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Day 314: When Work Does Not Go Very Well

Some posts ago I wrote about being calm and stable in relation to work and learning to embrace failures, mistakes, fuck-ups, and other unwanted, negative occurrences in my job. Today, I had the perfect opportunity to observe this point in action. I do not need to give more context than the fact that I made a BIG MISTAKE at work – and people got upset, worried and nervous – yet – still – even though my world was seemingly shaky – deep inside of myself I experienced a calm.

Where did this calm come from? It came from knowing and understanding how reality operates, that in learning a new trade, there will be mistakes, and in walking day-to-day living, there will be unforeseen and unwanted outflows – they can be minimized through practice, presence, thoughtfulness, and discipline – but they cannot be removed – as long as we live in a physical reality with a myriad of dimensions, most of them unknown to us, moving and interacting at the same time, things will happen that we cannot control and today, such a point manifested.

Instead of going into a reaction, instead of judging myself, instead of becoming worried, fearful, and nervous, I took a breath, and I looked at the point objectively – and what I have seen to be so important when it comes to living calm is the skill of retaining perspective on things. And with perspective I mean the following: It is so easy to exaggerate and blow things out of proportion – we make a mistake and we feel awful about it – though in the grand scheme of things – it is only one bad day that eventually will become but a memory – that we might even laugh at and enjoy later on – because WOW what a fucking mistake we made!

I find that old people are generally better at approaching mistakes with light heart, probably because they have seen so much shit, walked through so many mistakes, and experienced so many negative occurrences, that they are just used to it; hence – they have perspective on things. I am however still young, so I have not accumulated that amount of experience, but it does not stop me from creating perspective in me when things go wrong. The solution I apply is that I ask myself: How bad will this look in fifty years? And the answer I get is that – I will probably be dead at that time or at least – not remember ANYTHING of what happened. Thus, fretting and worrying over mistakes is a WASTE OF MY TIME.

Though, that being said, mistakes are also a gold mine, because for each mistake, there is something that can be learned. For example, a couple of days ago I made the mistake of forgetting a task that I had committed to take on. Instead of becoming worried about it, I asked myself: What can I learn from this? And I saw that when it came to remembering duties, and directing responsibilities, an effective rule of thumb is to either act immediately and get it done when the point is here, or immediately take a physical note, and make sure that I get back to the point later on. Applying this rule of thumb I can avoid having to face a future moment where I again forget something, and thus, I can create a positive physical outflow for myself, that will become more than a memory, but actually a gift in my life, and something that will assist and support me to expand.

To summarize: Mistakes will happen and usually we exaggerate and overreact – AND – mistakes can be used as LEARNING POINTS – and as a motivation to push ourselves to expand – consider more dimensions – develop skills and abilities – and become more effective at what we do.

Hence, when a mistake enters into our world – what we should say is: Cool! A mistake! Let me see what I can learn here!

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2012 Greece is the Proof that a Debt is a Fuck-Up

About two years ago the European union and IMF gave Greece a 45 € billion bailout loan, and some 110 € billion followed shortly after. After this a series of other attempts, such as writing of debt, and further bailouts have followed – not just in Greece but in other euro zone countries as well – in order to stall the country’s national debt; and obviously these loans have not been given freely. Greece has been forced to accept harsh austerity measures in order to receive financial support.

Looking at these numbers and abstract financial terms, it’s difficult to see how it influence the actuality of the daily practical living for an average Greece citizen – yet it’s within looking past the numbers, and instead at the reality of things, that one truly come to grips with the stupidity, and ruthlessness of a debt-based money system; a system which is the very reason as to the bailouts, and austerity measures to begin with.

As an example, many Greece mothers that have been shut out from the public health system, due to unemployment, are now unable to give birth at public hospitals, because of the required fee, which is 900 €. That amount of money constitutes about three month’s rent for a normal, average Greece citizen – money that most do not have

As for pensioners – this is quoted by Nikita Kanakis, president of the NGO Doctors of the World: “Lots more people are being shut out of the national health system because they are unemployed and uninsured and they can’t pay, or because their income has been slashed—as in the case of pensioners—and they don’t have enough money for medication,”

Further – there is a rise of children, born in such conditions that their family can’t even afford to give them the most basic medical needs at the beginning of their life, which includes vaccines. A soon to become mother said the following as to the developments in her country: “I now realize that finding the money to cover the cost of giving birth was the easy part. The question is how are we going to survive after that? I wonder what kind of protection my child will have after it’s born.”

What can also be seen is a rise of children being left by their parents due to poverty. Before the austerity cuts and the recession, the main cause for children being separated from their parents was drug and alcohol related addiction. A priest that works at a support centre for poor people in Athens shares that “requests of this kind were not unknown before the crisis – but that he’s never until now come across children being simply abandoned”.

Parents have no choice but to leave their children, as there is simply not enough food (or is there only a lack of money?) – a woman, Maria, that has given her child away shares the following:  “Every night I cry alone at home, but what can I do? It hurt my heart, but I didn’t have a choice,”

She spent her days looking for work, sometimes well into the evening and that often meant leaving her eight-year-old child alone for hours at a time. The two of them lived on food handouts from the church. Maria lost 25kg.

In the end she decided to put her child into foster care with a charity called SOS Children’s Villages.

What I’ve shared above are real situations, with real people, that experience real suffering – due to a fake, imaginary, and made up money system – with the fictional idea of debt as it’s directive principle – debt is not real – starvation is real – children being left by their parents is real – a child without it’s most basic medical needs attended to is real – but debt is made up.

Debt exist in the mind’s of men and women, it exists as a memory and a promise to pay, it exists as a fear that without being able to control the actions of another through indebting them – one will not be able to survive – debt exists as greed, and desire to have power, to feel superior, to have slaves, and to be more than another – it’s not a actual and real practical object that can be touched – experienced – and seen by all – it’s fake!

The situation that has developed in Greece exposes the ruthless nature of a debt-based money system – there is no humanity – there is no compassion – there is but debt that must be repaid – believing that the only way to structure a effective community is through debt, slavery, fear, control and threats; while there obviously are other ways!

The situation that has developed in Greece also exposes the uselessness of economists, politicians, and the over-all administrative establishment of our current system – they are all completely brainwashed, and subdued into looking at numbers, looking at rules, looking at what is wrong, and what is right – instead of doing what must be done, which is to end this debt-based money system once and for all!

For to long this madness has been allowed to go on – debt has been accepted and allowed as the very basis of interaction between human beings – without considering that a debt-based system always entails a winner and a looser – a master and a slave – a fulfilled and a starving – these conditions and consequences are implied within the very nature of a debt-based system – through demanding interest on loans, constantly creating a under-supply of real substantial money – all money is in-fact debt – raising those in control of the money supply to the skies, while the rest become food for the maggots.

Thus – what we see developing today in Greece is only the beginning – humanity has indebted itself to such an extent that today – only a very few people in-fact are free from debt – the rest are slaves, forced to work, forced to produce, forced create – even though the creations that spring from this enforcement, as fear of survival, are as useless as the debt-system itself; who needs more clothes, who needs a Ipad 3, who needs the latest hair-style? This is all just useless shit, which one desire to buy only due to the extensive brainwashing in the form of commercials that is lurking in each corner of the world!

Consumerism has failed – capitalism has failed – debt has failed – private banking has failed – economy as we know has failed and the proof is everywhere, and Greece is but one tiny example of the suffering that has been born from this debt-based money system – I haven’t even mentioned the animals – the third world countries – the plants – the oceans – fuck! This world is entirely fucked; due to this debt-based money system and its time that we wake up and see this, before it’s too late!

What is happening now in Greece bear similar signs as what happened in Germany during 1933, as the beginning of what was to the become the second world war, as the rise of Nazism; that was caused by the severe austerity measures imposed upon Germany, by the winning parties of world war one, which in turn made the people angry and open for anything – even if this would mean war!

Thus – when people become desperate, and their very survival is threatened, violence and war is never far away – as is proved by the riots in Greece – and is this the world we want to create? Is this the world we want to give to our children? I say – no! Its absolutely not – and as such I refuse to accept and allow our current money system as it exists today, I will not stand idly by and but watch this unnecessary abuse of life, yet I will neither take to violence and revolution – I together with the Desteni group propose a new money system – a system wherein everything is given to everyone, so that all needs are met – a system wherein children can grow up with their families, and the fear of survival become a thing of the past – I suggest that we create an Equal Money System.

And this system must be created through lawful means – democratically as one man one vote – we must in-fact agree with each-other, and educate each-other to understand how and why we must change our current debt-system – and implement a new system that is for the benefit of everyone – and not just a few.

Thus – let the re-education begin – and it always starts with self; a new world begins with self-change, and not through blame – let’s live by example and not by wanting others to change before we do; and as such we move until this is done – and survival, debt, fear and fake economics have become a thing of the past.





Why do parents fear the future of their children?

Why do parents fear the future of their children and what can be done to make the parents the foundation of a world that is best for all?

If I were a parent, looking at my child as he came of age, making he ready to explore the ‘grown up world’ – my main fear would be that of my child not being able to support himself financially in this world. I would also fear that my child were to emotionally break down or be dealt with some really tough cards in life – such as drug addictions, jail sentences, abusive relationships, or some life-altering accident. I would in essence fear that my child somehow, someway would fuck up and turn his life into hell.

Now, these fears are fascinating to look at from the perspective of the parent being the teacher and the programmer of the child. Because if a parent would have any of the above-described fears in relation to his child’s future, then this would mean the parent doesn’t trust the training given to the child. The parent knows that the child hasn’t been effectively prepared to take on and stand self-independent and self-directive in the world – but that there is a high risk that his/hers life will turn out a fuck-up. Many, many children, no, all children grow up to be adults that live fucked up lives – following their desires, likes, preferences, dislikes, fears and anxieties – walking a path of ensuring their own survival, which is a dangerous path that it’s easy to fall off.

Is then the reason as to why parents fear the future of their children? Let’s ask ourselves the following question to see if that is the case. If a parent knew that his child was effective, stable, unwavering in his application of living – would the parent then fear for the child’s future? I know that I wouldn’t, if I was a parent, because I would be certain that my child could deal with any situation arriving to be faced, take effective decisions based upon mathematics instead of a reactive and stimulated one’s, based upon fear or desire. My child would in-fact live in reality and be able to deal with reality. What would there be for me to fear?

Obviously I would probably still fear that my child was to have some kind of accident or unexpected sickness – as this would mean my child wouldn’t be able to support itself with money. So, all fears wouldn’t be removed through knowing that my child was an effective life participant. To remove these types of fear we would need to implement a system based upon equality with equal support and assistance given to everyone. Then survival would be re-assured no matter what and the parent would finally be able to let go of his worry as to his child’s future.

So, what can be done to have the parent develop and realize his ability to be an effective teacher and guide for his child? The answer is very simple. The parent must first become a teacher and guide for himself and remove the self-defeating patterns that hold the potential of destroying a cool life. These are the patterns that, if they are not removed, will be transferred to the child and as such be apart of his education.

Parents must thus become strong, self-independent, self-reliant, benevolent and humble human-beings, living not from the starting point of energy as thoughts, feelings and emotions – but instead from the starting point of mathematics, accumulating what is best for all in every breath, and as such showing their child a practical example of living perfection. Living perfection you won’t ever get into situations or experiences that doesn’t support you or those in your world – because you are not self-deluded anymore, but instead a physical being, taking decisions without blinds covering your eyes, an effective human being.

Thus – if you are a parent, or a child – it doesn’t matter – join Desteni I Process and start your journey towards perfection, wherein fear will disappear, as you will stand self-directive in your life, within the principle of what is best for all. This how we create and place a foundation in this world that will have the outflow of heaven on earth – join us!

Reason and Logic is Limitation and Separation

In a book I am reading regarding the European Convention on Human Rights the following can be read:

“The philosophical foundations of human rights are still the subjects of debate. Probably only a few intellectuals in secular Western states would accept the idea that universal moral values exist. If there are no “natural” universal moral values we can discern by the exercise of reason, then the idea of human rights can be seen as a modern replacement for religion. Human rights on this approach are a creation of particular social, economic, and political conditions of the twentieth century, not rights which have always existed. Arguably they are not even a product of rationality, but of a greater capacity relatively well-off human have developed for sympathizing with others.”

An introduction to the European Convention on Human Rights, Iain Cameron, page 25 and forward.

What is in essence stated in the above cited paragraph is that – there is no morality, there is no “good” – there is no “bad” – I have complete free choice. There exist absolutely no rules for me that I must follow – I am can do whatever it is that I wish to do – because – I have free choice.

If there are no natural universal moral values we can discern by reason then the idea of human rights can be seen as a modern replacement for religion. This means in other words that – if there is nothing that holds me back from doing something – I will do that. If there is no gravitation – if there is no all-mighty voice from the sky speaking to me – if I can use my reason to think of something that I want to do and then do it – this means everything is cool.

This shows the complete fuck-up of utilizing reason to understand life. Reason as the cold-calculating logic that stands separate from the physical – located in a small inter-dimensional box between the ears has no idea what real morality is – simply because – it doesn’t exist in the physical. Reason and logic exist outside of the physical. It has no intimate connection with the human physical body – it can’t feel and experience the textures and sensations of this physical reality – reason and logic is completely dead – it has no heart – it has no compassion – it has no feeling – as in feeling the pain and the suffering of others.

Thus – if you don’t feel the pain and the suffering of others – if you exist secluded in a small box between the ears where you utilize words to interpret and analyze the physical as if it is something that is separate from you – obviously you will come to the conclusion that there is no morality. You come to this conclusion because you are not in reality – you actually do not experience reality – you do not feel what reality is – here as breath as the physical and due to this you can’t possibly realize and see that – there are indeed universal moral values here. These universal moral values do not stem from reason – as logic – as the act of thinking – as the act of interpreting reality. These universal moral values stems from the physical – they stem from the application of loving your neighbor as yourself – they stem from the application of giving as you would to receive – they stem from the ability and skill to place yourself in the shoes of another.

Within doing such – looking at reality objectively – where you place yourself in each and every life of this world and you experience it as yourself you will see that there are universal moral values. There are certain things we DON’T want to experience. There are certain things we DO want to experience. It’s simple common sense.

You do want to eat – you don’t want to starve.
You do want to be able to free – you don’t want to be locked into a prison.
You do enjoy warmth – clothing – supporting your human physical body. You don’t enjoy freezing – having no clothes and having no ability to shield yourself from nature.

It’s common sense. Logic and reason are limited – confined and isolated – separate from reality as the physical where there are certain specific moral values. There are consequences for your actions – these consequences can be measured – the outcome can be seen as to how others and yourself are influenced by what you allow yourself to live. This reality is based upon mathematics – thus if you utilize your reason within the context of the physical – as what you see is acceptable and what you see is not acceptable as a experience to be had in the physical – you will be able to direct yourself into a position and application of yourself where you actually bring forth a world that is best for all.

A world that is best for all – this is not a theory – this is not an idea – it’s a actual and practical physical fact. You can see when someone is enjoying themselves – you can see when someone is sad – you can see when someone is nurtured and experience themselves at ease with their environment – this is not based upon reason or logic – this is actual physical practicality.

So – let’s not get lost in logic, reason and philosophy – it’s complete and utter bullshit. The physical is here – right in front of our eyes urging us to open them. When we do – we will see – if we dare – that reality is not subject for debate. Reality is what is here and works according to mathematics – it works according to = what you put in – is what you get out.

Reality is reality and we can with out eyes see what is acceptable and not acceptable. You must not be able to think to do such – if you are here – in the physical reality – you will see what is cool and what is not cool. To think and argue in your mind utilizing logic and reason – that is self-deception and complete separation from the physical. Thus – complete separation from yourself.

Come back to the physical everyone – thinking is for those that do not allow themselves to see directly. When you are here – no thought is needed – no philosophy is needed. You act and you act in accordance to what is best for all – that is no mystery – it’s nothing to be figured out – it’s mathematics.