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Day 368: Making the Decision to Change

I looked at a documentary by Louis Theroux recently called the Dark States (find a preview here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCClVhtJY5w) about heroine addiction. Louis Theroux follows a couple of persons around for a period of time. Among these people are several heroine addicts and a recovered heroine addict. From listening to these people it was clear that heroine addiction is a very difficult addiction to break. It is tied up with not only mental pain but also severe physical withdrawal pains. Of the people that decide to go into recovery treatment only about 10 % are able to fully move away from the clutches of the addiction.

At one point Louis Theroux asks a interesting question to the recovered heroine addict. He asks, what is the difference, why was he able to do it and not the others? The recovered addict explained that the costs of his addiction exceeded the pleasure he received and that is when he decided to quit. He also explained that his decision was complete and that he was willing to do whatever required to get through – and he did not think two times about it – there was no doubt – he was certain.

The present addicts were asked the question if they did not want to quit as well. Their answers lacked clarity. Some said that they wanted to quit some day. Others said that it was too difficult to quit – there were too many side effects. One addict said that he liked the drug addiction and that he did not want to quit. What was common among them was that there was no clear decision. Rather, they looked at themselves in relation to the addiction with complacency and defeatism – they had already given up on themselves.

Comparing the recovered addicts with the present addicts I saw that the difference between them had to do with their decision. The recovered addict had a clear and final decision – he decided to change and to do EVERYTHING in his power to reach his goal. The present addicts had not made a decision at all. They were still following their addiction and could only give voice to a desire to quit, or in some instances, were only able to justify their abuse, thus having suppressed even the desire within them to move beyond their current lifestyle.

The DECISION – whatever we want to achieve – the clarity, strength, and power of our DECISION is very important to the outcome. It is also about sticking to that decision – being willing to go through whatever it takes to get to the final destination – hence – PERSEVERANCE. However in a sense – our willingness and determination to stick to our decision is also related to the quality, the depth, and the clarity of our decision. If we decide upon something WHOLLY with our complete being, body and mind – understanding why we do it, and what we are willing to do to achieve – then our decision will assist and support us to move through the difficult times.

Personally I have never had to recover from a heroine addiction, thus I cannot know what any of these people that were covered in the documentary goes through. Though I have made a couple of life altering decisions myself – one of them being to get an education and move into a particular career path. I made that decision and I have now walked this decision for almost 7 years. For me, what stands out with regards to the decision I made, was the certainty I experienced myself. I was clear on what I wanted – I understood WHY and saw the GOAL – and I knew where I wanted to go. Compared to other decisions that I have made, where I have fallen, this has been the main difference.

In seeing this documentary I have become inspired to investigate a couple of points that effect me negatively, where I have made some decisions to change, though where I have eventually fallen back on my decisions. And I am able to see, that in a way, these decisions have not been made with my FULL intent and my ENTIRE being. Thus – what I want to practice is to start making decisions that stand – decisions that I make completely and that I then stand by and walk them through into completion and physical manifestation. I see that me acquiring such a skill of decision making will assist and support me a lot in life – and empower me as an individual.

Banning Alcohol To Create A World Of Excellence

In this blog I will discuss alcohol – and how the current usage, and application of alcohol in this world leads to massive problems – and massive suffering. I will then discuss what are the solutions available in order to correct this problem – and lastly what will be the reward – both on an individual, and on a global level – when we correct the problems that have resulted from the usage of alcohol.


Social problems that originates from alcohol consumption – the source is Alcohol and its social consequences – the forgotten dimension, by Harald Klingemann, World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe 2001:

a) Rapes: “A large proportion of unwanted sexual advances are mediated by alcohol.”

b) Domestic violence: “Alcohol and domestic violence are linked to spouse/partner and family structures. The size of the problem is often underestimated. Legal and cultural limits bar access to the private or domestic sphere, even if the physical and psychological wellbeing of women is at stake, and victims are reluctant to report this covert violence. Alcohol plays a major role here.”

“The partners of alcohol abusers also pay a heavy price. They are at serious risk of violence, since marital violence is clearly more common with problem drinking.”

c) Child abuse: “Children are the most severely affected, since they can do little to protect themselves from the direct or indirect consequences of parental drinking. Some have already been severely and permanently scarred, even before they are exposed to parental behavior. At least one child in 3000 in western countries (Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States) is born with fetal alcohol syndrome, and there is a tenfold higher incidence of disorders related to direct exposure to alcohol during gestation. Parental drinking can thus seriously harm a child’s development, although its modes of action have only been partially elucidated. In particular, abuse, neglect, isolation and insecurity or inconsistent parental behavior and demands are much more common in the families of alcohol abusers than in others.”

d) Employment: “Although alcohol consumption does not contribute to any large proportion of the total production losses from work absenteeism, it is well established that alcohol dependent people and heavy drinkers have more sick-leave days than other employees and thus cost their employers considerable amounts”

“There is empirical evidence illustrating the damage which alcohol consumption inflicts on working relations and career opportunities. Numerous workplace problems, including sexual and other forms of harassment, are linked with use of alcohol and other drugs. There is empirical evidence illustrating the damage which alcohol consumption inflicts on working relations and career opportunities. Numerous workplace problems, including sexual and other forms of harassment, are linked with use of alcohol and other drugs.”

e) Violence, accidents, and suicides: “Many of those involved in accidents, self-inflicted injury or violence had been drinking – more often, it seems, as victims of violence (some 40–65% of whom had been drinking) than of various types of accident (some 20–30%).

Also, some 20–50% of people who commit suicide or attempted suicide were intoxicated at the time or known to be heavy drinkers. Particularly with regard to violence involving two or more parties, in 40–80% of cases the offender had been drinking.”

f) Public order: “It is clear, however, from a large body of research evidence that the threats which alcohol presents to public order and safety are actual, not merely socially or culturally perceived, constructed or defined.”

g) Crime: “Without question, alcohol plays a major role in crime, especially in crimes of violence. In international comparisons, the category of assaults and homicides is that with the highest level of alcohol involvement, ranging between 35% (Canada) and 85% (Sweden).”

Medical problems that originates from alcohol consumption – the source is Centers for disease control and prevention:

a) Pregnancy: “Miscarriage and stillbirth among pregnant women, and a combination of physical and mental birth defects among children that last throughout life.”

b) Poisoning: “Alcohol poisoning, a medical emergency that results from high blood alcohol levels that suppress the central nervous system and can cause loss of consciousness, low blood pressure and body temperature, coma, respiratory depression, or death”

c) Cancer: “Cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, liver, colon, and breast.20 In general, the risk of cancer increases with increasing amounts of alcohol.”

d) Liver diseases: Including – Alcoholic hepatitis. And cirrhosis, which is among the 15 leading causes of all deaths in the United States.And among persons with Hepatitis C virus, worsening of liver function and interference with medications used to treat this condition. As well asother gastrointestinal problems, including pancreatitis and gastritis.


What is obvious is that the consumption of alcohol entails many unpleasant side-effects that result in nothing but massive and unnecessary suffering. As such – the solution as to how to stop this unslaught, and attack on the human physical body – and on society as a whole – that the consumption of alcohol constitutes – is to in-fact BAN alcohol and make it illegal.

Though – what must be realized is that it won’t help to only make alcohol illegal – because making something illegal is only to put a band-aid on a open wound; it will stop the bleeding for a while but not make the wound heal. As such – in order to completely remove alcohol from the experience and life of humanity the origin point that lies as the foundation of alcohol consumption must be recognized and corrected – and the origin point is – the inability of man to consider, care, and love himself enough to not use substances of self-abuse in order to create a particular experience of high – as such the consumption of alcohol is in-fact the result of a physchological illness which has been developed through generations – as thinking that it’s apparentely okay to place yourself in a delinquent and harmful state of being – as being drunk – because it’s fun – not at all considering the outflows, and consequences of such a decisions – which as has been shown above is massive problems and suffering.

Thus – humanity must re-educated as to the effects of alcohol – and learn to take responsibility as to what substances that are allowed within and as the human physical body – and within the Equal Money Capitalism System – this re-education will be facilitated and supported – as there will be enough money to train effective teachers and to give each human being the necessary time, and support to re-learn – and to bring relevant information, and support to those prone to being addicted to alcohol – to as such stop any negative consequences from manifesting due to the consumption of alcohol.

Some might here say that this is not possible – due to the economic role that alcohol plays in the world – giving employment to many people – being the bread and butter for restaurants, pubs, and various other businesses. Yet – here must be considered that within the Equal Money Capitalism System – there will be employment for everyone – and employment will not anymore be supressed by the lack of money – because there will be sufficient with money to support LIFE – as what is best for all – thus there will be employment for everyone – and opportunity to earn money – and at the same time support LIFE – instead of abusing life through selling, and premoting substances of abuse – such as alcohol.


Individual perspective

Within removing alcohol from the life experience of the human being – something will emerge as a realization within the human – that “shit! I can’t have fun without alcohol!” and also that – “shit, I have created such a BIG part of my life around this single point of drinking this one substance – look at what I’ve missed in life!”

Thus – within removing alcohol human beings will in-fact learn to party, and enjoy themselves – without the cruch of a abusive substance – as such real, and actual enjoyment will emerge – going to parties might now be about enjoying a full night of dancing – or a entire night of listening to a new artist – wherein the expression of each being won’t be clouded by the veil of alcohol – and as such each one can fully appreciate the dancing – the movement of the human physical body to the sounds of music – or simply enjoying a real conversation with someone wherein both beings remain authentic within their expression – because none of them are supressed, and drunk in the buzz of alcohol.

Global perspective

We will also have the rewards of MANY problems disappearing completely from society: there will be – less sickness – more longetivety and health – and more funcational family relationships will emerge as a direct consequence of the end of consumption of alcohol. No more will there be a risk to die on the roads due to drunken drivers – and our doctors, and policemen will be able to give their attention to assist and support preventing, and stopping other problems existing within society – because now their time won’t be eaten up by drunk people either harming themselves, or others in various ways.

As a whole – we will have a more intelligent, healthy, and effective world emerging – because now time is spent upon living – moving – and expressing self – instead of being drunk – which is a most unproductive and in-fact destructive way of utilizing and spending the time you have on this earth.

Listening To My Body

For quite some time I’ve been bothered by lower back pain, which now have forced me to take action. I’ve as such decided to practice the fitness discipline of Pilates in order to support my body.

In order to go through with my plan I bought a monthly subscription in a nearby Pilates institute and I began my training the very same day. Now, this was a couple of days ago, and since then I’ve been going to the institute each day in order to train Pilates.

Yesterday as I came home from a Pilates session I experienced a extreme pain in my lower back which sustained itself for the entire evening, and on top of this I got a fever. So, I spent the rest of my day laying in the bed, and the couch, experiencing intense and uncomfortable pain.

Now, what I’ve realized in regards to this entire play-out is the following:

That I must learn to listen to my body and what it’s telling me. The reason I accumulated myself into and as severe back pain was because I practiced Pilates as the instructors of the Pilates institute told me, instead of me listening to what my body told me.

Thus – I overdid the exercises and I pushed myself above my limits, because my instructor told me to do so, instead of me taking it easy with myself, allowing my body to ease into the movements of Pilates.

I listened to my instructors more than to my own body because I thought of my instructors as authorities, and that they would know how much I should do and how hard I should push myself. Believing that because they have university educations, and much experience of Pilates, as well as the anatomy of the human physical body, that they know more than what I do, about how I experience myself as my human physical body, while obviously they don’t.

What I’ve realized is that no matter what type of thing that I practice, that I learn from others, that it’s absolutely stupid to take others as an authority upon the subject while regarding my direct experience of what I’m doing as irrelevant. Such an application of myself will lead me down the path of self-compromise, and this showed itself to me through the severe back pain I manifested. That was me compromising my insight and seeing of myself as the physical, giving into the belief that knowledge holds a higher value than direct experience.

The solution is for me to listen to my body at all times and never take another’s word as truth without practically testing it out for myself. Making sure that I don’t do something only because another have told me that it’s that way to do it, because I do know what’s good for me, and what’s bad for me, if I simply allow me to listen to what my body is telling me.

Further I realize that I can’t support myself effectively through comparing myself with others, as how others are pushing themselves in regards to the Pilates exercises, as each body is unique and requires a different approach. It’s exactly the same with process, where all walking different points, all with a different history, and as such my process can’t be compared to another’s, and there is no one right way to do things – instead I have to develop to skills of listening to myself, wherein I see what would support me, and then I do that – regardless of what others might do or say.

So, in essence the solution is self-honesty, to not be swayed in my decisions by external factors, even though they have a university education, or a respected position in the system. But to instead trust myself as the simplicity of common sense – that if my body hurt when I do an exercise, this is my body signalling to me that such an exercise should be done carefully and gently. Not pushed and forced just because others are able to do it.