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How Taxi Drivers are Murdered by Money

I’ve some time ago decided to make a salary as a taxi-driver. This led me to study for the tests that all taxi-drivers must pass in order to receive their taxi-drivers license.

Now, I managed to pass my tests – yay! But this is not why I am writing this article. What I instead want to expose is some of the known behaviors of man in relation to driving-accidents, which revealed to me as I studied for the tests. It’s about traffic-accidents in relation to the unavoidable need of all humans to sleep.

See – in my study-books I could read the following: “Tiredness might be the cause in more than 40% of all cases of accidents with a deadly outcome on the highway. In other types of accidents the ratio is lower, but as a sole reason for accidents, tiredness is still much prevalent.”

Further you can read: “Sleepiness in many professions causes the possibility for a accident to double. With professional-drivers and similar groups of people the possibility that a accident might happen rise up to 15 to 20 times.”

I mean, check these numbers out, especially the last one’s. That the possibility of an accident rises 15 to 20 times for professional-drivers, directly in relation to tiredness, is nothing to joke around about. And if you have ever worked the night-shift, you know that around 3-5, all that you want to do is sleep, and that it takes a effort of will to remain awake – that is not good news if you travel at 90 m/ph on a highway; because if you fall asleep, you and others might be in the danger zone of dying, or possibly become paralyzed for the rest your of life’s.

Still, knowing these numbers, we send out our taxi-drivers in the middle of the night, when we are well aware that the human physical body is designed to sleep in the nighttime. Why are we doing this? Why are our politicians allowing this? I mean, in Sweden our politicians have placed a goal that no one should be paralyzed or killed in the traffic – no one – and it’s called the zero-vision. How the fuck can you possibly fulfill that vision when you send out people in the traffic, driving several tons of steel, not being fully awake? I mean, it’s a proven scientific fact that if you are asleep and drive a car, you won’t drive your car very well – actually you’ll drive your car like shit – so bad in-fact that you’ll with all likelihood kill yourself and others.

Then why aren’t we stopping our taxi-drivers and other professional drivers from committing suicide on our roads? Well, my friend, I’ll tell you why, we live in a fucked up money system! See – we force people to do the most stupid things – such as sacrificing their life – to have them make money – because if anyone finds himself or herself without money in this world – man – they are simply fucked!

So, are we murderers? Are our politician’s murderers?  Yes – by implication they are – we are all murderers because we’ve accepted and allowed this system to continue. We sacrifice people in all kinds of stupid ways only to make sure that we get that juicy green gold at the end of the day – not questioning – not challenging – whether we actually need to have this current money system and whether we actually need to live the way we live!

No one, no matter what his crime, should be forced to go out and drive a car in the middle of the night when there are scientifically proven facts that this will increase his or hers likelihood of being involved in an accident – that is simply unacceptable! Everyone deserves to live a life wherein they are safe from physical harm – wherein they are never in anyway forced to compromise their physical wellbeing in order to survive.

For this to become a reality we need a new system, as our current system do not accept and allow such laws to be implemented, as our current system is completely dependent upon money. So, research equal money, as this is the solution – wherein all people will be treated with respect and care – and as such we will finally be able to implement the zero-vision for real – wherein no human being will be harmed, die or be paralyzed in the traffic – or anywhere else for that matter!

Investigate – equal money for all!

Facts taken from: Svenska Taxiförarförbundet, Taxiförarlegitimation – en självstudiekurs, 2010:1