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Day 306: The Potential I See

When I first found Desteni and was introduced to the tools of writing, self-forgiveness and self-commitment statements, I clearly saw within me a potential. I saw a potential of me expanding, growing, and finally being able to release my emotional burdens, and instead focus my attention on creating a fulfilling life for myself. Eight years later, I can look back and conclude that in many ways, I have succeeded. I am a new person – more vibrant, excited, fulfilled and thriving – there is a purpose to my life – where I wake up each day and see the potential to create, enhance, and expand. My life is not anymore about feelings and emotions, experiences, and inner struggles, it is about living and self-creation.

This potential that I saw in myself back then, I see it in everyone. We all have a potential to become remarkable and extraordinary – however – without nurturing, pushing, and investing oneself into the process of realizing that potential – nothing will happen. Hence, we will only ever be as great as we accept and allow ourselves to be – one and equal.

What I see is that all human beings have a talent, some form of skill, a ability, we all have something that is uniquely our own that we are able to contribute to this world. Unfortunately, very few tap into this potential, and some never even get to see that they do have such a strength – mostly because we have not been shown how to see ourselves, or how to be intimate with ourselves. And in order to see our gift, and where we can stand in this lifetime to make an impact, we must get to know ourselves. Thus, this is why the process of Desteni is so important. Because with the tools of Desteni we are offered a way out of our confusion so that we can see ourselves with clarity.

For instance, with myself, before I found and began to apply the tools of Desteni, I was very much a lost soul. I did not know where to go or what to do with myself. I traveled places, did some odd jobs, floated around trying to fulfill the dream of becoming a musician, while all the while, not ever knowing myself and my strengths and aptitudes. My life was without direction – and the principle from which I walked my life was that of searching for and attempting to experience excitement, liveliness, and fulfilling my desires. It was all about the experience, and naturally, that lead me to consistently take the route of least resistance. Though I saw a potential in me to become stable, mature, moving myself with purpose, resolve and determination – and through using the tools of Desteni – I was able to realize that potential and make it a reality for myself – and express that change in my choice of career and everyday life.

I see the same potential for this world – I see how what is now soulless jobs, things that people do only to survive, can change and become careers, ways in which we CARE for this world and means through which we share our own individual gifts to make this world a better place.

I see how the family, that is currently a place of conflict, can become a foundation of support for each individual in this world, where you as a child, is born and nurtured to become the best that you can be; where you are given the best education, the best health-care, the best role-models, and the best financial opportunities.

I see how our judicial and political systems, that are currently a means to further the self-interest of but a few, can become institutions that work and push to develop society to become even better – and how laws can be created to support LIFE – expansion – fulfillment – and become the basis of heaven on earth.

I see how media can change, and instead of being a place of gossip and distribution of opinionated ideas, become a place of learning and expansion – and how we will be able to see other cultures, get in touch with new perspectives, become exposed to different forms of vocabulary, and how we in that can develop and grow as human beings.

What I find so fascinating about this is that in all of these potentials, the common denominator is SELF – the INDIVIDUAL – and hence – in order for our systems to change – we must change. In order for politics, and law to change, WE must change. In order for career, and jobs to change, WE must change – and instead of believing that we are trapped by the systems that are here now – we must understand that it is not about where we are, or what we do, it is about WHO we are in what we do. It is about WHO we decide to be in the small moments in life; do we stand up for LIFE or do we accept and allow ourselves to remain in old cycles of polarity – going back and forth in our minds missing the LIFE that is HERE in-front of us – the LIFE that we must take in our hands and CREATE – WALK WITH – and STAND WITH.

This has always been the problem – we as individuals must change – we must become the principle we want to see emerge in this world – we must become the second coming that we have been waiting for.

Hence – the potential we see in this world – that is possible – we can create it. Though in order to get there – we must take into account that this world and all its system exists out of individuals – and hence – when the individual change – the system change. Accordingly – changing the system goes hand in hand with changing yourself to be the best version of yourself that you can be – Realizing the Potential of Yourself.

Day 224: Seeing The Opportunities Here

For some months now I’ve been in the process of contemplating and looking at where I’m able to go with my career and how I can define and move it in such a way so that I can create an outcome that would not only be best for me – but best for all. This have been an interesting journey, because I’ve had many realizations as to what it really does mean to move myself within this world to create an effect and have a influence.

The most prominent realization I’ve had is that the opportunity to create a position for myself in the world system, a direction and purpose that I’m able to walk and through that have an effect, is not something that is existent OUT THERE in the future – rather – the opportunities to create value in the lives of others is a prospect that is existent HERE. I’ve found that I wanted to have this perfect point in the system, for example to work as a humanitarian lawyer, and in that promote change – and immediately – from the get go – be in a position that would allow me to voice the message of creating a better life for all of humanity – though – this is NOT how it works.

Because the things is that we exist in a system that for such a long time have only functioned within and around very primitive motives and drives – most of the organizations out there have a limited starting point; such as helping societies outcasts to achieve food and a roof over their head, or supporting impoverished children to achieve an education, or collecting funding for some new vaccine – there is almost NO group that focuses on a solution that would correct the origin problems of our society. THOUGH – the thing is that when we walk out into the system, and place ourselves in a position – we can’t expect that point to immediately be effective and aligned according to the principles we see would bring a permanent change – rather – we must CREATE that position to become that change.

So, with regards to a career and placing myself in the system, what I see is that regardless of what point I place myself within – it’s going to be up to me to change and direct that point to become a life-supporting and nourishing complement to this world – it’s not going to be that from the get go – I must build it, will it, and bring it into fruition.

And thus – it’s not about the career, the profession, or where I place myself in the world, it’s about WHO I AM within what I do – and thus I can place myself in for example, the position of the corporate lawyer – and from within that point find directions, loopholes, and potentials that I can start to build on – support and enhance to be able to bring through a more supportive and effective existence. For example, as a corporate lawyer, one could make it a purpose for oneself to assist and support new and upcoming businesses free of charge, seeing that such businesses hold potential and value that will assist and support humanity as a whole – thus changing the profession, directing the career, molding it according to WHO I AM instead of wanting the career and profession to give all the answers and already be a pre-set route where it’s all already done.

This realization has been important to me, because now I’m able to see that the stress, and doubt I’ve experienced towards making the decision of where I’m to place myself isn’t in-fact relevant – it takes my focus away from that which is important – which is ME and WHO I AM in every moment of breath. Because WHO I AM is the in-fact the foundation of everything that I do in my life – and it will determine the outcome of all points that I decide to take on and walk into. Thus – to select a path is a point of practicality and also of seeing where one have the necessary skills to be able to walk one’s career effectively – though the point of using that career and path to make a difference in this world – that is a matter of WHO I AM – a point of being CREATIVE and OPEN to possibilities and to see things from new perspectives – and not get caught up in the idea that I can only affect change through these select few and limited professions and career paths – CHANGE is something we bring into this world because WE decide to do so – not because our professions makes it possible for us to do it.

And maybe that is the true meaning of the word activist – someone that is ACTIVE in creating their life and purpose regardless of the position they find themselves within in this world.

Day 194: Two Degrees or More!!!

A Double Degree! – What a great idea! Or?

The amount of Swedish students that have completed two degrees have increased exponentially – of all the students that 2009 took a degree 17 % them completed their second one – and this is becoming increasingly more popular.

gal_degreesFrom my own experience, I have several classmates, and peers that have planned, or that have already finished two degrees – it’s quite a fascinating development – and it’s causing some worries here and there in the government and intellectuals. Because swedes now enter into the workforce later and later – and the average age is now somewhere around 28-30 – and at that point you only got some 30 years left to work (before pension).

An obvious problem that this creates is that the less people that are working – the more difficult it will be to sustain and support those that have already left the workforce – and a higher workload and burden will be placed upon those active in the system – the question we should ask ourselves is WHY do we start working only when we reach the mature age of 30? Only around 50 years ago it was completely normal to start working when you were 15 years old – and at the same time you also moved out from your parents and started your own life. What is happening in todays modern world is that it takes longer and longer for people to get out there, start their own lives, and involve themselves in some sort of profession – and many doesn’t even reach the point of attaining a profession – many, many youths are unemployed.

I can tell from my own experience that two exams are not required to get out into the system and handle the responsibilities of a job – you barely require one – so there is no need for this overconsumption of education – it’s a artificially created supply without any demand – and the supply has been powered and built up with the use of debt – and in Sweden it’s the so-called student loans that have been used for this purpose. These are loans that are given from the government to youths wanting to study some completely meaningless education that will not provide them with a job – and that will not provide any added value in society.

So, what is going on here?

Well, this is the consequence of economic recession – and the saturation of education is apparently a solution – though – it really isn’t – the solution is instead to change this economic insanity where we all try to fight for our survival and in that squander our lives through doing unnecessary things that apparently up our individual competitiveness in this world – so that we can compete against someone else for that solitary job – it’s actually ridiculous because it doesn’t have to be this way – there are some basic design flaws in the economy – and if these are fixed – we won’t have to lead our lives in this strange way (à check out the Living Income Guaranteed for a more in-depth look at a solution).

Anyway, this point opened up because I was myself considering taking two degrees – then I did some research on the subject and found out that actually – those with plural degrees earn less money than those with one – STRANGE! And actually – many employees consider it as a weakness to have two degrees – because it apparently signifies some form of laziness in the applicant – that you didn’t immediately begin working after you finished your first degree – quite bizarre outflows and goes to show that the value of our modern education is really not as high as we’d like to think it is.

Below I am going to walk self-forgiveness on the mind-construct that lead me into the consideration of completing two degrees – which is fearanxiety – as well as that desire for security and comfort – being hired! – And today I am going to focus on the positive/desire aspects of this mind-construct.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to desire to be hired, and desire to attain a fruitful and high-stature position in society so that I am able to earn money, and have a secure employment, and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to dream and desire to have a secure and stable employment – and have access to money until the day I die – so that I know that everything is always going to pan out comfortably in my life – and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that it’s obviously not a solution to the problem that I fix my life – and that I make sure that I survive – because it’s this entire system that is the problem – it’s the economic laws that we’ve decided upon – that is the issue – and that is the origin of the fucked up situation that I am in as well as others in this world

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that I will NEVER be able to find comfort, security and stability in this world in terms of money – because that is not how the system is structured and designed – it’s structured to function upon severely primordial and basic instincts of survival where human-beings are pitted against each-other and compete to survive – instead of working together to create a economic reality and world that is best for all – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that if I want my life to change – and if I want economic stability for myself and my children – I require to stand as an example of that and bring into creation – or support the creation of this point all ways that I can manage – that is the only way through

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that it’s not a permanent solution to focus upon my life – and me gaining security – money and employment – that will only for a short time solve the problems in my life – yet the very sickness of the system will remain – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not stand as a voice of reason showing that there is another way to go about this – and that it’s not a solution for each and every individual to solely focus on their own survival in this dysfunctional system – instead we must effectively replace the system if we want to make an effective in our lives – and if we don’t – we’ll pay the price

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that I must devote my life to stand as a voice of reason in this world of madness – because that is the only way I can create what I want to have in this world – that is the only way that I am able to actually bring forth a permanent solution that will stand the test of time – and that will produce trustworthy results and keep my world and reality stable and effective

Self-commitment statements

I commit myself to dedicate my life to finding and implementing solutions for a new world – a world with a new economic paradigm that actually works – and I commit myself to support the establishment of this new world with physical actions – and use my resources to bring about this change – and invest both mentally, physically and economically and bringing forth this new world – that I see is the ONLY way forward – there is no possibility for me to create my own bubble life in this world – either all humans come through – or none come through – that is the way this interconnected reality is structured and there is nothing to do about that

I commit myself to dedicate my life to support others that stand for solutions to this economic madness that rules the world and the mind of our leaders – and I commit myself to stand as a trustworthy and steadfast support for all that see what I see and that are devoted to bring forth a change in this world – because I see, realize and understand that this the only way forward – and this is the only way we’re going to get through