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Money Rules In Politics

Lately I’ve been researching the legislating process in USA – this after having seen the documentary called ‘The World According to Monsanto’, as Monsanto has proved to be a company that has managed to pull through bills and laws to support their products, even when it hasn’t been certain that their products is no threat to the health of the public. Specifically this has been so with the GMO plants invented and patented by Monsanto – there has been research showing clear signs that the plants might be harmful to the ecology of nature as well as man; yet without any consideration towards this research, legislation was passed that allowed such products free reign in USA.

In the documentary that I’ve mentioned, this point of the ineffective and detrimental legislation, as well as it’s non-scientific but instead politically biased foundation, wherein no actual research was taken into consideration when the law was passed and implemented, is covered in great length. It’s an awesome documentary – I suggest you watch it.(Robin 2008)

Anyway, I started to research the legislation process in USA and found some interesting facts as to how politicians, as the people having the power to implement legislation, get elected. To be voted into the ‘house’ in congress costs about $1.4 million dollars and to get into the senate costs about $9 million dollars – this money is used to run a successful election-campaign. Now, to fund one’s campaign the politicians need to have donations and obviously – whom do you think make the donations? Yes – it’s of course the corporations, as those that want to get a foot into the nations heart so to speak, as the place where governing takes place. And in this way the loyalty of the politicians are bought to the highest bidding, as the politicians require being ‘nice’ towards their donors and make sure that they vote ‘aye’ on laws that support their donors business, else the next years campaign-budget will, with all certainty, lack some of that much needed money.(Krumholz 2011)

So, huge amount of money is required to be voted into the house and senate – not to talk about the presidential post in which sums ranging from $400-700 million dollars are needed. And all of this money comes from a biased collective of corporations, whose sole intent is profit and nothing else, this would make one wonder – but doesn’t all our legislation, at least USA’s, then simply support these corporations to make more money? Because, obviously – if you as a politician decide to go your own way and vote for policies that is supportive for the general public, but detrimental to the corporations, you won’t get re-elected, as you won’t have any money, as donations, to support your campaign with.(Krumholz 2008)

The American political system is the perfect proof as to how politics has become nothing but a cash cow, a public debate wherein the officials have been bribed and bought by the corporations to vote and speak – not according to principle as what is best for all – but only according to the shareholders wish to enrich their stock-portfolios – fascinating shit!

What is even more fascinating is the practice of ‘revolving doors’ that take place in the political arena of USA. What ‘revolving door’s’ imply is that politicians many times wander from a high and influential position in the private sector, to a high and influential position in the public sector and then sometimes back again – going back forward between those who make the laws and those who benefit or loose due to the laws; clearly this doesn’t set the foundation to have our political decisions be unbiased, objective and in the interest of all, as the politicians will have their allegiance elsewhere, namely to the fat paycheck the a corporation will award a loyal employee with.

What fascinates me further is the practice of lobbying, as an entire multi-million industry, solely focused upon the practice of influencing the decision making of politicians. Corporations buy lobbyists to speak on their behalf; many times these lobbyists are retired politicians or retired highly influential public officials; basically individuals that have a massive social network, with the ability to influence people high up in the food-chain – as such the corporations receive another way making sure that their sole intent of profit maximization is supported through the necessary laws, instead of laws being enforced and implemented to support the well-being of earth and all of mankind. Fascinating shit!

This information is openly available and proves that our, or at least USA’s, political decision making is almost if not entirely based upon the premise of supporting corporations to make more money; there is no morality, no principle and no integrity to be found, only money is of value. Obviously such a twisted political foundation, as that which our society is based upon, as the laws enforced, forms a culture in which only profit and money receives support – and life, human-beings, plants and animals becomes forgotten.(Krumholz 2011)

Such a practice, as described above, is naturally completely and utterly unacceptable, as money must not be the decision maker and ruler of life – principle must be! And not any principle, but the principle of what is best for all. Though to implement and found our decision making upon such a principle is near to impossible in our current money system, as each human-being is driven by the competition and survival which our current system is based upon, as debt, as have and have not’s. Everyone, as well as politicians, is in-fact existing in complete petrifaction and as such run around with no consideration as to principle, only attempting to gather enough cash, so that they can take care of themselves and their family; corporations is but the expression of people coming together, helping each-other to survive through combining their resources, as share-holders.

Thus – we need a system wherein people can let go of their fears, their constant search to assure themselves survival – and instead be given survival. Then we’ll all be able to sit down – calmly and reasonably – and discuss our political dispensation within the consideration of what is best for all – not what’s best for our wallets, as our wallets will already be sufficiently filled for us to live a comfortable and effective life.

So, the key to a new world, as politics driven by morality instead of money is EQUAL MONEY. I suggest – do your research and find out the simplicity of the answer, as to creating heaven on earth.


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