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Day 194: Two Degrees or More!!!

A Double Degree! – What a great idea! Or?

The amount of Swedish students that have completed two degrees have increased exponentially – of all the students that 2009 took a degree 17 % them completed their second one – and this is becoming increasingly more popular.

gal_degreesFrom my own experience, I have several classmates, and peers that have planned, or that have already finished two degrees – it’s quite a fascinating development – and it’s causing some worries here and there in the government and intellectuals. Because swedes now enter into the workforce later and later – and the average age is now somewhere around 28-30 – and at that point you only got some 30 years left to work (before pension).

An obvious problem that this creates is that the less people that are working – the more difficult it will be to sustain and support those that have already left the workforce – and a higher workload and burden will be placed upon those active in the system – the question we should ask ourselves is WHY do we start working only when we reach the mature age of 30? Only around 50 years ago it was completely normal to start working when you were 15 years old – and at the same time you also moved out from your parents and started your own life. What is happening in todays modern world is that it takes longer and longer for people to get out there, start their own lives, and involve themselves in some sort of profession – and many doesn’t even reach the point of attaining a profession – many, many youths are unemployed.

I can tell from my own experience that two exams are not required to get out into the system and handle the responsibilities of a job – you barely require one – so there is no need for this overconsumption of education – it’s a artificially created supply without any demand – and the supply has been powered and built up with the use of debt – and in Sweden it’s the so-called student loans that have been used for this purpose. These are loans that are given from the government to youths wanting to study some completely meaningless education that will not provide them with a job – and that will not provide any added value in society.

So, what is going on here?

Well, this is the consequence of economic recession – and the saturation of education is apparently a solution – though – it really isn’t – the solution is instead to change this economic insanity where we all try to fight for our survival and in that squander our lives through doing unnecessary things that apparently up our individual competitiveness in this world – so that we can compete against someone else for that solitary job – it’s actually ridiculous because it doesn’t have to be this way – there are some basic design flaws in the economy – and if these are fixed – we won’t have to lead our lives in this strange way (à check out the Living Income Guaranteed for a more in-depth look at a solution).

Anyway, this point opened up because I was myself considering taking two degrees – then I did some research on the subject and found out that actually – those with plural degrees earn less money than those with one – STRANGE! And actually – many employees consider it as a weakness to have two degrees – because it apparently signifies some form of laziness in the applicant – that you didn’t immediately begin working after you finished your first degree – quite bizarre outflows and goes to show that the value of our modern education is really not as high as we’d like to think it is.

Below I am going to walk self-forgiveness on the mind-construct that lead me into the consideration of completing two degrees – which is fearanxiety – as well as that desire for security and comfort – being hired! – And today I am going to focus on the positive/desire aspects of this mind-construct.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to desire to be hired, and desire to attain a fruitful and high-stature position in society so that I am able to earn money, and have a secure employment, and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to dream and desire to have a secure and stable employment – and have access to money until the day I die – so that I know that everything is always going to pan out comfortably in my life – and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that it’s obviously not a solution to the problem that I fix my life – and that I make sure that I survive – because it’s this entire system that is the problem – it’s the economic laws that we’ve decided upon – that is the issue – and that is the origin of the fucked up situation that I am in as well as others in this world

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that I will NEVER be able to find comfort, security and stability in this world in terms of money – because that is not how the system is structured and designed – it’s structured to function upon severely primordial and basic instincts of survival where human-beings are pitted against each-other and compete to survive – instead of working together to create a economic reality and world that is best for all – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that if I want my life to change – and if I want economic stability for myself and my children – I require to stand as an example of that and bring into creation – or support the creation of this point all ways that I can manage – that is the only way through

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that it’s not a permanent solution to focus upon my life – and me gaining security – money and employment – that will only for a short time solve the problems in my life – yet the very sickness of the system will remain – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not stand as a voice of reason showing that there is another way to go about this – and that it’s not a solution for each and every individual to solely focus on their own survival in this dysfunctional system – instead we must effectively replace the system if we want to make an effective in our lives – and if we don’t – we’ll pay the price

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that I must devote my life to stand as a voice of reason in this world of madness – because that is the only way I can create what I want to have in this world – that is the only way that I am able to actually bring forth a permanent solution that will stand the test of time – and that will produce trustworthy results and keep my world and reality stable and effective

Self-commitment statements

I commit myself to dedicate my life to finding and implementing solutions for a new world – a world with a new economic paradigm that actually works – and I commit myself to support the establishment of this new world with physical actions – and use my resources to bring about this change – and invest both mentally, physically and economically and bringing forth this new world – that I see is the ONLY way forward – there is no possibility for me to create my own bubble life in this world – either all humans come through – or none come through – that is the way this interconnected reality is structured and there is nothing to do about that

I commit myself to dedicate my life to support others that stand for solutions to this economic madness that rules the world and the mind of our leaders – and I commit myself to stand as a trustworthy and steadfast support for all that see what I see and that are devoted to bring forth a change in this world – because I see, realize and understand that this the only way forward – and this is the only way we’re going to get through

2012 Family Law and the Nature of Marriage Revealed

I’m at the moment studying family law, and more specifically marriage law, and within this I’ve found some interesting and revealing points about marriage, as what the nature of marriage actually exists as.

Now the most revealing point as to what marriage in-fact is, because it’s not at all about love as you’ll come to see, is found within the structure of the marriage law. It consists of about 20 chapters, each containing some 10 paragraphs, and of these 20 chapters almost half of them is about the topic of how money is to be divided between the partners when they break up, and how the partners should support each-other with money, if for example one of them has been at home with the kids a lot, and as such by the time of the break up, do not have a education, or a stable income. Most of the law is as such regulating the point of how money should be divided, and shared between the partners – both in marriage, and as well when the marriage is broken up. This is revealing, because it shows that the actual point as to why people go into a marriage is not because they love each other, or care for each other, but because of the financial security it provides.

It’s also fascinating to see that lot’s of the regulations that exists in and around this topic of money is about how one of the partners is able to protect their personal wealth from being given to the other partner if the marriage would end.

What does then show?

It shows that even though it’s in this world promoted that marriage is about love, and care for each-other – it’s in essence a mechanism of survival – wherein two beings come together to as such have a financial stability. The marriage law reveals the true nature of why, and how we form relationships, and why continue to be in these relationships, and what is in-fact controlling our decisions in terms of who we select as our partner, and how we behave when we break up with our partner – it’s all about the fear of survival, which is expressed as the fear of loosing money, and the desire to have more money.

Desteni has pointed this out several times, that the physical relationships we form in our world, are almost never about anything else than our survival, and that the curvy women will seek out the males that has the most money, as such compromising themselves in order to survive; ending up with a male that they might not even enjoy to be with, only because of the point of assuring a consistent and continuous influx of money.

There is as such no real love in this world, there is only fear, and the attempt by people to escape this fear, as this gruesome and brutal reality through forming relationships, through marrying and promising each-other to financially support each other to the day that they die. That isn’t a cool starting point from which to form a actual, supportive and beneficial relationships – it’s instead a starting point from which will flow compromise, seclusion and isolation – as we give up ourselves to our fears, and live out our life’s in complete prettification of what would happen if we’d one day be without money.

Those that profess love, light and happiness – and the movies that presents the dream of the perfect marriage, are in-fact the representation of how we within ourselves lie to ourselves, as we think that what we do, and who we decide to be with – we’re doing from the starting point of love – and that we within all of this are happy; when in-fact and in actuality we making our decisions from a starting point of fear of survival and nothing else.

Within forming these marriages, we might for a while be able to escape our fears, and for a moment attain financial stability, and we as such feel safe and secure – yet the cause, and origin of our fear isn’t ever dealt with or directed, but left as it is – and this cause and origin of our fears is found in how our current money system functions.

Our current money system is a brutal monster, that allows for no one to live for what they actually love – as what we for example find immensely pleasurable doing, or being with a person that we find expand our application of ourselves, and make us more effective in daily living; no in order to exist in this reality, all decisions that are made must be made from within and as the consideration of money, no one can as such live “for themselves” as in exploring who they actually are, and how they in-fact experience themselves, as all this must be given up in order to survive.

We’ve created a system that only supports the fear of survival, as the result of not having enough money in this current system will have the consequence of death – without money you’re nothing – no food – no home – no security – no nothing – how can we then even expect that there is supposed to be any real love in this world? There can’t be.

To form marriages is but a escape, a small and isolated, secluded group-experience within this world, wherein we for a moment feel that we can relax – at the cost of giving all of ourselves up, as who we actually are – but it’s no solution. It’s not a solution because the children born in the marriage will face the same problem that the parents faced as they came of age, and realized that without finding a partner in this world, they would be far more vulnerable to the ruthlessness of our current money system, and as such the children will eventually come to follow in the footsteps of their parents, as in compromising themselves for money, in order to survive.

This entire world is the outflow of each of us individually compromising ourselves in order to survive, wherein we suppress ourselves, our individual self-expression, and we abandon our integrity, and our principles, just so that we can feel safe and survive. And because no one is willing to stand up, and face their fears, and to walk into the system alone, and bring forth a solution that would finally remove the very origin of our fears, as our fear of not having enough money to survive – the world remains at is it has remained during generations before us.

Though, we can’t let this go on any longer – human beings can’t continue to suppress, hide, and devalue themselves through accepting and allowing fear to be their god. Within accepting and allowing fear to be our god we give up upon so much, we in-fact give up upon everything, because we give up upon ourselves.

Let’s stop for a second to imagine how this world would be if money wouldn’t anymore be a issue, ask yourself the question what you would do if money wouldn’t anymore be the key to your survival, because you survival would be unconditionally given to you, and not only your survival, but all that which you need and require to really live, and become the best that you can be; would you still be living the same life? Would you still be in the same marriage? Would you still work at the same job?

See how much we are in-fact slaves – yet the slavery from past times is now only made to be more hidden, more deceptive, wherein the illusions of love, freedom, and happiness are chanted again, and again, and again, only to seclude ourselves from the obvious truth – that we’re in-fact slaves!

The proof that you’re a slave rests with your money, that is your chain, but it’s also the key – because when we change the nature of money, from always lacking, to there always being plentiful of it, for everyone in equal amounts, then suddenly we’ve made our chain into a supportive foundation upon which we’re able to stand, and explore this reality, and ourselves in this reality, living the question of who we’d like to be, and how we’d like to experience ourselves in this life, without any fear lurking in the back of our minds.

See – without money you’re nothing – and with money you’re able to fulfill all your dreams – as such realize the simplicity of the solution as implementing a new money system in this world, as a equal money system – wherein you would be given all the money you require, to buy for yourself all that which you need and require to live a perfect life. This would change everything, exactly everything – and suddenly we’d have no more marriages being formed from the starting point of fear of survival, but we’d instead have agreements being formed as a self-willed decision by two individuals to walk with and support each other in this life, to become the best that they’re able to be.

The marriage law reveals the nature of this reality, as fear of survival, which has the outflow of us compromising ourselves into relationships built upon fear – yet the marriage law also shows us the solution to our problems – it’s all about money – all about giving all that which they require in order to live effectively.

So – let’s not become trapped in our fears, and seek to continue the legacy of our parents, as in seeking out a partner in order to survive and escape from our fear – but let’s see to it that we manifest a world, and a reality that is best for all – where all have all that they require and need, so that we never again place ourselves in a position where we make a decision out of fear of survival, as the fear of not having enough money.

Sex in Relationships

Sex also plays a part in who we experience ourselves attracted to, and decide to create a relationship with – you can learn more on that topic through listening to this:

The Greatest Presen(t)ce Anyone can Give to Themselves

About a month ago I moved to a new apartment – a two-room apartment. The plan was to move in together with my partner, as alone I do not hold the financial power to maintain a two-room apartment. Due to reasons unforeseen and unplanned the agreement, relationship, ended and as such I was now in a precarious situation in relation to paying my rent – or at least it felt like that.

So, I went into fear and anxiety, as I wondered and worried how I was going to keep myself afloat and maintain my financial position, and as such all the various points that go hand in hand with ones financial security in this world.

I had to find a solution, and that I did through deciding to take in a tenant, giving up one of my two rooms to be rented out. This was also a point that caused major anxiety and worry within me – as now I had to bring a unknown human-being into my home, exposing all of my possessions and the interior of my apartment to possible theft, or destruction. Several nights I lied in my bed and experienced the anxiety and worry as the thoughts, vividly showing ‘the end of the world’, ran rampant in my mind.

Though, in terms of my experience in relation to these points, there has been a major difference comparing myself now and myself from three years ago, at the time in which I still hadn’t found Desteni. The change lies in how I handled my experiences; because eventually I managed to stop all fear, anxiety and worry too instead live here as breath – something I would never have been able to do three years ago. Back then I would have become possessed with my fear, I would have checked out my bank account several times a day, to make sure I have enough money, probably never dared to let a tenant live with me and I wouldn’t been able to sleep as a child – even though my reality was unstable and uncertain.

Because through writing out my experiences, through looking at my thoughts in self-honesty – I managed to pinpoint the insecurities that created my experience. And through self-forgiveness in combination with breath, common sense and self-corrective actions I was able to delete my disease as fear – reprogramming myself with a new starting point, one of common sense and in alignment with the mathematical nature of reality.

This is the power of the tools of Desteni; self-forgiveness, self-honesty, breath, common sense and self-corrective action – applying these tools there is no situation to hectic, intense or overwhelming one can’t face and still direct oneself within stability, silence and clarity. Because our inner reality mustn’t be a slave to our outer, our experience of ourselves can become what we want it to be – as we end our automated reactive behavior with it’s origin in external stimulation. We are able to become the stimulator of ourselves and as such, remove all the experiences and behaviors that aren’t supporting our world or us to live effectively.

Because, would it have helped me to sort out the situation in my world if I had gone into fear and remained as fear? No, I wouldn’t have been able to make clear decisions, based upon mathematics, as the certainty of accumulation, that 1 + 1 will indeed become 2. Simply common sense to see that I require to get a job, I require to rent out my room, and within these realizations having no experience of fear, anxiety or worry – instead seeing the concrete, actual, physical reality and what is necessary for me to do in order to stabilize my world.

So, I used the tools of Desteni. I stopped my fear, worry and anxiety and I came back to the physical. I slept as a child and I gave myself direction; this is the simplicity and effectiveness of breath walking, a skill and ability that everyone is able to give themselves, the greatest presen(t)ce anyone is able to receive.

If you are interested in knowing more – check out www.desteni.co.za, www.equalmoney.org, and www.desteniiprocess.com


CEO Get’s Pension 2000 Times Bigger Than Avarage Monthly Salary

A CEO in one of the major government owned companies in Sweden have been given 8 million dollars in pension.

8 million dollars – that’s not a small sum of money. The sum is 2000 times larger than what the average monthly salary is for a Swedish citizen. If you have an average salary you must work 166 years before you are able to reach the same amount of money. Though – if you consider the apartment rent, the food, the bus fee, train fee, petroleum – you would probably have to wait for 2000 years before you are able to entitle yourself the same amount of money as this CEO got in one day.

Is it strange that we have poverty, starvation and class segregation when there is such an extreme amount of overpay to certain individuals in society. Such an amount of money as is given to this CEO is simply ludicrous. He won’t be able to use it all up in his own lifetime. It’s blatant greed.

What is greed? Greed is when you take more than what you need. This CEO takes more than what he needs, and in comparison to those who really need in the world, such as the people in the poverty stricken regions of earth, this CEO really is a monster miser. While some people daydream about a regular and consistent stream of food into their belly, this CEO has more money than he will be able to spend, and access to more food than he will ever need.

Why doesn’t anyone see the misery that an unequal distribution of money brings? Or, maybe we do see it. But we don’t do anything about it, we don’t become pissed of about it, because it’s suppose to be this way, and at least we still have a salary that can support us with food. But let me tell you something: people are not supposed to starve and people are not supposed to own more than what they need. What is supposed to happen is that each man get’s to have as much as he requires in order to experience a comfortable life. It’s obvious common sense that no man on earth should go without food only because another man apparently owns the food – even though he can’t eat it, or use it.

Inequality is the worst crime that can be committed. Greed is the worst crime the can be committed. I don’t blame this CEO for taking a pension a size that he will never come to spend in his lifetime. I blame myself for having accepted and allowed this system, which I am apart of, to give room to such blatant, disrespectful and disgusting greed. I have accepted and allowed this world to unfold as it has unfolded, as are everyone else. A CEO can’t retrieve a pension 2000 times the average monthly salary if we do not allow it.

When are we going to realize and see that a better world is possible? A world where we have banned all greed – banned all inequality – banned all obvious abuse of what earth unconditionally provides. Yes – what is here as the resources of this earth is not for man to claim, it’s for man to use in balance with his need. Not to stuff, and stuff, and stuff until he have managed to seize control over each and every spot of nourishing resource on this planet, and in the process killed several millions of people. This is NOT what is meant to happen, and meant to be! This world could be a paradise – if we share, and take only that, which we require. And support others to have that which they need. So all our needs are fulfilled, and greed can forever disappear.

Where there is greed – there is an unfulfilled need. It’s not necessary for it to be this way. Research equal money and find out how we are able to give everyone on this planet: man, plant, and animal. That which they need!