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Day 414: Redefining: Physical

After listening to the Eqafe interview Location of Existential Physical Process I have decided to redefine the word PHYSICAL.

How have I lived the word?

Physical, is a word, that I primarily see as a noun or adjective – hence not an action – but rather a passive object or description. Obviously you are able to use the word as a verb, such as: ‘Let’s get physical’ – though that is about the only example I know. Hence, to LIVE the word PHYSICAL – is something I have yet to explore.

However, I have since starting the Desteni I Process been continually practicing physical presence, being AWARE of the physical. I have done that through pushing myself to breath with awareness, and through being aware of my body, from the tip of my fingers to the tip of my toes – and that is something that have challenged me a lot – at the same time it has also been very enjoyable. This is the closest I get to living the word PHYSICAL.

Otherwise, physical, is something that I see as what I can tangibly touch, see or smell – it is something that interacts with my physical body or in my physical body – something that I am able to sense and experience with and through my body.

Sounding the word



early 15c., “of or pertaining to material nature” (in medicine, opposed to surgical), from Medieval Latin physicalis “of nature, natural,” from Latin physica “study of nature” (see physic). Meaning “pertaining to matter” is from 1590s; meaning “having to do with the body, corporeal” is attested from 1780. Meaning “characterized by bodily attributes or activities” is attested from 1970. Physical education first recorded 1838; abbreviated form phys ed is from 1955. Physical therapy is from 1922. Related: Physically.

Creative Writing

Physical – when I take this word within me and look at it – I get the sense of and endless ocean of darkness – silence – there is a deep and contented steadiness to the word – and it feels as if the word is solid – manifest – complete – the foundation from which everything springs and moves. The physical is not only about what can be sensed – it is about that deep connection within the human physical body – that goes deep, deep, into a dark and timeless calm.

Standing and living as the word PHYSICAL – would thus be to bring that deep and timeless calm up within me – and practicing that stance/living/expression within me as I go through my days – seeing, realizing and understanding that these shallow, hasty, rushes of positive and negative energy, that moves about, they are not relevant, neither are they of any consequence, in comparison to the endless depth of the PHYSICAL. Hence – bringing this word up within me can be of great support when I notice that I am loosening my balance and direction – and where I notice and see myself – falling into the trap of some experience or energy.

Redefining the word

The deep and timeless matter from which all originates

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2012 Redefining words I


Ecstasy is not a feeling, and it’s not an experience – it’s a expression. To express me as ecstasy means that I accept and allow myself to let go fully, and within and as breath – as presence of myself here as the physical – allow myself to burst out into a uninhabited and spontaneous expression and movement. It’s me accepting and allowing myself to move and direct myself within and as self-enjoyment, as me enjoying the limitlessness of expressing myself physically – as I can sing, dance, move my hands, touch, and really interact with the physical, and simply – in a moment of complete letting go – accept and allow myself to fully experience myself as the physical – expressing myself.


Interaction is me moving myself in every moment in awareness of what is here – and as I touch I am interacting with the physical – as I breath I am interacting with the air – and as I use my eyes to navigate myself in my environment I am interacting with the pictures that I see – interaction is me accepting and allowing myself to participate and take part in what is here; and not only with humans – but with everything that is here – and as such interaction isn’t limited to only being with people, or animals – but it’s me expressing myself in awareness of myself as the physical – here.


Communication is me learning about what is here – understanding what is here – and participating with what is here in such a way that I am able to through sharing myself – and through listening – direct myself effectively and make informed decisions.

Communication is also me listening and sharing myself simply due to the enjoyment of me sharing and listening – it’s me accepting and allowing myself to experience another’s life as the words that they speak – and it’s me accepting and allowing myself to share myself with others through the words that I speak.

Communication isn’t only the words that I speak – communication is how I use my body – how I use my face – how I communicate as a whole here – accepting and allowing myself to truly express myself fully here as the entirety of me – as I speak – and as I share myself.

Communication is only communication when the starting point is clear – when the starting point is breath – here – as what is best for all – when the starting point is of mind as reaction no communication can ever take place – as then it’ll only be me reacting and responding to my own inner delusions – and no communion – as a common union – does in-fact take place. For a common union to take place self must be here – in-fact in union as standing here as the physical – and not separated and isolated in the mind.


Living attentive is to make sure that one is here in every breath – fully – and not having parts of self exist as thoughts and back chat that remove self’s attention from what is here.

Being attentive is to give oneself to every moment no matter what one do in that moment completely – it’s to be devoted to the simplicity of life; and when one walk – one walk – and when one speak – one speak – moving self here in every breath as being aware of the specificity of self.

Attentive is also to care about what one do, and how one do it – care about how one is writing a paper, or writing a article – or cleaning the house – or showering – it’s to be aware of what’s really going on here and give to one’s best capability.


Appreciation is me appreciating myself, as me enjoying myself – it’s me seeing that I am here – that I am breath and that I am here as the physical – and it’s me appreciating the expression of myself as the physical purely due to the fact that the physical is in-fact real – here – and I can experience the physical as myself.

Appreciation is me accepting and allowing myself to see that something, or someone, or myself is actually really cool – and that I am really grateful to be able to share a moment with this object or thing – or myself – and then I accept and allow myself to do so and actually appreciate what is here – to let go and but enjoy the moment that is unfolding

Appreciation is also me appreciating life – being appreciative of life – as all the various manifestations that support myself to live each day – as all the various expressions that each day show me how to in-fact be here as life – the animals, nature, and earth; but it’s also the people that show me how live words I haven’t yet found out how to live.


Self-confidence is me being able to approach each situation and moment within the realization that I am able to deal with, and direct anything that comes in my way – it’s me trusting myself, and expressing this trust as myself to communicate – to participate – to direct – to move myself in reality and get to know reality.

Self-confidence is me being able to stand in the midst of a group – and even though everyone hates me – I still remain the same – I remain breathing – I remain having my back straight – I remain in-fact trusting myself as confidence is me placing the trust into myself and as such me enabling myself to become powerful – as in me being able to move through my reality as I’d like – or see required – without any fear, self-judgment, anxiety – or other mind bullcrap.


Self-direction is me in awareness of what is here in this moment – deciding how to move myself – not because I feel like moving myself – not because I have an experience towards moving myself – but because I see through placing 1+1 together – that my movement is of practical necessity – or simply that I see that I will enjoy such a practical action – self-direction is me keeping it practical – keeping it physical – pushing myself through any sort of experience, resistance towards acting and also pushing myself through any sort of addiction and desire for a experience – and instead creating myself to be self-directed – self-willed – self-motivated here.


Self- will is me in every moment asserting myself here to stop my mind – it’s me in every moment asserting myself to move by and through considerations of practicality instead of energy – self-will is me getting out of bed in the morning when I am waking up – self-will is me not accepting and allowing myself to procrastinate and wait when there is something important that I have to do, or something that I have to do.

Self-will is me pushing through my accepted patterns and behaviors and in-fact changing myself to become a new human being – a new-born man that is living in a manner that is self-directed – and self-willed.

Self-will is when my will is not dependent upon anything outside of me – it’s not dependent upon a certain and particular outcome – it’s not dependent upon a certain particular experience – it’s self-will – not just will – but self-will. Thus self-will is me enabling myself to stand in-fact free to decide – and free to move myself – as I am not anymore dependent upon anything to move me – I move myself and I direct myself.


Self-seeing is me seeing without thinking ­– it’s me seeing the actual reality of what is here and not what I hope should be here – not what I fear will be here – not what I think could be here – but what is in-fact here as this practical physical reality – to see what is here I apply myself as breath – I move and stand one and equal as the physical to as such make it impossible for any thought or interpretation to exist within me – and as such I see reality here – I see myself.