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Day 357: Money and Dis-empowerment

After listening to the Eqafe Interviews Power Play With Money and Freeing Your Mind From Money, in which it was suggested to write about money and its relationship to the emotion of dis-empowered, I have decided to do just that.

Money, either we have it, or we do not. And when we have it, the world is our oyster, and when we do not, there is nothing we are able to do, as everything in this world requires money. This is a polarity in itself, where money either gives us opportunities, or completely removes them. Hence, it is not strange that the lack of money is linked to the emotion of dis-empowerment, because without money, we are dis-empowered to realize our desires, dreams and hopes.

However, the way I see it, the lack of money is but part of the problem. Because as important as the negative polarity is to look at, let us not forget, that when we do have a lot of money, this is accompanied with feelings of great joy and feeling empowered to take on the world, and do whatever it is that we want to do. We have thus separated ourselves from the word empowered and dis-empowered and we have defined these words in relationship to money. And that is obviously a problem, because how can we ever stand stable, consistent, and directive within our lives, if our underlying strength comes from money. The moment money is gone, then so will our strength, fortitude, and momentum.

It is not unusual that people commit suicide due to financial losses and maybe the reason for that is what I mentioned above. When the money leaves our world, so does our will to live, our directive principle, our desire to move, motivate, create and expand – and the only option we seem to have would be to commit suicide. Though, obviously, this is experience is artificial. It is not natural or sane to base our character, our deepest convictions, and reason for living, on the abundance or lack of money. And hence, if we really want to stand and make the most of ourselves, this is a point that must be changed. We must make sure that we are not controlled by money, but that money is a tool that we use and nothing more.

If we base ourselves, our life, on that which is not dependent on the fluctuations and changes of the world system – then we will empower ourselves to stand through the worst, and be stable in facing the best. Jesus put it nicely when he said:

“Everyone therefore who hears these words of mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man, who built his house on a rock. The rain came down, the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat on that house; and it didn’t fall, for it was founded on the rock. Everyone who hears these words of mine, and doesn’t do them will be like a foolish man, who built his house on the sand. The rain came down, the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat on that house; and it fell—and great was its fall.”

— Matthew 7:24–27, World English Bible

This shows that when we create and define our character, not by measuring ourselves in relation the ideals of the world system, but instead by our own, inner commitment, devotion and steadfastness, and by living/creating/standing by our own self-created purpose and direction, then having less or no money will not be experienced as an emotion of dis-empowerment – as we will instead look for solutions and how to best handle the upcoming situation. Hence, our life will be built on a rock. Because we are only dis-empowered when we accept and allow ourselves to be dis-empowered – as long as we are HERE – we have a varying range of things we can do to direct our lives the way we want them to be – that is not dependent on money – unless obviously – we make it so.

Learn more about this way of living:

The Greatest Presen(t)ce Anyone can Give to Themselves

About a month ago I moved to a new apartment – a two-room apartment. The plan was to move in together with my partner, as alone I do not hold the financial power to maintain a two-room apartment. Due to reasons unforeseen and unplanned the agreement, relationship, ended and as such I was now in a precarious situation in relation to paying my rent – or at least it felt like that.

So, I went into fear and anxiety, as I wondered and worried how I was going to keep myself afloat and maintain my financial position, and as such all the various points that go hand in hand with ones financial security in this world.

I had to find a solution, and that I did through deciding to take in a tenant, giving up one of my two rooms to be rented out. This was also a point that caused major anxiety and worry within me – as now I had to bring a unknown human-being into my home, exposing all of my possessions and the interior of my apartment to possible theft, or destruction. Several nights I lied in my bed and experienced the anxiety and worry as the thoughts, vividly showing ‘the end of the world’, ran rampant in my mind.

Though, in terms of my experience in relation to these points, there has been a major difference comparing myself now and myself from three years ago, at the time in which I still hadn’t found Desteni. The change lies in how I handled my experiences; because eventually I managed to stop all fear, anxiety and worry too instead live here as breath – something I would never have been able to do three years ago. Back then I would have become possessed with my fear, I would have checked out my bank account several times a day, to make sure I have enough money, probably never dared to let a tenant live with me and I wouldn’t been able to sleep as a child – even though my reality was unstable and uncertain.

Because through writing out my experiences, through looking at my thoughts in self-honesty – I managed to pinpoint the insecurities that created my experience. And through self-forgiveness in combination with breath, common sense and self-corrective actions I was able to delete my disease as fear – reprogramming myself with a new starting point, one of common sense and in alignment with the mathematical nature of reality.

This is the power of the tools of Desteni; self-forgiveness, self-honesty, breath, common sense and self-corrective action – applying these tools there is no situation to hectic, intense or overwhelming one can’t face and still direct oneself within stability, silence and clarity. Because our inner reality mustn’t be a slave to our outer, our experience of ourselves can become what we want it to be – as we end our automated reactive behavior with it’s origin in external stimulation. We are able to become the stimulator of ourselves and as such, remove all the experiences and behaviors that aren’t supporting our world or us to live effectively.

Because, would it have helped me to sort out the situation in my world if I had gone into fear and remained as fear? No, I wouldn’t have been able to make clear decisions, based upon mathematics, as the certainty of accumulation, that 1 + 1 will indeed become 2. Simply common sense to see that I require to get a job, I require to rent out my room, and within these realizations having no experience of fear, anxiety or worry – instead seeing the concrete, actual, physical reality and what is necessary for me to do in order to stabilize my world.

So, I used the tools of Desteni. I stopped my fear, worry and anxiety and I came back to the physical. I slept as a child and I gave myself direction; this is the simplicity and effectiveness of breath walking, a skill and ability that everyone is able to give themselves, the greatest presen(t)ce anyone is able to receive.

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Greed Speaks of A Harsh Future – Yet, Financial Stability is Possible

In Manhattan, New York – a five-story apartment building as been sold for 20 million dollars too an unknown stock-market guru – this is what can be read today, as a Swedish newspaper reports on the societal upper class of celebrities and successful businessmen, as the buy their new homes.

The realtor, which sells these upper class houses and apartments says that most of the people that buy – pay in cash – upon which he adds – “if you buy these kinds of objects, it’s not like you are in the position where you have to look over your debt”.

So far this year he has sold 123 objects to a worth of 97 million dollars, which is quite the sum if you regard the financial status of most others in this world – which is exactly what I am going to do.

Because, what is it that is shown in this news article? What is shown: is the face of inequality and greed – the accepted reality of our current world-system, where some people simply are “supposed” to earn more money, and as such live a more fulfilling life than others – which is exposed in plain sight, yet accepted and allowed without the slightest remark from the public.

And, as these luxurious objects are sold at unimaginable prices, I sit in an apartment that costs 300 dollars each month – a sum that is actually quite big for me, and that I do not, without problems, pay each month. At the same time there are people elsewhere in the world, where the 300 dollars I pay each month to maintain the contract to my apartment, seems like an unimaginable, enormous sum of money – as they are living their life’s in mud-huts, or in the streets – fighting each day only to have sufficient with money to buy food to be able to nurture their human physical bodies.

The greed, the carelessness, the fear, the disregard for others is blatantly exposed right in-front of our noses – as a newspaper reports on the stories of success, wherein some people have been able to rob the rest of mankind, stealing the money to be able to live as gods. Yet, nothing – nothing – nothing is being said of the consequence that such a overzealous wealth contained to only one person, creates for the rest of the world – as most people, each day, with effort, barely, manages to scrape together enough coins to buy their daily bread, and – a pillow under, and a roof over their heads.


This is unacceptable – such apparent, unquestionable, un-debatable greed is unacceptable, and this truly shows us – to what extent mankind has lost all morality, all care, and all love for his neighbor, as he without any shame or guilt robs, withholds – calling it saving, and collects resources for his own pleasure and use only.

This greed is also the reason as to why we, as the “average elite”, as those of us with sufficient money to have an apartment, food and luxuries, yet still each month having to push ourselves to make sure we accumulate the necessary amount of money, will loose our ability to sustain ourselves in the world.

The very simplistic realization, as to why there is poverty, why it’s hard to get jobs, why it’s hard to survive, why it’s hard to get the necessary money needed to survive – Is because: we are accepting and allowing ourselves to live, exist and participate within and as a system that does not support life – but instead – inequality. The reason why you can’t achieve wealth is because, other people have taken all the money, and now they guard their money like rabid dogs – afraid of loosing what they robbed from the rest of humanity.

And I mean, we can’t blame them – we are all the same. Look at your thoughts; look at what moves you, what makes you happy and what makes you afraid – it’s money! Where all completely addicted and lost in money, as to the fear to loose, and the desire to earn money – not realizing that money could be given to all equally, as such giving all, materialistically, the status of millionaires in the world – it’s possible – and will be proven through the establishment of an equal money system.

So, during the next years, as the fear and desire within humanity compound, you will see greed becoming even more prominent, with the outflow of inequality, and life for the many becoming even harder. The future of money will be a future of scarcity and lack, and you will have problems to create for yourself the sufficient income needed for you to survive.

But – there is a solution, the Desteni “I” Process, which is a multi-level marketing system wherein a stable, and sufficient income will be guaranteed to all who participate. Placed within the principle of – give and you shall receive – you will see that if you follow the mathematical equation, you will be able to make money.

As such, we invite people, we move, we expand the Desteni “I” Process – and bring the money back from the corporations, and the governments, the rich people, to the average people – as we give as we would like to receive, and as such we receive as we would like to receive. It’s an unfaultable concept and will prove to be your life-savior as the harsh future comes knocking upon your door.

I am a Desteni “I” Process recruiter, as such, contact me if you are interested in making money – securing your future, and investing in your life – I will assist you to make your future be wealthy, as well as to assist you in your re-education of becoming more effective in your marketing of yourself, as a being that live for real, within and as real principles – that is best for all.

So, as I’ve stated – it’s possible for all, materialistically, to be millionaires – this will become so in a equal money system, which a system that we at in the Desteni group aim to implement in a period of 20 years – until it is so – you will need an income that you can trust, as such; investigate the Desteni “I” Process and multi-leveling marketing, as this will be your ticket to survival until we’ve managed to turn this ship, as the world system, around – from greed to equal participation and sharing – wherein the principle of, giving as you would like to receive – is the very purpose that guides all decision making in the world.

So – come with me!

Do not wait for your future!

Bring a sustainable financial income here!

– and then –

Let’s expand it to everyone equally!