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Day 390: The Natural Rhythm of Breath

I have listened to a couple of Eqafe interviews cover the topic of temperature this week:

Temperature: The Origins of Temperature – Earth, Nature, and Weather
Temperature: Purification Through Heat and Cold – Earth, Nature, and Weather
Temperature: Quantum Breathing and the Rhythm of Life – Earth, Nature, and Weather

They were insightful and fascinating and I can recommend them. There was especially one part that covered rhythm and breath that I found interesting. When I first started process I was shown the four count breath. You breath in counting to four, hold, breath out counting to four, and hold – and then you restart. It was a effective method to become aware of my breathing. As I developed my relationship to my body and breath I realized that the four count breath did not fit for me – as it was not aligned with my natural rhythm of breathing – and hence I decided to practice awareness of breath without counting – and that is where I am today.

What was shared in the interview confirmed to me that there is such a thing as a rhythm of breath and that we all have our individual and specific rhythm. The four count breath assists with realizing the importance of breath – though the real rhythm of breathing is something that can only be found by ourselves.

I was also reminded of how important it is the develop my relationship with the physical. It is easy to become enveloped and the constant chatter that is provided by the mind – and then forget the awesome opportunities that are here in every moment to develop and create a bond with the physical body. Each breath is an opportunity to refine and push my presence in the physical – and a opportunity to instead of being part of the irrelevant chatter of the mind – be here and get to know what is real.

Developing presence in the physical is challenging. At some points it feels as the mind struggles and fights – and all of these seemingly important things to look at and think about pops up. That is when I utilize the tools of self-forgiveness and writing. Sometimes that is the only way to bring myself back to stability – all of the things within me has to get out – has to be directed. To only focus on breath and deny the issues that repeatedly comes through within is not progression but suppression. That is why meditation and silencing the mind alone will not be enough – we have to locate our weaknesses and change them – and the mind is very effective at locating our weak spots.

If there is a point where the mind is able to penetrate – it will push and eventually get through. Taking myself as an example – I have a couple of points – fear of money being one – that I have consequently fallen on. Hence – from the perspective I am grateful that the mind is with me – because if I am not clear on a point within me – I will fall into the chatter, the emotions and feelings – and I will believe it is real.

There are spiritual directions that advocates only looking at the thoughts, however letting them go, or, focusing on breath and not at all allowing oneself to be distracted by thoughts. Both of these paths are ineffective – because the thoughts and the mind is not the enemy – it is the collected library of me and it will reveal what I need to work with. Each and every thought reveals a point that requires to be directed. Hence – when a point comes up – I recognize it – and if there is time – I take a look at its origins and speak a self-forgiveness statement within. If there is not time – I look at it later. A supportive practice I have found is to look at and work with what comes up within me either when I lay to sleep at night – or when I have just woken up in the morning.

The interviews I mentioned in the beginning supported me to open up and look at my relationship to breath and they reminded me of how important it is to develop a stable presence of breath.