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Day 362: Organic Expansion

This past week I have been trying out some applications at work to assist and support myself to achieve more of a balance between my mental/intellectual participation and my physical movement. The reason for this is because of how I feel when I get home from work. I usually experience the time at work as blurred, as if I have existed in only one form of expression – a tense, focused and driven movement – a bit like a strained guitar string playing a one note song. And I admit that at my work, that expression is required at times. I have to be focused, fully and intensely HERE. However, if I do not give myself moments of letting go – that one sided and strained movement starts to tear at me – causing me to feel much more exhausted when I get home than what I would be if I had more balance.

Thus – to support myself with this point I have committed myself to a daily walk after I have eaten my lunch. It is only for a short time, some 15 minutes. However that break gives me the opportunity to BREATH fresh air, to MOVE physically, and to do something DIFFERENT – and that supports me to stabilize myself – and it is something I will continue to do.

And this also brings me into the topic I want to open up in this blog, which is Organic Expansion. Now, for a long time I held the idea that in order to become successful in this world, I have to hold unto and strive to achieve mastery in one or a few well selected areas. I would pursue specialization – and at the same time build a fear within me of losing time in other areas of my life that I did not consider to be relevant to my chosen area of expertise. This caused me to not spend time on for example, taking care of my home, taking care of close relationships – and also – it made me resistant when it came to trying out new hobbies, interests, or simply going for opportunities that opened up in my life, unless obviously, they suited my initial goal/plan/direction that I had decided for myself. I have realized that this way of aiming for specialization quells EXPANSION.

Expansion I have found can be found in the most unlikely of places. Self-expansion cannot be planned – it is a decision that is made in a moment while participating/interacting in this world – and it can be lived/applied in any context/area of our life. And EVERY TIME – when I have expanded myself in one area of my life – it have assisted and supported me to grow and expand in other areas of my life as well. I have realized that it is faulty to view my life as compartmentalized, between for example, my professional life and my leisure time. They are one and the same, in the sense that, what I developed within and as myself in my professional life, will equal and one come through in my leisure time, and the other way around. And because of this, it is really no ‘waste of time’ to spend time and effort developing myself in areas of interests that are outside of my initial goal of what I want to become good at and specialize in.

Because self-expansion cannot be planned – it unfolds organically. And what I mean with self-expansion cannot be planned, is that I cannot decide that for example, I will study two hours about subject B, and then expect that I will be able to expand, only by committing to those two hours of study. I can sit down and study for 8 hours, or drive myself ferociously to achieve a goal, though if I am not PRESENT and HERE – I will not be able to see and participate within the moments of expansion that unfolds organically as I move myself through life. This also implies, that SELF-EXPANSION and GROWTH, is not the same as material success in this world. The fact is that we can become very wealthy, without having grown one inch as an individual. And self-expansion is about personal growth and empowerment.

Thus, the key to self-expansion is to be PRESENT and HERE in the movement of the moment. A moment of expansion could for example open up as I go out to wash my car. I feel bored because of the repetitive movements and the simplicity of the chore and go into thoughts – thus not being HERE and PRESENT. If I would however go out and wash my car, and push myself to be AWARE – I would start to notice the small things. Where the dirt is located on the car, the consistency of the dirt and how the dirt effects the condition of the car. I would start to see the small issues and scratches on the varnish, spot the initial stages of rust. Further, I would be able to experience the movement of my body, and practice ergonomics and body awareness.

As my example shows, the key to self-expansion is not setting up and moving towards goals, and while that practice is cool when it comes to supporting movement and direction, it is the most important ingredient when it comes to self-expansion. And that is because self-expansion is a organic process that is actually accessible in each and every moment – it is all about WHO WE ARE and whether we remain perceptive and receptive to the small points of expansion that are in our lives every day.

Hence, what I have decided to do, is to do things that might seem irrelevant and unnecessary at first glance. To spend time on projects and interests that I resist and to not judge anything that comes into my world as a waste of time – because I know it is not what I do that determines the outcome – it is WHO I AM.


Day 361: Organic Growth

There is a time for planning AND there is a time for organic movement. That is my insight for this week.

The way I tend to approach at least some parts of my life, is with exactitude in planning, preparation and execution. Everything should be considered and thought-out beforehand. And the underlying idea is that when everything is preemptively directed – that will bring the best results. However – I have found that this is not necessarily the case. On example of this is nature, specifically, trees.

If you look at how a tree grows, it is in the moment. The branches and roots will stretch out in search for optimum nutrition. That movement might be genetically planned in the design of the seed. However the actual growth of the tree happens organically. When the tree is young, there might be a water shortage. Hence the tree will focus its energy on growing its roots deeper into the ground to reach water. This shapes the tree, making it shorter and with less foliage than what would have been the case if it had instead focused all its energy on growing its branches towards the optimum position for receiving sunlight. Though, if it would have followed such a stiff and inflexible plan, the tree would have most likely died. Because it was able to improvise and grow organically according to its environment – it survived.

Then, many years later, the water shortage comes to an end. The tree now wants to focus on expanding its branches and foliage. Unfortunately for the tree, it has two big tree neighbors that blocks most of the sunlight coming directly from above. Instead of trying to outgrow its neighbors, the tree then grows its branches in such a way where it seeps up the small portions of light that moves past the foliage of its neighbors. The movement is yet again organic – in equilibrium and alignment with the trees environment.

The growth of a tree is flexible, organic, sensitive, receptive and balanced. It grows with common sense – moves on the opportunities that arise and redesigns its direction according to its environment. And as a whole, a tree looks magnificent – perfectly positioned and aligned with the rest of its neighbors.

Compare this organic growth with how us humans tend to move. Most of us decide upon a goal – a dream we want to realize for ourselves. It could be striving to achieve a certain income, enter a profession or become admitted to a education. Regardless, we tend to hold unto our goals stiffly and stubbornly – and when things does not move our way – instead of bending – we break. Because that is the problem with a person that has a stiff mind – he breaks when enough pressure is applied, while a flexible, soft and organic person is able to move around the obstacle. The tree did not stubbornly hold unto a goal of wanting to grow its foliage when there was a water shortage – it moved WITH its environment and was thus able to survive.

Hence – I have this week seen this pattern within me. One example of this is how I have had the tendency to structure/dream projects in my mind. Last summer I dreamed of creating a small carpentry studio in one of the unheated houses on our property. I arranged it and planned installing electricity and heating after a while. However, I did not have the funding or the time to install electricity and heating. This week I realized that there is actually a room on the property that already have heat and electricity installed, that I could have utilized instead all along. I had not however and the reason for this is because I got stuck in a ‘box’ like way of thinking. Where I only saw my initial goal – instead of expanding my thinking and instead of looking at the pictures – looking at the general process/movement that I want to facilitate. The room that is available, it cannot be aligned to fit my dreams of how my carpentry studio should look like – though it facilitates my interest in carpentry more effectively – because it gives me access to heat and electricity so that I am able to work even though it is dark outside. If I had moved myself organically, from moment to moment, I would have taken notice of this room and set up my shop there.

With this blog I want to emphasize the importance of MOMENT to MOMENT living. I want to emphasize that it is not the image/picture that is important – it is the process/movement. If we have an interest in photography – it is not the camera that is important – it is that process/movement of engaging in our interest. Hence if we cannot afford the camera we want, then instead of getting stuck, thinking we cannot advance ourselves within our interest, it is to instead find ways to facilitate and move with what we have at our disposal – to be creative and not break. There is always a lot more that can be done than what we think. The difficult part, that is to break free from our stiff and inflexible goal-driven mind – to instead see the opportunities that are here.

Day 431: Success Continued – Bringing In Others

After writing on the subject of success, and after reading a couple of blogs online on the subject, I have come to see that generally speaking, we tend to exclude one very important aspect/dimension in our definitions of the word SUCCESS – and that is – OTHERS/EXISTENCE.

Because, success is obviously not real if our definition of success is somehow excluding or even impeding on the lives and freedoms of others. An example would be SUCCESS in relation to money. If our definition of success in relation to money implies that we are going to earn a lot more money than another, have the nicest things, and a super luxurious house, with cleaners, nannies, personal drivers, etc – have we then considered how our definition of success impacts earth, the environment, others, and how, for us to be filthy rich, another must be filthy poor and ready to sell their time and energy to us so that they can survive? Hence, success, in its absolute sense, must include EVERYONE and it must include EQUALITY. There cannot be real success, unless it is a success for everyone.

It is easy to forget that we live in this world TOGETHER with others, and that our lives, our values, our actions, our thoughts, our presence, it impacts, it resonates, it creates, it ripples – nobody is an island – and hence – when everyone is successful – we are successful. Thus, it makes no sense to separate success and see it is something that can only be achieved on a individual basis. And seen this way, the question that opens up is the following, but are we even able to compete about who is the must successful? If real success is about the well-being, growth and expansion of ALL, then can any one singular person be successful while the rest is not? At least in the sense of material wealth and growth, that is not possible to be attained alone.

Real success entails not only progress and accomplishment for myself, but for everyone. Hence the importance of sharing myself, and making sure that my process of creating success does not become only about myself, but something that I push and walk into the world as well – through giving as I would like to receive – through seeing where I am able to place myself, where I am able to make a difference, and then doing that which is needed for success to manifest in its absolute sense.

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Day 228: It won’t go faster even though I want it to

A trigger point for stress that I’ve noticed recently is when things take longer than they expect them to take. This point has opened up in relation to a university course in marketing that I’m walking.

When I decided upon taking this course, I held an assumption that it would be easy. I thought it would be one of those basic courses with a few assignments, and then an exam at the end. Usually I’ve been able to walk through such courses with ease – and it’s only been required of me to invest some hours each week for me to stay on top of things and make sure that I’m following along with curriculum.

Though, this course in marketing happened to be a course that contrary to my assumption, was big – containing many assignments, a impressive amounts of papers to be read, and on-top of that, an exam at the end of the course. Thus, what has happened is that I’m now in a position with regards to my studies, where I feel that there is too much to do, and too little time for me to invest. A consequence that has developed due to me initially having the assumption that “I will not have to spend much time on this!” – is that when I sit down to write my assignments, I go into a state of stress, and attempt to force a result to come through faster, so that it can fit with my initial idea of how much time it should’ve taken me to successfully put this course behind me.

Now, this is not an effective way to approach studies, and neither life in general, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that when I try to force things, it will not produce a end result that I am satisfied. On top of that, I will place pressure on myself, because I’m trying to move faster than what I’m able to move – thus creating a conflict within me. Because obviously, when I try to force a point to move faster than is possible, then this will put a strain on me and diminish my capacity to effectively walk through the material.

What are the lessons to be learned from this?

Firstly: It’s possible to plan and make an overall assessment of how things might play out in the future – but it’s not possible to make an exact prediction of how reality is in-fact going to manifest as I put my plan into action. Thus, it’s important to remain flexible, and when I notice that a task, responsibility or commitment takes me longer than what I initially thought, to then align with reality, and walk with the new conditions of my life – instead of trying to fight them.

If I was to relate this to my marketing course, the solution is that I stop trying to force the completion of the course with as little time as I initially assumed – and rather align myself with the reality of the situation, which is that I must put in more effort and time to effectively bring this to a conclusion. Fortunately my reality allows for such a change in priorities, and thus there is nothing hindering me from giving this aspect of my life more of my time.

Secondly: To create something in the physical takes the time it takes. It’s not possible to speed up the creation of a physical creation through stress, it’s not possible to speed up through thinking about how fast it should be going. For example, to cook a meal, you require a certain amount of time, and you can’t do it faster than this. If you do, then you’ll end up with undercooked food, which is not nourishing or supportive for the human physical body – and the same goes for all other physical creation points. They require a certain investment of time, and instead of fighting reality, the solution is to walk with reality.

Relating this to the situation I’m facing, the solution would be to let go of the need for things to go faster than what they are, and embrace the point of walking this course, and invest the time necessary for me to do it effectively – realizing that there is no way I can force physical reality to bend to my will of wanting things to go faster, through existing in a constant conflict within myself.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create an assumption of how fast I would be able to complete and walk through my course, and then when this shows out to not be the case, go into a resistance, and not want to accept the reality that I’m facing, and then instead of aligning my priorities, and responsibilities, so that I can take care of this course, and give it the time it requires, want to fight reality, and use energy, as stress, to force myself through the course, and do it faster

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that walking in the pace of breath, means that certain points in my life that involve physical creation, can’t be forced, can’t be stressed – and here an analogy can be made to the growth of a tree – I can’t force a tree to grow faster than what it does, through for example, giving it excessive amounts of sun, or water, because both will damage the tree and instead of empowering it, diminishing it, and it will in-fact regress rather than grow – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that the same applies for me in regards to the responsibilities and commitments that I’m walking – that certain points must simply take the time that they require – else they’ll be compromised

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that when I try to force things, to make them move faster than what they’re able to, then I’m going to compromise the creation, and it won’t be stable, or effective – such as for example when I force the point of writing my assignments, trying to do them as fast as possible = when I do this I’m in-fact compromising the effectiveness of my writings, and thus I am missing in that a moment where I could develop my potential for writing, and expressing myself in letters, and become more effective with regards to comprehending, and then sharing information in the written word

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that quality far outweighs quantity, that doing something with presence, awareness and care, and creating a quality product, is something that I will be satisfied with, and look back at with a sense of contentedness, because I’m completing that moment, walking it to it’s fullest potential, whereas when I do things, just to get them done, focusing upon quantity, I’m going to look back in a sense of dissatisfaction, knowing that I didn’t walk that particular point to it’s fullest potential, but instead compromised the creation because I wanted to get it done faster

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that instead of fighting points that enter into my life, that requires my time, effort, and patience to be effectively walked, to instead embrace them, to see that this point comes into my life for me to direct the point, for me to express myself within this point, and learn something from it – and I’m not able to walk that process of self-growth and expansion if I accept and allow myself to hold unto, and exist within and as a state of conflict within myself

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not be comfortable with making room for my studies, accepting and allowing myself to take the time I require in order to walk through my studies, in order to integrate the information, and to write an effective assignment – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that the solution is to slow down, and to embrace life as the physical, as it comes into my world and instead of fighting life, embrace and see what I can learn, what gifts I can develop, what point I can extract and give to myself that this particular point represents

Self-commitment statements

When and as I see that I want to stress, and force my studies, and make them go faster than what they’re able to, I stop, I take a breath and I bring myself back here, and I see, realize and understanding that in stressing, forcing and attempting to get things done NOW – because I believe that this particular point is not worth the time, then I am missing a gift, and squandering a moment of self-creation, and not living my life to create quality, substance, and value from the points that I’m walking – and thus I commit myself to embrace the responsibilities, and obligations that enter into my life – to walk them fully, completely and with awareness – and to make the most of time – and to identify for myself what gifts I’m able to develop and create from within this particular point that I’m facing

When and as I see myself wanting to force the process of physical creation, because I perceive that I don’t have the time to walk it effectively, I immediately stop myself, I take a breath and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize and understand that when I try to force physical creation, the results are not effective, and instead of fulfilling the potential of a moment, I’m barely evening involving myself, because in my mind, I’m already at the next point that I perceive I should be doing – and thus I commit myself to ground myself here – and to practice walking with full awareness with the point that is here before me and what I’m doing – and not be distracted by how much or little time I perceive that I have – rather align my priorities so that I have sufficient with time to walk the responsibilities and obligations that enter into my sphere of influence