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Is Prison The Key To A Better Society?

Criminals Aren’t Criminals

Recently I’ve had the privilege to look at some sweet documentaries about prison, which as been done by Louis Theroux. In these documentaries, basically, Louis takes you on a tour through some of USA’s big prisons, wherein he meet’s convicts, talks with them, and get’s to know them; and this is one thing that is so cool about the documentary, the convicts really open themselves up and you can actually get a glimpse as to the day to day reality and thinking of an average inmate.

So, a sweet documentary that shows that sour and bitter reality that we’re faced with in terms of our justice system, as our prisons. When watching the documentaries it becomes obvious that most inmates have either committed a crime due to poverty, or due to an ineffective childhood education, wherein they have been smitten with delusional and violent behavior from their parents, or peers. These are the two most frequent topics that arise as Louis goes through the prisons, interviewing its inhabitants.

What strikes me is the complete mental torture that a prison is seen to be, I mean, here several men spending time with each other in a very small space, most of them testosterone-junkies with no ability to express themselves in a vulnerable and intimate way; what do you think is going to happen? Yes – obviously they will fight with each other as crazy, and they’ll further enhance with each other behavioral dysfunctions such as violent characteristics. To be in a prison, in no way, supports anyone to become a more responsible, fulfilled and self-independent human being – all it does is to pit men together in a hierarchal struggle for survival – forgotten and pushed away by the rest of society as ‘the criminals’.

That is quite fascinating to see in the documentary, that with each other the criminals put up their ‘criminal-face’, as the hardened veteran, the tough guy on the corner, while with Louis, they sort of accept and allow themselves to let their guard down, and talk freely. And then it’s cool to see these so-called hardened villains come out and share their feelings, and their thoughts about themselves and their life. And then one see and understand that these people are in-fact not less than anyone else in society, they are not bad people, they have simply been born in the wrong circumstances. Pitted into a life of crime by their friends, family, and need – as such to give someone a sentence of 20 years for theft, or robbery, this will not remove the problem.

And as I’ve said, the problem is education and/or a lack of money. The prison neither serves to educate people or give them money, all it does is that it deals out punishment, because apparently wrong has been done, and as such justice must be delivered. But never is the origin considered, never is the reason for the crime considered, never is it considered that maybe the very existence of the laws is what creates the crime.

In many way’s prison resembles parents punishment of their children, because children do not mean to be ‘bad’, they don’t mean to misbehave – in-fact children are expressing themselves, enjoying themselves here, and then have the misfortune to break a mental boundary set up by an adult – as what is right to do and what is wrong to do. And then the parent lash out and ‘correct the kid’, without understanding that it might not be the kid that is doing something wrong, but instead the mental idea of the parent that is wrong. Or that the kid might be attempting to say something with it’s behavior, as in showing that there might be points in it’s environment that doesn’t support it to live effectively.

And what does the prison try to do with its inmates? It tries to make them pay for their crimes and not want to do them again – having them to be afraid of loosing time in ‘real life’ so to speak – having to spend all their times behind four walls. But nowadays, ‘real life’ for most people is so horrible that there are those that actually prefer the risk of ending up in jail, instead of having to work a slavery job, at a slave wage.

And obviously the inmates do not respect the authority that has put them there, they don’t see their time in jail as a punishment for something ‘bad’ that they’ve done. They simply experience their time in jail as being mistreated and misunderstood, just as children experience themselves when their parents decide to punish them, as the parents refuse to see, or understand the position of it’s child, refusing to hear them out and listen to their perspective – completely lost in the ideas of RIGHT and WRONG.

And obviously, what most laws come down to, and what most prison sentences are give to protect is MONEY. Yes, property and money. That is why most people end up in jail, because they can’t keep their hands of these things. And apparently they are then not moral, ‘hard working’, and good citizens but instead leeches – oh god – so little is understood as to how this reality functions, as to why things occur and happen as they do.

And just as a child doesn’t consider itself as doing wrong when it does what it finds fun, the ‘criminal’ doesn’t see it as wrong when it steals another’s property, I mean, the so-called criminal almost always, has no ability to attain or reach a lifestyle or position, such as those they are robbing from. To rob have become their job, and their way to earn money fast, without having to do a hard, tough physical job, that doesn’t pay good money; who can blame them?

The criminals are in-fact not criminals; they are misunderstood children that haven’t been given the proper treatment and support in life. Our governments have been all about the support of greed and ego of the few, while the rest have had to suffer, this the reason for crime; that there is no equality.

The solution is equal money for all – I suggest you investigate. Also look at the movies – I’ll post the links down-under.

Until next time!

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