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Day 354: Nostalgia, Why Does It Exist?

Today, I had a moment where Nostalgia arose within me. With a sense of loss I remembered passed moments in which I had lavishly enjoyed hours of making music, which stood in stark contrast with my current lifestyle, where most of my time is spent working. Instead of remaining in that experience, I stopped myself, and I gave myself a moment to question the experience.

What is Nostalgia? Why does Nostalgia comes up within me? What is the consequence of participating in Nostalgia?

One thing that I could see clearly as I asked myself these questions was that it is not like my current life is in anyway bad, or that I lack opportunities to for example, make music. In-fact, I have ample of opportunities to pursue hobbies, and thus I could see that it was not the fault of my work that I was not making music anymore. In-fact, the thing that was standing in my way of me making more music was myself – nobody and nothing else. Surely, the conditions of my life had changed since back then, though it is still a possibility for me to pursue music creation. And this then opened up another dimension of the experience of Nostalgia, with regards to the question, what is Nostalgia?

Nostalgia, it is the negative emotion, the drug of choice, that we give to ourselves to feel inferior and less than our past. It is what we use to not have to create, live, pursue, and actively expand in our current reality HERE – because when we are in an experience of Nostalgia – the past is seemingly always better and always out of reach. However, that is not true, fact is that we are still alive, and still fully capable of creating our life and future. The function of Nostalgia is thus to justify why we should not give effort and willpower into creating ourselves and our lives – why we should wait – why it is okay to be discontent with what we have here yet still remain in a experience of longing towards what we lived and experienced in the past.

The solution to Nostalgia is thus to look at where in our lives where are not living our utmost potential, where it is that we are holding back, allowing ourselves to be limited and confined, and then in that area, push ourselves to break through and live what we see is best for ourselves. Thus, it is not about recreating the past, it is about creating the future – and making sure that we always expand, move and challenge ourselves to be the best that we can become.

Learn more about this way of living:

Day 278: Giving

I woke up this morning and noticed that there was a form of stress or anxiety present in my chest. I took a moment and looked within me to see where this stress and anxiety came from. What I could see was that this stress and anxiety was connected to debt, to money, and to survival. It is easy to fall into the trap of survival fear – and then remain stuck in such an experience. When in survival mode everything is about the mere continuation of one’s life, which is the drive, which is the force and momentum that push points forward.

What is unfortunate is that when stuck in this state of survival, tunnel vision sets in, and one’s world gets smaller. It gets small in the sense that the only thing that matters is survival, not seeing anymore that there are more points to living in this world, and most of us understood this as children, when we could live in this world without being governed by fear of survival.

Hence, fear of survival is that limiting experience where all focus and attention goes to achieving the basic minimum, just getting by, just making sure that one get through this day. In that there is no will, or drive to move and expand, to give of oneself, to create something extraordinary and out of this world, something awesome that would be of benefit to many people. The will to live is sucked dry by the fear of survival.

However, it does not need to be this way. Money, or rather the lack of money does not have to define who we are as beings, and what we decide to live, and what we decide to stand for and as. Our expression and commitment to life can be created to go beyond money, and that is what I am going to write about in this blog, how I have waited with standing as life in certain parts of my life, due to connecting that will to stand to money, and having a lot of money.

One point that stands out here is the point of living HERE, living HERE and not accepting and allowing fear to creep up on me. Because, one justification that has been common is that ‘Oh well this fear is valid, because I do not have any money’ – hence procrastinating stopping and changing my self-experience until I feel that I have enough money to let go of my fears. Obviously, this is not effective, because fact of the matter is that I might never have enough money to feel comfortable in letting go of my fears, and fact of the matter is that I might never feel that source of income I have is sufficiently certain for me to feel comfortable in letting go of stress. This means that if I want to live without stress and fear, and stand up as my real potential, I must take a leap of faith, and simply stop these experiences – not accept and allow them to exist within me – regardless of where I stand in relation to money and income.

What does it then mean to live without fear of money/survival, and what I can replace this fear and survival with? What expression can I live instead that will support me to become a fulfilled and effective human being in this lifetime that is contributing to a life that is best for all?

What I see is that the word GIVING is a important part of me changing myself to live my utmost potentialGIVING is important in me walking from survival and into self-expression – and within GIVING – also words such as CARE, CONSIDERATION, EQUALITY, and SUPPORT – basically – placing value and significance on my fellow human beings and looking at how I can in my life GIVE to others of myself in such a way that it will support them and enhance their lives.

And I see that this word GIVING can be applied in many contexts. I can pursue GIVING in my work environment, GIVING through placing a focus on the organization that I work for as a whole – instead of only seeing it from my perspective, and from my desires and wants. And GIVING through actually caring for others, placing them within me, and when I speak, and interact with them, recognize the other person as an equal to me – see them – hear them – and be here with them. And GIVING through when I have time and opportunity to do so, assist and support others in their work.

And then GIVING can be applied at home through assisting and support with the household work, taking on responsibilities, and taking part in caring for the environment.

And basically, what I see, is that GIVING implies giving up my self-interest, to instead consider the whole, and see what I can contribute to the whole, instead of what I can get and take from the whole. Seeing how I can support myself and my world to expand, instead of looking for opportunities for me to get my next fix of energy – it is thus a shift in perspectives – a shift in how I look at things.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that the antidote to self-interest is giving, being generous and including others into my life and supporting not only myself but everyone to create a enjoyable life for themselves

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that the reason as to why this world face so much consequence is partly because we are just all the time taking, we all the time want things, seldom are we giving back – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not make it part of my life to give back

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that when I only think about myself, that is when fear starts taking a hold – thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not stop thinking – and apply the solution of GIVING and being generous with myself, my time and my money – and hence not anymore accepting and allowing myself to be a miser that walks in this world only to have

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that giving is what has been missed in this world – we humans have not considered the point of giving and within that receiving – but instead looked at this world as a place were we must do what it takes to survive – not seeing, realizing and understanding that by having that initial perception of this world – we have created it

Self-commitment statements

I commit myself to develop the expression of GIVING in all parts of my life

I commit myself to investigate what it means to GIVE and how I can live the word GIVING in my life in such a that I support what is best for all

I commit myself to place myself in the shoes of another and ask myself how I can GIVE to their life in such a way that I will assist and support them to expand

I commit myself to embrace GIVING – to embrace that we are here in this world together – and that no one is free until all are free – and that hence – there is no point to only caring about myself – my life – and my future

I commit myself to push GIVING – to push through the moments when I feel that I have given to much – or I give without ever receiving – to stop feelings of fair and unfair – and instead take responsibility in this world through giving and making sure that I contribute to building and shaping what is best for all

Destonian – what is that?

Destonian – what is that?

A Destonian is someone that stands for a world that is best for all – it doesn’t need to be a human being, as it’s not about what shape you reside within and as – but it’s about who you are, and how you live.

Thus – to be a Destonian is in-fact a living action as the principle of what is best for all in the flesh – wherein one as a Destonian move and apply oneself in order to manifest divinity – greatness – and true excellence – which is in short to be referred to as EQUALITY.

Further – a Destonian is someone that lives the tools of self-forgiveness, self-honesty and common sense in each and every moment of breath – it’s someone that each day aim to contribute to the creation of self-perfection – either through supporting self, or supporting others as self to stand up as self-expression – as real and actual love in application.

A Destonian is someone that is has let go of his spiritual side – his meditation and guru inclinations – to in-fact make peace with himself as the beast he is – a physical being that undoubtedly lives within certain laws and limitations – within certain ultimate truths that can be experienced and seen by everyone – and a Destonian will live within these limitations with the objective to manifest greatness – as what is best for all – NOT escaping into the fake experience of limitlessness that the mind presents.

A Destonian has found his feets and his hands – and as such he utilizes them in order to bring through heaven on earth – as equality and oneness.

All and everyone can be a Destonian – it’s in-fact our real and actual nature – it’s in-fact who we are – we must simply live ourselves to become it in each and every breath – and as such transcend that of ourselves which has diminished into an experience and stance of being less than a Destonian – less than the self-application of living in alignment with the principle of what is best for all.

As such – never believe yourself to be inferior to a Destonian – because you are not – what you see as the greatness of a Destonian in full application is yourself waiting to be birthed and lived into physical self-application.

And so we expand until all are able and capable to live one and equal as a Destonian – that’s in-fact the solution to all problems of the world – and the key to heaven on earth!



What if I Don’t Want to Be Apart of the Equal Money System?

There are some people that, as they first have their eye’s slowly stray over the words ‘Equal Money System’, screams out in blind panic: what if I don’t want to be apart of it! Are you going to force me to be apart of it?! Are you going to send me to a concentration camp?!

This type of reaction exposes a typical brainwashing – which is the belief that equality will somehow threaten your now so comfortable existence; because one thing must be understood – the people that do have this reaction are not poor; as poor people would throw themselves whole heartedly over any opportunity to have their life become somewhat more easier.

Equality won’t threaten your existence, and it won’t have you loose anything of your materialistic value; unless you’re a U.S dollar billionaire – though there are so few of them that I assume your not one of them.

Actually you’ll in an Equal Money System find yourself to have more materialistic wealth than you have currently – in the likings of a U.S dollar millionaire. Yes it’s possible for everyone to live as millionaires, when we stop wasting our resources through such ludicrousness as planned obsolescence, and profiteering; and instead make use of what is here in a practical and effective manner.

Thus – to not want to be apart of the equal money system indicates extreme fear of loosing that which you have currently, as your apparent freedom and individuality; while you in-fact have none at all! In this current system we were brainwashed since a young age to believe that we are free, to believe that we’re living a ‘normal’ life in this capitalistic system, when we are nothing else but slaves – living but to please the god of money, so that we may survive from one day to the other. How’s such an existence in anyway preferable, or likable, when in front of your face is presented a solution, a system, that will in-fact have you to be unconditionally supported and taken care off; no matter what!

But if you still don’t want to be apart of the Equal Money System, well, we’ll invite you in anyway, and you can have just the same material wealth as everyone else – and we won’t worry that you’ll abuse, or use it without giving anything in return; because the Equal Money System is based upon giving, as such we give, and we’ve got an abundance to give from. It’s but the belief in our current monetary system that there is scarcity and lack, when there in-fact isn’t, that scarcity and lack which we experience is created through the abuse of money, and isn’t a real physical condition.

Because look, we’re here in this world, and everywhere around us the physical is flourishing into various expressions, which most of them are able to in someway sustain, or nourish us; the problem has always been the starting point of man, as instead of giving to another as he himself would like to receive, hoarding resources, wanting to become rich and powerful, existing within and as competition; when all on earth could be well, and all have more than enough to survive, if we would simply help each other instead of fight each other, and give to each other instead of taking from each other.

So, in the Equal Money System the principle of ‘giving as you would to receive’ will be our only market force, and as such our markets will be abundantly filled with whatever you’d like to have; except goods based upon abuse obviously, as that will not be accepted and allowed in an Equal Money System – as an Equal Money System supports life, expansion, and human excellence – not abuse.

Is such a world possible, or is it utopia you might ask?

We decide and always have. Anyone that say’s that heaven on earth is not possible has decided that for himself, though it doesn’t make it in-fact so, because we’re the creators, we’re the authorities, and we’ll be the ones that take the first step to manifest a world of enjoyment, instead of suffering.

Thus – would you really like to miss out on a eternity of enjoyment? Here on earth? Does this system really give you so much satisfaction that it’s worth to miss out on heaven on earth?

Obviously you don’t want to miss out on this – so visit Equal Money and check out what it’s all about.

Giving is the Key to Living

How have we come to where we are today?

How I’ve become what I am today?

The answer is simple – through accumulated moments.

We’ve lived in a certain way, from a certain starting point, living certain actions over and over again; never questioning the validity of ourselves and our starting point. And then suddenly, without any warning, we’re here. Here in this shit-hole called earth, wherein the struggle for our daily bread has become the very essence of our existence; wherein nothing else exists but either the fight to survive, or the greed of having more than others. That’s what we’ve become, and our world is reflecting this so wonderfully back to us.

And this world as it now exists, as a world solely driven from the starting point of profit, as I want, as ME FIRST, as MINE, as the statement of ourselves as completely self-interested and self-centered – wherein nothing else matters but our life, as our desires, our fears, and our small consciousness bubble; wasn’t created in one single moment. It was created through us in many moments, continuously and constantly living from the starting point of separation, as self-centeredness, as ego.

Where every moment that we lived from a starting point of separation created another layer, created another ripple in the sea of existence, to finally turn into a huge wave, which we now find ourselves in front of.

Thus – we could see it as following: what we face here today, as this earth, and our limited and constricted life’s upon this earth, is the accumulated consequence of what we’ve been giving to this world as the entirety of existence; or rather what we haven’t been giving to this world as the entirety of existence.

What we face here today, as riots, as corruption, as molestation and rape: are the accumulated moments of how we’ve lived the word giving. And as we can see by the consequences that we face, we’ve in-fact only been giving to ourselves, and taking from everyone else, believing there to be no repercussion for such behavior – though now we see that there is.

What is it that must be realized?

That we create through that which we g(L)ive in each and every moment. Thus – if we do not learn, do not apply, and move ourselves as giving towards a solution that is best for all, as giving as we would like to receive; there won’t come any change.

Change in this world is dependent upon you and me changing our starting point of giving, from giving to ourselves only, to giving to everyone equally. So far, we’ve been giving all we have to a system of abuse and consumption called capitalism – and this has caused extreme suffering. Now we stand before the decision to actually give in a way that will birth the change we’ve all wanted for so long – but it will actually require for us to give, and realizing that giving, and what we give in each moment; is the key to creating a world that is best for all, and consequently best for ourselves as well; not be for us as the mind, but for us as a physical being.

Thus – practice giving as you would like to receive in every moment of breath. Give towards a new world, a world that you would like to see become a reality; because it’s only through giving to all equally, as what is best for all, that we’ll be able to start living.