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Day 296: Redefining Purpose

Creating my purpose, which is a process I have walked actively for a while now. I have from time to time experienced myself conflicted in this process, and mostly this has been related to the feeling that things are not moving fast enough, that I am not getting through, that I am not getting the feedback, and response I would like. This in turn have caused me to start to doubt the purpose I have given myself, and wonder if I am doing something wrong, or whether maybe walking into the wrong direction.

I have decided to look more deeply into this recurring experience to see where it is coming from. What I have realized is that there is an undercurrent of desire existing in my definition and understanding of purpose, and that the conflict I experience is actually consisting of a polarity of fear and desire. Now, the desire in my purpose, is to reach a state of notoriety, to be famous, known and well-regarded. You know, like an expert speaking on the television, having the loyal followers, being quoted in books, and seen all over the world as a significant figure. An example of that would be Ghandi, or Martin Luther King – the epitome of a supreme and world known leader.

In analyzing and reflecting on this point I have now realized that having, and walking a purpose, is not real, unless that purpose is walked for a greater cause, something bigger than ME – meaning: A point I create and walk in my life because I see it is of benefit to OTHERS – to this WORLD – it is hence me GIVING of myself. Purpose is not about receiving, purpose is not about ME – and this is what I have not fully grasped. For me purpose has been about becoming someone for others so that I can feel purposeful.

And I cannot blame myself for misunderstanding this, because if we look at the world, and how currently define purpose, mostly it is connected to being ‘special’, ‘unique’, having some form of ‘god given talent’ – for example: I have rarely seen someone exclaim that it is their purpose to pick up trash, or to clean horse stables, or take care of weeds. Mostly purpose, on a world system level, is defined as this great feat of human creation and confined to special and heroic human beings that have lived special lives throughout the course of human history.

Hence, I will here relook at my definition of purpose – what is really purpose?

Current definition of purpose in the dictionary

1 The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists: the purpose of the meeting is to appoint a trustee | the building is no longer needed for its original purpose.

* (Usu. purposes) a particular requirement or consideration, typically one that is temporary or restricted in scope or extent: state pensions are considered as earned income for tax purposes.

2 [Mass noun] a person’s sense of resolve or determination: there was a new sense of purpose in her step as she set off.

Sounding of the word












The direct translation from Swedish is End-Goal

Creative Writing

In the sound of the word, is the sound PURR – which is the sound cat makes when they enjoy something. When petted, they purr. Then we have the sound pass, purse, or pose – where posing would be a certain position you take.

So, combining these sounds and the meanings of them, we get that purpose is a pose/action/movement we walk which in some way tickles our fancies – meaning – it is something that gets our blood pumping and we purr – we cannot help it – just as the cat cannot help purring when its petted.

And then, the Swedish translation of the word indicates that purpose is also about an END-GOAL – a VISION – something we desire to manifest in this world.

Hence – the question when establishing purpose for myself should be – what makes me purr? What is personal and close to me that I am passionate about – that I can develop and take as pose – a position – in this world? And then – as well – looking at what the END-GOAL – what it is that I want this purr within me to create – how can I – PASS-I-ON this PURR to the world?

Then – we also have the sound combination POUR-POSE – basically implying that something is being poured into a particular shape and form – a pose – a force is being directed to take a particular shape and form. For example, water is being poured into a glass of water, the water then taking the pose of water in a glass.

So, what i see is that purpose is about direction – about guiding energy, and movement. Purpose is a road map for what we do in this world, and do not do – it is the very REASON behind our movement and thus why we POUR our energy/life into a certain POSE in this world.

Redefinition of the word purpose

The reason and vision that moves a point forward

And when it comes to redefining it for the human experience – where focus is on ‘life-purpose’:

The reason and vision which drives me forward to pass it on to the rest of the world


Hence, when it comes to purpose, it is important to clarify what is the REASON for my LIFE. Meaning, what can I contribute and give the will make a difference and enhance the life, of not only mine, but also the lives of others? Into what POSITION can I pour my life and time?

Then, the VISION must also be established, what is it the I want to create, what is the END-GOAL?

Finally, what is my PASSION? Where and what of myself can I pass unto others that will benefit them? Where are my strengths, my secret powers, those parts of me that I see is needed in the world, and that only I am able to bring; because that is the point which is required for me to take responsibility for – hence – my purpose.

And here it is important to not that passion is NOT an experience. Passion is instead that which I see that I can PASS ON – meaning – that of myself that I see myself giving to the world; as such passion is about giving of myself and not about having an experience.

Gods Business Was A Success

When god came into existence he was bored. He had nothing to do and no one to talk to – and so he decided to start his own business. Now he first needed a business plan, and for anyone that knows of business – in order to establish a good product you must first find a problem that isn’t yet solved; the idea would then be that your product would solve that very problem and as such be in high demand with consumers.

And god came up with the perfect problem – and he called it – the human experience. And he made this problem as – the human experience – as the human – to be infested with such things as greed, love, hate, revenge, desire, lust, fear – basically all known human weaknesses – and suddenly there was a major problem to be solved. There was actually an entire race of beings to be ‘saved’ and brought into the ‘safety’ as consumers of gods great business.

Thus – god created the solution to – the human experience – and called it heaven, faith and religion – which in essence gave you as the consumer a feeling of ‘safety’ and ‘being part of something bigger’, as well as ‘hope’ for a better hereafter – sufficiently so that you would be able to endure your – human experience – and the consequential shit that your – human experience – would cause within yourself and your world – until you would die.

God created the business of ‘feeling good’ – sufficiently so that you would endure your – human experience – for a lifetime – without trying to change yourself as – the human experience. And god created the bible as marketing for his – solution – to – the human experience – and he had great success with his business.

He sold his – solution – to many and became regarded as a superior, holy and enlightened being by those that were consumers of his product – though – what god would never reveal to anyone was that his product in-fact didn’t work.

What god failed to convey was that – there is no hereafter that can ever sufficiently outweigh the suffering and abuse of – the human experience. There is in-fact no product – as religion – as a ‘good feeling’ – that can ever help to solve the problem of – the human experience.

And perhaps the most important detail that god forgot to mention – you can’t ever have someone else but you – yourself – end your own – human experience.

The human experience is in-fact self-created – through acceptance and allowance – and as such no religion, or god – or product – no matter how enticing it might seem – will ever remove your responsibility to end your existence of yourself – one and equal as – the human experience; that is something solely you have the power to do.

This is why god’s business is a – lie. It doesn’t in-fact give the world what it promises – it doesn’t produce peace – it doesn’t end the human dysfunctions of jealousy, comparison, hate, self-judgment, fear, anger, doubt, dependence and anxiety – it doesn’t in-fact end – the human experience.

As such – it’s time to disregard the business of god as religion – as the uselessness it in-fact represents – too instead stand up and live a solution. We must de-humanize ourselves – end – the human experience – and create – the godly experience/expression – of and as ourselves.

Thus – we must start our own enterprise – and develop our own product that we give to ourselves – the product of self-forgiveness/self-will/self-correction – so that we can end our acceptance and allowance of self-limitation as – the human experience – and instead become – the godly experience.

Yet – not gods as in superior to anyone else – but gods as self-perfection in actual practical living – wherein we do not place – experience – before practicality – and we do not accept and allow our subjective reality to become more important than the actual – objective reality – which we share with everyone.

That’s the real expression of and as a god – someone that lives one and equal as the objective reality – having perfected the ability to live in each moment seeing the world from everyone’s perspective – instead of only his own – experience.

Stop being a consumer and stand up to be your own product – self-created and self-willed – substantial and in-fact real!

Heaven is Only Possible On Earth

Heaven is only possible on earth, because only on earth you’re in-fact alive, only on earth you can in-fact enjoy your senses, smelling, talking, moving yourself, applying yourself – while in your grave = you can’t do anything.

The biggest mistake of man has been to believe that heaven comes after your life on earth when you’re dead – because then you’re dead! And when you’re dead you can’t move yourself, you can’t feel your fingertips or your feet’s touching the ground – that can only happen when your in-fact breathing and walking one and equal under this sun.

As such – we must stop waiting for Jesus and the hereafter because it’s nothing but a lie, a delusion spread around due to the fear of man to actually live – to actually face consequence and reality – to realize and understand that this is it – this breath – here in this moment – it’s all we’ve got and there won’t ever be anything more than that. Thus – when our one moment of breath is clogged up with fear, survival and competition, as is the custom in today’s world – there is something wrong! And heaven is absolutely not here!

We accept earth as our one place to be alive, as our one place to experience ourselves, as our one place to share and move ourselves to be less than heaven – why? Because we believe there is a afterlife! How deceptive religion is – while claiming to give birth to “good” on this earth, it’s actually, through spreading the delusion of a afterlife, creating human beings unable to be benevolent, as the believe their life on earth to be but a game, and but one place to rest their bones before they’ll be accepted in to heaven!

This is not so – there is no heaven and when you die, you’re dead – unless you’ve actually stood up and amalgamated yourself with and as the physical, and made yourself to be real and substantial – too within such a stand move and apply yourself to manifest heaven on earth, as a experience of actual bliss, actual love, actual joy, and actual enjoyment!

Thus – when you die still holding on to the deception of yourself as separate from the physical – you’re writing your own death sentence, as you place trust in the mind, as thoughts, feelings and emotions that doesn’t in-fact hold any relevance, or matter in the physical – and obviously as you accept and allow yourself to stand equal and one to that which has no relevance you’ll also make and create yourself to be irrelevant. And thus – when death arrives you as who you’ve known yourself to be cease to exist – personality cease to exist – the belief in heaven cease to exist and what remain is the physical.

The mind, as ourselves, as thoughts, feelings and emotions is responsible for earth not being heaven, as the mind is designed in ups and downs, highs and lows, valleys and fields – it’s a rollercoaster ride from the beginning to the end. As such – existing of and as the mind you’ll never be stable, never clear, never assertive and strong enough to make a difference for yourself and even less any of those beings currently inhabiting your reality – first we must stop our mind and bring ourselves back to the physical.

And when polarity stop and the dust settles, so that we’re again able to see what is real and what isn’t – that’s when the opportunity comes to create heaven on earth, as we change and mold ourselves into and as perfection – living/giving as we would like to receive.

This is actual and practical religion in practice, as it in-fact create good in the world, not simply through believing, but through actual livable actions that makes a difference, that can be seen, felt and touched – that’s what we do at Desteni – actual practical change!

Anyway – listen to this video from Bernard to gain further perspective on the realization that “Heaven is only Possible on Earth!”

Why Alcohol Makes You A Pre-Historic Zombie Moron

Yesterday Sweden erupted in a drug-frenzied ecstasy as it was time celebrate the holiday, known in Swedish as ‘Midsommarafton’. Translated to English it would be called midsummers eve. It’s a traditional party day that all Swedish people since small children have been exposed to. According to tradition you are at this day to become extremely drunk, dance around a pole in the ground that is dressed in leaves and hopefully get achieve sexual intercourse with someone of the opposite sex – then you’ve had a great midsummers eve!

Obviously, when people get drunk – people become stupid and demon-possessed. So, this morning as I look in the newspaper, there is a large column of various horrific events that has taken place during the night. Let me share some of them with you: one man decided about 11 pm yesterday night, with all certainty extremely drunk, to head out on a metal roof about 15 above ground. He then proceeded to slip, fall down, hit the ground and almost die; he’s still alive though.

Let’s continue. The police comments that all of their drunkard jail-cells, yes we actually have jail-cells specifically reserved for drunks, was filled to the brim. The officer in charge explains the situation, as to the drunkards, with one very fitting sentence: people become fucking stupid when they drink!

A man got beat up with a baseball bat in a town called Säffle. One young man and one young women got attacked and beaten – they where brought to the hospital with serious injuries. One 21-year-old man drove of the road and died, probably he was drunk. A motorcycle driver drove straight into a tree and was brought to the hospital unconscious, also with much certainty drunk.

A man and a woman got burnt to death as their holiday house went up in flames. Alive candles and being drunk is not a suggested combination, though is just my theory as to why the house got burnt down – they went to bed without putting out the candles. It’s easy to forget things when you’re drunk! And finally, in the northwestern part of Skåne two dead men where found and they are believed by the police to have been murdered.

So, what a great night! Right! Alcohol makes life fun! Right? Really people. Look at what the fuck we are doing. We are killing ourselves through consuming drugs, becoming like possessed monkeys, or actually it’s degrading to call drunk human beings monkeys, to the monkeys that is, let’s instead call them possessed zombies. Because when you get drunk and you start to scream, shout and completely forget that your actions has consequences and that you exist in a reality that is real – you’re a drunk zombie. The definition of a zombie in this case would be, someone without a brain that still holds the ability to walk around and do things.

We forbid criminal actions like murder and theft but we allow alcohol, what the fuck? Isn’t all of this shit happening in only one night proof enough that alcohol should be banned? And the companies providing alcohol should be charged with murder! I mean, why do we accept, allow and actually encourage people to detriment themselves to the stage of pre-historic zombie idiots with the sole intentions in mind of sex and physical fist fights – why?!?!?! Maybe we are fucking stupid? Or, maybe some other zombies want to make profit out of alcohol and thus promote and sell it with no regard as to the consequences this shit has for people.

And how fucking trustworthy is our school and our politicians when they do not educate people as to the consequences of alcohol and no single effort is made to forever ban alcohol from this world. I mean, if I go voting, how the fuck can I trust the politicians that I vote for if they drink? They are simply uneducated pre-historic zombie morons, I won’t vote for anyone like that; neither will I vote someone that doesn’t hold to legislate against the complete stop of all alcohol consumption. Because if you allow alcohol, through not doing anything about it, then tacitly you’re as much responsible as the zombies that produce and sell it to make profit.

But there is a solution. Research the equal money system. There are people that actually care about the well being of you and your family. In a couple of years the Equal Life Party will be born – be ready then as it will be politics like you’ve never seen it before. Politics with actual real principles as to what is best for all as it’s foundation. Gotdamn, finally some integrity will be breathed into the walls of the parliament.

Equal Money is the solution. Equal Life Party is the conveyor. Do your homework! And stop the alcohol!

Facts taken from: C, Bergfeldt, Nivette Dawod. “Fylla, brott och olyckor”. Aftonbladet. 2011-06-25. <http://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/article13227811.ab&gt;