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Day 22: Test-anxiety – Forgetfulness (Part 12)

One fear that I have in relation towards doing my exams – is that I will sit down behind my desk, be handed the exam, and then – in the same moment as I turn my exam paper around to look at the questions – completely blank and remember absolutely nothing – or – looking at the question – realize that I absolutely can’t in anyway know what the answer is.

I’ve actually through-out my studies faced these particular points – what’s interesting is that each time it’s happened – I’ve decided to “fuck it” and simply write an answer without worrying about whether it was wrong or right, and interestingly enough this has brought good marks. What does this then indicate?

It indicates that fear does not dictate who I am, and that the experience of being blank while seeing a question – isn’t real – because when I’ve prepared myself effectively the information is integrated, and automated as a part of my very flesh – which means that the information is simply here and that I don’t require to think, worry, fear, or experience anything in order to answer the question.

forgetfulness-800X800It’s funny to see that for each test that I’ve done so far in the university I’ve felt that I wasn’t going to make it – that I was going to get a shitty result, and that I was going to fail – yet – I’ve received top marks each time – this is showing me that what I feel can’t be trusted – what I think can’t be trusted – what I can trust is that there is a direct correlation between how much time, and effort I give to preparing for my exams, and the final outcome of the exam – thus when I’m doing to exam, or I’m about to do the exam, or I’ve done the exam – I can’t trust any thoughts coming up to me – analyzing my chances as to what grade I will receive – as these thoughts are simply not real – and they do not say anything about my actual application within doing the exam.

Fear can’t be trusted – and anxiety can’t be trusted – what can be trusted is the physical – placing time, and effort into preparation for my exam is a physical point and can as such be trusted as a indicator as to what the final outcome on my exams will be – also – fear when I see a question that I don’t know the answer to, and that I black-out seeing while doing my exam – isn’t real – and it doesn’t give me an indicator as to my ability to answer the question effectively – because for that is a physical movement point and not anything that have anything to do with my mind – or fear.


1. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to experience fear, and anxiety that I will sit down by my exam – and then forget everything, and go into a blank – and not know what to write – and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to trust my mind – to trust fear – to trust the blankness that emerge within me – instead of me trusting myself – and instead me taking a breath in that moment and simply walking the test to my fullest, and utmost capacity

2. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize, and understand that in fearing something – I am creating that something – thus in fearing that I will fail – in fearing that I won’t know the answer – in fearing that I won’t be able to find out and walk my exam sufficiently – I am in-fact creating, and manifesting that very fear – and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create, and have a opposite idea within – thinking that fear protects me – and that fear will make me experience less failure – trusting that fear will make my life easier, and more safe – not realizing, seeing and understanding – that this is not the case

3. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that fear protects, and that fear makes me safe – and that fear makes me more comfortable – and that fear makes it easier for me to walk, and participate within and as my life – and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not breath, and bring myself back here – and to realize that fear sucks – meaning that fear sucks the life force out me – and makes me a zombie unable to direct myself and make a decision – simply because I am stuck in a state of mind as fear – a state my–inn – meaning – being stuck in my own mind in my own world and missing to live – and participate in this world here

4. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to make fear my god, in believing that if I make fear my god – then fear will protect me – and fear will make me be safe – and fear will make sure that my life becomes a success – and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not take a breath, and bring myself back here – and realize that fear hasn’t done anything for me in my life even though I’ve fully trusted and given my all to fear – fear has only served to limit me in my life – and to make life nothing but a failure, and a mistake – and a complete journey of failure

5. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize, and understand that the reason I’ve nearly not made some exams – has been because of fear – it’s not been because I’ve lacked the knowledge – it’s not been because I’ve been badly prepared – it’s been because I’ve went into a state of panic, and fear – and within this missed reading the question effectively – and as such not been in a relaxed, and comfortable state to be able to answer the questions effectively – as such I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not stop trusting fear – and to instead live HERE with and as breath – without fear


1. When and as I see that I go into a fear of forgetting everything when I am writing my exam, and going into a blank – I immediately stop myself, I take a breath and I bring myself back here – and within this I see, realize, and understand that I am in this moment giving my trust, and my life over to fear – instead of remaining cool – remaining breathing – remaining stable here; as such I commit myself to breath – and remain with and as my body in oneness and equality – and not go into panic – but to remain here with and as my human physical body in oneness and equality

2. When and as I see that I am going into fear, and I believe that I am protecting myself by going into fear – I immediately stop myself, I take a breath, and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize, and understand that – I am not protecting myself by going into fear – I am in-fact merely creating that which I fear – which is obviously not what I want for myself and as such it’s stupid for me to rely upon fear – as such I commit myself to bring myself back here to breath – and to not rely upon fear but to rely upon my human physical body – and walking HERE with and as every breath – with and as every moment of being here – making sure that I live fully and that I don’t hold myself back in fear

3. When and as I see that I am participating in fear and that I think that fear makes me better, more protected, more enhanced to live and take care of myself – I immediately stop myself, I take a breath, and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize, and understand that – fear – is limitation – fear is stupidity – fear is the inability to be here – stable – sound and directive within and as the moment – as such I commit myself to STOP being a slave to fear – and to stop trusting fear – and instead begin practicing to only ever trust myself here – within and as my human physical body

4. When and as I see that I am making fear my god – through making a decision upon the basis of fear – I immediately stop myself, I take a breath, and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize, and understand that in making a decision upon the basis of fear – I am limiting myself, I am limiting my life, I am limiting my living and my movement here – as such I commit myself to bring myself back into and as my human physical body and participate – and walk HERE within and as my human physical body

5. When and as I give fear attention – I immediately stop myself, I take a breath and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize, and understand that in giving fear attention – I am giving fear power – and I am removing power from myself as the living principle and direction here – as such I commit myself to bring myself back here to the physical – and to align myself with and as real power – as physical self-movement, and direction – and within this delete fear from my life in all ways – and walk fully the understanding that life can only exist where there is no more fear

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FAQ Will I Still Be Able to Buy the Things that I Like in An Equal Money System?

In an Equal Money System you won’t be able to buy anything, as nothing will be for sale, as money won’t be the prime objective of each man, woman and child – that life will be instead. As such, due to life being the prime objective of each citizen, products that support life, and that people enjoy, and see to be cool, will be available to all – thus no need to buy them, you’ll have them regardless.

Thus, you will actually have more power in an equal money system, in terms of being able to bring into your world, that which you want to have, as the amount of things you acquire won’t anymore be limited by your buying power – you’ll instead be able to get those things that are supportive to life, as life is the sole value in an equal money system. Thus – that which you need in order to make your life experience more fulfilled – will be supplied – as simple as that.

Though there will obviously be a principle that limits, and constricts one’s ability to own and acquire new things – and that is the principle of what is best for all; because if it’s found that a product harms life – then this product won’t anymore be allowed. Though, some harm will be allowed – the least amount of harm possible – as harm is unfortunately a bi-product of the fact that we exist on a living planet, as such there will always be a little bit of harm – though this will be minimized to the greatest extent possible.

People that love to invent will develop and create new products – and the new inventions will be shown at messes around the world, and if a sufficient amount of people like and want to have a certain product – then it will be created; from this perspective we’ll still be buying things. Though the current limited, and inferior procedure of creating new things, wherein a new thing is only created if it can sell sufficiently – and enough attention can be mustered through deceptive commercials – won’t anymore exist. Products will now be made that are in-fact cool – and these products won’t need any deceptive commercials, as they will be cool and enjoyable things to own – for real.

Also – the things that are produced will maintain a completely different standard quality wise than what we’ve been used to – the things we acquire will last us a life time, as they will be designed to be sturdy, and to effectively serve their purpose – not created in order to make a profit, wherein money will compromise the standard of a product, as less labor is placed into the creation of the product; and such deceptive tactics as planned obsolescence is used to drive the need of consumption.

Consumption and profit will not be the goal of an Equal Money System, instead the goal will be to give each human being the best life that they could ever have – the most enjoyable and fun time they could ever experience – money will be out of the picture, as the constant search for profit – and instead life will become the guiding value and principle of all decision making.

Equal Money will truly bring the age of entertainment, as various products to a new level – protecting and keeping safe the environment, while at the same time supplying human beings with the tools to enhance and fulfill their life experiences – it will truly be heaven on earth, for all participants involved.

FAQ In An Equal Money System, What Happens to the Vatican and the Pope?

So, let’s take a look at the fascinating question of: “What happens to the Vatican and the pope in an Equal Money System?”

Well, let’s first look at the very origin, and reason for the existence of the Vatican, and the pope – they are creations of religious belief, more specifically, the belief in Jesus Christ, eternal salvation, heaven and father god. In all plainness, the belief in such mental creations is in-fact delusional, and would in an Equal Money System be treated as a mental illness.

It would be treated and seen as a mental illness due to the complete nonsense of such a belief, and herein I use the word “non-sense” very specifically, as the construct of religious beliefs is in-fact not based upon what you can touch, see, and experience here within and as the physical through your senses – but it’s dependent upon the participation in thoughts, emotional experiences, and religious indoctrination, as here-say. There is no substance in the construct of religious beliefs, and it holds no value to humanity at all, as it doesn’t serve to perfect, and enhance man’s ability to live and express himself.

Instead, religious belief serves to have man cover in hope, in irresponsibility, as he hopes that god will take care of everything, and that there is a heaven after this life, which then means that this earth, and all it’s inhabitants, is of no real value, or worth, as it’s the afterlife that is important – apparently. Thus, man is through religious dogmas stimulated into a position of ineffective intellectual capabilities, ineffective self-movement skills, and ineffective self-expression skills, as all attention is placed upon a mere fictional creation of the mind, instead of this physical reality, and our common socialization, and participation within it.

Thus. Religion in its current form, within which the manifestations of the Vatican and the pope adhere, would not be allowed to exist in a Equal Money System – it would instead be exposed as the crime against life that it in-fact is, as it doesn’t serve in anyway to create a reality that is best for all – and that is a crime against life.

Further, if we look at how money, and our reality of competition, is responsible for people joining religions to begin with, as people seek to find meaning, peace, and comfort in this life, looking for somewhere to belong, often ending up in a religion, it’s thus easy to see and understand that when our current money system of and as competition end, people will be less inclined to gravitate towards religious practices. The reason being that the Equal Money System would offer individuals, in reality, for real, in the physical, peace, meaning and comfort.

And if heaven is already here, and you experience yourself fulfilled, at ease, comfortable, fearless, and in full trust of yourself – then why would you ever want to create a imaginary dimension in your mind, containing some higher purpose, and some promised greater reality that is beyond this one; you would be content here, satisfied here – then obviously no need to run away into “the safety” of your mind would exist. Instead you’d like to spend all your time in this real, physical reality, as it’s in-fact offering an experience of heaven.

So, to sum things up – there are two reasons that I can see as to why the Vatican and the pope, and religion, would cease to exist in an Equal Money System. (1) We would not accept and allow anything to be taught, and lived in society that would produce a end result of a in-effective human being, and as such a consequential outflow of harmful and ignorant actions taken – religion is such a in-effective concept that doesn’t add any worth, value, or practical living skill to a human being – it’s simply a waste of time and space, and serves but to make the human being delinquent and incapable of utilizing common sense as the foundation of decision making.

(2) In an Equal Money System, heaven would be here in every breath, as such you wouldn’t have to hope for a heaven to arrive, and you wouldn’t want to escape from this current reality due to any experience of fear, discomfort, or uncertainty – as this reality would offer a paradise of support, trust, and excellence. Heaven would in-fact be on earth, and who got time for excursions into the mind, developing and creating a fictional belief of a god, when one can express and live a cool life here? Answer: nobody!

Thus, the need for, and the origin of religion would cease to exist in an Equal Money System – and instead of having in-effective, and untrustworthy living skills being taught, as religion, common sense would become the guiding principle of all.

Believe In Yourself = A Lie

There are those that say that if you only believe in yourself no obstacle is too great. If you only want it enough, then you’d be able to get it. They say this with such ease, smiling, and it sounds as if it’s actually so, but let’s look at the mathematics of this reality to see whether such a statement is in-fact true.

If you don’t have any money, and you’re not born with any, you have no education, experience, or worth to the economy at all – then you’re fucked. It doesn’t matter how much you believe in yourself, because what the economic system believe in is money, and that you lack. As such you won’t be able to do anything at all – you’re stuck, trapped, and have no chance of getting out of such a position.

Further, if you’re in a desert, and you have no water, no matter how you believe in yourself, you will not be able to manifest water from thin air. Water is acquired through a physical process of time, wherein you have to collect it in some manner in order to drink it – believing in yourself has got nothing to do with it.

What is more sometimes mentioned in this type of statement, as the “believe in yourself statement”, is that there is something inside you – some great force – that if you only give this all of your trust, magic things will happen. Your wish and desire will become true!

This statement, as the belief that there is something bigger, and more powerful than you out there, but also inside you, that will make everything you’ve dreamed of come true, if you only hope and desire for it enough, is also complete self-delusion – and as easily disproven with simple mathematics.

Because let’s take a look at how things work in the economic system of this world; herein you walk out to face other people in a competition for money – what will determine your destiny here isn’t a feeling inside of you, or your belief in yourself, but it’s your luck – as what people you happen to meet, as what education your parents gave you, what survival skills you we’re taught – this is what will determine your success in the system.

And this is easily provable – simply place a baby in the system, a blank arch, and imagine this baby believing in himself, and in the force inside of himself, to make something great out of his life – what would happen to him? Would he get a good job? Would he become rich? Who would he be?

The answer is that he would be at the hands of the system, with no ability to create anything out of himself, or his life, as he didn’t have any survival skills, or resources at all – and so he’s fucked.

This proves that the belief in yourself, and the apparent inner feeling of greatness are lies, and not in anyway responsible for your existence, your life, and how you come to experience yourself in life, it’s all about money – what family you were born in – and consequently what skills, and resources you were equipped with to handle the competition of the economic system.

Thus – delete the belief in the invisible god and realize that the real god is money

Gods Business Was A Success

When god came into existence he was bored. He had nothing to do and no one to talk to – and so he decided to start his own business. Now he first needed a business plan, and for anyone that knows of business – in order to establish a good product you must first find a problem that isn’t yet solved; the idea would then be that your product would solve that very problem and as such be in high demand with consumers.

And god came up with the perfect problem – and he called it – the human experience. And he made this problem as – the human experience – as the human – to be infested with such things as greed, love, hate, revenge, desire, lust, fear – basically all known human weaknesses – and suddenly there was a major problem to be solved. There was actually an entire race of beings to be ‘saved’ and brought into the ‘safety’ as consumers of gods great business.

Thus – god created the solution to – the human experience – and called it heaven, faith and religion – which in essence gave you as the consumer a feeling of ‘safety’ and ‘being part of something bigger’, as well as ‘hope’ for a better hereafter – sufficiently so that you would be able to endure your – human experience – and the consequential shit that your – human experience – would cause within yourself and your world – until you would die.

God created the business of ‘feeling good’ – sufficiently so that you would endure your – human experience – for a lifetime – without trying to change yourself as – the human experience. And god created the bible as marketing for his – solution – to – the human experience – and he had great success with his business.

He sold his – solution – to many and became regarded as a superior, holy and enlightened being by those that were consumers of his product – though – what god would never reveal to anyone was that his product in-fact didn’t work.

What god failed to convey was that – there is no hereafter that can ever sufficiently outweigh the suffering and abuse of – the human experience. There is in-fact no product – as religion – as a ‘good feeling’ – that can ever help to solve the problem of – the human experience.

And perhaps the most important detail that god forgot to mention – you can’t ever have someone else but you – yourself – end your own – human experience.

The human experience is in-fact self-created – through acceptance and allowance – and as such no religion, or god – or product – no matter how enticing it might seem – will ever remove your responsibility to end your existence of yourself – one and equal as – the human experience; that is something solely you have the power to do.

This is why god’s business is a – lie. It doesn’t in-fact give the world what it promises – it doesn’t produce peace – it doesn’t end the human dysfunctions of jealousy, comparison, hate, self-judgment, fear, anger, doubt, dependence and anxiety – it doesn’t in-fact end – the human experience.

As such – it’s time to disregard the business of god as religion – as the uselessness it in-fact represents – too instead stand up and live a solution. We must de-humanize ourselves – end – the human experience – and create – the godly experience/expression – of and as ourselves.

Thus – we must start our own enterprise – and develop our own product that we give to ourselves – the product of self-forgiveness/self-will/self-correction – so that we can end our acceptance and allowance of self-limitation as – the human experience – and instead become – the godly experience.

Yet – not gods as in superior to anyone else – but gods as self-perfection in actual practical living – wherein we do not place – experience – before practicality – and we do not accept and allow our subjective reality to become more important than the actual – objective reality – which we share with everyone.

That’s the real expression of and as a god – someone that lives one and equal as the objective reality – having perfected the ability to live in each moment seeing the world from everyone’s perspective – instead of only his own – experience.

Stop being a consumer and stand up to be your own product – self-created and self-willed – substantial and in-fact real!

Heaven is Only Possible On Earth

Heaven is only possible on earth, because only on earth you’re in-fact alive, only on earth you can in-fact enjoy your senses, smelling, talking, moving yourself, applying yourself – while in your grave = you can’t do anything.

The biggest mistake of man has been to believe that heaven comes after your life on earth when you’re dead – because then you’re dead! And when you’re dead you can’t move yourself, you can’t feel your fingertips or your feet’s touching the ground – that can only happen when your in-fact breathing and walking one and equal under this sun.

As such – we must stop waiting for Jesus and the hereafter because it’s nothing but a lie, a delusion spread around due to the fear of man to actually live – to actually face consequence and reality – to realize and understand that this is it – this breath – here in this moment – it’s all we’ve got and there won’t ever be anything more than that. Thus – when our one moment of breath is clogged up with fear, survival and competition, as is the custom in today’s world – there is something wrong! And heaven is absolutely not here!

We accept earth as our one place to be alive, as our one place to experience ourselves, as our one place to share and move ourselves to be less than heaven – why? Because we believe there is a afterlife! How deceptive religion is – while claiming to give birth to “good” on this earth, it’s actually, through spreading the delusion of a afterlife, creating human beings unable to be benevolent, as the believe their life on earth to be but a game, and but one place to rest their bones before they’ll be accepted in to heaven!

This is not so – there is no heaven and when you die, you’re dead – unless you’ve actually stood up and amalgamated yourself with and as the physical, and made yourself to be real and substantial – too within such a stand move and apply yourself to manifest heaven on earth, as a experience of actual bliss, actual love, actual joy, and actual enjoyment!

Thus – when you die still holding on to the deception of yourself as separate from the physical – you’re writing your own death sentence, as you place trust in the mind, as thoughts, feelings and emotions that doesn’t in-fact hold any relevance, or matter in the physical – and obviously as you accept and allow yourself to stand equal and one to that which has no relevance you’ll also make and create yourself to be irrelevant. And thus – when death arrives you as who you’ve known yourself to be cease to exist – personality cease to exist – the belief in heaven cease to exist and what remain is the physical.

The mind, as ourselves, as thoughts, feelings and emotions is responsible for earth not being heaven, as the mind is designed in ups and downs, highs and lows, valleys and fields – it’s a rollercoaster ride from the beginning to the end. As such – existing of and as the mind you’ll never be stable, never clear, never assertive and strong enough to make a difference for yourself and even less any of those beings currently inhabiting your reality – first we must stop our mind and bring ourselves back to the physical.

And when polarity stop and the dust settles, so that we’re again able to see what is real and what isn’t – that’s when the opportunity comes to create heaven on earth, as we change and mold ourselves into and as perfection – living/giving as we would like to receive.

This is actual and practical religion in practice, as it in-fact create good in the world, not simply through believing, but through actual livable actions that makes a difference, that can be seen, felt and touched – that’s what we do at Desteni – actual practical change!

Anyway – listen to this video from Bernard to gain further perspective on the realization that “Heaven is only Possible on Earth!”

Today’s Breaking News: Copper Thievery is on the Rise!

This last year the amount of theft regarding copper has skyrocketed. So far the Swedish railway system, as well as the Swedish church is taken the most strain; the reason being that there is lot’s of copper used in order to ground electrical equipment along the Swedish railways. The Swedish churches are attractive targets due to their copper plate roofs.

Could be added here as well that the reason why people steal copper is because it’s a valuable metal; it gives you money – obviously.

Anyway, in order to deal with this problem the police have suggested promulgation of laws that enforces a tougher control on the scrap merchants that buy the copper from the thieves.

And yet again the point as to why these crimes occur is completely missed, and instead of a solution that would finally end theft of any kind, new measures of control is suggested.

Because, why will laws never sort out crime?

It’s due to the simple fact that crime exist, not as a freak of nature incident that happens due to their not being tough enough punishments, or controls, but due to the fact that people can’t effectively sustain themselves, and survive without being criminals.

The very fact that we have even one single robbery and theft indicates that there is a issue in society, and that some of the citizens are being marginalized; because who in their right state of mind would spend their time ‘working’ as a thief, considering all the risks that comes along with such a ‘profession’? Consider what it takes for someone to reach the decision of becoming a criminal – it’s obviously a decision done in lack of better options.

And let’s look at the dichotomy of society: those who are poor and take from the rich are considered thief’s, and are as such punished and put behind bars. Those that are rich and withhold essential resources, as well as place poor people into wage slavery are considered legal, and are as such supported to further their dominion.

Where is the equality?

Where is the consideration?

Where is the care?

When are we going to see and understand that no crime is committed without their being a reason for it; a crime, as theft or burglary is an outflow – not a separate incident but a consequence of the polarity between have and have not’s – rich and poor.

And this type of events will escalate as money becomes even more scarce, and job opportunities are lost – because man’s fear of survival is stronger than his fear of authority; and as such no punishment will be able to hold back people from doing what they must do in order to get food into their stomachs – I know because I would’ve acted in the same way. Because I hold no respect for justice and legality that only serves those that already have more than what they need; such a system isn’t in-fact real justice – it’s instead bullying; and I won’t stand one and equal to bullying.

Thus – in order to solve these type of events once and for all, we need to establish a system wherein no one is marginalized, wherein instead all are treated equal; that is real justice – and laws supporting such a system of equality I would respect, and live according to with no doubt what so ever.

The system where equality will be honored before profit is called the Equal Money System; check it out.

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