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Day 377: Forgetting What Is Important

Having money, having security and routine, having a meaningful job, it can create the illusion that everything is alright. When that happens it is easy to loose touch with what is of real importance. Life starts to circle around entertainment, various ways and methods to find enjoyment, and what is forgotten, is that there is a lot needed to be done in this world in order to create harmony, money, security, routine and meaning for everyone. I would say that this is one of the primary problems in the world and a reason as to why this world has not changed for the better. When we achieve a comfortable and stable position in the system, it is easy to forget the struggles and hardships that exist when there is no stability, no job, no money and no opportunities.

If all of us only place attention and focus unto building our own life’s without consideration and regard for the whole, that is going to have an negative impact on a global/existential level, and eventually that will also impact our personal life’s. That is how issues and problems in society breed. Only a select few takes time away from their own personal agendas to investigate how they are able support and give back on a level that extends beyond their own desires and wants. And I can understand why. To give up personal desires and wants is difficult. What makes it even more difficult is that the work done for a greater cause is seldom recognized or appreciated. Thus the drive and passion must come from within. It cannot be dependent upon external recognition and gratification. Because if we rely on the external reality to give us the necessary support and drive – eventually the decision will fade away and be forgotten.

And I do not want to make it sound as if the only way to contribute for me or anyone else is to quit our jobs, join a volunteer organization and move to a foreign country. Even though that might be a solution for some of us, it is not for everyone, and I know it is not something for me. What I have found is the contribution is something that can be made in the small, in that which we usually take for granted. Primarily, we have the opportunity to support ourselves to let go of all the bullshit that we know compromises us. By walking a personal process of change/transformation in our everyday life – we can bring through our genuine expression – and make our life something meaningful – and impact others around us by standing as an example of what is possible.

It is all about our starting point. Either our life can flow into a direction where we live to entertain ourselves, or we can live with principles and a purpose. Principle and purpose in the sense that we actively make decisions that we know will support the creation of a better world for ourselves and everyone else. We give up one lifetime of searching for entertainment and fulfillment to manifest a change that goes deep and extends far as within as without – that can ripple through existence and create waves of movement. And that is first and foremost done by who we are in the small, the apparently insignificant – our everyday decisions and choices. Who we are when we interact with our family, who we are when we interact with our colleagues, how we look at things, how we approach and proceed to create, how we form and maintain relationships – the devil is in the details. And the real cause of problems has and will always be our tendency to limit ourselves and live but a inkling of our real potential – our real expression.

It is fascinating to see how little attention we pay to the real issues in this world compared to how much effort, attention, time and money we place on things that are but entertainment. A timely example is the World Cup in Soccer. It is a enormous event and it generates billions in profit, it is prepared in in detail, and soccer players from all over the world train for months to be ready for match day. Does that not show us our potential to create? Yet – take a look at the real problems, like starvation, lack of medical care, lack of money and jobs, how come the same attention, drive and focus are not placed on these issues? It is because giving yourself to solving a real physical issue has no feeling-reward – it is not entertaining at all – rather it is boring, tedious, difficult, met with resistant and disbelief – it is not fun at all.

Do we really need entertainment to move ourselves forward? Do we really need a carrot on a stick to make a decision as to where we want to go and what we want to do? I say no – it is not necessary to have a stimuli. We can make a decision to move and then we move – that is enough – we do not need more. When we realize that and start to live this on a bigger scale – that is when things will start to happen.

Day 397: Why Matter Matters

I matter – what does that mean? What does it mean for me to matter to myself? How can I matter in my daily living, in the simple things, in the regular, everyday stuff? These are questions that have opened up for me recently as I have begun to investigate the word MATTER.

The word MATTER is interesting – it is both a noun and a verb; MATTER as a noun is the physical – an earthly manifestation that is HERE – MATTER as a verb – as I MATTER is me making the decision to matter – to live in a way where things have meaning, purpose, depth and importance. Living matter is about making the small moments count. When I wake up in the morning – it is about waking up in a way that honors me as MATTER – where I make sure to for example – not oversleep – not accept and allow myself to be lethargic and depressed as I head to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for myself, not linger in emotional or feeling experiences but rather – immediately push myself to establish a solution.

Something that matters is by its very definition important and valuable – it is an integral part – a point that cannot be sidestepped or pushed to the side – because then the entirety will not be as efficient and great as it could have been. When I decide that I will live MATTER and bring this word through in all areas of my life – what happens is that actions/events that I would normally have viewed as a waste of time, unnecessary, unimportant, insignificant, becomes important and significant – becomes building blocks of self – because the reality of the situation is, that in building my character – ALL MOMENTS are equally important – ALL moments MATTER – because I am here in the PHYSICAL – and a integral part in all of them.

Hence – there are different ways/methods in which things can be approached – and here I am talking about the daily things such as waking up, preparing breakfast, taking a shower in the morning, driving for work, being at work and participating in the various tasks associated with that – that is to say – DAILY MENIAL TASKS. Those daily tasks can either be approached as a mundane, trite and monotonous events that I simply have to get through – or get done as soon as I am able to so that I can have time left over to just relax – OR – they can be approached as important building blocks of my life and by implication ME – that I can participate within FULLY and WHOLLY – and through that LEARN/EXPAND/EMPOWER myself and OTHERS – as I push myself to live in such a way that ALL of my life MATTERS.

The biggest challenge towards changing my approach and making life MATTER in all its aspects is the emotional experience of blasé/complacency – feeling bored with repetition – and hence not making the decision to live to my utmost but simply live in a way that I have always done because – hey – it gets the work done. Its easy to justify feeling bored about life – it is easy to justify feeling that life is hard, dull, without excitement or fulfillment – because everything is just about work and survival – it is very easy – THOUGH – that does not make it true, neither does it make it acceptable. Because – look – as children we were able to make even the smallest, tiniest and most minute parts of our day MATTER – and it was not because everything was new to us back then – it was because of HOW we approached it; children approach things with PRESENCE and they interact with their reality HERE – and when you live in such a way – LIFE opens up in a completely different way – because now processes of expansion/learning/movement starts to naturally flow and come forth even in the most quotidian of tasks.

Making things MATTER is a matter of PRINCIPLE and DECISION – things will not matter unless we decide that they do – our breakfast, how we prepare our food, what we eat, and how we eat will not be important unless we decide that it is. Caring for and tending to our ourselves, relationships, animals, properties, work will not be important unless we decide that it is. Hence – living matter is to make the decision to value and treat what is here with respect and consideration – it is to understand that in each moment we are interacting with matter – and that matters – and if we embrace and make that consideration and respect a part of ourselves – our reward will be a fulfilling life with purpose and depth – words that so many of us feel that we are currently lacking.


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Day 328: Desiring Success In A Unsuccessful World

Success, a word, that to most is imbued with feelings, hopes, desires, wants, jealousy, competition, greed and secrecy. Most of us, in some way or another strives to be successful. We have defined success as having money, having a nice house, having a fruitful career, having perfect children, a perfect spouse, an interesting life and many friends. We have thus defined the word very much in relation to our external reality, and, very much as a individual point of achievement. It is seldom that success is used in the context of nations, groups of people, collectives, or with the entire world as the recipient. Success, thus, in the modern western world is something we reach alone, that we hold unto, and that becomes our currency in the survival game that we play in the system of money.

I find it interesting that it is so easy to loose oneself in this game of success. Until I began my university studies I was well protected from this game. It is fascinating to look back at how I was back then. My decisions then were in many cases based on what would be suitable and effective for me as a person. For example, when I went into hobbies, or pursued interests, it was most of the times not done from within a starting point of wanting to impress anyone, or to achieve recognition, rather it was something I did for and as myself, because I enjoyed it. However, when I began my university studies, I got to see and get involved with the game of success more closely; a game that is played with what careers we have, how much money we are able to accumulate, who we know, where we live, and where we do not live. It is a game of competing with our achievements, where we try to become better, so that we can feel valuable.

Thus, to some extent, I lost myself in this game, because gradually it became more difficult for me to see what I wanted to do, and what direction that would be the best for me, and that is because, in each and every process of consideration, a fear was intersecting: ‘What if I will not be successful?’. And thus I would gravitate towards certain career paths, and lifestyles, that I knew were considered, by the greater mass, as desirable. However, in this, I lost touch with myself, and with what I saw as a future for myself – or – I became more acutely aware that my life direction was very much determined by the input of others and not so much a self-directed decision as to where I want to go and what I want to do with myself in this lifetime.

Hence, the solution is the redefine success – this word is obviously not limited to having a efficient career, having access to money, and being popular, it is much more. And within this, what should also be looked at is the question as to whether it is possible to lead a successful life, FOR REAL, when the majority of human beings live in conditions of squalor. Is it successful to have a fuck-load of money, and spend that on things that interest us, while people exist in dismay all around us? I would say it is a extremely limited form of successful, and rather a form of narcissism – where we only care about ourselves and cannot give the slightest of fucks about anyone else.

How should success be lived for it to be real? For success to be real, it must be lived in consideration of others, it cannot be this single, desire driven, inner momentum, where we ONLY care about our own achievements, and disregard what consequences that might create in the lives of others. Further, real success cannot be something that is only existent on a personal level, because there is as well, a interpersonal and a existential level to the word success – where we are able to bring through this word into living not only for ourselves, but for the we interact with on a daily basis, and for the world as a whole. Hence, success is a word with great potential, but that has become severely limited, due to how we have defined it in the context of how we FEEL and also created a form of success competition between each-other – instead of understanding that – on a personal level – we all have our individual points of success. For one, success might be to develop a deep and fulfilling intimacy with himself – for another – success might be to push himself to become as an efficient and capable athlete. We cannot label people according to a limited ‘one size fits all’ idea of success – as that will only cause us to compete with one another. Success on a personal level is always unique and that is something we must embrace.

In my next blog I will continue to expand on the word success and find a fitting redefinition.

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Day 322: Research, Planning and What Goes On Behind the Scenes

Since some weeks I have been laying concrete tiles where I live and through this I have reached a couple of insights when it comes to creation in the physical. Initially, when I first made the decision to lay concrete tiles, I did not know what it entailed. I did not have any previous knowledge and as such I was required to do the necessary research. I read up on the process and realized that the tiles in themselves is only the esthetic part of the structure – what makes the tiles effective is what is under them, which is various types of tightly packed and crushed rock and sand. In-fact, if the ground work is not done effectively, which is the process of packing the rock and the sand, the tiles will begin to shift, and change their positions only after a couple of years. Hence, the quality of the tiles, and how they will look, it is all dependent on structures that you cannot immediately see when you look at surface.

I am now soon finished with this project, and I am satisfied with the results, which I know is the outflow of having committed and pushed myself to walk all parts of the creation process with specificity. And what I learned from this process is how important thorough research and planning is when it comes to living and creating in this physical world; how are we able to expect that things will turn out fine if we do not put in the time to get to know the variables of physical creation? It is impossible, and still, this has been my customary way of approaching creation – just winging it. And is not this the way we tend to approach creation in other parts of life as well?

Let us look at relationships for example. How many sit down to plan their future relationships? What words they want to be expressed and lived in the relationship, what they want out of it, and how they want to experience themselves? Very few, and still we expect that the relationship will magically turn out great. And the same goes with where we decide to live, what careers we take on, the future we walk into, how many of us actually sit down to research and plan a direction for our lives?

To learn to research and plan in all parts of our lives is empowering – because in becoming efficient, thorough and specific with these skills, we are able to establish a direction for ourselves – where we KNOW what path we are heading down – we know what we are creating, what we want, what we need, what we will accept and allow and what we will not accept and allow. And one person that I have learned a lot from in this regard is my partner. When we built our house together she was adamant about doing extensive research and having a well thought plan with regards to each small aspect of our future home. It was fascinating to see, but at that stage, I was not ready for it, and did not appreciate the skills properly. I saw my partners passion for perfection as being overly ambitious. Though, as the house stood complete, I could see the fruit of my partners specificity, and also the consequences of my own lack of specificity, because certain parts of the house that I had been in charge of did not turn out the way I wanted.

When looking at the word PLAN – it is similar to the sound of PLAY  – and PLANT – the sound of the word thus implying that planning is about PLAYING out scenarios – using our minds constructively to simulate a situation before we walk it for real – and PLANT – showing that planning is about PLANTING the seeds that will become our future. And if we for a moment take a look, a seed is basically a blueprint, that given certain conditions, will begin to grow and realize itself into manifestation. Thus, if we want to be a part of deciding our future, we have to plan, because in that we PLANT our seeds, as the words we place, which eventually, as we live and walk these words, will become our reality – that is how creation works.

It is the same things with MANIFESTOS – because what is a manifesto but a plan? A sequence of words placed unto paper describing a desired condition – and through living manifestos, we are able to MANIFEST our words into reality. Though, to know what to manifest, we have to do the research.

Now, what I have found fascinating in uncovering how important research and planning are when it comes to any form of self-creation, is that this part of creation is not necessarily visible. For example, I today live in a home that I love, that is effective, and practical, however, for my home to become this way, there has been A LOT of time and effort invested into coming up with, and preparing this creation – what can be seen as the finished house is only a minuscule part of the entire creation process. And thus, what I would like to highlight with this is the importance of learning to see beyond the immediate picture that we are faced with. Everything is not what it looks like, and even in the simplest of creations, there are most often a significant amount of preparatory labor and effort invested. And this is something I will take with me when I in the future will look for and decide to take on new projects, to take into consideration that I will not only have to do visible physical creation, but also the time required to efficiently plan and prepare for the executive phase.

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Day 252: How You Make Something More Out of Your Life

actionWhat is your definition/understanding of someone that is making something more out of their life? Do you see before yourself a president, or an important statesman? Maybe you see a big-shot international human rights lawyer that is fighting for the rights of ethnic minorities? I would say that there is a high probability that the person you envision holds some form of a important position, or at least, what we in mainstream society consider to be important.

Though, let’s look at this point in common sense: If, let us say, the definition of ‘making a difference in this world’ and ‘making something more out of yourself’ is to stand in the position of a president, and in that position make these ‘great reforms’ – how many of us would then have any capacity to really affect change in this lifetime? Not that many huh? In-fact, there is only a handful lucky enough to get into such an influential position. YET – does this then mean that the rest of the worlds population is unimportant, meaningless, and without any purpose?

The simple answer to that question is NO – it does not – and here we must re-look at, and redefine the point of ‘making something more out of our life’ and extract the true implication and meaning of this statement. What does it really mean to make a difference, to make a change, to have an effect, to make something more out of your life? Are you able to effect change, and make a difference even though you are a lowly paid worker, being a garbage man, or a worker in the grey zones of society, such as a stripper, or a prostitute? According to the dogma of society, apparently these human beings are low life scum, and they cannot contribute, and give value, because they lack education, and refinement – though I beg to differ.

What I see is that we all, regardless of where we live, regardless of our circumstances, regardless of our job, regardless of our upbringing, we all have opportunities to stand and live for a change that will have an impact. And maybe we will not be able to see the effects, the effects of our actions just at this moment in time, but only somewhere in the future – maybe not even in our lifetime. But if we act, take a stand, and if we dedicate ourselves, and our lives to bring through a change, it will create ripples, it will mean something, and it will come through in some way or another, that is certain.

But let us say we work as a garbage man, we have a low pay, have apparently no connections, and no ability to bring anything of value into this world, what can we then do? So here, we must look at the following, that even though we apparently work at the bottom of society, we have colleagues that we meet everyday, possibly we have a family that we interact with, also on a daily basis, and we have the extended family, neighbors, and the local grocery store, where that Indian guy works, where we buy our lunch each day – SO can you see? Even though we perceive ourselves to be at the low end of the food chain, we do have quite the network, quite the number of people we meet, that we influence on a daily level, where our words, and our actions will have a direct impact in the life of another.

And here lies the secret of changing the world, and making something more out of yourself, and your life, and imparting real value, and contributing to actual evolution. The secret is you – CHANGING – YOURSELF! And look – you might change a pattern within you of being irritated and frustrated in the morning, and one of your co-workers notice this about you – and he starts to ask himself – silently of course: ‘how did he (you) do that?’ Without even knowing it, you’re setting an example to a network of people in your life – and because you’re not angry in the mornings anymore – you now, by coincidence, strike up a conversation with the mail man, that you usually ignore because you are so annoyed – AND – you guys happen to be very similar and you really hit it off – things expand – because YOU expand in yourself and your living application.

This is what we need, normal people, in normal life circumstances, making the extraordinary decision to change their lives, WHO THEY ARE as a human being to become something better, to become something that they can be proud over, and in that these normal human beings, with average lives, have an effect on their environment that is truly exceptional. A human being that has changed WHO THEY ARE, that stand stable, and sound in every moment, ready to support others, and deal with life utilizing common sense, that is a resource for the entirety of humanity – and this is a gift we are able to give to ourselves, and this world – irrespective of our circumstances – we can always make, and live the decision to create ourselves to be a more enhanced and functional human being.

Thus, For those of you ready to make the commitment, to change your lives, and in that, make a contribution to this world, which remain after your death, I recommend that you investigate the following links:

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Day 235: Relationship with Money

“Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.”

Many  bundle of US 100 dollars bank notes

Many bundles of US 100 dollars bank notes

Money is a very important part of our lives, and it is thus important to have a clear and precise definition of the word money. Many believe that when money is spent to buy something, this implies that the money is lost, though rather the money has been vested into something and thus changed form. The money is still there, though now in the form of physical value/worth – a product of some sort.

What I have found with myself is that there will be a resistance, and fear towards spending money, when the transference of money into physical value/worth is stretched out in a longer period of time. Such as for example, when buying an education, or investing in a business, or the development of a new skill – and what I have realized is that this fear and resistance is there because the purpose and objective of money is not effectively understood.

Now, the purpose of money is to function as a tool of creation, with money we are able to create, build, and shape our futures. Thus, this also implies, that money only reaches its optimal potential when it is USED and INVESTED into this world, into building/creating/shaping. If money is kept on a bank account, if money is put away for a rainy day, if money is harvested only to end up as surety, this will inhibit, and withhold us from using money to its fullest potential. Sometimes, obviously, it makes sense to save, and put away money, though when that becomes an end in itself – and not a means to an end – there is a problem.

In business, it is very important to be comfortable with spending money, because it is not possible to reap any form of reward without making an investment – without thus – using money. If we want to have success, if we want to receive – we must give – this is true in the world of business as in all other areas of life. In order for us to become effective in studies, we must GIVE time/money, and as an outflow of this we will receive an effective grade as a reward. In order for us to have an effective and committed relationship, we must GIVE that commitment ourselves – thus: In order to get we must give – in our to reap we must sow – in order to cash-in we must cash-out.

Thus, is it not fascinating that many of us fear investing money in such things as businesses? And only because we fear that we will not receive any rewards from it. Though what is obvious is that if we do not invest, we will NEVER get any rewards – but if we do invest – although not certain – there is at least a possibility that we will be able reap the rewards.

Money is a tool, it is a means to an end, and not the end in itself – money is not bad, it is not to be feared, it is not to be hoarded, it is to be invested – without INVESTING money and using it PURPOSEFULLY to create a better future for ourselves, and others – there is not point in having any money. Thus – if we have any form of fear connected to the word money implies that we have a delusional understanding as to the function of money – and if this leads us to hoard money to feel safe – it clearly shows that we suffer from the mental illness called: ‘being a miser’.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become a miser with my money, and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to earn money, in order to save money – in order to feel safe

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that the only real safety that exists, is the ability of oneself to direct ones life, and the challenges that arise, in a effective, precise, and stable manner – thus real safety/security – is to be able to respond to the challenges of life

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that there is no real security in owning a lot of money, because such a point doesn’t mean that one is able to effectively deal with a difficult situation, or move out from a tight spot – or move through a seemingly impossible scenario – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize, that money will only, always be a tool for creation – yet the creation will be dependent upon WHO I AM as a being

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that if I have a lot of money, yet I haven’t established any effective living skills, the amount of money I have is useless because I won’t be able to utilize them to build myself a effective life – and thus I see, realize and understand that in order for money to be used optimally – I require to optimize myself as a human-being – and make sure that I am clear, specific, and with no fear in my relationship to money – and self-creation

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create a relationship of fear with money, where I fear investing money, in fear that it won’t pay out as I’ve hoped, and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that unless I invest, unless I give my money to build my life, my life will not move, and I will remain hoarding my money, yet not utilizing my money to assist and support myself to move my life forward

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that money disappears when it is used, instead of seeing, realizing and understanding that money doesn’t disappear, but that the value of money changes form and becomes something different – such as a product – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear spending money – in a fear of committing my accumulated value into and as a product

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that the purpose of money is to use it to build and enhance my life, and the life of others in this world – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not push myself to become comfortable with using money – and within this walk the process of stopping and correcting any fear-experience in relation to money – so that I stand completely clear – stable – and unshakeable within and as myself – where I move through my life – creating myself and my future – and not accepting and allowing myself to become someone that moves in fear of not having money


When and as I see that I go into fear of investing/using my money, I stop, I take a breath and I bring myself back here, and I see, realize and understand that in order to reap rewards, I must be willing to invest, and in order to move myself and my life I must be willing to use money, and in order to build a company, and build my surroundings, I require to be willing, and comfortable with investing, and utilizing my money – and thus I commit myself to practice dealing with, and using money – being comfortable with not having money – and investing my money – and spending my money – realizing that it’s through doing this that I create, build and accumulate value and worth in my life

When and as I see that I go into fear towards spending money, and I want to save, and hoard my money to feel secure, I immediately stop myself, I take a breath and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize and understand how there is really no such thing as security, there is no such thing as being safe, because at any given moment things might shift – and turn – and alter – regardless of my money supplies – and thus I realize that a correct definition of security is the ability of me to SEE and CURE my LIFE in real time – to be able to be here and effectively seek up and apply solution when I stand before challenges and difficulties – this is in-fact real security; and thus I commit myself to live this definition of the word security in my life and stop looking for it in money