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The markets are failing!

The markets are failing and everything is going down! Panic! Run in circles! This is basically the message that is being sent out into the world by the media, as the big markets come tumbling down. It’s fascinating though, nobody knows why the markets is coming tumbling down, and nobody knows how to stop it from tumbling down; and naturally everyone goes into an experience of anxiety and fear, as our survival seems to be threatened, because the markets are falling down.

Isn’t it strange? That we have this unpredictable god in our world called “the markets” that rule, and decide who’s going to be rich, and who’s going to be poor, who’s going to die, and who’s going to live in abundance – without anyone having control over it? Or, do we have control of it?

The experts, as they take on the task of explaining to the public why the markets are failing, usually speaks about debt, and that the major economies of the world are sinking in their public debt. Yet, are they really? I mean, what is debt but a promise to pay? But what if we simply relinquish that promise to pay, and forgive all debt? Wouldn’t the situation then simply stop? Why isn’t anyone looking at the situation from a starting point of self-responsibility, wherein we realize that the system that we currently face, the markets that are currently being volatile, is all our own creation, it’s our own mess; and as such we’re able to clear it up.

I mean, simply forgive and remove the debt, then print up an equal share of money to everyone, enough to last them from birth to death, and watch what happens; suddenly we’ll have equality amongst men, and labor would become something done for the enjoyment, and common sense of it, instead of doing it for money; because everyone will have enough money – no more competition – no more struggle – but instead we can focus upon this practical, physical reality, and make sure we create the necessities needed for everyone to survive.

Though at the moment such a proposition looks very far-fetched, as man seems to be persistent to hold on to this system of inequality and chaos. It’s crazy that we choose to have this current money system in place; it doesn’t support anything but negativity; competition, jealousy, inequality, manipulation, deception, fear – what is the reason that we’re still in this system? Are we stupid or something?

So, as the markets fall, and people start to experience that rush of anxiety, as they know that their savings is disappearing, and that their protection against such horrors as starvation, poverty, and a shitty life experience, is becoming weaker. We created this glorious system called capitalism – where apparently everyone one is able to win; yet half of the world is living in poverty, so apparently everyone isn’t able to win.

How long are we going to torment ourselves? What is the point of tormenting ourselves like this? How can anyone willingly support a system that breeds so much suffering and pain in the world – it’s like we’ve all become completely insane, lost in our minds, not knowing anymore how we got here, who created this money system and why; thinking that this is the way that it must always be.

Is the problem maybe that everyone wants to win? Everyone is hoping to be able to be the one that wins, and is able to scrape all the crumbs of the table, and eat the entire cookie as well. How much must we suffer before we realize that this dream of wanting to win isn’t real, because we will never win as along as only a few can crown themselves victorious, while the rest becomes the eternal losers; because that kind of inequality breeds violence, spitefulness, criminality, hate, and anger, and still the winners are not safe, comfortable, with a enjoyable life, as the must now build walls around their houses, to protect themselves from the losers.

What kind of a world is it really that we’re living in when we must build walls around our houses? And what is that wall supposed to keep out? Yes – those that have lost, those that didn’t manage to fulfill their dream of being the winner, and so we perpetuate and compound a system of competition that breeds violence; and have people become afraid of each-other, nervous, wary, and tense – as we’re all attempting to get to that win, and protect ourselves from the loss.

Is there another way to live? Do you enjoy life currently? Do you enjoy fear? Do you enjoy loosing? Do you know that you’re currently a slave to the amount of money that you have?

Would you like to have free choice? For real? Actually being able to decide how you want to live your life, not being limited by the numbers in your bank account; would you like that?

Interesting questions huh? We’ve really limited ourselves in our understanding as to what can actually be created in this reality, limited ourselves to this system of capitalism, of lack, of scarcity and competition; while this is not the only way to live – there are other way’s to live.

Would you like to live as a millionaire? Would you like to be able to trust your neighbor? Would you like to have free medical care, free education, free food, free housing, free water, free electricity, freed from doom?

This is all possible; we can make it to be so. We created what is here currently, and as such we can create heaven on earth, as what is best for all, as equal money. Yes – EQUAL MONEY is the solution we’ve been waiting for, it’s the breath of life for all human beings, so all can live a life of dignity.

Thus ­– check out EQUAL MONEY, as we needn’t to exist and live as we currently do. We can have fun instead!