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Day 261: Creating Movement – Part 5: Practical Solutions for Resistance

In this blog we are going to look closer at some practical solutions for resistance, that I have found works effectively. There are four applications that I have discovered helps a lot when that resistance comes up from within – and I will be walking through them in order.

Be clear on you new direction

The first solution is to be clear on your direction. In order to be able to walk through that tough, and difficult moment, when the resistance comes up, and you do not feel like doing anything, it is important that you have your direction in place. Basically this means the following: You know WHY you are changing, you know HOW you are going to change, you know WHAT will happen if you do not change (consequences) and you know WHAT will happen if you change (rewards).

If you are not clear on these points within yourself, you are going to find it much easier to give in, and give up when the resistance towards movement comes up from within. The reason for this being that you have not established a purpose, and reason for yourself, you are trying to change something, yet you are not entirely clear on why, how and what you are changing. Thus, my suggestion is that you sit down with yourself, and write out your reasons for changing.

Lets take an example from my own life, my law-studies. Now I experienced resistance towards studying and reading the course literature, though I knew that I had to do it in order to be able to pass my exams. Thus, I wrote about the point and established the following: I am changing this resistance into actually reading my books BECAUSE (why) I want to be able to earn my living as a lawyer. I will change this resistance through (how) sitting down and reading my books for two hours every day. If I do not do this for myself, I might not be able to pass my exams, and thus I cannot become a lawyer (consequence). Though if I do sit down and read the literature, I will pass my exams, and be able to have a enjoyable and challenging job in my future (reward).

Placing it before myself in this way I was able to clearly see the value in changing myself, and why I had to do it – and this helped me to push through in those moments when I did not feel like reading or putting down any time in my education.

Stick with your body

The next solution is to Stick With Your Body. Now, what does that mean? Well, look at it this way: Resistance is a energy that comes up from within, telling you to act and behave in a certain way – and this energy will feel real and overpowering when you go into it, start feeding it, paying attention to it, and change yourself according to it. But, if we take a look at your physical body – you will see that regardless of the resistance that comes up within you, it will still be there, the heart will still be beating, lungs and breathing working perfectly – most parts of the body will be stable, still and the same as before the resistance – and this is important to notice.

Resistance as such does not affect the body and instead the body moves itself on the basis of practical considerations, and if it would not do that – we would be dead a long time ago. Thus, if you, instead of going into the resistance energy, place your focus and attention on your breathing, and the sensations of your physical body – this will allow you to use the body as a point of grounding/stabilization. And when you stand with the body, on the ground, you are going to notice a fascinating thing: The resistance does not have power over you – it is only a energy – and regardless of its intensity you are still able to decide on how you move within and as your human physical body.

To sum it up: The body/physical matter transcends resistance – and when you stand with the body – you will be able to use its stability and groundedness to support yourself to move through the resistance and come out on the other side.

Know your enemy

The third solution is to know your enemy, and with this I do not mean that you should go into war with resistance and your mind – no – what I mean is that it is important to understand how resistance moves, and when it moves. My observations on this point is that resistance moves in quickly, and will peak after a while, but if you continue to move through the resistance, it will run out of fuel and die out. As such – resistance does not last – it has a due date and if you stick to your guns, and continue to move, resistance does not stand a chance.

Accordingly it has been supportive to me to, every time a resistance comes up within me, say to myself that: ‘Okay, here are you resistance – though you will not be here for ever!’ – and then I continue to push and walk through the experience. This helps because you get to understand that even though it feels overwhelming and tough, there will come a moment when the resistance is going to dissipate and you will be home through.

And then – its also supportive to know WHEN the resistance usually arise, because then you will be prepared, you will know what is coming, so that you can implement your new direction immediately as you sense that lingering urge to just not do whatever it is that you are supposed to be doing.

Just do it

The last point, and possibly the most potent of all the solutions I have walked through, and by far the most simplistic, is to: Just do it. No rocket science here – though fascinatingly enough – we tend to forget this fact and instead of moving, and directing ourselves in the physical, we start asking ourselves why we do not change, if there is something we have missed, or if there is something wrong with us, because we just cannot seem to change. I am here to tell you that there is nothing wrong with you; all you have to do is to do it. When you resist something, you take a breath, and move yourself to do it. It cannot be simpler.

So, when you find that you are wondering, or looking at potential reasons as to why you are not becoming more disciplined, then you know that ‘Shit! I am not actually DOING it!’ – and this serves as a nice alarm to know that its now time for you to get on with the doing – stop thinking about it – Just do it!

Next blog

So, these are my four practical solutions for dealing with resistance. Test them out, play around with them, and see what works for you. Maybe you will find that a combination of the applications or slightly changed application will work better for you. Transcending and learning to direct resistance is a personal process, and thus what works for me, does not necessarily have to work for you – though at least you know have some basic tools that you are able to start with.

In my next blog I am going to go into and explain the Rewards that come when you start moving through resistance, and begin your life of self-creation – it is a truly remarkable experience and the blog will definitely be worth reading.

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Day 112: Follow The Positive?

Many, many, many people tend to strive towards a greater position in society – some desire to be a Lawyer, another a Doctor, and someone third to be a CEO for a great company – and I’ve equally found this point existent within myself.

Reasons-Why-Its-Important-To-Follow-Your-Dreams1-300x330Now, to clarify, there are some cool and relevant points within for example, establishing oneself in a position of the Lawyer in the system, as this will imply a certain authority and influence that can be utilized in order to bring forth change. What I want to bring up, and work with in this blog, is the irrational desire to reach such a position in the system, just because “it’s a elite position in the system” and “it feels good to imagine myself in that sort of position in the system” – because this is the sort of reasoning that I’ve noticed within myself.

When I’ve planned my future, my studies, and my career, what I’ve noticed myself doing, is that I will look at these sort of elite positions, and want to attain them, not from a starting point of considering what is practical, not from a starting point of consider who I am within it all, not from a starting point of looking at what it would entail to walk into such a position – no – the only point existent within me will be this positive feeling I have – that “this is the position I want to get into” – and obviously – this is not a decision based upon common sense but rather upon information that I’ve accepted and allowed to become who I am, because it’s ideas and assumptions that have been spoken, lived and regarded as real by people around my during my formative years.

Currently, I am standing at a point in my life, wherein I’ve realized that creating an effective life for myself in this world, and within that, making sure that I have a impact in this world, is not the same as following the various experiences I have towards decisions – and here as an example I can share my first experience as I was introduced to the world of sales. My initial reaction was that sales is not as glamorous, not as elitist, and not as filled with stature as being a lawyer, and thus I felt that I shouldn’t pursue this point at all – within this only considering my FEELINGS towards the particular opportunity.

Regardless of my initial reaction, I decided to do some research on this point of sales, and also on the point of being a lawyer – in order to really for myself clarify what these points entailed and whether they where aligned with what I wanted to have out of my life – doing this research was fascinating as suddenly I was able to see that many of my initial assessments of the point was a complete falsity.

Firstly, I became aware that the position I was striving for, as being a lawyer in the system, in particular working with business law, was an extremely competitive market, wherein only the best had a chance to make it – and that those that got in faced an extensive work load and quite poor salaries during their first 5 years of labor – thus not as glamorous as I perceived it to be.

Secondly, I became aware that as an effective salesperson, you could enable yourself to earn large quantities of money – comparable to those of lawyers – without having an extensive education of law, and severely overworking yourself – thus I could within this see that my initial ideas and assumptions where of mark – and that in-fact – I’d limited my awareness of my opportunities in life through holding unto this particular idea of “this position implies greatness and wealth” – instead of remaining unconditional and doing actual research as to how the points operated in actual physical reality.

So, herein I’ve realized that it’s important to never make decisions according to how one feel about a point, whether it be a positive experience, or a negative experience, because only things that one can cross-reference in physical reality – having the FACTS – is valid – all else is really a form of ignorance and brainwashing wherein one assume instead of finding out what is really going on and how it actually functions.

I would like to end of with saying that this blog isn’t meant to be some form of suggestion as to what type of career is the best and which one is the worst, as this is something we must individually assess based upon the contexts of our lives, as to what it is that we want to achieve, and how it is that we want to live; the point I want to bring through here is to not trust anything coming up within yourself that is of an energetic nature – as it simply can not be trusted – and that we must instead learn to work with and live by facts.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to listen to what I experience instead of looking at facts – and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to trust what comes up within me and to believe that because it comes up within me – it must be benevolent and trustworthy and that I can build my life around it – and as such I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to live in such a way that I resist that which I experience a negative reaction towards – and go into attraction towards that which I experience a positive reaction towards – without regard and consideration for the FACTS – the objective reality that is here which doesn’t consist out of experiences

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to when I am faced with decisions in my world – to consider what I experience – instead of considering what is here; and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that what I experience towards a particular decisions is more important than common sense – than assessing the point in physical reality and looking at whether or whether not I am able to stand with the outflows of making such a decision

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that I can only trust facts – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not when I make decisions – accept and allow myself to do the research – to do the necessary check and assess and cross-reference my decisions with reality to look at whether the point is in-fact in aligned with my reality or whether it’s just a miscalculation and a positive feeling that I am following without any discernment

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that when I experience fear and anxiety towards a particular point, and when I resist and experience negativity towards a particular point and opportunity, to then believe that this implies that I should avoid that particular point and opportunity, I should resist and not go to it because apparently it’s “bad”

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand how it’s common sense that I can’t rely on my experience of points to make decisions, because what are really my experiences? Well – it’s my assumptions, the limited information that I’ve gathered throughout my life that doesn’t really have any connection to physical reality – because most of it is hearsay – most if it is things that I’ve created and made up in my mind and that isn’t really existing on a physical level; as such I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not take a breath – and make decisions based upon facts – based upon what I see – what I can cross-reference – and what I can see in my research as a matter of fact

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to instead of looking at the facts, look at my experiences, and place more trust in my experiences, than what is here as facts – and as such I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not bring myself back here to and as my human physical body – and see, realize and understand that effective decisions can only flow from having facts – and as such I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to make an effort to do specific and effective research on points when I make decisions or consider making decisions and plans in my world


I commit myself to when I make decisions – look at the facts, the practical, the reality – what is here – and to forgive and breathe through any experience coming up within me whether positive or negative

I commit myself to not trust the experience, whether negative, or positive, coming up towards a decision I walk, that I’ve made, or that I am planning to make – and instead consider practical points – what is here – what I can see and touch and discern as being actual reality

I commit myself to realize that I can’t trust an experience and make an effective decision based upon experience – because experience is not in relationship to reality

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Day 25: Test-anxiety – My Plan is Falling Apart! (Part 14)

Today I got up to study as I usually do around eight a o’clock in the morning – and each day I sit until about four, five, and sometimes six o’clock at the night – it’s around that time when I am able to feel that – “study time is now over”.

I tend to be strict with myself in keeping these times – and in my head I’ve this plan set up – that I go up in the morning, I study for this many hours, and then I am free to go and do something else. Today something came up that in a moment broke my plan – and suddenly I required changing my plans, and spending time to move, and direct some other points that unexpectedly had emerged.

stress-management-techniqueWhen this happened I went into a state of fear – that was my first reaction – and I had a thought come up: “I will loose several hours of study time!” – and after that thought came some images, and imaginations of how I saw myself fail at the exam – not being able to answer a single question because I didn’t study for those two extra hours.

After that initial reaction of fear came a reaction of anger, and frustration – wherein I began to blame my external reality as not being reliable, and trustworthy – and not giving me space to concentrate, and do my things.

I found both these reactions to be fascinating, as they show a lot to me about myself – and how I exist within myself in relation to my studies without even noticing. Firstly – what I am able to see in relation to the fear reaction is that the event in itself didn’t cause the fear, as the fear was already here and existent in my way to approach my studies, and in the way I think about my studies – and in a way I am able to see that they way I think about my studies, and the way I approach my studies is a mechanism that I utilize in order to suppress fear.

The origin fear is then to fail with my studies, and to become a miserable average (to not win) – and also fearing that I will become disappointed with myself and feel that I didn’t give enough, and walk sufficiently – and exert sufficient amount of effort to succeed in my studies – and this is fears that I suppress through studying for long hours. Though, it’s not about me studying for long hours really – it’s about WHO I AM within studying for long hours – and the presence within which I am studying – and that presence I will call out, and name as the hectic-stress-presence – wherein there is a specific tinge of intensity, and fast-paced-movement in my physical body movements – and as to describe it literally – I’d say it’s like I am struggling to reach the finish line, and win – and get there (where really?) before everyone else – and as such I am in a fight, and struggle against time – and time is my great nemesis that I am trying to defeat so that I won’t end up loosing.

Thus – it’s not strange that when suddenly my plan had to be changed – and I’d to abandon this struggle with time, and in essence give up my struggle, and competition against time – I went into fear – and then I went into blame thinking that another had caused me to loose against time.

Within this I see that it’s not about slowing down as to how fast I move – and it’s not about studying for less hours – it’s about changing my expression within all of this to be stable, and consistent – so that I am in a war against time – but that I am simply moving myself effectively here in every moment of breath – being HERE – stable in every moment.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to struggle, and fight against time – and within this exist in a constant state of fear, and nervous of missing out on time – and loosing time – and not having enough time – and within this I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realize, and understand – that in existing in this state of fear of loosing time – what I am creating for myself is lack of time – which makes sense – because when I exist and walk in fear – I am not here in time in actuality – but I am in my mind – not being here – and walking with space and time – one and equal – as breathing one breath in, and then one breath out – and then repeating the process

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I am able to win over time – and to believe that if I fight sufficiently, and if I struggle enough, and if I dedicate my life towards this fight, and struggle, as trying to defeat, and conquer time – that I will then be able to win – and save time – and within this I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realize, and understand that – it’s not about saving time – because that is impossible – it’s about walking one and equal with time and space here – standing in every moment here – as one breath – as one moment in time – in every moment

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within and as a character of stress, and fear when I study – and I am able to see this character in motion through me constantly looking at the clock, and taking my time so to speak – looking at how much, or how little time I have left – and looking at how fast, or how slow I’ll have to move myself in order to save my time – and within this I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realize, and understand – that in a way – this fight against time can only exist when I have expectations on myself as to what I am able to do in the time I have at my disposal – and as such I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to not have any expectations upon myself – and to within this walk, and stand within and as oneness and equality with time – as simply walking here – and doing that which I am able to do and have time to do in this breath here that is at my disposal

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within and as the character of fast-paced-stress-movement – wherein I am not moving fast as a physical expression of me – but I am moving fast as stress – as fearing to loose time – as fearing for my survival – as fearing that unless I move myself in this stress, and fear – then I will loose time and this might as such cause me not to survive – and within this I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted, and allowed myself to BREATH – and to let go of this fear of survival – in seeing that in seeking to survive – I am not living – because I am seeking for something out there – and trying to keep it – instead of having it here in every breath as me living here

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to make it habitual pattern to make study-sessions be really uncomfortable, worrisome, and arduous – simply because I will push myself, and challenge myself – beyond my limitations – but in a forceful and harmful way – because I exist in this stress-character – and within this I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself chill-out – to breath and smell the roses – and to realize that I don’t have to utilize and live this stress character in order to get things done – and in order to care for and take care of my responsibilities here – I mean – it’s something that I am able to do in a breath here – calmly – and easily – with and as my human physical body – in the stability of physical expression here

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge myself when I am not able to do everything that I’ve created in my expectations that I should be able to do with my time – instead of seeing, realizing, and understanding – that I have planned to much – and that I’ve expectations of myself that haven’t been in alignment with actual time – and actual physical movement here – which then obviously is a problem – because I become in conflict with the actual physical – and go into fear – instead of realizing that I only have one breath in every moment – and I am only able to do as much as I am able to do in this one breath here

When and as I see that I go into the stressful character – wherein I am fighting for my survival – fighting against time – fighting to get as much done as possible to secure my money, and my survival – I immediately stop myself, I take a breath, and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize, and understand that I don’t need this character – and this experience to be able to care for myself in this life – and make sure that I remain stable financially in this life – as all that I need, and require is me as self-movement directing myself in every breath – thus I commit myself to BREATH – and to let go – and to make my moment of studying to be pleasurable – and fun – reading my books – taking the time that I require, and need – and not judge myself if I don’t happen to read everything, or I miss some points

I commit myself to not anymore fight against time, and to not anymore try to save time – and make sure that I don’t loose time – but I instead remain with myself here IN TIME in fact – walking with and as time as each breath here – being fully aware here – then I don’t require to save time – because I live within and as the actual movement of time here

When and as I see I go into worrisome thoughts of me thinking that I am loosing time, and that I am not utilizing time effectively, and that I am not going to become as successful in this world because I am not able to handle time as effectively as I want to do – I immediately stop myself, I take a breath, and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize, and understand that – time is only lost when I am not HERE – because when I am not here I am in my mind in my mind there is no time – it’s timeless – simply because there is no reference, and no relationship existent in the mind to this physical reality and the movement of it – which is time; as such I commit myself to get myself out of my mind and back into the physical – seeing that being aware and fully here in a breath – that is me living time – and within doing that I am not able to loose time

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Why is Law so Complicated?

Why is law so complicated? Why is law so hard to understand? Why is law so vast, so enormous, so extreme, and why do we as individuals have no direct say in what type of laws are legislated?

These are questions I’ve asked myself studying law at university. It’s a vast subject, enormous – so big that it’s impossible for one man to know all the laws that exists. Not even a lifetime spent reading laws would enable one to have a complete view of the judicial system. And that is quite fucked up, considering that laws are what make up our day to day interactions, laws are what make all things in society do as they do, or run as they run, from the big and the small – and most of us have no clue as to what regulations lie behind it all.

Isn’t that fucked up? That we as individuals are robbed of our ability to be self-independent,  to take informed and effective decisions – where we know what legal implications our actions have, what rights we have, and what obligations we have. If you don’t know the law system and the police arrests you – do you know that torture is forbidden? Do you know upon what legal grounds the policeman acts when he arrests you? Most of us don’t and we’ve never been supported or assisted to learn these things either, even though they are so crucially important, as laws define our societal structure and our day-to-day living.

Can we actually say that we are living in a democracy if not all people are given the same education, the same knowledge of the rules that govern our lives? No we can’t, because such a differentiation in skill and knowledge in-between people opens up the possibility for abuse and for manipulation.

An example would be a friend that I have as to a situation that he experienced. He was having a job of some kind and apparently he had the right to receive an extra payment of 5000 dollars, so his lawyer friend told him. So, he went to his job and asked to receive the money. He was denied and told that he didn’t have a right to have the money.

He then went back to his lawyer friend and told him what had happened. The lawyer said, ask to speak with the boss if they don’t give you the money. So, he went back to his job, asked again and was denied again – yet this time he said he wanted to speak with the boss. Upon uttering the words he was written a check of 5000 dollars.

I mean, what would this guy have done without his lawyer friend? How could he possibly have known about his rights? See, our system is so complex, vast, intricately designed that you don’t know your rights. You have no clue when a state official do something illegal, when your boss does something illegal, when you have the right to appeal and not – even though these things are very important to know! That is unacceptable – that there is such a gap between people, where the poor and uneducated becomes victims at the behest of those who know the rules of the game.

In an equal money system everyone would know the law. Everyone would know their rights and their obligations. There would be few laws, they would be clearly and understandably written – not accepting and allowing anyone to go unknowingly of the laws that dictate his or hers day-to-day living. And everyone would be able to point at these laws, without a lawyer, without the permission of anyone and state – look! These laws do not support what is best for all – I want it to be removed! And then it would also be removed.

That is real democracy. When everyone is equal in skill, understanding and have the same access to the information that governs one’s daily life. This is only possible in an equal money system. Where class, and higher education would not anymore differentiate people, as all would have access to the same opportunities and hold the same rights.

Difference Between a Pyramid Scheme and Desteni I Process

It has been disputed whether Desteni I Process is a pyramid scheme and as such illegal – instead of as been continuously stated and shown by Desteni – a multi level marketing business.

So, to once and for all end the speculations and show the legal difference between a pyramid scheme and a multilevel marketing business – I present to you: EU- law concerning unfair commercial practices:

“Directive 2005/29/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council

of 11 May 2005

concerning unfair business-to-consumer commercial practices in the internal market and amending Council Directive 84/450/EEC, Directives 97/7/EC, 98/27/EC and 2002/65/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council and Regulation (EC) No 2006/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council



Misleading commercial practices


14. Establishing, operating or promoting a pyramid promotional scheme where a consumer gives consideration for the opportunity to receive compensation that is derived primarily from the introduction of other consumers into the scheme rather than from the sale or consumption of products.”

See – in the Desteni I Process we have a product, which is education – and in order to make an income from the Desteni I Process, you must consume and sell this product. Thus – the compensation isn’t derived solely from the introduction of other consumers – but through the LEGAL action of selling and buying a product.

A pyramid scheme on the other hand has no product of inherent value. It’s only based upon the transition of money – wherein there is all the time a need for new people to join the scheme, in order to cover up the expected profits of those already in the scheme.

For example – a banker say’s his stocks will give a return of 20% each year – investors become happy and they invest. The banker then takes the money of the investors and gives it back to them – saying that this is money from the 20% promised rise of the stocks – while it’s not.

Because there is no real product that can be sold, that has an inherent value, the banker must then look for new investors – so that he will be able to continue faking the 20 % annual return that his investors are expecting.

As can be understood, this will not last for a lifetime. At a certain point the system will collapse, as there will be to many investors wanting their money, and not enough consumers to sustain the system with more money; this will have many people loose a lot of their money, as their investments disappear into the smoke together with the fake stock – which is why it is illegal to run pyramid schemes.

So, here is the difference between Desteni I Process, as a LEGAL multi-level-marketing business, and an illegal pyramid scheme. Desteni I Process does not need more consumers in order to sustain its practice, as there is a product being sold and bought which has a worth on it’s own that sustains the business.

It’s no different than the supermarket you each day go shopping at – you give the supermarket money and you get food in return. The supermarket mustn’t increase its customer base in order to survive; as it has food that it sells which will sustain it’s business — very simple.