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Day 333: The Lack Perspective

The lack perspective, this is a way of viewing myself and my world and that has begun to open up and become more clear to me as of late. Seeing things from a starting point of lack is basically how the world currently operates, and most people use lack as their motivation to get things done. An example would be our economy, that is measured and valued in growth, and where stagnation, or shrinkage, is seen as a failure – hence – the point with our economy is to move away from apparent lack and into growth. The same goes with education and children, where the standard way of viewing children is to see them as lacking character, experience, and perspective, and that society hence need to fill them up, push that lack away, and make the children useful and valuable.

Lack, what is missing, what is not here at the moment, this is how we have come to determine value, where hence value is created by fighting and suppressing the existence of lack, wherever it rears it head. It is however interesting, to see, realize and understand, that this lack perspective is not based on common sense, and it is not natural. Because is there in-fact lack? Or is it rather our judgment of what is here already? Where we see that things ARE NOT the way we want them to be (aligned to our ideals) and thus strive to mold, force, design our reality to fit our ideas, and in that completely missing what is here in this moment – and how we thus – do not work WITH what is here but instead FIGHT it.

I will give a practical example from my own life. A year ago I moved from a bustling and vibrant university town, where my days were filled with studies, and time for myself to bicycle, write, swim, and pursue other leisurely activities, to a small provincial town, where I started my first real full time job. On top of moving to a town with a different character, and now having most of my time occupied with the responsibilities of work, my partner and I built a house, and we are now on our way to have a child together – to put it mildly – my life changed quite drastically – from simple, easy, entertaining, to being challenging, and very, very different. I could no longer take my bike and ride the 3 kilometers into the town center to attend my lecture, as I instead had to take my car, and drive 30 kilometers into town, to work an entire day.

I have experienced this change as a form of limitation, where my life as it used to be, with all its ease and comfortableness, was gone, and that I am now stuck in a set of circumstances that are less than optimal. This is what has triggered the thoughts such as: ‘It was better where I used to be!’ – ‘I had everything going for me before, now I am having this life, which limits me!’ – this in turn have generated the experience within me of LACK – which is basically an emotional experience that feels like a empty whole – combined with a sense of longing and desire for something MORE – something BETTER – something DIFFERENT – and in this case – with me – longing back to the place where I used to live in the belief that this would sort out my issues.

Thus, the experience that came up within me, and that I have for a moment gotten myself trapped within, is LACK, and this emotional experience is combined with constant mind-chatter, dreams, projections, imaginations, of how I could have lived and experienced myself if I had been anywhere but here. I had gotten possessed by LACK – and this is where I began to see, realize and understand the deceptive nature of the lack-experience and how it pulled me into a particular way of viewing the world that was actually limiting me.

Furthermore, what is interesting is that I have actually been creating LACK by placing my focus on the emotional experiences of lack/missing/longing, because what am I doing in that? I am going into and accepting and allowing a mental state to become the starting point of my life – instead of CREATING my life here in the physical, moving myself here, and instead of going into lack, asking myself; what am I able to create with what is ALREADY here?

The solution to lack is thus to embrace self-creation as the constant movement and flow of expression that comes through when I push myself to remain here, to remain physical, alert, ready, directive, sharp and aware of what is going on in every moment – thus ready and able to act and create when and as I see that it is required. And self-creation happens HERE – in every moment – it is not something that I am able to access when I am in a lack experience – as then all my focus and energy goes into LACK – instead of CREATION.

Lack is self-created – it is something we bring through by placing our attention on what we do not have instead of focusing on what we have and what we can do with it.

The solution: Work With What Is HERE.

Learn more about this way of living:


Day 309: Learning Cooperation

Since childhood I have experienced a resistance towards helping others when they ask, especially if I am at that moment doing something that I enjoy. For example, I might be sitting down writing, or playing guitar, and then someone comes into my room and asks me if I am able to run an errand for them. I will experience resistance in that moment; and usually what happens is that I will tell the person ‘not now!’ – and then continue doing what I am doing.

This way of approaching favors, and services has its roots in my childhood. When I was young I had many experiences where I would sit in my room, back then, primarily playing video games, and my parents would come storming in, often irritated, and demand of me that I do some form of chore in the house – and if I did not do it immediately they would threaten to turn off my computer, and sequester it until I do. These events were traumatic for me, because I would in one moment be sitting with and enjoying myself, then in the next moment everything would change and instead I would be demanded to do something I did not particularly want to do – NOW; and this created an experience within me of feeling invaded.

Now, I am soon thirty years old, and still I experience this feeling of being invaded the moment someone enters into my life and, while I am busy with other stuff, asks me to do something. And another interesting thing is that I will most of the times believe that they want me to do something NOW, while they sometimes do not have a specific time in mind.

I have realized that this pattern and experience of feeling invaded each time someone asks me to do something for him or her must now be directed. It influences me not only at home, but also at my work, where I will feel slightly aggravated and annoyed with each assignment or task that is added to my plate. It is common sense that we all have to do things we do not necessarily like, and that we had not initially planned on doing. Things can come up, and tasks might be proving to be too big for one individual to deal with by himself or herself. There are a myriad of reasons as to why someone would need my help; and it is not an invasion that is happening – it is simply someone asking me to do something for them.

I do not loose myself by for a moment, stopping what I am doing, and then moving myself to do something else, which I might not necessarily want to do, but that I see is important and relevant. I can always get back to what I was doing later on, and if I do have a tight schedule and I am sitting with something that I must get done now, I can communicate this, and then make a plan to help out later on. For communities to effectively work we MUST help each other, I have skills that others does not have, and they have skills I do not have, some are strong, some are intelligent, some are fast, others not, and when we share our skills and time with one another, we create added value for each other. If we only tend to our own interests, projects, and desires, the consequence is that we will limit ourselves. Cooperation is one of those awesome expressions that will add value to everyone involved. Together we can do more than we are able to do alone.

Another aspect of this is that many times what is asked of me, it does not only concern the other person but also me. For example, cleaning the house, this is something that will support me as well. Feeding the cats and making sure that they have sufficient with food and water, this is something that must be done, and it does not matter who does it. Feeling invaded and attacked clouds me from seeing the positive effects that can come out of taking the action asked of me, and how it can influence my world positively as well.

I can conclude that helping each other out is really important, being able to work together is important, and that cannot happen if one of the parties feels invaded every time a favor is asked. However, this does not mean that I should do EVERYTHING asked of me – it is important to make sure that I do have the practical space and time required to deal with my own responsibilities as well. It is not worth it to compromise my own commitments; a solution here would instead be to, as I shared earlier, make a plan and schedule a time for helping later on when this do not compromise my other responsibilities.


What are then the solutions? I have already touched on them: It would be to stop this experience of feeling invaded the moment it comes up – simply STOP – then to instead listen to what is asked of me, and unconditionally assess whether I am able to, or not, at this time, assist and support. And if I am able to, I have the time, to simply get up and move myself to help, remembering that I will be able to return to what I was doing later on – and that I am adding value to my life and the life of another. If I however do not have the time, then I can schedule one, and also explain to the person why I cannot help them at this moment.

Day 177: Chasing Time Instead of Being In-Time

I will in this blog continue to look at stress, and specifically how I tend to accept and allow thoughts, and backchat that have the nature of stress, in moments throughout my day, that accumulate to become a full-blown possession, and physical experience of stress.

What I’ve seen is that one particular thought pattern that I accept and allow has to do with my studies, and it’s in relation to placing a particular amount of time into my studies each day. During the initial semesters in the education that I am currently walking, there was a fast paced tempo, and it was many times necessary for me to sit down each day and study for several hours in order to keep up with the curriculum and learn that which was required to be learnt. Now, when I am walking the final semesters, and I’m soon done with the education, the pace have significantly dropped, and the tempo is not anymore has demanding – yet still – I hold unto a sense of stress and pressure within me, that unless I put down a certain amount of time each day into my studies, I am not going to be able to make it, and walk through my education sufficiently effective; thus there is a misalignment within me in regards to the actual time and energy I require to put down into my studies, and how much time and energy I believe I require to put down into my studies.

Though, I’ve actually found throughout my educational years, that it’s been a very cool point to put in more time and energy than what has been required to just to get through, because that has allowed me to expand, and to learn more, and to become more comfortable with the field of study that I’ve chosen to pursue. So, the problem is not really that I am putting in to much time, the problem is rather, that I’ve connected an experience of stress, and anxiety in relation to time, and created a belief that I absolutely need to put down a certain amount of hours each day – which leads me into a form of chase for more time – where I experience myself as if I am fighting against time, to make the most use of my time, and to get the most out of my time.

It’s fascinating; because the consequence of chasing after time, in order to get more out of time, is that I am not using my time effectively – why? Well, when I am chasing time, the chase, and the attempt to be effective with my time, that is my priority – and what takes the backseat in such a application is my actual usage and living with and within the time that I have available. So, instead of me being fully focused, clear, and stable HERE with what I am doing – fully into and immersed in the point of studying, reading, or learning – I am instead in the experience of stress as chasing time, and attempting to gain more time; which obviously then compromises my ability to learn, and use time effectively.

The interesting point that can be learned from this is that when I perceive that there isn’t enough time, and I am chasing time, what am I then doing? I am actually creating that very point, and manifesting such a shortage of time in my life, which leads me to compromise what is important, relevant, and required to be done in my life – thus – what I see that I must do, is that I must stop chasing time, and instead use the time that is here, and be present with every moment, and walk with time, and stop myself from chasing time – because chasing time is in-fact me making a statement that there is not enough time, and in that creating such a shortage of time – instead of standing within the point that time is HERE – and thus there is sufficient with time for me to deal with my responsibilities, walk my education, and expand myself in my fields of interest – because that time is HERE – it’s just that I’ve not accepted and allowed myself to use it through being present, aware and stable.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to chase time, and exist within and as a starting point in my life, and living that there is a shortage of time, that there is a lack of time, and that I as such must always run after, and attempt and try to save time, and make more time for myself – and as such I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that when I exist within and as a starting point of chasing time, I am actually creating for myself a shortage and lack of time, because I am not accepting and allowing myself to practically USE the time that is here effectively and specifically

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to move myself from within and as a starting point of thinking that there is not enough time for me to move myself through my life, and thus I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to become stressed and worried, that there is not enough time for me to expand myself in relation to my education, and to deal with, and care for, and walk my commitments, and responsibilities, and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand how it is that I am limiting myself, and holding myself back, and creating a shortage of time for myself that is completely unnecessary, and as such I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand, that if I accept and allow myself to slow down, and move myself within and as breath, and walk each moment fully, that there is sufficient with time for me to move through my day, to care for and attend to my commitments and responsibilities

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that when and as I make the statement within me, that there is not enough time, I am actually creating that in my life, and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create a lack of time, to create stress within me in believing that I don’t have time to care for my responsibilities, instead of seeing, realizing and understanding that when and as I align myself within and as my human physical body, and align my starting point, so that I am here in every moment, capable, and present to take care of and direct the points that are here in the moment, then there will always be sufficient with time – because I am directing myself HERE looking at the moment and making the necessary decisions to make sure that my life moves according to what is best for all – thus I stand able and directive here instead of going into stress and worry and fearing loosing time

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear loosing time, and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to accept and allow thoughts in my mind, wherein I state that I don’t have much time today, how am I going to get done everything I’ve on my schedule today? And thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that when I accept and allow such a thought to be the starting point of my movement, then I will create that lack of time within me, and I will move throughout my day in stress, resulting in that I walk points haphazardly and without going in-depth and moving through as specifically as is required – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not bring myself back here to and as my human physical body, to slow down, and to walk moment by moment, breath by breath, and deal with the responsibilities and commitments that arise HERE – and not project myself into my future and trying to live my life in my mind instead of living here

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to delude myself into believing that I can get things done through thinking about them, and planning them in my mind, and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand, the simple, and basic common sense that in order for me to be effective in my life, and walk each moment fully, I required to be fully present here, fully immersed in what I am doing, fully concentrated, fully aligned with and as my human physical body and the point that I am currently caring for or walking – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not immediately stop these projections, and instead move myself to walk through and direct the responsibilities that I have in my life – and get the things done – that I’ve decided upon to get done throughout my day

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to trust my projections, and believe that when I project myself into my day, and imagine myself doing and walking through my responsibilities and commitments, that I am then actually doing it, and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand the basic common sense, then when I am somewhere in the future, when I am somewhere out there in a projection doing something else but being here with and as my human physical body, directing myself to care for and attend to my responsibilities, then I am not effectively caring for and directing, and taking care of my life here – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not take a breath, and bring myself back here – and move myself on a breath per breath basis – to move myself from moment to moment – and trust myself that I will walk and direct this moment here fully and as is required – and that I don’t need these projections to come up in my mind and live my life for me – I can live and direct my life here instead

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to trust stress, projections, imaginations, and ideas of time, and how much or little time I have, more than myself here – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to see myself as being inefficient, and insufficient, in terms of being able to take care of, and direct my life here as breath, and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to hesitate, and fear stepping out of stress, and stepping of the character of creating projections and future imaginations, in believing that I need and require those forms of mind-participation in order to survive and care for my life effectively, not seeing, realizing and understand that I am in-fact able to stand as, and walk, and live those points myself – and that I accordingly don’t require this energy coming up within me, saying to me, and showing me where I should go, and how I should live, and participate in order to make something out of myself


When and as I see that I go into a state of being, or think to myself that I don’t have enough time, and that I am lacking time to take on, or walk a particular point, I immediately stop myself, I take a breath and I bring myself back here, and I see, realize and understand that in saying within myself that I lack time, and within that start moving myself from a starting point of stress, and chasing time, I am actually creating that very lack, and that very ineffectiveness in terms of using my time here, and thus I see, realize and understand that in order to use time effectively, and have time to walk through my responsibilities, I require to be stable within myself, and look at time practically, not within stress, or anxiety, or worry – but simply seeing time here as what it is – as a certain amount of breaths that I throughout my day that I will be able to live and create within – and thus I commit myself to walk from moment to moment – to deal with my responsibilities and commitments in full presence and awareness of myself here – and to be fully immersed and give complete attention to what I am doing here – and thus USE my time effectively and specifically – and not squander my time through stressing, worrying and thinking about time – instead of living in time here

I commit myself to be in time – through standing equal with my breath – standing equal with the movement of time as the physical here – and thus I commit myself to slow down and walk breath by breath – and moment by moment – to assess my world and my life according to what is required to be done – and direct my life in this moment HERE – and not direct myself from a starting point of lack of time – and chasing time – in an attempt to attain more time

2012 Changing The World With The Mind = Fake

In this blog I am going to pick apart and show the deception in a statement by Colin Wilson, and this is a typical spiritual, new age statement, and it goes as follows: “The mind has exactly the same power as the hands: not merely to grasp the world, but to change it.”

So, what it is the deception in this statement? Well obviously, the mind can’t in-fact make, or create anything physical what so ever – and as such the mind can’t change the world at all. What is required to change the world is MONEY and physical action – yet this point of common sense is often disregarded and pushed away by us humans, as we tend to like having our money to fulfill our desires, and to not have to do very much with our life’s but instead keep ourselves entertained, and content within immersing ourselves in some hobby, or something that we like doing; so that we don’t have to care about anything else but ourselves.

In terms of being able to find a justification, in order to not have to change this world, or do anything substantial and of use with ourselves, and our time here, Colin Wilson’s statement supplies the perfect match. With such a justification we’d be able to think, and feel as if we’re doing these great, and magnificent things, while in-fact we’re only hiding in our minds, living out our life’s in acceptance of the system, and in complete fear of actually standing up to do something and live the change PHYSICALLY.

This is what Desteni is all about, we’re about taking a principle that has been described, and endorsed by many religions, people, philosophers, gurus, and other spiritual people – as the principle of do unto another as you’d like to be done unto you – and then living this principle PHYSICALLY, PRACTICALLY – and this is why Desteni is so different from anything that has ever been here.

Desteni is saying that without practical action, without practical movement, without in-fact living the statement of change as yourself, in your life actually, and physically in every moment of breath – NOTHING is going to change what so ever. And this is obviously common sense, and simple to see – yet spiritualistic people spend much time to deceive themselves into believing that things can change through using the mind, through simply feeling the change – feeling compassionate and sad about starvation, and suffering – thinking that we don’t really have to physically do something, because we can all do it in the mind.

But hey, the world is a proof that this idea of change is false, spirituality, and religions, that have suggested the spiritual, and non-physical way of change have existed for decades – like Christianity for example: “wait to judgment day, then the bad will pay, and you’ll also go to heaven when you die” – or Buddhism: “be as good as you can possible be, meditate, and then you’ll go to nirvana, and everything will be cool” or new age: “hey, just accumulate love and everything will be cool”.

Though within looking at the world we see that none of these spiritual practices have lead anywhere! What we can instead see is that the capitalists, those that use money and labor-power to build up an empire for themselves, they are in control of reality – they hold the power to make decisions – and this obviously proves that in order to change the world, we must stand equal in application to these capitalists, and walk in the system and walk the necessary practical points, and in-fact, physically create change.

In-fact, the people that have placed their mark upon this world so to speak, that has been kings, and rich people – they have built buildings, printed books, printed money, made the laws, and they are the people that have lived within the realization that you create through physical accumulation – while the spiritual people and their messages of purity and love have had no effect what-so-ever in this world – none. Jesus message of do unto another as you’d like to be done unto you is not lived by anyone in the corporate world, and what president takes into account such a principle within their decisions? No they only care about money, and real physical events, and actions – and as such it’s clear that in order to be effective, and have a impact in this world – physical action is required.

Thus – conclusion – don’t fall for these love-dovey – and smoky statements of changing the world through thinking, feelings, and experience – it must be done physically – practically – actually – else it’s not real.

Giving is the Key to Living

How have we come to where we are today?

How I’ve become what I am today?

The answer is simple – through accumulated moments.

We’ve lived in a certain way, from a certain starting point, living certain actions over and over again; never questioning the validity of ourselves and our starting point. And then suddenly, without any warning, we’re here. Here in this shit-hole called earth, wherein the struggle for our daily bread has become the very essence of our existence; wherein nothing else exists but either the fight to survive, or the greed of having more than others. That’s what we’ve become, and our world is reflecting this so wonderfully back to us.

And this world as it now exists, as a world solely driven from the starting point of profit, as I want, as ME FIRST, as MINE, as the statement of ourselves as completely self-interested and self-centered – wherein nothing else matters but our life, as our desires, our fears, and our small consciousness bubble; wasn’t created in one single moment. It was created through us in many moments, continuously and constantly living from the starting point of separation, as self-centeredness, as ego.

Where every moment that we lived from a starting point of separation created another layer, created another ripple in the sea of existence, to finally turn into a huge wave, which we now find ourselves in front of.

Thus – we could see it as following: what we face here today, as this earth, and our limited and constricted life’s upon this earth, is the accumulated consequence of what we’ve been giving to this world as the entirety of existence; or rather what we haven’t been giving to this world as the entirety of existence.

What we face here today, as riots, as corruption, as molestation and rape: are the accumulated moments of how we’ve lived the word giving. And as we can see by the consequences that we face, we’ve in-fact only been giving to ourselves, and taking from everyone else, believing there to be no repercussion for such behavior – though now we see that there is.

What is it that must be realized?

That we create through that which we g(L)ive in each and every moment. Thus – if we do not learn, do not apply, and move ourselves as giving towards a solution that is best for all, as giving as we would like to receive; there won’t come any change.

Change in this world is dependent upon you and me changing our starting point of giving, from giving to ourselves only, to giving to everyone equally. So far, we’ve been giving all we have to a system of abuse and consumption called capitalism – and this has caused extreme suffering. Now we stand before the decision to actually give in a way that will birth the change we’ve all wanted for so long – but it will actually require for us to give, and realizing that giving, and what we give in each moment; is the key to creating a world that is best for all, and consequently best for ourselves as well; not be for us as the mind, but for us as a physical being.

Thus – practice giving as you would like to receive in every moment of breath. Give towards a new world, a world that you would like to see become a reality; because it’s only through giving to all equally, as what is best for all, that we’ll be able to start living.

Rioting In London Is Terrorism – Not Real Change

In the northern parts of London, during the last couple of days, severe rioting has taken place. Pissed of people has taken to their arms and used them as weapons towards policemen; they’ve burned down houses, busses and cars; thrown Molotov cocktails, and stones; in essence acted as pre-historic barbarians.

How come we as the human race has come to perceive violence as the way to change?

Obviously, I am aware as the reason for the riots; people are pissed off, they are unemployed, stressed out, and they live in a world of capitalists that only care about profit – not human beings; but that doesn’t justify violence. And how on earth can violence ever produce something of value, worth and actual, mutual and beneficial change?

If you take to violence, all that you’ll do is that you will harm another human being. You won’t show how to live and apply yourself in the principle of common sense, as what is best for all – you won’t actually contribute anything to the human race; but death and destruction.

It’s a statement of ignorance, to think and believe that revolution, as revolting, through violence and destruction, is in anyway synonym with change, peace and abundance – those things that we all want, and that we know we’re lacking in our current monetary system; then why do we go out on the streets and create the exact opposite from change, peace and abundance? Why do we attempt to enforce a change through scaring other people, blaming other people, throwing a tantrum of anger – instead ourselves standing up as the change, leading the rest of humanity to a more abundant future?

I guess there is no real good answer to my questions, and they aren’t even relevant anyway. What can be seen is that bullies go out on the streets and destroy people’s lives, harm and abuse – and there is no inkling of a movement as to a real change.

Those people that apparently stand up towards authority, and make themselves heard, through violence; they are nothing but terrorists. Anyone that utilize force, coercion, and deliberately harms others is a terrorist, and does not in-fact stand for a solution, but only supports continued dismay and suffering.

We need real leaders. People that are able to stand up for everyone and take responsibility, not blaming, not destroying, but in-fact being a voice for that which is best for all. That is the only type of living the will stop the cycle of abuse.

We stand up as the example, as the practical example of living what is best for all, until others see and notice us and change as well. We live forgiveness, we live support, we give as we would like to receive and become a force that can’t be stopped; as we aren’t fighting towards anyone, but standing for and as the benefit of everyone.

That is how real change will come to pass. Not through violence. Violence and war must instead be banned forevermore.

In order to further your understanding of the principle of giving as you would to receive, investigate the money system based upon this principle: the equal money system. This is how all will be given a life of worth and dignity.

United we stand

Oh people all over the world
Oh people all over the world
Oh people all over the world


Divided we fall, united we stand, oh people unite

Oh Animals all over the world
Oh Animals all over the world
Oh Animals all over the world


Divided we fall, united we stand, oh animals unite

Oh children all over the world
Oh children all over the world
Oh children all over the world


Divided we fall, united we stand, oh children unite

Oh slaves all over the world
Oh slaves all over the world
Oh slaves all over the world


Divded we fall, united we stand, oh slaves unite

Oh existence and all that is here
Oh existence and all that is here
Oh existence and all that is here


Divided we fall, united we stand, oh existence unite