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FAQ In An Equal Money System, What Happens to the Vatican and the Pope?

So, let’s take a look at the fascinating question of: “What happens to the Vatican and the pope in an Equal Money System?”

Well, let’s first look at the very origin, and reason for the existence of the Vatican, and the pope – they are creations of religious belief, more specifically, the belief in Jesus Christ, eternal salvation, heaven and father god. In all plainness, the belief in such mental creations is in-fact delusional, and would in an Equal Money System be treated as a mental illness.

It would be treated and seen as a mental illness due to the complete nonsense of such a belief, and herein I use the word “non-sense” very specifically, as the construct of religious beliefs is in-fact not based upon what you can touch, see, and experience here within and as the physical through your senses – but it’s dependent upon the participation in thoughts, emotional experiences, and religious indoctrination, as here-say. There is no substance in the construct of religious beliefs, and it holds no value to humanity at all, as it doesn’t serve to perfect, and enhance man’s ability to live and express himself.

Instead, religious belief serves to have man cover in hope, in irresponsibility, as he hopes that god will take care of everything, and that there is a heaven after this life, which then means that this earth, and all it’s inhabitants, is of no real value, or worth, as it’s the afterlife that is important – apparently. Thus, man is through religious dogmas stimulated into a position of ineffective intellectual capabilities, ineffective self-movement skills, and ineffective self-expression skills, as all attention is placed upon a mere fictional creation of the mind, instead of this physical reality, and our common socialization, and participation within it.

Thus. Religion in its current form, within which the manifestations of the Vatican and the pope adhere, would not be allowed to exist in a Equal Money System – it would instead be exposed as the crime against life that it in-fact is, as it doesn’t serve in anyway to create a reality that is best for all – and that is a crime against life.

Further, if we look at how money, and our reality of competition, is responsible for people joining religions to begin with, as people seek to find meaning, peace, and comfort in this life, looking for somewhere to belong, often ending up in a religion, it’s thus easy to see and understand that when our current money system of and as competition end, people will be less inclined to gravitate towards religious practices. The reason being that the Equal Money System would offer individuals, in reality, for real, in the physical, peace, meaning and comfort.

And if heaven is already here, and you experience yourself fulfilled, at ease, comfortable, fearless, and in full trust of yourself – then why would you ever want to create a imaginary dimension in your mind, containing some higher purpose, and some promised greater reality that is beyond this one; you would be content here, satisfied here – then obviously no need to run away into “the safety” of your mind would exist. Instead you’d like to spend all your time in this real, physical reality, as it’s in-fact offering an experience of heaven.

So, to sum things up – there are two reasons that I can see as to why the Vatican and the pope, and religion, would cease to exist in an Equal Money System. (1) We would not accept and allow anything to be taught, and lived in society that would produce a end result of a in-effective human being, and as such a consequential outflow of harmful and ignorant actions taken – religion is such a in-effective concept that doesn’t add any worth, value, or practical living skill to a human being – it’s simply a waste of time and space, and serves but to make the human being delinquent and incapable of utilizing common sense as the foundation of decision making.

(2) In an Equal Money System, heaven would be here in every breath, as such you wouldn’t have to hope for a heaven to arrive, and you wouldn’t want to escape from this current reality due to any experience of fear, discomfort, or uncertainty – as this reality would offer a paradise of support, trust, and excellence. Heaven would in-fact be on earth, and who got time for excursions into the mind, developing and creating a fictional belief of a god, when one can express and live a cool life here? Answer: nobody!

Thus, the need for, and the origin of religion would cease to exist in an Equal Money System – and instead of having in-effective, and untrustworthy living skills being taught, as religion, common sense would become the guiding principle of all.

Destonian – what is that?

Destonian – what is that?

A Destonian is someone that stands for a world that is best for all – it doesn’t need to be a human being, as it’s not about what shape you reside within and as – but it’s about who you are, and how you live.

Thus – to be a Destonian is in-fact a living action as the principle of what is best for all in the flesh – wherein one as a Destonian move and apply oneself in order to manifest divinity – greatness – and true excellence – which is in short to be referred to as EQUALITY.

Further – a Destonian is someone that lives the tools of self-forgiveness, self-honesty and common sense in each and every moment of breath – it’s someone that each day aim to contribute to the creation of self-perfection – either through supporting self, or supporting others as self to stand up as self-expression – as real and actual love in application.

A Destonian is someone that is has let go of his spiritual side – his meditation and guru inclinations – to in-fact make peace with himself as the beast he is – a physical being that undoubtedly lives within certain laws and limitations – within certain ultimate truths that can be experienced and seen by everyone – and a Destonian will live within these limitations with the objective to manifest greatness – as what is best for all – NOT escaping into the fake experience of limitlessness that the mind presents.

A Destonian has found his feets and his hands – and as such he utilizes them in order to bring through heaven on earth – as equality and oneness.

All and everyone can be a Destonian – it’s in-fact our real and actual nature – it’s in-fact who we are – we must simply live ourselves to become it in each and every breath – and as such transcend that of ourselves which has diminished into an experience and stance of being less than a Destonian – less than the self-application of living in alignment with the principle of what is best for all.

As such – never believe yourself to be inferior to a Destonian – because you are not – what you see as the greatness of a Destonian in full application is yourself waiting to be birthed and lived into physical self-application.

And so we expand until all are able and capable to live one and equal as a Destonian – that’s in-fact the solution to all problems of the world – and the key to heaven on earth!



Gods Business Was A Success

When god came into existence he was bored. He had nothing to do and no one to talk to – and so he decided to start his own business. Now he first needed a business plan, and for anyone that knows of business – in order to establish a good product you must first find a problem that isn’t yet solved; the idea would then be that your product would solve that very problem and as such be in high demand with consumers.

And god came up with the perfect problem – and he called it – the human experience. And he made this problem as – the human experience – as the human – to be infested with such things as greed, love, hate, revenge, desire, lust, fear – basically all known human weaknesses – and suddenly there was a major problem to be solved. There was actually an entire race of beings to be ‘saved’ and brought into the ‘safety’ as consumers of gods great business.

Thus – god created the solution to – the human experience – and called it heaven, faith and religion – which in essence gave you as the consumer a feeling of ‘safety’ and ‘being part of something bigger’, as well as ‘hope’ for a better hereafter – sufficiently so that you would be able to endure your – human experience – and the consequential shit that your – human experience – would cause within yourself and your world – until you would die.

God created the business of ‘feeling good’ – sufficiently so that you would endure your – human experience – for a lifetime – without trying to change yourself as – the human experience. And god created the bible as marketing for his – solution – to – the human experience – and he had great success with his business.

He sold his – solution – to many and became regarded as a superior, holy and enlightened being by those that were consumers of his product – though – what god would never reveal to anyone was that his product in-fact didn’t work.

What god failed to convey was that – there is no hereafter that can ever sufficiently outweigh the suffering and abuse of – the human experience. There is in-fact no product – as religion – as a ‘good feeling’ – that can ever help to solve the problem of – the human experience.

And perhaps the most important detail that god forgot to mention – you can’t ever have someone else but you – yourself – end your own – human experience.

The human experience is in-fact self-created – through acceptance and allowance – and as such no religion, or god – or product – no matter how enticing it might seem – will ever remove your responsibility to end your existence of yourself – one and equal as – the human experience; that is something solely you have the power to do.

This is why god’s business is a – lie. It doesn’t in-fact give the world what it promises – it doesn’t produce peace – it doesn’t end the human dysfunctions of jealousy, comparison, hate, self-judgment, fear, anger, doubt, dependence and anxiety – it doesn’t in-fact end – the human experience.

As such – it’s time to disregard the business of god as religion – as the uselessness it in-fact represents – too instead stand up and live a solution. We must de-humanize ourselves – end – the human experience – and create – the godly experience/expression – of and as ourselves.

Thus – we must start our own enterprise – and develop our own product that we give to ourselves – the product of self-forgiveness/self-will/self-correction – so that we can end our acceptance and allowance of self-limitation as – the human experience – and instead become – the godly experience.

Yet – not gods as in superior to anyone else – but gods as self-perfection in actual practical living – wherein we do not place – experience – before practicality – and we do not accept and allow our subjective reality to become more important than the actual – objective reality – which we share with everyone.

That’s the real expression of and as a god – someone that lives one and equal as the objective reality – having perfected the ability to live in each moment seeing the world from everyone’s perspective – instead of only his own – experience.

Stop being a consumer and stand up to be your own product – self-created and self-willed – substantial and in-fact real!

Why do parents fear the future of their children?

Why do parents fear the future of their children and what can be done to make the parents the foundation of a world that is best for all?

If I were a parent, looking at my child as he came of age, making he ready to explore the ‘grown up world’ – my main fear would be that of my child not being able to support himself financially in this world. I would also fear that my child were to emotionally break down or be dealt with some really tough cards in life – such as drug addictions, jail sentences, abusive relationships, or some life-altering accident. I would in essence fear that my child somehow, someway would fuck up and turn his life into hell.

Now, these fears are fascinating to look at from the perspective of the parent being the teacher and the programmer of the child. Because if a parent would have any of the above-described fears in relation to his child’s future, then this would mean the parent doesn’t trust the training given to the child. The parent knows that the child hasn’t been effectively prepared to take on and stand self-independent and self-directive in the world – but that there is a high risk that his/hers life will turn out a fuck-up. Many, many children, no, all children grow up to be adults that live fucked up lives – following their desires, likes, preferences, dislikes, fears and anxieties – walking a path of ensuring their own survival, which is a dangerous path that it’s easy to fall off.

Is then the reason as to why parents fear the future of their children? Let’s ask ourselves the following question to see if that is the case. If a parent knew that his child was effective, stable, unwavering in his application of living – would the parent then fear for the child’s future? I know that I wouldn’t, if I was a parent, because I would be certain that my child could deal with any situation arriving to be faced, take effective decisions based upon mathematics instead of a reactive and stimulated one’s, based upon fear or desire. My child would in-fact live in reality and be able to deal with reality. What would there be for me to fear?

Obviously I would probably still fear that my child was to have some kind of accident or unexpected sickness – as this would mean my child wouldn’t be able to support itself with money. So, all fears wouldn’t be removed through knowing that my child was an effective life participant. To remove these types of fear we would need to implement a system based upon equality with equal support and assistance given to everyone. Then survival would be re-assured no matter what and the parent would finally be able to let go of his worry as to his child’s future.

So, what can be done to have the parent develop and realize his ability to be an effective teacher and guide for his child? The answer is very simple. The parent must first become a teacher and guide for himself and remove the self-defeating patterns that hold the potential of destroying a cool life. These are the patterns that, if they are not removed, will be transferred to the child and as such be apart of his education.

Parents must thus become strong, self-independent, self-reliant, benevolent and humble human-beings, living not from the starting point of energy as thoughts, feelings and emotions – but instead from the starting point of mathematics, accumulating what is best for all in every breath, and as such showing their child a practical example of living perfection. Living perfection you won’t ever get into situations or experiences that doesn’t support you or those in your world – because you are not self-deluded anymore, but instead a physical being, taking decisions without blinds covering your eyes, an effective human being.

Thus – if you are a parent, or a child – it doesn’t matter – join Desteni I Process and start your journey towards perfection, wherein fear will disappear, as you will stand self-directive in your life, within the principle of what is best for all. This how we create and place a foundation in this world that will have the outflow of heaven on earth – join us!

I Am the Example That Desteni “I” Process Works!

When I started process about 3 years ago I was a wreck of fear. I seldomly spoke a word that was unconditional and not tainted with anxiety and worry. I thought about money all the time, how much money did I have? How little money did I have? Always in a constant and continuous worry and fear. Did I have enough friends? Do I have enough sexual experience? I mean, basically all the bullshit you can think off – that existed in my head and shaped the experience of me!

So, quiet fucked up. But then I found desteni and my process of purification began. Slowly I started to bring myself back to the physical and as fear or anxiety arose I breathed through it. Each time fear of money came, each time fear of the future came – I applied self-forgiveness. Or I mean, not each time – this application has actually grown with me as I’ve expanded in my process. But anyway, I’ve been quite consistent with my application of self-forgiveness and then the practical application of breathing through the shit and not re-creating it again.

And look! Look where I am at today! I mean, you can’t see it or experience it as I do, but I mean if you could – I just say wow. The experience of me, the character of me, the words that I speak, how I take decisions, how I consider implications of my participation in my world; in comparison to the old me, I am now a life rocket scientist. Meaning, my application of living is now at the level of a rocket scientist, if (apparent) intelligence was to be compared with the ability to live, and before I was a 3-year-old worm. LOL! That’s how much I’ve ‘grown’ since I began this process. Not that a rocket scientist necessarily knows anything about living, it was just an example to show my growth – from a worm to a rocket scientist.

And I mean, the experience of myself compared to before is simply astonishing. I remember that Bernard told me once on the farm, “It feels like you are dead inside”. I also experienced myself that way before. I slept 12 hours each day. I mean, I don’t feel dead anymore and I don’t sleep 12 hours each day. I don’t dread to get up in the morning anymore, I can see something new at my horizon, something that I’ve never experienced before except as a very young child. Life!

This would never have been possible without the assistance of Desteni or the courses that Desteni “I” process offer. I mean, I am the example that what Desteni say is the truth. I am the example that self-forgiveness, self-honesty and common sense are indeed the key to heaven on earth. And unfortunately I can’t invite you inside of me to see and experience the change – I would if I could!

Though, I can invite you to walk the same process that I’ve walked and as such have the opportunity to give yourself the gift that I’ve given to me. Then you don’t require looking inside of me, because you will look inside of yourself and there will be this silence and comfortableness within you, in which you simply feel at home. That is life – real satisfaction with no fear or desire and this is possible for each and everyone to experience. Our system of money, greed and fear is not the only way to live – there is another way! It’s a way to experience heaven on earth – which is you in full application of yourself as self-trust.

So, don’t wait – don’t hesitate – join desteni “I” process and discover that the meaning of life is here – as yourself – as breath – as the physical.