he said; ‘Oh yes, that kind of problem, we deal with it like this, you can do the same here’ – whereupon he showed me an existing template of how the problem could be directed. I experienced a sense of disappointment, because I had hoped that my efforts would be rewarded with praise and attention, and now, it seemed that all my work had been in vain. This led me to ask myself the following questions: ‘Why did I not ask for someone’s perspective before I started to dig into this work?’ – ‘How can I avoid repeating this mistake in the future?’ – ‘How come it is that I place receiving attention and praise as a priority over practically getting things done in ways already tested and trialed?’.

In looking at this point I realized that the reason as to why I wanted to reinvent the wheel was because it would make me special, unique, and more in the eyes of others – through it I would be able to differentiate myself as more than. Though, the consequence of this was that I put in several hours into something that was not required, because the wheel was already invented, I could just have asked, and then solved the task within a matter of minutes.

Hence, this stands as a fitting example as to why wanting to be special, unique, new and the first is a limitation – because in that we are not working with COMMON SENSE – but trying to realize a dream/feeling/hope. And this feeling of being special, it is not even real, because physical creation is but that – it is a physical practical creation – and who created what or when – that does not matter to physical creation. For example, does it matter to a house or those living in the house, that the carpenter who built that house came up with and applied a new idea? Most likely no. And further, being special limits us from copying and using what is good and effective in the way others live their life’s – because we do not want to be a copycat. Though, what is wrong with being a copy cat when what is copied works and is of benefit to everyone?

Instead of wanting to be special, what should be the primary focus is to be of utmost value to ourselves and others in our life – and to be that it is not required for us to be unique – however we do need effective living techniques and in the process of establish such we can learn a lot from others. Hence, the solution that I see for myself when it comes to my job is to develop communication, openness, and also, completely let go of the desire to be special, and replace it with the desire to be effective/of benefit to myself and others. To instead of striving to be recognized, strive to do the best work that I can do.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to be special instead of equal with others

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to desire to be more than others and be recognized as special – and in this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to miss out on myself – where instead of my focus and direction being to create what is best for all – to be of benefit and support to others in my life – my direction becomes about wanting and desiring recognition

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want and desire recognition – and I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to compromise myself and my physical reality in order to achieve recognition

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not practice self-recognition – in the sense that I recognize myself as being of value and a asset to others and myself – and push myself to stand as such a force in my life – where the purpose of myself and my future as such is not to become someone in the eyes of others – but instead to become a trustworthy companion that is able to walk this physical reality and give and share what is best for all

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to invent something unique and out of this world – to want to do something nobody has ever done before so that I can feel special and good about myself in what I am doing – and hence I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to let this desire take the drive within me – and want it to push and drive me through my life – in the belief that I require and need this something – to make a mark in my life – to have done something with my life.

Self-commitment statements

When and as I see myself doing something because I want to be special – something that is not really practical or necessary and where I am trying to reinvent the wheel – I stop myself – I take a breath – and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize and understand that in wanting to be special and get recognition I am compromising my effectiveness and my ability to contribute and give to others what is best – and hence I see that there is no practical value in being special – there is no practical value in being unique – and this physical reality does not care about who does what – and hence I commit myself instead practice being of value to myself and others in my world through practical living – where I push myself to take actions that make sense and have results – instead of taking actions in hope of being special.

I commit myself to practice the word simplicity – to embrace simplicity in my life – to embrace simplicity as myself – to see, realize and understand that I do not need to be special in my life – that I do not need to be someone or something to others – that all I need is equality – is to embrace and push me to stand as an equal participant – in that live value – live equality – live contribution – to push myself to be a giving participant that makes a difference through practical – basic – daily actions

2012 Changing The World With The Mind = Fake

In this blog I am going to pick apart and show the deception in a statement by Colin Wilson, and this is a typical spiritual, new age statement, and it goes as follows: “The mind has exactly the same power as the hands: not merely to grasp the world, but to change it.”

So, what it is the deception in this statement? Well obviously, the mind can’t in-fact make, or create anything physical what so ever – and as such the mind can’t change the world at all. What is required to change the world is MONEY and physical action – yet this point of common sense is often disregarded and pushed away by us humans, as we tend to like having our money to fulfill our desires, and to not have to do very much with our life’s but instead keep ourselves entertained, and content within immersing ourselves in some hobby, or something that we like doing; so that we don’t have to care about anything else but ourselves.

In terms of being able to find a justification, in order to not have to change this world, or do anything substantial and of use with ourselves, and our time here, Colin Wilson’s statement supplies the perfect match. With such a justification we’d be able to think, and feel as if we’re doing these great, and magnificent things, while in-fact we’re only hiding in our minds, living out our life’s in acceptance of the system, and in complete fear of actually standing up to do something and live the change PHYSICALLY.

This is what Desteni is all about, we’re about taking a principle that has been described, and endorsed by many religions, people, philosophers, gurus, and other spiritual people – as the principle of do unto another as you’d like to be done unto you – and then living this principle PHYSICALLY, PRACTICALLY – and this is why Desteni is so different from anything that has ever been here.

Desteni is saying that without practical action, without practical movement, without in-fact living the statement of change as yourself, in your life actually, and physically in every moment of breath – NOTHING is going to change what so ever. And this is obviously common sense, and simple to see – yet spiritualistic people spend much time to deceive themselves into believing that things can change through using the mind, through simply feeling the change – feeling compassionate and sad about starvation, and suffering – thinking that we don’t really have to physically do something, because we can all do it in the mind.

But hey, the world is a proof that this idea of change is false, spirituality, and religions, that have suggested the spiritual, and non-physical way of change have existed for decades – like Christianity for example: “wait to judgment day, then the bad will pay, and you’ll also go to heaven when you die” – or Buddhism: “be as good as you can possible be, meditate, and then you’ll go to nirvana, and everything will be cool” or new age: “hey, just accumulate love and everything will be cool”.

Though within looking at the world we see that none of these spiritual practices have lead anywhere! What we can instead see is that the capitalists, those that use money and labor-power to build up an empire for themselves, they are in control of reality – they hold the power to make decisions – and this obviously proves that in order to change the world, we must stand equal in application to these capitalists, and walk in the system and walk the necessary practical points, and in-fact, physically create change.

In-fact, the people that have placed their mark upon this world so to speak, that has been kings, and rich people – they have built buildings, printed books, printed money, made the laws, and they are the people that have lived within the realization that you create through physical accumulation – while the spiritual people and their messages of purity and love have had no effect what-so-ever in this world – none. Jesus message of do unto another as you’d like to be done unto you is not lived by anyone in the corporate world, and what president takes into account such a principle within their decisions? No they only care about money, and real physical events, and actions – and as such it’s clear that in order to be effective, and have a impact in this world – physical action is required.

Thus – conclusion – don’t fall for these love-dovey – and smoky statements of changing the world through thinking, feelings, and experience – it must be done physically – practically – actually – else it’s not real.

All Hail Human Potential

One thing that I’ve seen, as I’ve begun to more in-depth study the Swedish democratic system is that it’s based solely upon control. This control is then held up through laws that promise punishment in various ways.

The entire law book – or most of it, is a collection of statements intricately interwoven as to create the control that people want to have in society. The reason that this control is thought to be needed – is because – money must be protected and people can’t be trusted. These are the two themes that run through all the laws.

See – in Sweden, a government, parliament and a court govern us. The parliament makes the laws, the government enforces the law and the courts uphold the law.

We have the government (which serve the law) on the top as the directive (executive power), decision maker – under the government comes the public institutions, which people are working in. It’s these public institutions that are the actual backbone of the democratic society, as they serve the law that is written and decided upon by the parliament.

Thus – what is fascinating is how extremely limited the public institutions are in terms of – what they are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do. Everything must be written in law if you are to do it. Thus – the machinery of the governmental power is an extremely beurocratic and complex monster – in which human traits such as: creativity, playfulness and self-trust has disappear.

The governmental machine is like a dead person attempting to live – but, he has made up all of these millions of rules as to how he should live. Thus – he now tries to follow all of these millions of rules when he is living which makes it so that he doesn’t ever live; he only always follows all of the rules which he has created for himself to follow.

And why did he create all of these rules? To protect himself, to protect himself from falling apart, to protect himself from loosing money, to protect himself from the abuse and attacks of others – from others greed and desire for power.

Thus – society, as the mass of laws that stand as the backbone of human, social interaction is based upon fear – as the fear of being abused. It’s based upon desire – as the desire to have control and power. It’s based upon greed – as the desire to have money and to have control over others. It’s quite a fuck-up; our entire lives are directed by these detailed laws – all upholding a function which you can trace back to a cause, of either – protecting money – or, protecting another from another – or, giving another power and control over another, within the idea and belief that he/she knows more and is more able to take correct decisions than another.

Thus – what has been missed? Why are living in this dead person? Filled with laws – using each moment to assess whether his living expression stands in alignment with all of these laws, rules and detailed paradigms as to what is right and wrong? The reason is simple; we’ve missed equality.

See – the reason we need leaders, the reason we need laws – is because we’ve not educated people effectively to take care of themselves and to live their own lives effectively, within the consideration of what is best for them and best for everyone else.

Would we need laws that decide how property is to be split in a conflict – if we would hold to no greed, no desire; but instead we had a well-developed self-honest, objective starting point through which we decided what to do.

Do you want this toy? Yes? I also want this toy – maybe we can share? You can have it first and then I can have it? Yes – cool!

LOL – common sense is real intelligence – the common sense to see what is best for all and act, practically, physically, mathematically – as what is best for all. Within such a starting point of living – there is absolutely no need for laws.

Thus – laws that enforce control are only needed because we’ve not allowed ourselves to life self-control, as in pushing ourselves to stand by the principle of oneness and equality as what is best for all. Where in there is no authority needed, as we are self-authority – where-in we hold ourselves accountable and responsible as to what we do and what don’t do. We live not according to rules and pre-determined paradigms, but we trust ourselves to in each moment take all that is here into consideration and from such a starting point, take a decision that supports ourselves and everyone else as ourselves. It’s simple, simplicity – called common sense.

So – let’s stop the complicated beurocratic way of life and instead develop self-trust, so we can actually embody the values of equality, justice and human rights as a living expression – instead of following laws separate from ourselves, only due to the promise of a punishment. We don’t need laws – we are capable of assessing and making effective decisions in this moment without any prior knowledge or preparation.

So – all hail human potential, as the potential to live as what is best for all. Research equal money and you’ll see what I mean.