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2012 Changing The World With The Mind = Fake

In this blog I am going to pick apart and show the deception in a statement by Colin Wilson, and this is a typical spiritual, new age statement, and it goes as follows: “The mind has exactly the same power as the hands: not merely to grasp the world, but to change it.”

So, what it is the deception in this statement? Well obviously, the mind can’t in-fact make, or create anything physical what so ever – and as such the mind can’t change the world at all. What is required to change the world is MONEY and physical action – yet this point of common sense is often disregarded and pushed away by us humans, as we tend to like having our money to fulfill our desires, and to not have to do very much with our life’s but instead keep ourselves entertained, and content within immersing ourselves in some hobby, or something that we like doing; so that we don’t have to care about anything else but ourselves.

In terms of being able to find a justification, in order to not have to change this world, or do anything substantial and of use with ourselves, and our time here, Colin Wilson’s statement supplies the perfect match. With such a justification we’d be able to think, and feel as if we’re doing these great, and magnificent things, while in-fact we’re only hiding in our minds, living out our life’s in acceptance of the system, and in complete fear of actually standing up to do something and live the change PHYSICALLY.

This is what Desteni is all about, we’re about taking a principle that has been described, and endorsed by many religions, people, philosophers, gurus, and other spiritual people – as the principle of do unto another as you’d like to be done unto you – and then living this principle PHYSICALLY, PRACTICALLY – and this is why Desteni is so different from anything that has ever been here.

Desteni is saying that without practical action, without practical movement, without in-fact living the statement of change as yourself, in your life actually, and physically in every moment of breath – NOTHING is going to change what so ever. And this is obviously common sense, and simple to see – yet spiritualistic people spend much time to deceive themselves into believing that things can change through using the mind, through simply feeling the change – feeling compassionate and sad about starvation, and suffering – thinking that we don’t really have to physically do something, because we can all do it in the mind.

But hey, the world is a proof that this idea of change is false, spirituality, and religions, that have suggested the spiritual, and non-physical way of change have existed for decades – like Christianity for example: “wait to judgment day, then the bad will pay, and you’ll also go to heaven when you die” – or Buddhism: “be as good as you can possible be, meditate, and then you’ll go to nirvana, and everything will be cool” or new age: “hey, just accumulate love and everything will be cool”.

Though within looking at the world we see that none of these spiritual practices have lead anywhere! What we can instead see is that the capitalists, those that use money and labor-power to build up an empire for themselves, they are in control of reality – they hold the power to make decisions – and this obviously proves that in order to change the world, we must stand equal in application to these capitalists, and walk in the system and walk the necessary practical points, and in-fact, physically create change.

In-fact, the people that have placed their mark upon this world so to speak, that has been kings, and rich people – they have built buildings, printed books, printed money, made the laws, and they are the people that have lived within the realization that you create through physical accumulation – while the spiritual people and their messages of purity and love have had no effect what-so-ever in this world – none. Jesus message of do unto another as you’d like to be done unto you is not lived by anyone in the corporate world, and what president takes into account such a principle within their decisions? No they only care about money, and real physical events, and actions – and as such it’s clear that in order to be effective, and have a impact in this world – physical action is required.

Thus – conclusion – don’t fall for these love-dovey – and smoky statements of changing the world through thinking, feelings, and experience – it must be done physically – practically – actually – else it’s not real.


Picking Apart Confucius

Quote: ”If I am walking with two other men, each of them will serve as my teacher. I will pick out the good points of the one and imitate them, and the bad points of the other and correct them in myself.” (Confucius)

Question to be answered: How can this statement be abused and misused?

Now – the first thing to be observed in the quote above is the two words ‘good’ and ‘bad’ – as these two words open up the backdoor to potential misuse and abuse of above statement.


Because – the words of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are based upon subjective definitions – they are in the mind of each human created as an individual experience with no actual relationship to this physical reality that we participate and exist within.

As such – ‘good’ for one might be to rape a woman – as this ‘feels good’ – while ‘bad’ for another might be to do his homework – as it ‘feels bad’ – as such it’s easy to observe that using the words of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ in relation to any self-statement is risky – as the statement lived doesn’t promise a world that is best for all – but instead give room for the mind to create interpretations and to have the statement become – what the mind – as desires/wants/needs – as self-interest – would like to be.

That’s why it’s beneficial – when one write self-corrective statements – or consider taking statements and placing them into practical application – that specific practical and actual actions are used in order to create the statement – because in doing so there will be no room for interpretation – there will be no room for self-interest as only the actual physical expression of the physical will remain.

Thus – this quote above proves the problem with the new-age religions over-use of words such as compassion – love – care – consideration; the problem is that these words aren’t ever practically – specifically – and mathematically defined and brought into physical practical application – but they instead remain vague and abstract concepts that no-one really knows how to live – you only feel them.

But feeling a word is useless – as we’re not feelings – we’re beings of flesh and blood and what’s of consequence to us is our experience in this physical reality – not what we feel or think – this is proven by the fact that you die with no food – but you continue to breath and live with no thought.

As such we must create ourselves in accordance and alignment with our physical reality – as that is what will have an impact and in-fact mean something to us in our lives – we are actually physical beings. Thus – we specifically re-define each word to contain a actual and practically livable description – so that we may create a world that is actually one and equal as love and compassion – and not only energetic feelings connected to a word.

Witnessing Isn’t Enough

Many of the religious ‘new age’ doctrines that arrive from the fear east, among them Buddhism and ‘Oshoism’, holds the view that in order to transcend ‘life’ you’ve to let go of yourself completely, let go of your awareness of yourself in this reality and simply become ‘a witness’; wherein you’d then witness yourself, your participation, and what’s going on in this reality – completely listless and indifferent to what’s happening here – then you’d apparently ‘transcend’ reality.

Though, what’s the problem within such a starting point of living? What are the implications of having one’s participation in this reality being that of ‘a witness’?

Well – it’s quite obvious that the outflow of being but a witness in this reality – is that reality will take whatever road it choose to take; while one merely ‘witness’ what’s happening. And then reality might become a place of horror, dread and suffering – yet to the ‘New-Ager’ this isn’t a problem what so ever – as he’s simply ‘witnessing’ reality – not being apart of it – only witnessing it.

The problem is obviously that when one applies, and lives as ‘a witness’ – reality can turn into a complete shit-hole, and that is obviously not acceptable. And even though one would like to see oneself as ‘only a witness’ – starvation, and physical abuse do affect even those that ‘only witness’ – the physical reality as what is here is in-fact real – which is shown by the fact that you experience pain and pleasure – comfort and discomfort – what is here as this physical reality do have consequence as to how you will experience yourself.

Thus – what have Buddha and Osho missed? One cool point that they both understood and realized, which was the same point that they also fell upon –  was the point of developing the ability/skill to remain silent and clear no matter what situation one is facing – this they then referred to as ‘only being but a witness’ – what they missed then was that you’re in-fact able to be ‘a witness’ as calm, stable and clear in your self-application – and still participate and act/live in the benefit of all – and actually having an impact upon this reality, while still not being ‘lost’ in and as the relationships and dramas of the social constructs of and as human beings in this reality.

Meaning that  you in-fact enable yourself to act, live, care, consider, and ‘feel’ – even though you do not define yourself according to what is here – you act according to the principle of what is best for all, and as such you’re a participator and make a impact, and a difference – yet still remaining uninfluenced and untouched – acting from within and the starting point of breath, and physical considerations – equal and one.

As such we live without any experience – yet still we participate fully here as breathe – moving and applying ourselves in order to manifest what is best for all as living and breathing participators – but still remaining objective and clear without loosing ourselves in any form of experience.

Thus – the realization to be made is that there is no ‘point to reach’ such as ‘transcending reality’  – too then apparently reach the ‘final stage’ of ‘but being a witness’ – what’s instead to be understood is that reality is here as a opportunity for us to collectively, and individually manifest heaven on earth, both within and without, through and as the practical physical application of ourselves – as such there exist no such point as reaching a state of ‘witnessing’ and then you’re apparently done, clear, and there isn’t anything left for you in this life.

No – the point is that one make oneself in this life an effective participator that live and apply what is best for all in every moment of breath – moving oneself one and equal here as breath, and acting from a clear and sound starting point – and as such – breath by breath manifest a world, and a experience of self that is truly divine. But to do such – we must act – we must live – and to but be a witness isn’t enough – instead we’re to become an objective participator that stands by a principle – being in this world, yet not off this world – but still living in such a way that one take responsibility for what is here and live in a way that is truly supportive for self and everyone else.

Why Equal Money isn’t a Utopia

Many times as I’ve spoken about and shared myself in regards to the Equal Money System, as a solution for mankind wherein competition, survival and fear would end, people have countered me with the statement of: that will never work! It’s a utopia! People are born greedy, and the human will never change! The world will never become a better place!

It’s fascinating that many make such conclusions, that greed can never end, and that the human will never will change; because on what factual foundation do they base such a judgment? I mean, has it ever been tried to change the human nature? Have anyone ever attempted to implement an Equal Money System? Has anyone ever stood up and spoken with a voice that belongs to the entirety of mankind?

No – never has this been done.

As such, to state that the Equal Money System is a utopia is in-fact a justification, an excuse as to why you don’t want to change yourself, and why you would rather wallow in apathy, fear, anxiety, inferiority and blame; instead of standing up to become the much needed change that is required. Because utopia, as a dream of the perfect world that can’t ever be real, is only a utopia because we haven’t in-fact lived what is best for all, and actually brought to earth a system, and a way of life that would consider everyone equally, as what is best for all.

Who created the world as it is today? Who created you as you are today? Who’s responsible? Is it somebody else but you? No!

That’s why you’re also able, capable, and in a position to create utopia. I mean, we created hell – why couldn’t we then create utopia? As a life that is best for all? Of course we can! It’s simply that we change our behavior, or way of living, and we remove that from ourselves that have brought us to this position of hell, and we instead live that which will bring us to a position of heaven on earth. It’s simple.

That’s why stating that the Equal Money System is a utopia is unacceptable, because it’s a statement of giving up; and if you’ve given up – what’s the point to live really? When you’re only going to continue living in this world, as hell, simply living to survive, with no point or purpose above that what so ever; that’s simply not a worthy, or cool life – we deserve to have something better. We deserve to have utopia!

Though the very definition of utopia is that of a dream of a perfect reality that can’t be fulfilled, so the word in it’s very essence is deceptive and abusive, as it states that a world that is best for all won’t ever become a reality. So, we need to have a new word, and that could be practopia – which holds the definition: that anything is possible to be created, it’s all a matter of consistency, discipline, focus and determination; though when we live these words change will eventually be on our door step.

So, the Equal Money System is a practopia – you’ll have to live it into existence for it to become real; it will not manifest out of thin air by itself, but it’s absolutely possible, absolutely doable, and absolutely needed.

Thus – whenever anyone tells you that a world that is best for all is a utopia, you know he’s simply uneducated, as he’s not yet aware of the word practopia – and at the moment there are many that are uneducated and lost in the delusion, that there exist such a thing as a utopia. We need to bring humanity back to breath, back to basics; to realize that we create here as breathe, and what live here will accumulate and become our future. That’s the simplicity, which must be learned.

Desteni–haters are perfect examples of people that have forgotten their nature as practitioners of practopia, and have instead fallen prey to apathy, self-judgment, and self-hatred; willingly defending their nature, and this system that has been the cause of so much suffering and pain, when there is, right in front of their faces, opening up and opportunity to actually create heaven on earth.

How can anyone actually be willing to defend his or her own limitations? It’s fascinating – yet this is what we’ve become. We fight for our existence that is lesser than what is best for all, and we call the venture, and idea of creating a future that is best for all utopia, and as such as being impossible – isn’t that somewhat funny?

I mean, it indicates a severe mind delusion to state that a better future for all is utopia, as it is a statement that by implication makes the announcer non-existent; as he’s stating that he can’t do anything, he can’t change, he can’t create himself as a better man – but why can’t he do that? Obviously everyone is able to change themselves, because we’re here, we’re the one’s living our life’s, we’re the one’s making our decisions, we’re the one’s choosing our words – and as such we’re the origin point of practopia, as well as the origin point of the excuse, as stating that a better world for all is a utopia.

There is in-fact free choice and that is between choosing practopia, or choosing the delusion of utopia. I know what I’ve decided – I’ve decided to live practopia into existence as myself here in every moment of breath; will you join me?

Human-beings, it’s time we stop hating ourselves and actually create a world that we want to live in, because we’re worthy of that – because I decide that we are – cool huh? That’s the application of free choice in action – I make the decision that I am worthy of a better life, and I live that decision here as breath; until it’s done, and heaven is in-fact here on earth, both within me and without.

To become a practitioner of practopia as equality in action visit desteni.co.za, and check out the Internet course desteni I process – I am recruiting new students!

Let it Fall Where it will Fall — Implications of Unconditional Love

So, I will in this blog dissect a youtube comment from a spiritual person and I will through this show how the ‘live and let go’ attitude of the light and love gang, is in-fact detrimental and harmful to earth and it’s inhabitants. The belief in ‘letting another being find his own way’ or ‘whatever makes your boat float’ as ‘unconditional love’ is actually not love at all, as I will reveal.

See – if you simply accept and allow people to do whatever the fuck they want to do – we end up in a world that is as the one we live in today. A world filled with abuse, bullying, deception and suffering.

So, let’s take a look at the comment now.

“[…] I help people everyday through talking to them and allowing them to come to their own conclusions – a true teacher allows their students to learn in their own time with only just a little guidance from those older and wiser than them. […]”

Aright, let’s begin.

Firstly, the author of this comment says that he allows his students to come to their own conclusions. Sounds so nice right? Like a real nice dude that let’s you think, behave, and exist in whatever way pleases you. But, let’s look at the implications of such a statement. If a student comes to the conclusion that he would like to rape women, murder them and bury them in a forest – is this then okay? The spiritualists would like to have you think that it’s okay, because apparently you must love everyone, respect their beliefs, because apparently everyone will find their own path to the truth – my god, such fucking bullshit.

I mean, look at where this bullshit belief and lived out behavior of unconditional love has taken us. We’ve accepted and allowed the world to be infested with parasites called capitalists, criminals called politicians, murderers called businessmen, terrorists called kings and queens, slave masters called teachers and judges – and in this process we’ve rendered the world completely useless as a supportive and habitable home.

And why has it become like this you might ask? Because we’ve given room for evil to exist, in our apparently benevolent stand wherein we’ve said ‘let if fall where it will fall’, we’ve become perpetrators to the extinction of life from the face of the planet earth. In our apathy, in our cowardice, evil has become the one principle by which people live and exist, as is seen by the fact that starvation, slavery, poverty, child-abuse, violence in the homes, alcohol, drugs, disease and death are common events in our world. Where did the real benevolence go? And what is real benevolence? Could we somehow have avoided reaching this point at which we find ourselves today, wherein each day is a struggle and fight for survival, because each and everyone has been taught and instructed since childhood to compete and raise themselves towards the top at the cost of others?

Obviously this could have been avoided. If we would have lived the realization that what I accept and allow another to live out, will eventually come and bite me in the ass, as neither him nor I is separate or apart from reality, instead we share it collectively. Thus – what I accept and allow the collective to live and exist as will also influence and have an effect upon my life and experience of myself.

So, if I accept and allow people to come to their own conclusions, mind-fucking myself to believe that I am apparently doing something good for them, while clearly seeing that their conclusion doesn’t support themselves or anyone else, I am in-fact creating hell, as I accept and allow evil to reign instead of common sense.

Thus, spiritualists and unconditional lovers – hear me. Let go of this bullshit called unconditional love, we need to stop being passive, apathetic, so gotdamn nice and respectable towards each other and instead show that there is a line that shall not be crossed – and that is the line of doing towards another what you would not have liked to be done unto you – which is abuse and bullying.

To learn more about the principle of what is best for all and how to live and apply this principle in a actual and practical way – check out desteni I process.

Until next time!