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Day 422: Using Money, With Common Sense

It can be easy to forget what is important in the face of money. On the hand, money is really, really important. If you have none – you are literally fucked. However, if you do have your basic needs covered, and money left over to spend on pleasures, then money becomes of less importance.

Because let us say that you have a ton of money, would that make you happier, more comfortable, more safe, have better relationships, be more satisfied? The truth is no – it would however enable you to live out all kind of crazy escapism strategies. What is the purchase of massive luxury yachts, the constant need for home renovating, the urgency to travel and see new places, to experience new kinds of foods, and have new experiences, but our attempts to cover up the truth – the truth that we all feel pretty fucked up – and that our world is pretty much fucked up.

Thus, when the basic needs are covered, and there are money to pursue hobbies and interests, the challenge becomes to keep focus on what is important, and not to become engulfed in the current consumerism capitalism system, where most of everything circles around some form of purchase. It is fascinating – I have seen this many times in myself. I have acquired new hobbies, such as gardening for example. And as I start to deepen my relationship to the interest, the desires start to emerge. Seemingly, I am now in need of a new kind of tool to prepare my garden, or a new type of soil, or seed, to make my hobby fulfilling. This is the lure of money – the belief that we constantly have to spend, to acquire, to purchase in order to fulfill ourselves, and our lives – but the reality is that money is not able to give us that fulfillment – it cannot be bought – it can only be lived.

Children show this to us effectively. They are little about the equipment, the stuff, the toys, and more about their experience within it, their expression, their movement, the relationships, the creativity, and all of the soft, ethereal values that can be explored without money. The challenge as an adult is to remember that. It is not about the money – it is about WHO WE ARE WITHIN WHAT WE DO.

Abundance of money can thus create attention diversion – where we without really wanting it or understanding what we do – start to focus more of ourselves on buying things instead of developing ourselves and our relationships. For example, we neglect our relationships with our children in order to work more, to buy more, to apparently, make ourselves more happy and content – and to create a better future for a children – while really all that our children would want is to spend more time with us when we are relaxed and content.

Money thus is a difficult point to master. The solution as I have found it is to focus on my expression, my expression, and my physical movement – to place focus on WHO I AM and not on what I own or what I want – and to find and establish fulfillment in my expression instead of in buying new things. And it is important to clarify our relationship to money, because in order to change ourselves, and to be a part of changing this reality, we have to use our money to facilitate such a change. We have to spend money to create a better world – and thus – push through our desire/urge to keep it all for ourselves and to use it to further our own interests only.

Muslims have found a good way to deal with this point. They give a percent of their income to people in need, they call it zakat. While it might not have worked in practice – it is a key to moving forward with all kinds of problems in the world. If we want to sort something out, we must fund it, we must give our money to a cause. For example, if we want to support nature, we must invest in nature. If we want to alleviate poverty – we must invest in poor people. And it is not enough to rely on the government to do this – our money must be given direction with awareness. Currently, most of us allow our money to trickle into all kinds of unnecessary and meaningless shit. If we take a self-honest look at what we are buying, it is easy to see that we do not need half of it – and that the money are needed elsewhere.

Thus, when we are able to create a stability in our finances, the challenge is to keep our direction, keep our stability, and to position ourselves to share, to give, and to influence, and impulse the direction/creation we want in this world. Nothing ever comes by itself, it we want it, we have to create it.

Day 128: Vocabulary and Mind-Control

Vocabulary, words, and reading – why are these life skills so important to all human beings, and why are they in-fact a necessity for world change to take place?

mind-control2In order to understand this point I will share an example from my own life, in relation to making a decision in regards to career and employment. So, as I’ve shared earlier in this blog, I will soon be leaving the secure zone of the university and head out in the big world, in order to find myself a job and make a living for myself. I realized that I had to make some form of decision – at least preliminary – as to what I direction I should go into, because due to the nature of my degree, there are many possibilities, and a variety of jobs to choose between.

During the first years of my education, I came face to face with extensive marketing campaigns of some few select employers – and these showed a possible future of money, success, and self-satisfaction. Unfortunately these employers were the only one’s marketing themselves, and thus to me it seemed as if the life they presented, was the only one available to me, the only career that held some promises – while seemingly there was no other valid options out there. Thus, in facing the decision of where I am to go in life after my education, I experienced much conflict and anxiety, as I felt that I must really push and will myself to get into one of these firms, to get that career, and the life promised by them.

Then, I started to question exactly why it was that I desired to go into this direction, and whether it was in-fact a suitable point for me to take on – was this everything that there was? As such, I asked myself, what it is that I would like to do with my life, where it is that I’d like to place myself, what it is that I am good at, what I am not good at, and how I would like my life to be in a couple of years; and at the same time I started to investigate and expand my horizons as to the various possibilities that my degree offers.

Here is where it starts to get interesting, and it’s here that the importance of vocabulary comes into play – because what I did was that I started to actively investigate, read, find sources, and expand myself, and this expansion was in the form of vocabulary – because when I read – when I investigated – I acquired new vocabulary, and in that came insights, as well as a sense of clarity – and I started to see exactly what the various professions entailed in terms of workload, expectations, requirements, investments, and so forth – and in this it became much easier for me to answer the question: Would this be something for me? Is this what I want for my life? Does this align with what I see for myself in the coming years?

So, in essence, my ability to read, and due to me having quite an expansive and effective vocabulary, allowed me to expand my horizons, and see things that existed beyond my social networks – because fact is that: My social networks and the vocabulary, and information moving in these, are often limited, and one-sided – and when acquiring one’s entire understanding of the world upon the basis of these networks, one’s understanding and comprehension of the world often get’s compromised, which leads to ineffective decisions, and in consequence, a lifestyle that is not in alignment with Who you are, and What you want out of your life.

This is why vocabulary is important on so many levels. For me, an expansive vocabulary allowed me to see new aspects, dimensions and viewpoints, it allowed me to effectively expand my understanding of myself, and my world – and it allowed me to take responsibility for myself and my direction in life. But due to the ineffective educational system we have in this world an extensive amount of human beings are not effective readers, and they are consequently not able to expand themselves, and their understanding of this world – as they do not have access to effective information skills – which is a skill equal to vocabulary and comprehension skills. And this is the reason as to why so many people are unable to see, and understand that there are problems in this world, and why they are unable to question the system as it currently functions – they simply do not have the vocabulary to comprehend what is going on.

This is for example why many tend to slavishly believe the six-o´clock news, when the reporter shares that “we are going to war for our freedom” – or that it’s “communistic to implement a basic income for all” – they do not have the vocabulary to fathom how the system operates – that for example – there is such a thing as propaganda and public relations – and that most media stations are owned by a select few elite, and that most of the electorates in our government are bought with corporate money – they do not have the expansive vocabulary to question what is before their eyes – and instead they simply trust the information available in their limited social network, which is almost at all times effectively in the hands of public relations and other propaganda tactics.

Thus, acquiring effective vocabulary and information skills is vital for us as humanity to be able to get ourselves out of this mess – because when we are able to assess words and information effectively, without reactions, seeing the words clearly, seeing their intentions, their purpose, seeing the information in the context in which it is shared, by which people, and why these people are utilizing a specific set of words, and coloring their perspectives with various one-sided opinions – then we’re able to take self-responsibility and make informed decisions – then we’re able to stand up and question everything and everyone – and see whether or whether not the patterns that are currently existent lead to a world that is best for all or whether a change is required in the accept patterns.

Unfortunately, our education have been deliberately set up to dumb us down, because the elite know, that a human-being with a ineffective vocabulary, and a ineffective information assessment skills, will be easily controlled and manipulated – and that fits them perfectly – because they want obedient workers, and obedient consumers – so that they can make more money and live a life of leisure and power.

For us that do see this problem, we have a massive responsibility, because before us lies the challenge of educating the rest of humanity, and opening up their eyes to what is going on – we have the responsibility to re-educate humanity – and in this it’s paramount that we give attention to how the schooling system currently functions, and how vocabulary is being disregarded, and how the youngsters are being programmed into stupidity instead of being self-directed living human-beings.

Though, our first responsibility is towards ourselves – we require re-educating ourselves and make sure that we’re not manipulated or lost in some form of deliberate mind-control – and Desteni offers a free course (see here: DIP Lite) that will assist and support us to walk this process.

Change starts with ourselves, and this is not a platitude – it’s simple common sense – yet we must live this information, make it practical, physical, in order for it to have value – thus – let’s begin – and let’s change.

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