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Day 427: Not Settling For What Works

I had a moment a couple of days ago, as I was discussing alternative methods of child rearing together with a friend of mine. At one point my friend went into resistance, and made a case as to why one of the theories I brought forth could not work, and then shared that his life worked at the moment, and hence he had no need to bring any new ways and methods of doing things into his life.

After the discussion there were a couple of points that I brought up within me and looked, which were triggered by the subject and the principles that my friend and I discussed, the first point I looked at was how easy we accept what is here currently, as EVERYTHING that there is, and as being unalterable – forever set in stone. One example is our current money system, and the ruling ideology – capitalism. Many times when I have discussed changing this system with others, the answer that frequents has been that, ‘there is nothing to do about it, its always been like that, and it will always be like that’. It is fascinating, because looking at it with logic, it IS possible to change the current money system – it is only a behavior pattern that us humans have decided upon – it is not a law of physics – and the latter I would agree – is not able to be changed.

Hence, it is not reality that is a problem, we, ourselves, are the issue. It is the same with new theories of how to rear children. It is possible to do new things, and it is likely that these new methods will be much better than what we have had in the past. However, if we do not dare to go beyond what we have always known, and if we do not push ourselves to STRIVE for what is BEST – we will not reap the benefits. Thus, one skill that I see it is essential for me to develop is the ability to see beyond what is here currently, and to challenge myself to always go for what is the BEST – and to not settle for what works.

Settling for what works, this is a trap so many of us fall into. We settle for a job we do not like, because it provides us money, and it works. We settle for a partner that is not best for us, because it works. We settle for less than what we are able to achieve, because it works. And why do we accept and allow this? For me, it is about apathy and laziness, and then of course, fear of loss. Striving/moving towards what is BEST takes effort – it takes PUSHING and WILLING – and thus it is not something that comes through by itself. And, obviously, when striving for the BEST to manifest, what is here currently, and what works, must go. And if we fear losing what we already have, then it will be problematic to wholly GO for it.

Thus, these were a couple of realizations that I had as I looked upon the discussion I had with my friend. The tendency to accept what is here as the truth, because… it is here – and the tendency to accept what works, because… I fear really going for it, that which I see and know is BEST.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to settle for what works, to settle for what I have done in the past, and that gives reasonable results, instead of going for it, and not settling for anything less than what is BEST, than what is a honest reflection of my true and full potential

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to settle for anything less than my full potential, and then do the same with this world, to settle for less than what this world, and humanity, has the capability to become

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be lazy and apathetic, and not push, will myself, move towards what is BEST – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that achieving what is best is a matter of moving through my resistances, moving through my laziness, moving through my apathy, and wholeheartedly going for it, and not settling for anything less than that which is BEST

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not question my current reality, because it is my current reality, and I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to leave the point of directing, and impacting reality, up to others, that I feel and believe are more competent, and more able to direct things, and then as well, because my life works, it is okay – instead of pushing and willing myself to make my life the BEST it can be – and influencing, impacting, pushing, to make the lives of others the BEST that they can be

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to settle for anything less than what is the BEST

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not be willing to move past my resistances and look at new ways of doing things, new information, new perspectives, to be willing to challenge and let go of my idea and picture of reality, and move myself within myself, to embrace the new, to be open to the new, so that I can align and change my life, myself, according to what is BEST – and hence I commit myself to try all things – to consider all things – to look at all things – and to keep what is best

Self-commitment statements

When and as I see myself going into a reaction of resistance, fear, laziness or apathy, when I stand before something new, whatever it might be, or when I see that what is in my reality only works, and that there must be a better way of doing things, I stop myself, I take a breath and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize and understand, that through willing, pushing and moving myself to constantly empower myself, empower others, to expand, to LIVE, to stimulate myself and others, to really make life AWESOME, that is how I get to what is BEST – through being open to new information, through being open to let go of the old and embrace the new – that is how I get to what is BEST – and what is BEST that is what I want in my life – not only what works – and thus I commit myself to will myself to strive, move, and push towards what is BEST – and will myself through any resistance or fear – to consider new information – new perspectives – to be open to it all – and willing to move and create myself – and change my reality and myself – from what works – to what is BEST

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All Hail Human Potential

One thing that I’ve seen, as I’ve begun to more in-depth study the Swedish democratic system is that it’s based solely upon control. This control is then held up through laws that promise punishment in various ways.

The entire law book – or most of it, is a collection of statements intricately interwoven as to create the control that people want to have in society. The reason that this control is thought to be needed – is because – money must be protected and people can’t be trusted. These are the two themes that run through all the laws.

See – in Sweden, a government, parliament and a court govern us. The parliament makes the laws, the government enforces the law and the courts uphold the law.

We have the government (which serve the law) on the top as the directive (executive power), decision maker – under the government comes the public institutions, which people are working in. It’s these public institutions that are the actual backbone of the democratic society, as they serve the law that is written and decided upon by the parliament.

Thus – what is fascinating is how extremely limited the public institutions are in terms of – what they are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do. Everything must be written in law if you are to do it. Thus – the machinery of the governmental power is an extremely beurocratic and complex monster – in which human traits such as: creativity, playfulness and self-trust has disappear.

The governmental machine is like a dead person attempting to live – but, he has made up all of these millions of rules as to how he should live. Thus – he now tries to follow all of these millions of rules when he is living which makes it so that he doesn’t ever live; he only always follows all of the rules which he has created for himself to follow.

And why did he create all of these rules? To protect himself, to protect himself from falling apart, to protect himself from loosing money, to protect himself from the abuse and attacks of others – from others greed and desire for power.

Thus – society, as the mass of laws that stand as the backbone of human, social interaction is based upon fear – as the fear of being abused. It’s based upon desire – as the desire to have control and power. It’s based upon greed – as the desire to have money and to have control over others. It’s quite a fuck-up; our entire lives are directed by these detailed laws – all upholding a function which you can trace back to a cause, of either – protecting money – or, protecting another from another – or, giving another power and control over another, within the idea and belief that he/she knows more and is more able to take correct decisions than another.

Thus – what has been missed? Why are living in this dead person? Filled with laws – using each moment to assess whether his living expression stands in alignment with all of these laws, rules and detailed paradigms as to what is right and wrong? The reason is simple; we’ve missed equality.

See – the reason we need leaders, the reason we need laws – is because we’ve not educated people effectively to take care of themselves and to live their own lives effectively, within the consideration of what is best for them and best for everyone else.

Would we need laws that decide how property is to be split in a conflict – if we would hold to no greed, no desire; but instead we had a well-developed self-honest, objective starting point through which we decided what to do.

Do you want this toy? Yes? I also want this toy – maybe we can share? You can have it first and then I can have it? Yes – cool!

LOL – common sense is real intelligence – the common sense to see what is best for all and act, practically, physically, mathematically – as what is best for all. Within such a starting point of living – there is absolutely no need for laws.

Thus – laws that enforce control are only needed because we’ve not allowed ourselves to life self-control, as in pushing ourselves to stand by the principle of oneness and equality as what is best for all. Where in there is no authority needed, as we are self-authority – where-in we hold ourselves accountable and responsible as to what we do and what don’t do. We live not according to rules and pre-determined paradigms, but we trust ourselves to in each moment take all that is here into consideration and from such a starting point, take a decision that supports ourselves and everyone else as ourselves. It’s simple, simplicity – called common sense.

So – let’s stop the complicated beurocratic way of life and instead develop self-trust, so we can actually embody the values of equality, justice and human rights as a living expression – instead of following laws separate from ourselves, only due to the promise of a punishment. We don’t need laws – we are capable of assessing and making effective decisions in this moment without any prior knowledge or preparation.

So – all hail human potential, as the potential to live as what is best for all. Research equal money and you’ll see what I mean.