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Day 429: Survival and the Environment

One thing that is not properly addressed in the climate crisis debate is the human crisis and how that is the main contributor to the destruction of nature. Lack of human rights, such as money, will make men savage opportunists that do not care about ecological balance – they care about survival. An example of this is Brazil and its use of the Amazon rain-forest. The Brazilian farmer och logger does not care about the rain-forest as a ecological resource – they view it as a source of money. And that is because the average Brazilian is in dire need of money to survive – and the amazon offers such opportunities.

When people are in need of money – they will act in a state of survival and do whatever is necessary to survive. When there are no Human Rights – there cannot be any Animal or Nature Rights. And thus – from what I see – the problems with nature and our environment will only continue and increase until we as a race stand up – together – and start taking care of one another. We cannot ignore that most countries in the world are still poor and that their inhabitants want to increase their living standards to the level of the western world. They also want I-Phones, cars, new clothes, and bigger houses. And it is understandable that the leaders of developing countries have a difficult time keeping their composure when the industrialized world wants them to cut back on their environment footprint.

Nothing exists in a vacuum. To come to grips with the environment – we have to look at the underlying causes – the reason why we put such strain on our surroundings. Why is it that we have no learnt to live in equilibrium with nature and animals? Why is it that we have not learnt to respect nature and animals as equals? The way I see it – it comes down to a few primary aspects. One of these is capitalism. This is a system built on the urge to survive and compete – and for those that are at the bottom – there is no time to value life. Capitalism needs inequality, it needs misery, it needs fear – it feeds on these conditions – because from it is birthed the motivation/drive to win and survive. That in turn apparently supports people to come up with marvelous ideas and new ways of contributing to society. The truth is that it creates a race to the finish line – nobody works together because somehow – there is not enough for everyone.

This is the real problem we need to deal with – massive inequality and poverty. Those are the real threats to our environment. And for anyone that cares about nature – it should be a given to focus also on finding solutions to these problems. The cause of all our misery is the human being forced into a state of survival – and the solution to our problems will be a human being supported into a state of stability/happiness/giving.

Day 355: The Insignificant, Becomes Significant

I experience my weekdays very, very differently. And mostly, it is not a matter of what happens throughout that day. It is about WHO I AM. The simple process of walking from my car to my work, one day I can experience that as boring and predictable, trapped in the rat race, and the other day, it is a small adventure that I step into. The walk is just a couple of hundred meters, but even so, if I push  myself to be present, stop my thinking processes, life opens up before me in the small.

Hence the title of the blog, The Insignificant, Becomes Significant, because that is what happens. The small things that usually go unnoticed, suddenly I am able to see them. During my walk to work, what fascinates me the most is the expression of nature. Birds are singing, flying around, or gathering food. The trees stand solid and rooted, and their foliage rustles in the wind. It is an entire world in its own. And what is remarkable is that this entire world can be easily forgotten. All it requires is one thought, and if I get hooked on the thought, instead of grounding my presence HERE, then I will not anymore be able to see, and take in what is around.

The greatest mistake we can make is believing that life is out there, behind the next creek. Children understand that there is no such thing as a life to come, and hence, they live and express themselves fully in each moment. As adults, the only thing that stands in our way from living with the same intensity and love for life, is ourselves. More specifically, our own thinking processes and energetic experiences – that is the veil we need to remove in order to see what is here.

I have seen, realized and understand, that I do not want to waste a single day, a single hour or minute, remaining stuck in an experience of blame towards the system, or reaction of apathy and lethargy towards having to work five days a week. It is not acceptable for me to be stuck in such experiences without actively moving myself to get out of them. Because, regardless of how convincing and overpowering these emotions might feel – they are never real. And the moment I allow an energy to define my relationship with life, I limit myself, and I miss out on being part of the Significant things that are here.

The solution is to continually push breath awareness, and to stop myself from participating in my mind, and with dedication, conviction and patience, bring myself back here – bring myself back to LIFE and participate here in this physical world.

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2012 Sheep Interview

Check out this great interview series – truly remarkable what we human-beings have missed in spending our life’s in our minds as thinking – instead of living and participating here within and as the physical – as breath.


2012 Family Law and the Nature of Marriage Revealed

I’m at the moment studying family law, and more specifically marriage law, and within this I’ve found some interesting and revealing points about marriage, as what the nature of marriage actually exists as.

Now the most revealing point as to what marriage in-fact is, because it’s not at all about love as you’ll come to see, is found within the structure of the marriage law. It consists of about 20 chapters, each containing some 10 paragraphs, and of these 20 chapters almost half of them is about the topic of how money is to be divided between the partners when they break up, and how the partners should support each-other with money, if for example one of them has been at home with the kids a lot, and as such by the time of the break up, do not have a education, or a stable income. Most of the law is as such regulating the point of how money should be divided, and shared between the partners – both in marriage, and as well when the marriage is broken up. This is revealing, because it shows that the actual point as to why people go into a marriage is not because they love each other, or care for each other, but because of the financial security it provides.

It’s also fascinating to see that lot’s of the regulations that exists in and around this topic of money is about how one of the partners is able to protect their personal wealth from being given to the other partner if the marriage would end.

What does then show?

It shows that even though it’s in this world promoted that marriage is about love, and care for each-other – it’s in essence a mechanism of survival – wherein two beings come together to as such have a financial stability. The marriage law reveals the true nature of why, and how we form relationships, and why continue to be in these relationships, and what is in-fact controlling our decisions in terms of who we select as our partner, and how we behave when we break up with our partner – it’s all about the fear of survival, which is expressed as the fear of loosing money, and the desire to have more money.

Desteni has pointed this out several times, that the physical relationships we form in our world, are almost never about anything else than our survival, and that the curvy women will seek out the males that has the most money, as such compromising themselves in order to survive; ending up with a male that they might not even enjoy to be with, only because of the point of assuring a consistent and continuous influx of money.

There is as such no real love in this world, there is only fear, and the attempt by people to escape this fear, as this gruesome and brutal reality through forming relationships, through marrying and promising each-other to financially support each other to the day that they die. That isn’t a cool starting point from which to form a actual, supportive and beneficial relationships – it’s instead a starting point from which will flow compromise, seclusion and isolation – as we give up ourselves to our fears, and live out our life’s in complete prettification of what would happen if we’d one day be without money.

Those that profess love, light and happiness – and the movies that presents the dream of the perfect marriage, are in-fact the representation of how we within ourselves lie to ourselves, as we think that what we do, and who we decide to be with – we’re doing from the starting point of love – and that we within all of this are happy; when in-fact and in actuality we making our decisions from a starting point of fear of survival and nothing else.

Within forming these marriages, we might for a while be able to escape our fears, and for a moment attain financial stability, and we as such feel safe and secure – yet the cause, and origin of our fear isn’t ever dealt with or directed, but left as it is – and this cause and origin of our fears is found in how our current money system functions.

Our current money system is a brutal monster, that allows for no one to live for what they actually love – as what we for example find immensely pleasurable doing, or being with a person that we find expand our application of ourselves, and make us more effective in daily living; no in order to exist in this reality, all decisions that are made must be made from within and as the consideration of money, no one can as such live “for themselves” as in exploring who they actually are, and how they in-fact experience themselves, as all this must be given up in order to survive.

We’ve created a system that only supports the fear of survival, as the result of not having enough money in this current system will have the consequence of death – without money you’re nothing – no food – no home – no security – no nothing – how can we then even expect that there is supposed to be any real love in this world? There can’t be.

To form marriages is but a escape, a small and isolated, secluded group-experience within this world, wherein we for a moment feel that we can relax – at the cost of giving all of ourselves up, as who we actually are – but it’s no solution. It’s not a solution because the children born in the marriage will face the same problem that the parents faced as they came of age, and realized that without finding a partner in this world, they would be far more vulnerable to the ruthlessness of our current money system, and as such the children will eventually come to follow in the footsteps of their parents, as in compromising themselves for money, in order to survive.

This entire world is the outflow of each of us individually compromising ourselves in order to survive, wherein we suppress ourselves, our individual self-expression, and we abandon our integrity, and our principles, just so that we can feel safe and survive. And because no one is willing to stand up, and face their fears, and to walk into the system alone, and bring forth a solution that would finally remove the very origin of our fears, as our fear of not having enough money to survive – the world remains at is it has remained during generations before us.

Though, we can’t let this go on any longer – human beings can’t continue to suppress, hide, and devalue themselves through accepting and allowing fear to be their god. Within accepting and allowing fear to be our god we give up upon so much, we in-fact give up upon everything, because we give up upon ourselves.

Let’s stop for a second to imagine how this world would be if money wouldn’t anymore be a issue, ask yourself the question what you would do if money wouldn’t anymore be the key to your survival, because you survival would be unconditionally given to you, and not only your survival, but all that which you need and require to really live, and become the best that you can be; would you still be living the same life? Would you still be in the same marriage? Would you still work at the same job?

See how much we are in-fact slaves – yet the slavery from past times is now only made to be more hidden, more deceptive, wherein the illusions of love, freedom, and happiness are chanted again, and again, and again, only to seclude ourselves from the obvious truth – that we’re in-fact slaves!

The proof that you’re a slave rests with your money, that is your chain, but it’s also the key – because when we change the nature of money, from always lacking, to there always being plentiful of it, for everyone in equal amounts, then suddenly we’ve made our chain into a supportive foundation upon which we’re able to stand, and explore this reality, and ourselves in this reality, living the question of who we’d like to be, and how we’d like to experience ourselves in this life, without any fear lurking in the back of our minds.

See – without money you’re nothing – and with money you’re able to fulfill all your dreams – as such realize the simplicity of the solution as implementing a new money system in this world, as a equal money system – wherein you would be given all the money you require, to buy for yourself all that which you need and require to live a perfect life. This would change everything, exactly everything – and suddenly we’d have no more marriages being formed from the starting point of fear of survival, but we’d instead have agreements being formed as a self-willed decision by two individuals to walk with and support each other in this life, to become the best that they’re able to be.

The marriage law reveals the nature of this reality, as fear of survival, which has the outflow of us compromising ourselves into relationships built upon fear – yet the marriage law also shows us the solution to our problems – it’s all about money – all about giving all that which they require in order to live effectively.

So – let’s not become trapped in our fears, and seek to continue the legacy of our parents, as in seeking out a partner in order to survive and escape from our fear – but let’s see to it that we manifest a world, and a reality that is best for all – where all have all that they require and need, so that we never again place ourselves in a position where we make a decision out of fear of survival, as the fear of not having enough money.

Sex in Relationships

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No One Would Sell You Anymore Shit In A Equal Money System

If you decide to take a stroll in our current money system, simply leaving your home, placing your one feet in front of the other one, exploring your township while enjoying a refreshing walk – you’ll with almost complete certainty experience and come face to face with one thing; though the requirement is that you walk in a city. This thing that you’ll experience and come face to face with is the following: people will try to sell you shit!

Yes – not only will you during your refreshing walk several times face the situation wherein someone is attempting to sell you something, either through advertisement as pictures, smells, sounds, shapes and forms, or direct selling – but they’ll also try to sell you shit – yes shit. And it’s this fascinating and particular point of shit being sold and auctioned in our current money system that I am going to place focus upon in these writings – because: why is it that we sell each other shit? Why is it that we invent shit products?

Though, obviously, as you buy the product, or become enticed to buy the product as the advertisement flash before your eyes, you don’t know that the product is shit – as the advertisement will make the product seem better than, more awesome, more fantastic than it in-fact is; thus you’ll believe that what you buy is actually cool – only to find it out that it breaks apart some months after the purchase – which is why you with a well rehearsed sigh conclude that the product was in-fact shit.

And even if the product lasts some years and you think that the product is actually good, it’s still less than how good and effective it could have been, if it was in-fact built to be sturdy, of good quality and supportive to man – but products aren’t built to be sturdy, of good quality and supportive to man – no they are built to expire and break – for the simple reason that such a construction creates a higher influx of money. As such you have no way of comparing the shit product you’ve bought, with an actual functional and effective product – as no such product currently exist – as all products that are created in our current money system are in-fact shit. Thus, you’re not able to see and understand what a cool product is, as you’ve never seen one of those ever – as they can’t exist, or be built in our current money system – only shit products are able to be created.

Why do I then say that all products created in our current money system are in-fact shit? It’s due to the simple reason that all products in our current money system are created with the sole intent of creating profit, as such the focus in the development and purpose of the product has not been it’s actual functionality and excellence – but instead how much money it would cost to make, and how much money it would generate back for it’s creators. Thus, no product is created with the intention of actually supporting and assisting man in living a fulfilling and effective life – and as such all products are shit; it’s simple mathematics.

But – there is obviously a solution, there is another way to live and exist, wherein survival would be removed from the life experience of man, wherein profit and greed would be removed from the life experience of man; and such a solution is a system, and this system is the Equal Money System. And in this system all would be supported with the necessities that are required for us to live and thrive, and as such products wouldn’t anymore be created from a starting point of survival – as wanting to make a profit, and calculating cost-factors in fear of spending to much time, and resources – but products would instead be created to assist and support mankind – wherein designs, and creations wouldn’t anymore be limited by the factor of money.

And the products produced wouldn’t be sold, due to the fact that all is available to everyone in an Equal Money System – as such all would be able to receive and have the best products possible, the products that truly would make life enjoyable, and fulfilling – not shit products that break when you just look at them.

Thus – in an Equal Money System we would for the first time experience and have access to in our reality, actual products of worth, relevance and value – and you’d never again have to set your eyes upon, or come face to face with the point of someone trying to sell you shit – as neither shit, nor selling would anymore exist = heaven on earth!

Investigate Equal Money System – check out this new book to learn more!

FAQ Will I Still Be Able to Buy the Things that I Like in An Equal Money System?

In an Equal Money System you won’t be able to buy anything, as nothing will be for sale, as money won’t be the prime objective of each man, woman and child – that life will be instead. As such, due to life being the prime objective of each citizen, products that support life, and that people enjoy, and see to be cool, will be available to all – thus no need to buy them, you’ll have them regardless.

Thus, you will actually have more power in an equal money system, in terms of being able to bring into your world, that which you want to have, as the amount of things you acquire won’t anymore be limited by your buying power – you’ll instead be able to get those things that are supportive to life, as life is the sole value in an equal money system. Thus – that which you need in order to make your life experience more fulfilled – will be supplied – as simple as that.

Though there will obviously be a principle that limits, and constricts one’s ability to own and acquire new things – and that is the principle of what is best for all; because if it’s found that a product harms life – then this product won’t anymore be allowed. Though, some harm will be allowed – the least amount of harm possible – as harm is unfortunately a bi-product of the fact that we exist on a living planet, as such there will always be a little bit of harm – though this will be minimized to the greatest extent possible.

People that love to invent will develop and create new products – and the new inventions will be shown at messes around the world, and if a sufficient amount of people like and want to have a certain product – then it will be created; from this perspective we’ll still be buying things. Though the current limited, and inferior procedure of creating new things, wherein a new thing is only created if it can sell sufficiently – and enough attention can be mustered through deceptive commercials – won’t anymore exist. Products will now be made that are in-fact cool – and these products won’t need any deceptive commercials, as they will be cool and enjoyable things to own – for real.

Also – the things that are produced will maintain a completely different standard quality wise than what we’ve been used to – the things we acquire will last us a life time, as they will be designed to be sturdy, and to effectively serve their purpose – not created in order to make a profit, wherein money will compromise the standard of a product, as less labor is placed into the creation of the product; and such deceptive tactics as planned obsolescence is used to drive the need of consumption.

Consumption and profit will not be the goal of an Equal Money System, instead the goal will be to give each human being the best life that they could ever have – the most enjoyable and fun time they could ever experience – money will be out of the picture, as the constant search for profit – and instead life will become the guiding value and principle of all decision making.

Equal Money will truly bring the age of entertainment, as various products to a new level – protecting and keeping safe the environment, while at the same time supplying human beings with the tools to enhance and fulfill their life experiences – it will truly be heaven on earth, for all participants involved.